Meet the Father: Part 2

June 30, 2016:

After being 'summoned' (or 'alerted', rather) by his daughter Jesana, her 'Old Man' shows up at Lichbane's house. Both he and Lichbane have questions…

Lichbane's House


NPCs: Joe (Coyote's father), Crotchet (Lichbane's Familiar)

Mentions: Fenris


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Fade In…

Fade in…

The Old Man does things on his own terms, in his own time. While it's been several days since Jesana attempted to summon him, days in which there'd been no sign he even heard her he appears unaware of this or more likely, doesn't care. He's here now, in Walker's basement apartment rummaging about the kitchen with an expression of idle curiosity. Tall and dark haired with a lean physique, obviously Native American, he appears to be of middle age and dressed in faded jeans, brown cowboy boots and a plain dark blue long sleeved cotton shirt. He's pretty ordinary looking actually, warm brown eyes, smooth skin and a slightly crooked nose. At the moment there isn't any hint of power or presence about the man, other than the fact he just suddenly appeared a moment ago.

Whatever he's looking for doesn't seem to be Walker, or Crotchet or Jesana who actually isn't even here at the moment. Sighing, the man closes one cabinet and opens the fridge, peers into the vegetable crisper and then tries the freezer. He leaves the door partially open and turns around, standing with his hands on his hips and a speculative expression on his tanned face as he continues to peer about searchingly. "Where do you keep the booze?" There has to be booze. There's just no way his pup is running around with someone who doesn't have a drop of alcohol in the place.. is there?

Walker stands off to the side, arms folded across his chest, his lich-hands hidden from view (for the moment), wearing an arch expression on his bearded face as he stares at… his guest. His is silent for a while, until finally letting out a light sigh, and replies:

"I don't know. Crotchet — what happened to the 'booze'?"

The rat shoots across the floor in an attempt to hide, only to be caught by a phantasmic construct — by his master. "Um… booze, boss? What — hic! — booze?" Crotchet belches, and Walker turns back to 'the Old Man'.

"I do believe you have your answer. Now, I should like one: what do I call you?" He sees no point in asking how or what the visitor is doing in his home; that much he has already surmised.

The Old Man watches Crotchet attempt to scurry with a bemused expression. So the little demon drinks. Maybe that explains his daughter's fondness for it. "Got a lotta names. Doesn't really matter which.." He trails off and looks thoughtful. "Joe. I think it was Joe back when Jesana would've happened. Time's right anyway."

A slight frown creases the man's face. Where is she? "You'd be Walker.." He coughs, looks around as if expecting something to happen (surely that wasn't a glint of nervousness in his eyes) and when it doesn't, continues.. "Dr. Walker Beck." Odd, usually he can tell exactly where his pup is. Unless she's with.. a certain other god he's not going to honor with a name. Brown eyes narrow. Walker might catch a hint of familiarity in the expression. Jes does the same thing when she's annoyed. Deciding to ignore the likely whereabouts of Jesana for the moment, Joe moves to circle Walker, studying him intently from all angles.

Walker unfolds his arms and places his bare hands on his hips, pushing aside his coat at the same time. The gesture earns him a whistle from Crotchet, who remarks:

"Done it now, 'Guv'na.'" he tells 'Joe'. "That's the boss's 'don't stick a curd in me whey' pose. Even — ."

"Crotchet," says Walker quietly, but firmly.

"Yeah, Boss?"

"Be quiet."

"But — ."

"I said — ."

"Be — ."

"Quiet. Yes." When the rat finally shuts up, the necromancer looks back at the Old Man and arches an eyebrow. "'Walker' will do, 'Joe'," he tells the other god. The thought of talking to yet ANOTHER god elicits a wry sigh from the man, and he resists the urge to shake his head in exasperation. Fenris. Set. Jesana (demi-god). Astryd (valkyrie). …now Joe.

At the thought of being circled — like a museum exhibit… or a lion's prey — Walker closes his eyes briefly. Passing through the walls from all sides, the Unquiet come to attend their master: transparent shades of various descriptions, floating in the air, intersecting with walls, furniture — some of them barely visible — in a circle around both necromancer and god.

Walker opens his eyes again.

"How may we help you?" he asks.

Joe's intent expression quickly turns to amusement at the byplay between the two. When he stops his circling and eyes the gathering souls, he seems to be in better mood. If this was a test, Walker seems to have passed it. The first part anyway.

