The Nameless Return

June 28, 2016:

A meeting with Mera on the beach is interrupted by The Nameless

New York Harbour - New York


NPCs: The Nameless



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Things are moving apace on the surface. After sorting out a diplomatic snarl with the Lemurians and the Wild Tribes and subjecting himself to a medical examination courtesy of the Black, Rowan and Ulani are back to being emmissaries to the surface.

Well, Ulani is. Rowan mostly goes with her when needed and otherwise is back working as a consultant for that Oceanic research firm he'd been working for before the war broke out.

As for Ulani? It's meetings with the US Government and a dozen others. Japan. China. Russia, small Pacific Island nations. Mostly the meetings are quiet and thus far they haven't produced anything diplomatically ground shaking but the doors and dialogue are open and the Trailblazer knows that's a good thing.

Ever the ally, Rowan's invited Mera to a secluded section of Beach to catch her Highness up on various goings on. He prefers face to face. It's tough on schedules, Mera's and Ulani's alike but… sometimes it's safer and easier to communicate like that.

In any case Rowan's sitting in the sand watching the tide come in, dressed in his usual adaptive clothing which today have gifted him with shorts and a tee shirt.

Mera arrives with the tide, walking toward Rowan as the waves crash against her back but never knock her off balance. "Rowan. Good to see you again." She gives the Blue a respectful nod, then moves to sit on the sand next to him. Oh, and she's brought snacks. A few sea cucumbers to go with the usual anemones and urchins.

Unusually, very unusually, Ulani is late. Her last meeting with the Tongan High Commission had run far longer than it was supposed to. But then, that's been the last few days for the Blue Female. Which is why she arrives a little after Mera, looking exhausted.

Talking. It's exhausting. As much as the war grated on her, Ulani is sure she doesn't prefer that.

"Queen Mera, Rowan. My apologies for my tardiness." She's dressed in a pair of rather nice shorts and a button shirt. No amount of talking could convince the Blue Female to wear long pants, regardless of Surfacer customs.

Dropping down on the sand next to Rowan, she smiles fondly at the Blue Warrior and eyes the delicacies Mera has bought. They … look wonderful.

Oooh. Snacks. Rowan likes snacks, just ask Ulani. He reaches down to pick up a sea cucumber and starting to pick at it.

"Glad you could come Your Majesty. I don't know where…" Oh, there she is.

"Hello Ulani." The Dragon Warrior grins and pats the sand. "I was just going to tell Mera about your recent diplomatic exploits. Or I would if I knew much about them. How are the surfacers taking us?"

Mera nods to Ulani when she arrives, and promptly offers her an urchin before taking a second one for herself. "I am curious about this as well. Arthur is still resting more than not, but I anticipate that he will likely want to take his place at the diplomatic table as soon as is feasible."

"Not so much exploits, I'm afraid." The Blue Female takes her seat next to Rowan and lets out a long slow breath before accepting the urchin from Mera. "My thanks. I have missed these foods in the last few days."

Rowan knows that she usually swims out each morning and returns with a selection of delicacies but her schedule, now that they've settled back on The Surface, just hadn't allowed for her to do that.

For the moment Ulani is quiet, as she breaks the urchin open and picks at the meat on the inside. "It is slow, I'm afraid. The United States Government is a cumbersome thing. Everyone wants to have their say. They have at least come to realisation that The Blue are not Atlanteans, no offense meant Queen Mera, but they are edgy about our capabilities." There's a ton of resignation in her voice about that.

"The Samoan, Tongan and Solomon Island Governments are more receptive to us. From what I can glean of Surface politics, these are smaller nations as well." Perhaps similarly to The Blue they've been trying to carve their own niche on the world stage and perhaps they feel The Blue culture might be similar. "Japan is interesting. Although I think they could be angling for increased rights in our waters - if we are ever recognised as an Nation."

"Japan is interesting is something I hear frequently." Rowan murmurs, though that statement usually has different context.

The Dragon Warrior stills and looks around slowly. Ulani can see his hand go for the collapsed spear next to him. "Something isn't-"

From behind several things shimmer in the air. They're slender figures holding gleaming swords with glowing, energized edges. Cybernetic modificatons are present in large amounts all around.

Rowan jumps to his feet, his spear extending as he goes. "Nameless!"

Mera straightens when Rowan goes still, and the moment he jumps to his feet she's doing the same, and spears of solidified water launch themselves out of the surf toward the slender figures at the speed of arrows launched from bows. Arthur might frown upon using more than certain amounts of force against enemies, but he's not here right now is he?

"Well it is…" Ulani frowns as Rowan reaches for his spear but she's learned not to question his instincts. "What is i—-" As the other two rise, so does she, hands rising so the rings attached to the slave bracelets she wears are pointed in the figures direction.

"What, in Appolymi's name is the nameless?" she asks as beams of energy hits the one nearest to her in the chest.

Mera's water spears embed into the chests of two of the newcomers who topple over. Several others seem to survive the watery assault though. She must have hit those first two just right. Two go for Rowan who starts to scale up as he moves, swiping and circling with his spear to keep them at a distance. He's a very skilled hand to hand combatant but these are not models of psyborg he's seen before. Ulani's blasts crush the arm of another and it shifts grip on it's sword before coming back for more.

"Psyborg infiltrator SCUM." Rowan snarls in answer to Ulani, or… probably in answer to Ulani.

Cease resistance and submit to Level One Suppresson. One of the psyborgs, a woman, says in a mechanical sounding voice. Then as one, they lash out. Mera can tell that they're using multiple psychic gifts in concert, much like a choir uses multiple voices. It's actually an advanced and rather impressive technique. The message they're pushing is simple: Stop resisting.

