June 28 2016 - A Place to Relax

June 28, 2016:

Hank McCoy plays hooky and runs across Wanda, who also seems to seek out some peace and quiet.

Lighthouse Hill

Home to the Staten Island Range Light (a 141 foot tall lighthouse) and a number of honestly, quaint cottages, this relatively sleepy little neighborhood has a somewhat suburban charm to it, kept relatively quiet by adjacent Latourette Park and High Rock Park.


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Fade In…

Every now and then, Hank needs to get out of the school. He's not perfect, he has a temper, and with it being Summer, he has a little more time for himself. That meant taking a little trip away from Westchester. It also meant using his serum so that he isn't quite so noticible. Not that he's thrilled with that necessity, but right now it still exists.

He's made his way to Lighthouse Hill and the surrounding area to just sort of be somewhere new. Where people don't know him. Where he doesn't have to deal with stares unless someone recognizes him from Scientific American. He actually took a tour of the Lighthouse and the grounds and now he's walking along on a sort of 'walking tour' of the area, which includes the Andrew Wyeth House and the museum of Tibetan Art.
Wanda's not here for the tour, she's here for the view. A warm summer's day and the seabreeze blowing in off the ocean - all very relaxing. If not being hounded by the press. Wanda doesn't really have a secret identity after all and X-Red is a very visible group. But the witch hates the attention. She is an international fugitive after all and was in danger of being deported. Now she is under scrutiny wherever she goes…people just waiting for her to make a mistake.

The young Transian sits on a park bench clad in simple sweatpants, an 'I Love NY' t-shirt and a scarlet jacket over the top; she's trying to fit in! "Over here, Wanda!" cries out a photographer and she simply pulls the bill of her baseball cap down to obscure her face. Which just means the photographer gets closer. "Aw, c'mon, just a smile for your fans." Wanda's fingers discretely swell with scarlet energy and suddenly the photographer trips and smashes his camera hitting the grass.

Hank McCoy hears the photographer's call as he's looking at the map of the streets and makes his way over just in time to see the photographer trip and smash his camera. He looks to the girl on the bench before bending down to pick up some of the pieces of the camera and hand it to the photographer. "Serves you right. Leave the girl alone, ok?"

Not that he's particularly intimidating-looking as Dr. Hank McCoy, human scientist.

He does glance over to make sure that she's all right after this little altercation.

The photographer glares at Hank before wandering off while trying to put the camera back together. No luck. "He will have another one" sighs Wanda at Hank, her voice still heavy with an Eastern European accent. "I suppose I should move on." She stands and has one last look over the glistening waters before turning her gaze on Hank. "Thank you. It was very kind of you to try and help. I suppose you want an autograph?"

"Let's hope he's too upset over the expensive camera being broken," Hank offers with a sort of smile. "You're welcome." The question about the autograph has his eyebrows lifting, "I…what? Oh, no. That's all right, thanks. I'm familiar with who you are, Ms. Maximoff." That didn't come out quite right. He steps forward and offers a hand, "I'm Dr. Hank McCoy. I believe we have some mutual acquaintances," if not exactly friends.

Wanda's brow furrows as she tries to place the name. "Oh…yes…X-Men?" She looks him over with a curious gaze. "I thought you were blue." She takes his hand though, shaking it firmly before glancing over at where the photographer has disappeared. "Would you like to walk, Doctor McCoy?" Wanda looks confused again for a moment. "That is the name of someone in old television show. I have been watching lots of old television. Star…something. Wreck?"

"I am," Hank grins, "Just not in public. It puts the Institute at risk." He does accept the invitation to walk, also noting where the photographer may have gone. "If he tries to come back, I might be able to hear him before he sneaks up too far." Or scent him. Even 'human-looking', his senses are still a little enhanced.

