June 26, 2016:

Green Arrow takes Elektra to his base for help..

Underground at Queen Consolidated in NY.


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Through the streets of New York; letting the darkness help to conceal the movements, the Arrow carried the stabbed body of Elektra to the warehouse not far away from where it occurred, still in Hell's Kitchen. The abandoned building, owned by a subsidiary of Queen Consolidated held within its depths access to one of the underground basements that the man had set up all over the eastern seaboard (and other places) to house his activities. Stepping into the closet which required a quick hand print and then it descended into the sterile basement where he carried the body the last few steps to his destination; a nice medical looking bed where Elektra's body is gently laid down.

"Alright, I'm no doctor and I don't think we can get one. But that's ok, there's enough brilliant minds that can guide through this so you'll end up with a nice fancy scar, alright?"

Elektra didn't get her status quo in the hand by being a total whimp. While he carried her, it hurt. But she kept it mostly to herself. She allowed that moment of bonding with an arm tucked around his neck, her hand clenched against the knife to stop her from being jostled, her eyes opening where every she could until she grows incredibly still within his arms. Her skin was cold and slightly clammy, there was barely a hint of movement within her chest.

He would know what she was doing.

Meditating. Her heart rate slowed considerably as she uses Hand training to attempt to slow her bleeding, and it felt like hours until she felt the cool press of the bed against her back, where her eyes snapped open to glance towards Oliver, her breath slightly caught.

"To add to the many?" She hoarsely jokes.

A joke. A good sign at least in the Arrow's experience and his lips crack into a small smile concern still etched in his green eyes. "I'm sure mine are more impressive." Nothing like the scar show off fight that everyone must have at some point. Even while he speaks however, he starts pulling out various pieces of equipment and technology. Simple things like clean gauze and fancier things, some kind of computerized device to help cauterize and seal blood vessels.

"You're a smart woman, I'm betting you didn't hit anything important, did you." He says it as he starts placing gauze around the knife and the entry point to prepare to stem the bleeding from when he removes the metal from her.

"We shall see." She manages out before a cough, one that jostles the knife still within her, even as she holds it with a steady hand. She nearly curls, but has to stop, taking out her pain by way of breathing rapidly and harshly, even lifting a knee against the table to press down and brace.

But he was right, she didn't hit anything vital. Expertly shoving the knife in the space between the intestines, turned it so that it doesn't knick but comes -damn- close. Any major damage would just be to the dermis, and perhaps extensive bloodloss.

"And you're a smart man to realize that.." She manages out, drawing her hand away from the hilt of the blade slowly so that she could grip the edge of the bed, her eyes closing as she grits her teeth. "But to show you how serious I am when I say that the Hand needs someone like you, and I am willing to die to attest to the faith that I have that they will mak-.." She snaps her lips shut, turning her head away, the soft sounds of a held cough is heard as her shoulders begin to jerk.

Right then, the window has to be taken as the Arrow pulls the knife out with a smoothe motion, quickly covering the wound with the gauze to stem the certain flow of blood. If he waits and she coughs or flinches it could shift causing more damage; besides he has steady hands. You have to have steady hands to hit a penny with an arrow from the distances he can. Setting the blade aside on the table he keeps pressure with his hands on the spot, grin barely cracking his lips.

"You don't have the slightest idea who, or what I am. And I have even less of an idea about your Hand. But I don't trust them. You on the other hand." His voice grows a bit softer.

That window was enough to stop her coughing. That quick snatch of the knife causes her to unexpectedly scream out, her body nearly curling around his hand, her own shooting up to grasp his arm for support as her foot pounds hard against the bed. It was a minor tantrum on her part, one that draws her attention elsewhere instead of the wound.

"I may not have the slightest idea, but I know what is in your heart." It was an honest moment for Elektra, as honest as she could get. The squeeze of his arm was compounded by the stinging, burning pain, one that she doesn't release so easily. "There is darkness in you. But there is also loyalty, the need to do good and -nearly- damn the cost. I don't need to know your name.." She manages to murmur, "..but I can find it out easily enough."

As his voice softens, hers does as well. "Then stay with me. Help me."

"Stay with you…" The Arrow responds, his arm flexing some to offer counter to the squeezing of her arm. "I may have darkness in me, but not enough to simply kill without conscious towards it. Can you do that? Have you lost that much of yourself that you do not see the price?"

"There is more to it than that." Elektra nearly snaps, her opposite hand lowering to rest upon the one that keeps her wound staunched. "I do not kill without conscious, there are reasons, methods to the madness as they say." The hand lifts, drawing sigils in the air. "Pieces of the puzzle, where some do not fit.. and where some do.." It almost seemed like nonsense, but like the puzzle she references, it -fits-.

But there was a silent moment there after, her hand drops again atop of his, her fingers linking just beneath. "I see the price and I pay it.. I.." She could. Couldn't she? Make the world a better place without snuffing lives? Or having that -need- fulfilled to stare into their eyes.. to know death.. to remember her own..

"When that becomes the only price tag that is being paid…" The Arrow counters, keeping pressure on the wound with one hand, the other coming up to touch the woman's cheek as she lays there. "When life loses value, when it no longer has meaning. That's when one crosses from purpose to simply killing because it is all they know." A sad look touches his eyes, the smile barely there.