It doesn't work on Rowan who has a lot of anti-psychic training. Indeed the attack seems to push him into an atavistic rage and he throws a hand out, projecting a fireball that sends one of his opponents flying. Another closes in on him as the remainder shoot force bolts at Mera and Ulani.

Okay, Mera may have next to zero formal anti-psychic training, but she does NOT take kindly to anyone trying to tell her what to think. And, with all of the recent battles against the Lord of the Deep, she's learned how to fight back telepathically. Her reaction is almost immediate, as she SCREAMS back at the psyborgs both telepathically and aloud. It's base and primal like a jungle cat snarling at an adversary, but with the sheer rage she usually keeps under tight control adding force to the psionic counterattack. At the same time, a wall of water rises up in front of her to try and block those force bolts before washing up the sand to try and slam into the one shooting at her like, well, like a wall.

Ulani recognises the rage that Rowan goes into and her eyes widen. She's little psychic training as it is and they've seen the results of a pyschic attack recently.

Even though her will is strong, for a moment, the Blue female falters. The pressure gets through, causing her to stop resisting, at least the moment. Her hands drop down by her side.

Ulani gets stabbed, right through the shoulder. The wound cauterizes as it's made.

And then Mera shrieks. It doesn't just impact the Psyborgs (of whom Rowan has killed another), it impacts the two Blue as well. Rowan just keeps fighting but the scream may well snap Ulani out of her stupor if the pain does not.

The psyborgs all seem… dazed and uncoordinated in the wake of Mera's counterattack. Rowan takes down another. The rest… are ripe for the taking.

Following her words with deeds, Mera has a pair of solidified water blades appear in her hands and she launches herself at the beings, something she has only very rarely done of late. She relied on her water-shaping abilities so much against the Lord of the Deep, it's actually a bit refreshing to go after these beings face to face. Again, she's not using kid gloves, those waterblades are as sharp or sharper than high-tempered steel and she's swinging them with every bit of strength she possesses.

Ow. The pain of the stab causes Ulani's eyes to widen and stares at the psyborg in front of her. That, along with the lessening of the psychic pressure, brings her out it and she shapes water - into a blade - Rowan, at least, has seen her use this before and she whirls, sweeping it at the creatures neck.

She's trying to decapitate it.

A regular human wouldn't stand a chance at penetrating these psyborgs. Neither Ulani nor Mera are regular humans though. They're much stronger. Add to that that these seem to be… infiltration models and not heavy combat ones and lopping off their heads and limbs is ridiculously easy. Now that their psychic attack is disrupted and their network shattered, they're criminally easy to take down.

In short order it's just Rowan, Ulani and Mera on a beach… with… bodies.

The Dragon Blue's eyes are hard and wild as he looks for more targets. It takes a few minutes for him to relax and convince himself there are none.

"Agents of the Overlords. I thought we were done with them…"

Mera lets the waterblades literally fall from her hands, the water that they were made of hitting the sand with soft pattering sounds. "Does this happen regularly, Rowan?" Having heard from Arthur that most Surfacers do not handle visual reminders of death well, she has water tendrils start pulling the bodies into the surf where the ocean's clean-up crews will make short work of them. The blood is similarly scoured away, leaving a wide swath of wet sand above the normal high tide line.

Ulani's eyes are wild for a moment and she casts around for the next attacker, slowly realising there are no more. Turning to Rowan, she takes him in - assessing his condition and placing a hand on his shoulder. "Rowan, you with me?" Staying close, the wound on her shoulder red and throbbing, the Blue Envoy looks to Mera "Not since I've been with him."

"They're from your dimension, aren't they, Rowan?" she asks, watching the debris get washed away.

"Not often no. They'd… tapered off. I thought the Overlords didn't have the energy to send them over anymore." The Blue frowns. "I'm not familiar with these models… but yes. They're from my dimension. The Nameless are the armed legion of the overlord Occulus. I've… dealt with him a number of times."

"They are arriving in a manner similar to how you did, then." Mera is clearly trying to deduce something. "If you wish, I will consult our hydromancers and see if they can identify the energies used to send those beings here. And perhaps they can devise a way to counteract their portals."

Ulani frowns and looks up at Rowan. Considering. "Newer models then." She comes to the conclusion and looks over as Mera makes her offer. "Or even detect them, I think, Your Majesty. It's possible that they've modified the technology that Rowan used, to use less power or alternate source." That earns Rowan a questioning look, she doesn't know enough about his dimension to really make educated guesses.

"You've dealt with this Occulus? Would he send troops after you?" From what Ulani has seen, she'd say 'yes'.

"I think so, your majesty." Rowan frowns at that a bit. It is technically possible for Psyborgs to be created here, but there'd need to be a lot of infrastructure for that. He doesn't think they've been able to set it up. At least, he hopes not.

"Yes, Occulus is a major… political and military figure on my world. He rules one of the Tech-territories of the Collective. He doesn't like me much." He's got reasons to not like Rowan much.

"If any way can be found to counteract them, that'd be… very helpful. We do not want the Overlords here." He's very emphatic about that. "I'll look into this. I can contact you later with everything I know if that would be helpful."

Mera nods to Rowan and looks between him and Ulani again. "Was there more news to relate?" If not, she wants to return to talk with Arthur and the hydromancers about this.

Ulani looks up at Rowan again and then back Mera, shaking her head. "I do not think so, Your Majesty." Clearly she's concerned, and now injured "Rowan, I will arrange a meeting with our Scientists. Perhaps …" she blows out a breath "… they too can work on this."

"Thank you for the snacks, Queen Mera." The Blue Envoy is excessively polite "I'm sorry our meeting has been cut short." For now though, she wants to get out of public and tend to her shoulder.

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