Communing With The Void

June 28, 2016:

With the magic tome in hand, Fenris, Astryd and Jesana look for what Rindr has done.

Fenris' House - New York


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There's a big heavy book on Fenris' kitchen table. That's not by itself unusual. Big heavy books are among the things that Fenris regularly fishes out from seemingly nowhere to answer one thorny arcane question or another.

This one, however, is a book from Nemesis, a place hidden from the light of Odin. A place of entropy and emptiness. A place where two gods conspired to break the wheel of fate. Whatever they were doing, whatever they were in league with, this book is the key.

Now Fenris just has to figure out how.

He's been up for a couple of days now. The God-Wolf doesn't need to sleep, strictly speaking. He does by habit if only to help blend in with the mortals around him but he can do without when he must. He's back in human form, which means he's recovering well. And he's eating a sandwich.

So, you know, all's well.

Jes appears rather suddenly in the kitchen carrying and extra large crockpot full of a steaming venison roast and vegetables. She knows he doesn't really need it but he was injured, she hadn't been there to protect him and had not done as well in the battle on Nemesis as she'dve liked.
Jes's missing a lock of hair since the battle but it's already regrown at least two inches and if that's the worst she suffers from that place, really she got off lucky. Her dad, she's still not sure about. He hasn't wanted to appear and her worry has kept her from pressing the matter. "Are you still hungry Fenris?" Jesana also eyes the book as she sets the ceramic pot on the table. "Say, what will you do with that when you're done with it?"

"Hello to you too, Jesana" Astryd gives the Coyote a smirk as she closes the fridge door, a plate of left overs in her hand. It's fairly clear that the Valkyrie has been here for the duration and is quite happily making herself at home.

The wounds she sustained in their first visit to Nemesis are healing, but they're slow and assumes that's to do with the void-tainted blade. Fenris had cleansed them, so they should be right, right?

"I imagine, the book will be locked away when we're done. Given that I suspect Rindr was using it to speak to something in the Void, it's quite dangerous."

"Depends." Fenris says, flipping a page. "I may burn it if it's safe to destroy. Sadly these things seldom are. There's a reason most dangerous magic is locked away."

The Old Wolf glances up at the food. Hrm. Well he can always do with more food.

"There's a lot in here, most of it's not particularly good news. To find out what Rindr and Vali were up to, though, I suspect I'm going to have to cast one of the spells in here."

The fact that he says 'spells in here' is worrisome. It means that the book is a grimoire. True grimoires are uncommon to say the least and spellbooks of this kind of power are incredibly rare.

And dangerous.

Jes turns and glances behind her, a speculative look on her face. A regular person might still be annoyed with the Valkyrie and while Jesana is certainly capable of holding a grudge (oh is she ever) her emotions shift pretty rabpidly most of the time. She's already forgotten about her anger during the fight.
"You look better too, good." Is the only comment Jes makes as she moves about to grab some bowls and spoons. "I could take care of that for you. Or Walker could actually. He's got some dangerous books too, knows how to handle that kind of thing." She offers without sounding too interested. Which is easily actually since she has no interest in the book herself, but Walker had seemed fascinated and she knows he'd like it and if she can get it then.. "Wait what?" Well, she supposes it wouldn't be a diary or something would it?
Jes growls. She hadn't actually thought that far ahead. If its that dangerous then it could be risky for Fenris, and something risky for him could be deadly for her new bonded. She doesn't want either of them in danger. "Can't you make someone else do it? See if something bad happens to them first. Like, someone unimportant."

Odin only knows why Jesana would be annoyed with Astryd. Astryd doesn't seem to remember Jes' anger or annoyance during the fight - she hadn't noticed at the time either.

"Only one spell, God-Wolf?" Astryd glances to Jes as the coyote growls and gives her a settling look "Make someone else do it?" She'd be amused, she really would be, but this is serious "A good leader knows better than to ask others to do things that one would not."

"I would do it, Fenris. This touches on me, as much as you and given the Void is more attuned to my type of magic than yours." If indeed, Astryd could even cast the spell. "But, before we get there, do you know which one? That's a rather large tome."

"Yes. This spell." Fenris taps the page of the book he's on. Given that he's been flipping back and forth for a while it seems likely that he's been studying it.

"It's a communion spell. It connects the caster with something else. Unforunately this spell doesn't say what or where but I can smell that people other than me have touched this page. A lot."