"Good. You'll need that patience if you plan on sticking around. She ain't easy to deal with. The others have all fled you know. Or.. " He eyes the nearest soul pointedly. "Died." "Or she killed them.. that happened a few times." His lips quirk wryly. He's been the object of his daughter's anger more than once. "I'll tell you a little secret Walker. She killed me too. Twice." His eyes twinkle with amusement. THey aren't bad stories even if he dies in them, and that happened pretty often in the old days. Besides, someone's got to start spreading the tales of his pup. She sure doesn't do it.

"Having met you, I'm hardly surprised."

Walker responds to Joe's amusement with a quirk to his lips — to go with the eyebrow he already has raised. Now that his little team of ghosties are assembled, the necromancer practically ignores them — but does not send them away. They almost become… part of the furniture.

"Can I offer you tea?" he inquires of his guest. A flick of his finger and a ghost moves toward the kettle. "I have some rather potent brews all the way from Egypt," he explains. "Otherwise, do feel free to have a seat."

Putting deeds to words, he heads for the sunken lounge and calmly lowers himself into his favourite couch. "I assume Jesana spoke with you regarding why she summoned you? Or did she not? I should like to put us on the same parchment, if at all possible."

Joe wanders down into the sunken area and settles in a chair across from Walker. He sort of doubts he and the Doctor here have the same opinion on potent teas. Fellows gonna be in for an interesting day or or two if he gets into the wrong batch of Jes's. "Uh thanks but I'm good. Though if you have coffee.. I miss that stuff."

He leans back in the chair his amused expression turning thoughtful. "I know she wanted to see me and it had something to do with you." Which is a first, her wanting to see him, but something he's pleased about. "You aren't what I would have pictured at all. Definitely better than the last one I met." He seems to consider this for a moment. The Unquiet standing bout don't seem to bother the Old Man at all. "Also less of problem and yet more." An interesting combination that only someone like his daughter could find. "I'm also sure she's gonna be awake and arriving soon so if you've got any questions you wanna ask before that happens.." Joe looks at Walker with interest again. It's a rare occasion he meets someone in his daughter's life without her present. He's debating a few questions himself.

Walker is silent for a while.

Then he holds up his hands. The sleeves of his coat fall back, revealing the silver Bands of Set around both his forearms. His hands swivel around in a manner no normal human appendage should be able to, and then he lays them in his lap.

"These are the Band of Set," the necromancer explains to Joe. "They bind me to him, and to… the lich trapped within them. Jesana thought you might know of a means by which I might free myself of both… /without/ dying in the process, in case you were wondering."

He goes silent again, but gives Joe a look that might suggest: 'I, personally, do not have much faith in this regard — but I am asking for my friend's sake'. Then he adds:

"Have you much… experience dealing with gods of other pantheons?"
Internally he wonders what steps Set might take to prevent losing his precious little pawn…

Joe looks at the bands but only for a moment. "I don't usually with deal with other gods, they've never much mattered to me. Though I have to admit that's been changing since I met my daughter."


"Offhand, no. I can't think of any that end with you still alive and I know that's her goal. I do know that she won't stop looking until she finds a way. Partly because she thinks you should be free, partly cause Set there pissed her off, she's pretty fond of killing or at the very least screwing over whatever pisses her off… but she's also pretty fond of you and loyal to the ones she cares about, even if they don't realize or appreciate that loyalty."

Now he eyes Walker with a harder expression. "I know what she wants, but what do you want? What do you intend? You, not your god or your… lich. I know what they want. What is it you want?"


The necromancer ponders Joe's question for quite some time. In an offhand manner, he waves at one of the Unquiet — who then puts the kettle going, and prepares a cup of tea, and a cup of coffee. The coffee is clearly for Joe, as Walker himself never touches the stuff. As for the rest of the Unquiet, Walker flexes a hand and draws the souls to himself — an act that sets his eye-sockets on fire, if only briefly. He looks over at Joe.

He smiles.

"I want more."

He waits half a moment, and then goes on to say: "I have no desire to be free of Set. He is utterly untrustworthy — and thus somewhat predictable. I can appreciate this… but I think Jesana cannot. Set performs a necessary function, and this is something I also appreciate. /Timat/, on the other hand… I should like to beat him at his own game. Numerous options present themselves, but before we go any further…"

His eyes flash.

"What are you offering? And — more importantly — what would it cost?"

Joe grins. Helllooo. This one is actually smart. Not that she usually falls for the dumb ones but.. Joe laughs. "Yeah, I reckon you would have learned a bit by now." He sips his coffee. "I haven't offered anything yet but don't worry, she's right about one thing, I'm not interested in your soul." How much of Jes's life is he privy to? This doesn't seem like something she'd have told her Father, does it?