"I know enough of where the line is to know when I've crossed it. I think you used to know the line, that you remember the line still. That you aren't that far gone past it."

She knew that he spoke the truth, but there was a certain lust to death. A lust that she could barely ignore with the beast that constantly screams within the back of her head. If she could be cleansed of it, if she could learn to ignore it, to not fall to it..

Her head tilts a little as her grip loosens to fall to his wrist, clasping it, keeping his hand pressed to her cheek as she leans in to press her lips against his thumb, holding him there until he decides to move in which she would as well.

"Are you so sure, Arrow?" She whispers quietly. "Its you who don't know who I am or what I am capable of.."

"I don't know." He responds to the woman, letting his thumb trace her lips gently when she presses her lips to it. "But that is my hope." A while ago, during the journey over in fact, the voice modulator had been switched off so his normal voice is heard, sounding to reflect that hope. "Do you still have hopes?"

The simple question that most anyone could answer resonates within his own ears. For the longest time such things had been out of his reach, the dare to dream for anything. The Arrow's gaze possesses the look of someone who has had to answer that question himself in dark times. "I need to finish the work on your stomach."

"It's a silly hope to have for someone.." She quietly muses, her lips curling into a smile against his thumb. His question took her off guard, so much that she turns her head away from his touch, her grasp falling away from his wrist and to the bed again, squeezing the fabric until it bunches beneath her fingers.

"..I'm afraid to hope.." She confesses softly. The tenseness that she held within her body slowly melts away, her eyes closing. "Whenever I do.. something.. takes it away and reminds me that.." She clears her throat, her lips pressing as she releases the shared grip upon her wound. "Hope is.. something I'm never allowed to have."

The Arrow pulls out a scissors to cut away the fabric around the gauze and then checks it. Seeing that it is still bleeding and soaking the material he applies a bit more to help absorb and clot. A few switches are thrown on the computerized medical equipment as it hums to life.

"The only people not allowed to have hope, hope for things, are slaves. Are you a slave to the Hand?" The question comes out like casual conversation topic, his focus on his work now. He's not a doctor, but has certainly seen his fair share of injuries and wounds; many on himself. "Because you have to be? Or because you want to be."

Elektra reaches over to take the blade, twirling it within her fingers until it was turned inward, drawn along the edges of her ripped shirt to create a fine line that allows her her to pull it open easily. Her arms were soon shrugged free of the garment, shoulders soon rolling as she keeps that focus upon the ceiling of the 'lair'. There was no shame at all in her exposure.

"They aren't the only ones. The beaten. The damned. The 'hopeless'." She grins a little, her head lolling in his direction. "We all are, in one way or another. In order to truly serve the Hand there is submission. True submission, to give your all, your body mind and soul to the cause." She closes her eyes, inhaling slowly.

"I owe them a debt.. so yes. I have to be.." Wanting.. that was something different.

In any other situation, the distraction of her knifework would cause a shift of his focus and attention, but this was a matter of saving a life. That required his full focus. With the garment removed, he's able to shift the gauze up some and glance at the stem of bleeding. Quickly, he replaces the gauze with the medical device which lays over the wound and begins to hum. "This is a device a company cooked up. It sends impulses that track down open veins and injuries and closes them. When I've used it, it feels like when my foot falls asleep. It'll take a couple of hours to work but when its done, it is very similar to having it treated by a doctor.

Turning, he gets some rubbing alcohol and dabs it over some more gauze, beginning to clean the blood up from around the machine on Elektra's stomach. "So if you owe them a debt and you gave over your mind body and soul…" The barest hint of a grin touches his lips. "Do I get to say you owe me a debt as well?"

"Ooh.. I'm stuck in a bed for hours. What ever shall I do.." She laughs for once, one leg propped up as her arms slowly lift. With a grunt, she props them behind her head, attempting to relax as the machine gets to work. The numbing.. prickling pain was a much better alternative than to try to meditating the wounds to heal. It gives her a break..

As he begins to clean her, her brow lifts as well, his grin was slightly infections as she shakes her head. "I'm tempted to say no just to hear your protests.. but.." She coughs heavily, which didn't sound too good to start. She was still clammy, yet getting feverish by the moment.

"You are a feisty woman. Stubborn. Remind me of well… me." The Arrow quips as he turns around and starts preparing something. Turning back he moves over towards Elektra and brushes a hand over her cheek before leaning over. "If I told you to close your eyes and rest, I don't think you'd even listen."

The hiss comes as the pressurized syringe is depressed into her leg, held by his other hand. "And you need to rest so this machine can work and so I can make sure nothing else is wrong. I won't let any harm come to you." He adds the last with a gentle tone, "Trust me."

"Two peas in a pot. Or is it pod.." Her voice sounded horrible. Horrible enough to cause anyone to cringe. With him out of her view, she focused upon the roof again until he moves closer, her eyes softening once she sees him again, her hand lifting to grasp his yet again, lacing fingers together where they seem to fit. "No.. I'd annoy you with my banter.." She smiles softly.. until there was that hiss..

"Arrow!" She blurts out, her eyes widening, watering.. that little bit of shock shown within her gaze, almost as if she were betrayed. She knows it was for the best. That it was for her own good. But in those few, fleeting moments, there was the look of fear. But, it was washed away as her vision slowly grows dark, his last words lingering upon her psyche as she finally succumbs to sleep.

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