He looks up at the other two. "Someone else casting it? I'm not sure that's a good idea. Without knowing what's on the other side it's impossible to say exactly how dangerous that is."

Jesana gives Astryd a startled look. "Screw that. He's the God-Wolf. People should throw themselves at his feet and if they don't I'm happy to make them. It's that kind of thinking that gets those "Good leaders" killed early. Then what good are they to anyone? And you, you're important to Fenris and I.. kinda like you." Jes admits.. with a bit of difficulty. "But some idiot with some magic that no one cares about.."
Recently Jes has come to the realization that she's done hiding the parts of herself that others might have a problem with, even from her friends though she does try to tone down her darker urges still sometimes because she doesn't want to horrify everyone she knows. There are and always will be people tht she simply doesn't give a damn about and Jes has decided to stop pretending she does. "Soo then I can find some dumbass who can cast it that needs or maybe even is already dying. Then if they bite it, who cares. If they turn into something dangerous then, it'll be easier to stop them. Or shut them up before whatever it is they're talking to gets out of control." It might also be easier to get information out of such a person.
This is sounding so dangerous. She doesn't want Fenris to try it. Or Walker now for that matter. This kinda thing is why she makes such a terrible friend sometimes. The safety of those important to her comes first over their own wants. Jes's eyes flick subtly around the kitchen, it occurs to her she might be able to just light the damned thing on fire before they can stop her-wait didn't he say it might be dangerous to burn?? Shit.

Of course it's dangerous. It's Void magic and they're dealing with Gods who would break fate. Astryd would be hesistant to say it, but it really doesn't get a whole lot more dangerous - unless they wish to unleash the Destroyer.

"As you wish, Fenris. If I can be of service, though." the Valkyrie is not magically inclined, the way that the God-Wolf but she's a strong sword arm "When Walker found the book, I sensed that Rindr had been using it to 'commune'. It's likely then, that is the spell. How do you wish to proceed?"

She's just spoiling for another fight, really.

Fenris shakes his head again. "I appreciate the sentiment Jesana, however it's more than just morality on the line."

Indeed Fenris has never shown himself to really care about 'people'. Individuals yes. He can be protective and even tender toward individuals. But the mass of humanity? To impersonal 'people'? It's a dog-eat-dog world, after all.

This is different though. "If it connects to something bad it's possible that a weak mind or unfortified soul could become a gateway into our realm for something that it was never meant to contain. Worst case scenario, we'd be annihilated before we had the chance to correct our mistake. I have enough knowledge that I can probably break any connection before it goes wrong." There's a chance he could be killed or go insane too but there's always that chance when dealing with this sort of magic.

"I'll want you two to stand by. There's a chance that you may be able to witness whatever I call up and in these cases the more eyes on it the better."

Jesana might not realize how big a deal that is, breaking fate. Her Father is the Old Man himself afterall. Danger however, she definitely understands. And it's probably what she'd be in if she tries to burn a book while Fenris is holding it. Though really, if it protects him then it's worth.. but what if setting it on fire causes it to.. what? Jes frowns. She honestly hasn't a clue how that could be dangerous and sits down with a slight slump of her shoulders after dishing out a bowl for Fenris and Astryd if she wants it.
Time to listen then and learn. She knows so little it often seems as if she'll never catch up. Oookay.. annilihation is bad. She doesn't want to get aniilihated. On the bright side, she's not really gonna care about it anymore if she does.. so. "I'll be right here and ready. Watching." Also palming both her daggers but her hope of them actually being any help here is pretty faint.

"And I will be there for you to draw on, God-Wolf." Astryd responds, already shelving the discussion of finding a surrogate to cast the spell. It wasn't going to happen as far as she was concerned. Too much hung in the balance for to leave that to fate. ahem.

Accepting the bowl of food from Jesana with an incline of her head, the Valkyrie considers and looks at Fenris "You wish us to bear witness, I will do that. When, and what provisions do we have to make?"

"Whatever you feel you need to fortify yourself. Do it quickly, though. I'm starting."

The Old Wolf closes his eyes and begins to focus on the book. The others can hear him murmuring but the language doesn't sound… right. It's as if they're hearing him though some kind of muffling filter. Nothing comes through clearly.

The room starts to darken as power swirls. Last chance for them to make any kind of preparations.