He's amused by Walker's description of Set. Enough that he decides to offer a bit information in return. "She wants to kill him, your Egytian god. She has enough sense to at least still be considering between finding a way to do that and making some deal to get him to leave you be. If she thought you'd live through it, she'dve already tried something. She's on her own quest for immortality right now and might understand why you aren't in a hurry to get rid of him better than you'd think." Joe's voice shifts slightly during the last admission. He seems… less than pleased by it but after a moment looks at Walker thoughtfully again. "Getting rid of the lich would be easier than getting rid of the god." It'd also please his Daughter and might be a way to further his goals there. There are limits to what he can do on Earth these days and more limits to what he can do to help Jesana by her own actions but.. there's always a way.

Walker spreads his hands, and tilts his head to the side a bit while he studies this 'Old Man', Jesana's father. Over in the kitchen, an Unquiet finishes the drinks and brings them to the lounge. The coffee (something Mediterranean in flavour, the real deal too — not instant), is placed before Joe, while Walker takes the tea.

"Your daughter is partly successful already," he explains in a matter-of-fact way. "She has found an immortal, if not immortality. I daresay she would not want my particular… brand of undeath, but all things considered… I am not complaining."

Then his expression turns grave, and he sips his tea. His hands hold the cup and saucer in the air before him, while his arms remain in his lap.

"To kill /Timat/, however… now that is a worthy pursuit. It may also help Jesana in her own quest… nevertheless, there is always a price for immortality, and I am not sure she understands it yet. As for her designs upon /Set/… he can take care of himself. Most of his own pantheon want him dead. It 'comes with the territory'."

Joe stares at Walker for a moment with a flat expression. Fenris is a sore spot. He seems distracted by the arrival of the coffee and makes a pleased sound. It's so much better than the crap the girl's catholic baby-watcher keeps around. For a few moments, the Old Man is quiet as he enjoys the coffee. "I made sure she understands." Interesting. She hasn't told him. "We've got a lot in common, that girl and I. I don't take well to being pissed off either." Not even by his own children. "I do regret that incident a little." He allows. "She wasn't ready. She lived though and whatever path to immortality she finds, it won't be through the one she chose either. I have the feeling she's gonna discover that soon if she hasn't already."

"Now, finding a way to bring down a foe such as your lich, that's always a worthy thing. You're right." Joe seems rather taken by this thought. It'd make a good story, and it he always loved a good challenge, tended to favor humans who did too. Of course his favor isn't always the blessing one might hope for.. it's just as easily the exact opposite actually. He could be leaning more towards some form of actual help right now though. "Finally, she starts to wake. There's one thing you haven't answered yet.." He's running out of time. Something is slowing her but she's coming. "What do you plan on doing with my Daughter?" He usually doesn't care but she's been far too unstable of late for his comfort and that's at least in part due to her failed relationships. If this is another thing that's going to go south he'd like to head that off at the pass, or at least be free and clear of the blame this time.

"Wot I reckon 'e's gunna do wiv 'er is — eeek!!"

Crotchet, half way through answering Joe's question FOR his master, suddenly finds himself plucked from his cozy little pocket, and… turned inside-out.

Completely inside-out.

It looks as horrible as it sounds, a large rat in mid-air — one moment looking 'normal', and the next looking the complete, total and utter opposite of normal — and then, he returns to his usual self.

And utterly shaken by the experience.

"B-b-boss!" he squeaks. "Yew promised y'weren't gunna do that again! Ever! Where're me bits? 'Ave I got me bits? Lemme check me b — aww, bloody hell! Now I'm gunna be sick…" The rat does /not/ throw up, but does scamper away toward the bathroom. Walker, meanwhile, looks back at Joe and sips his tea. He smiles.

"Now isn't that the question…"

Joe actually snickers at Crotchet's comment. He cuts off quickly as the rat suddenly turns inside out though and just looks impressed. "Alright. You've got more in common with her than I thought." Also might have better odds. Definitely seems less likely to be frightened, run or put off. "Fair enough, fair enough." He could definitely say more but like the little demon, he prefers his bits unharmed and Jesana is really fast and actually able of catching him by surprise. Gotham harbor's water tastes terrible too. Joe suddenly laughs. "Gods help you, man." (And anyone who meets his pup, really) "But I think I just might." His laughter is still sounding as he disappears just ahead of his daughter's arrival.


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