"Star Trek and I know. I can't help that it's a common surname. His first name though, was 'Leonard'…not 'Henry' so there's at least that." The map is tucked into a pocket as they walk along, "What other shows have you been watching? Any 'I Love Lucy'? It's a classic. Early television at its best. I really liked 'Quantum Leap'…"

"There is so much television" Wanda sighs. "In Transia there is not so much…though we also did not have our own television. We would all sit together, the camp, and watch things like 'Detective Transia'. He was a detective who would arrest…but usually shoot…enemies of the state like gypsies. We did not think it was a very good show." A shake of her head, "I do not know Lucy or this Leap but I will try to find them. There are so many things on the internet but…" She stops and takes a deep breath of the sea air. "…nothing like this. So you have come to look at the lighthouse?"

"You can probably find it on one of the streaming sites," Hank offers, but he does grin when she mentions the plethora of shows and the show that the camp would watch. "It sounds…well, kind of awful and racist, if you ask me. When she takes in the sea air, his grin becomes more thoughtful, "No, there's nothing like this. Nothing like creating an experience or enjoying a day." The mention of the lighthouse gets a nod, "I hadn't seen it and needed to get out. I didn't feel like being deep in the city, to be honest. You?"

"I was looking for somewhere to relax. I still am" Wanda replies with a sad smile and a wary search for photographers. "Yes, it was an awful show. And very cheap…but it helped make everyone hate people like me and that was the point." A shrug at her life. "I used to live in the city. On the streets. I do not mind it. It is like a different world that most people do not see. Or maybe they do not want to see it." She studies him for a long moment. "Has my brother been in touch with the school? He used to go there but I think a girl broke his heart and he ran away." A sad snort of amusement. "He can run away a long way."

"I'm not sure that anywhere in the city is a good place to relax unless you have your own rooftop park, but even then…" he shrugs. Hank listens when she speaks about the show, "I'm sorry you had to put up with that. I hope that the show no longer plays." It's a different world from even ten years ago. "You're right that people have a different view of the city depending on how they live in it. I know I'm guilty of that." At the mention of her brother, he inclines his head to her, "I think I met him once or twice. I haven't seen him in a while, I'm sorry. But I'll keep an eye out and let you know if he shows up."

"I am very good at blocking out city noise" Wanda shrugs, "But even noise can become its own relaxation. I think I am becoming philosophical and that is never a good sign." A shake of her head. "No, Transia is no different now…though I think I am public enemy number one there. My brother is number two. I think that would annoy him to be number two." She allows herself a laugh at that before nodding to his words. "I do miss him and I worry about him but…if he has no need of me then so be it. At least I know he is still alive. I can feel that."

"Nothing wrong with a little philosophy," Hank smiles, "It's a pleasant change, actually." The smile fades then and he sighs at the description of Transia. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry that it's still like that." They can't fix everywhere even though they may want to try. "Sibling thing or is that part of your Mutant ability? The being able to feel your brother? There are so many theories on how siblings can do that sort of thing, especially twins or siblings who have gone through trauma. I suppose some of our mentalists might be able to explain it, but that's sort of cheating, isn't it?" He continues to walk, "I guess you don't really miss Transia, huh?"

"I think it is just that we are twins…but we are also both mutants so maybe that has something to do with it. Or maybe I am fooling myself into thinking we have a connection and he is already dead?" deadpans Wanda. Then a moment's silence before she wakes from her reverie and shakes her head. "No, I do not miss Transia. We have to escape or they would have cut us up into pieces. But I am sorry about how many had to die for that to happen. So I have been in New York for a couple of years now. It is a very different experience. And now I am a superhero. I think. Though if you read some of the news reports then I am more a supervillain."

"Everyone has their views on who is a hero and who is a villain," Hank offers, "But I don't think that you're a supervillain. Unless you want world domination. Then we might need to have a little chat." He tries another little grin then. "I think you can probably feel your brother. I don't have siblings but I can imagine that there's a bond. It must be nice knowing that someone has your back even if they're not around."

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