Jesana brightens even more. They're back on earth now. "Hey! You can draw from me too, or the earth through me." She's aware she's connected to far more power than she could even dream of using. She's got her knives, her fists and her fangs, she's ready. Jes listens intently, trying to figure out the weirdness of the language. It's odd.
Then the room starts to darken and the demigod looks around warily. She quickly stands and moves her chair aside, palming her knives and moving into a defensive crouch a few feet to the side of her God. She doesn't seem to notice this also places her so she could try to protect Astryd too. It's a natural instinct and one that someone took great care to positively reinforce over the years.

"Really, God-Wolf." There's censure in Astryd's voice as he begins to cast. But she sighs and takes the torc from her neck - as she does it transforms into a spear and she stands ready. Grey eyes taking in everything, as she watches.

Making sure Jes is not in her way, she positions herself to the other side and slightly behind the God - she's a good soldier in that regard.

The darkness closes in until the walls cannot be seen, the floor cannot be seen. Nothing can be seen except for the table Fenris is at and soon even that and the book fade away. The God-Wolf opens his eyes and rises… just before his chair vanishes into darkness.

There's something here. A powerful presence. The Old Wolf glances about slowly. Whispers rush over them all. Incomprehensible, teasing, seeming to promise great power if only they could understand them.

And then a voice. A deep, sonorous voice echoes out of the blackness. "Rinnnnnnnnnnndrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…"

Something moves in the shadows. Something blacker than the darkness. Whatever it is, it's huge.

And cold.

"Breaaaaaaaaak the wheeeeelllllllllll forrrrrr the blinnnnnnnnnd eyeeeeeeeeee that sssssssseeeeeeeeessss aaaaaaaallllllll…"

As she watches, Jes begins to wonder what a godlike being such as Rindr would be commuing with. She considers the void and Shadow creatures on Nemesis and frowns. She also kinda wonders why Fenris didn't just eat the bastard but her thoughts trail off as the darkness enfolds them.
She doesn't need to see to fight, it certainly helps though and its obviously preferred. She's not sure it's fighting time yet though and remains quiet, crouched, waiting and listening. Fenris. Those whispers are annoying. Jes pushes them aside intent on ignoring them when something moves and then speaks. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? It's completely unexpected and baffling, at least to her. Of all the possibilities that had occured to her a giant powerful dark thing had of course been one of them, it uttering nonesense however, had not. She has no idea what to do now and so waits, uncertain in the darkest dark she's ever seen… or.. not seen? What's it called when you can see but can't? Okay so maybe waiting while remaining focused isn't something she's good at..

Astryd stands ready, tense behind the God-Wolf, letting the darkness consume and the whispers wash over her. Every so often, there's a tic in her cheek and she shakes her head abruptly … trying to ignore anything but what they're here to witness.

The blind eye that sees all? "Isn't that Walker said, in the hall, Jesana?" Astryd frowns. She knows which god has a blind eye.

"Name thyself." she speaks out into the darkness "Why should we break the wheel?"

It's impossible to see what exactly is in the blackness excapt that it's moving and it's getting closer. And it's huge. The closer it gets the more it's darkness-against-darkness fills their field of not-quite-vision. Fenris grunts and raises a hand, summoning a shield of light. It's not much light. It's just a shimmering field of starmotes, but the moment it goes up the whispers mute a bit.

"Breaaaaaak the Wheeeellllll… Unnnnnlllllleaaaaaashhhh thhhhhhhhhe Niiiiiiiiiight…" Is this the thing Rindr has been communing with?

There's… a slight problem of course. This thing, whatever it is, isn't just speaking nonsense. As it focuses its attention and will on the trio of gods (well two and a half gods) there's a powerful pull within them that appeals to the inner darkness within each. The strain is visible on Fenris face but he's had a lot of practice denying his worse self. Astryd and Jesana on the other hand…

Well, self control has never been Jesana's strong suit and this thing is appealing to virtually everything she regularly tells herself not to do but wants to oh so much.

One of Jes's skills is ignoring the things she doesn't want to pay mind to. Putting the voices aside is a task but she bends her will to it and she's had a lot of practice of late, with trying to ignore Set's near incessant whispering in her mind. Fen's light helps but she frowns when Astryd speaks. She does have a vague memory of hearing him shout that on her mad dash to get to his side. Or maybe just before.
Brown eyes narrow in the darkness, then widen as she feels that pull. Oh. Shit. She's still not sure what the hell this has to do with a wheel. But what it wants her to do is pretty obvious. Go be an evil bitch. Well… Jesana laughs. "But I am already. For instance, do you know how long it takes a slightly overweight middle aged male with no other health problems to expire when he's being skinned alive?" Jes smiles at the thing in the dark. It's not a friendly smile.
"I do." She continues. "It takes lot longer than you'd think actually. At least when the person doing the skinning knows what they're doing." It's true, she does have some serious self control issues. She aslo has her own Will and it can be bent and turned and even twisted, but it can't be broken by anyone but herself. She knows she doesn't really want to give in, or she won't, later. So she fights it in the first and easiest way that comes to mind. She attempts to distract it long enough for Fenris or Astryd to do something. Cause even if her daggers were a threat to this thing, she's kinda got all her focus on not turning into a total monster right now, and honestly isn't even aware she's still holding them.

And self control is keyword of Astryds. Keeping ones cool in battle so you can actually select the fallen to escort is paramount. But that doesn't mean the Valkyrie is immune to the pull and she snarls, wings snapping out to their full span. Hopefully they don't knock Jes when they do. For a moment it looks like she might try to engage this thing in combat.

She can feel the strain on Fenris though and her own magic reaches out to him draw from me Destroyer They don't have long, though.

What the heck is this thing. Astryd's beginning to wonder whether Rindr came up with the plan on her own, or if she was … seduced.

Suddenly both women can see it. Fenris. He's dying. Over and over and over. Each Ragnarok is always the same story. The Destroyer Wolf goes insane, brings on the apocalypse, kills Odin and then is killed in turn. Over. And Over. And Over. They can feel the pain, smell the smoke, taste the blood. This is his fate.

But, the thought occurs to them, they don't have to accept it. If they broke the wheel of fate Fenris wouldn't be bound to that anymore. He wouldn't be destined to become a ravening monster over and over.

He wouldn't have to live only to die again and again and again.

Jesana is starting to sweat with the strain, somewhere a part of her mind is still functioning and devoting itself to trying to figure out a plan other than loudly blurt out deeds she'd rather keep secret. A small bit of her mind is always doing such things. It's the trickster nature. Find a way of manipulating things to suit you, failing that, survive, escape and come back another day and try again.
And then two things happen, Jesana witnesses one her worst nightmares. Fenris dying, in pain, suffering again the fate he broke free from. To say that it scares her would be undestatement. She's fucking terrified. There are few other fire ways of enraging her beyond, scaring the hell out of her and messing with what she considers hers. Fenris is her God. Jes is also struck with the realization of why Astryd's mention of Walker bothered her. This thing.. spoke through him. It touched her bonded! And now it's making her watch Fenris die. She's going to kill it if she can and leaps at the mass of darkness, slicing outwards with her knives. To hell with this thing, its stupid wheel and fate and the damned darkness too. Fenris is already free. He isn't going to die again. Not if she can help it, she might die, this monster is probably going to eat her but it'll give the other time to get away. Vaguelly she's aware of Astryd getting angry too, of being hit with the brush of feathers as she leaps. Oh, she hopes the Valkyrie doesn't get eaten too. Huh, she really hopes that. "Man. If the last thought I have is about her not getting eaten I'm gonna be even more pissed." Jesana growls as she tries to climb the creature and stab it to death at the same time.

Astryd winces at the images. She's seen them before. She's … lived them before. Fenris is fated to die during Ragnarok - she doesn't like it, hates it even … but this is the way things are. Fenris, himself has found a way to - delay that.

And the Valkyrie believes in the God-Wolf. In her soul. She's bound to him in some manner that she can't define.

As Jes leaps, Astryd reaches out with her own ability. The Void is a thing of death and so is she. "Begone, fell beast. Take your empty promises elsewhere." The spear twirls and the winged woman moves waiting for Jes to make the opening.

Jes makes contact with a wall of cold so frigid as to freeze the soul, almost literally. Touching this thing is not a good idea to say the least. The moment she makes contact the visions get a hundred times worse. This is no lie. Fenris hasn't escaped his fate, merely delayed it. Fate is a patient hunter and now she's being shown every death, every wound, every insult the God-Wolf has ever endured and ever will endure.

And burning behind that all is the knowledge that she herself could prevent it, if only she has the courage, if only she cares enough for him to break Fate's cruel wheel.

When Astryd's magic lashes out she realizes what it is she's dealing with. This thing is to her as she is to regular mortals. A being an order of magnitude more powerful than any god she has ever dealt with. A creature of terrible power and unknowable purpose. As Jesana leaps into it and is surrounded by its will and purpose it turns to Astryd.

Myyyyyyy prommmmmissssss issssss trrrrrrueeeeeeeee.

Fenris seems to snap out of whatever he was in. "I'm pulling us out."

The God-Wolf begins to glow. It's going to take him a minute to break that connection.

Oh yeah, it's cold, it's freezing, right down to her soul. The thing is, she was taught to ignore any kind of pain when she needs to her and her soul has been hurting since she was wounded in Hell. This isn't going to stop her from trying to kill it. The sudden sense of guilt it's plaguing her might though.. She had truly thought Fenris escaped, and watching what happened to him, over and over in so much more detail than the single dream she'd once witnessed.. it's enough that she starts to slow and falter.
she really wishes she wasn't seeing this, seeing it is knowing it and now that she knows, if she lives through this, her Father will know too and he holds a grudge against Fen. That is a problem.. but it's also a realization. "Maybe it is." Jes snarls. "Maybe you are some weird cold, dark, freakish fate breaker. But you're aslo a dick and I.. am Coyote's Daughter. Fate is his bitch. I don't have his power but I am his blood." Jesana snarls and uses all her strength to drive her daggers into the creature, still trying to distract, to buy time but also certain that somewhere out there will be another way, one tht has nothing to do with this thing she wants to kill, and she'll find it and use it and save Fenris.

Astryd is stunned for many long moments as she recognises the power in this creature. "By Odin. Jesana!" Her voice snaps out with authority "Get away from that thing." Just as Fenris comes back to them. "The quicker the better, God-Wolf."

He can tell by her tone, that not only is she worried, she's felt something.

The light glowing around Fenris flares and burns away the darkness. Well, it burns away the darkness that isn't the being bearing down on them. Astryd and Fenris soon find themselves back in his kitchen as if they'd never left. Jesane?

Fenris looks around for Jesana. Was his spell able to break the connection to bring her back? Or did that thing absorb her to… work on her more?

What and stop distracting it so Fenris can escape? Never. Besides she's trying to save Astryd too. She's also seriously pissed off, terrified and in so much pain that even with her ability to push it aside, if it weren't dark she'd still be unable to see. There's a world of difference between physical pain and spiritual pain however and despite appearances Jesana isn't suicidal and has no love of soul wrenching agony.
The second Jes feels the change she leaps free of the creature and in Fenris's direction. Or what she hopes is his direction. She's a few seconds slower though and so takes a bit longer to appear again. Without her knives, or her clothes, and wearing an expression equal parts frustration, terror and confusion. At least until her eyes roll back in her head and she passes out in a dead feint on the floor.

Astryd blinks as the light flares and it takes a few minutes for her to realise they are safe. Wings stil out, she has to concentrate to furl them as she looks at Fenris "Are you whole, God-Wolf?" she murmurs, still holding her spear.

As Jesana appears on the floor and passes out, the Valkyrie sighs. "So impulsive. No self control." the spear transforms back to her torc as she bends to examine Coyotes daughter "Were we ever this young? Will you heal her or shall I take her to your guest room?"

Fenris kneels down and looks at Jesana. There's something on her neck. It looks like a bruise but when he touches it…

The Old Wolf shakes his head. "Take her to the room. Careful though. I think that thing left something with her." One does not defy the gods of the void and get by unscarred. Not even Coyote's Daughter. Now that she's gotten it's attention… she may well regret her recklessness. She's fortunate it didn't simply obliterate her.

Jes doesn't stir. She's definitely out for the moment. She'll be pretty upset when she wakes up though. She's just started to recover from the last adverse affects of something aggravating her soul wound. This thing made her feel like she was freezing and on fire at the same time, her life is definitely going to be more interesting for awhile and that's without it doing, whatever the hell it's going to do to her for pissing it off.
Still unlikely she'll regret it though. If she regretted it every time she pissed off some ancient powerful being, …this is getting to become a thing with her isn't it? And not a good one. Maybe one of these times that will occur to her and she'll do something about it. For the moment however, she's blissfully unaware of it all and also snoring. Loudly.

At Fenris' words, Astryd lifts the demi-god, the demi-god who weighs so much more than a normal mortal, with ease. As she does, she hisses "Something has marked her, God-Wolf. I can feel it." It won't take long to put the impetuous young woman to bed.

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