Will A Sacrifice Be Needed

June 25, 2016:

Members of Primal Force get together to discuss what May needs to do to repair the Pillar of Heaven.

Shadowcrest Manor - Gotham


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Life … has been busy for Zatanna Zatara. Yet, life does go on. It's not that she's forgotten about those five coloured stones and the broken pillar of heaven - until now that had been the least of her worries.

Now though, there's reports of flooding in China and Zee's has other news on that front.

They're all gathered in Shadowcrest - those that could come, that is - sitting quietly (hopefully) and talking. Zee herself seems slightly more subdued, her eyes are far darker than they should be even moreso from when the others saw her last.

"I was having dinner with Bobby the other night and this man approached us. Said he had a message from some mutual acquaintances. They want what I took back. There's absolutely no question that it was about the stones." Zee's eyes glitter darkly "He marked Bobby somehow, as a warning. It's not enough they threatened, Dad."

Laid out on the coffee table are the reeds, bound by another a reed, and on the tablet, the photo's of the stone book and the wall. Behind them, in a wooden box bound by Norse runes are the stones.

"Did you manage to find anything about what we found?" After Rangon they'd all gone to more research "May, would you mind explaining what happened when we worked with the stones?"

"What, what? Where is the guy? You didn't let him leave did you?" Jes growls. If he did get away then she'll go track the bastard down and start removing pieces of his anatomy one by one until he takes the mark off. She resisted the temptation to attack the first guy they sent after Zee. That isn't going to be likely to happen again. Jes has been having a host of her own problems but she shouldn't have let it lie. She should've been out tracking down HYDRA members and sending them a very strong 'backthefuckoff' message of her own.
None of that is helpful at the moment however and Jes closes her eyes and sits on the floor until she's calmed herself. It surprising doesn't take as long as it has been. "I asked my boss if he knew anything. He's.. I don't know how old actually but I suspect, very. He's also Chinese." Jes pauses for a moment, her expression suggesting she's either searching for the right words or wanting to be careful of what she says. "He seemed to think that they are something not just anyone could use but he didn't really have any advice on how aside from 'listen to the stones and trust your instincts' Which i mean, that's pretty much what you've done from what I saw, so." There hasn't been anyone else she trusts enough to ask and while she's been looking elsewhere for relevant books, that's very slow going without being able to read much Chinese herself. "I went back to that temple a few times but haven't seen anyone else yet."

Melinda May says, "There are differing accounts about Wu-Na depending on which century the record originated in. But all of them agree. Wu-Na essentially sacrificed herself to close the rift in the heavens." May is able to say this completely straight-faced. It's distinctly possible that she reconciled herself to that role in this whole thing."

Rain keeps busy herself, even if she trucks with lower level horrors. But she and Captain will turn up. The two listen, to hear before speaking. "We found some story of the myth, though it's hard to untangle local magic and symbiology." Captain hops down if he's alive.

"She did repair a pillar after two gods fought, using the five stones, smelting them and patching the sky up. Then -" She pauses. She goes quiet, to listen first.

Zee grimaces and shakes her head at Jes' question "He got away and made another attempt at another friend recently." She'll deal with that, as soon as she can. Right now they need to work out how to help May. It might be how she actually manages - compartmentalising things as she can.

"Right, yes." May gets a second nod from the mage "Yes, I've read that too. But it might be symbolic." Glancing at the reeds and the box on the table, she reaches for a tome at her side.

"I've been looking through Shadowcrests archives, for references to similar situations. Unsurprisingly, nothing quite matches up with this. Still, there's some rituals that might give us a basis to work from."

Opening the book to a page she taps the page "This one here refers to a fissure in the earth that one of my ancestors had to deal with. They gathered an object of power from the area plus items of the earth and combined them. It says they had to stand in the opening as it sealed, but they were able to get out."

Strange isn't it, that the daughter of Coyote has a strong affinity with the Earth, Rain and Zee have magic, that they've been gifted reeds for some reason and May has an affinity with the stones.

Jes's eyes narrow. She's very good at finding what she wants, whether it be a person or a thing. One thing she's been slowly learning though is that if she wants to keep her friends she cannot simply take over their lives and do whatever she thinks is best. Just because one can do a thing.. doesn't mean they should. It might seem obvious to most people but its the opposite of how she was raised and the lesson is taking time to stick. Jes sighs and nods.
Maybe she can help with this problem. "I was thinking… " Jes trails off and listens and then smiles. "Yeah, like that. Walker and I found the same stories about the girl sacrificing herself but she was all alone, and maybe she didn't have the right blood or wasn't strong enough. You aren't alone May. You have all of us, Primal Force. Most if not all of us have shared power before. If we do that with you, you should have all you need and more, right?" Jes is looking hopefully at Zee now.

"It also says she also burnt reeds and with the ashes of those stopped the flooding occuring. There was still a little bit to do, so she went to heaven and filled the gap with her half human half serpent body…" Beat. Rain thinks. "I don't think May is gonna use herself to patch anything literally, but -" Symbolic, right? Rain is pretty good at divination and hunting about things. "I'm always glad to help as I can, even if my help isn't the most powerful." Captain grunts in affirmation, as much as a cat will. And maybe a little footsleepwiggle.

Melinda May looks at each of the women around her. This is the team she's been missing from SHIELD. Figures that not one of them is actually a full SHIELD agent. The irony would likely make Coulson laugh out loud. In public. "Then let's get started."

"Well, it's also a different problem. This time we're repairing a crack in the pillar not trying to stitch up the sky." Zee points as Jes looks hopefully at her. "And there are three more of here that have different abilities. At the very least, we'll be there to support her. But I don't believe it's a physical sacrifice."

Looking around at the other woman, the young mage smiles faintly "You're all aware that using magic has a cost. Each time we cast a spell or call on our power, we pay a price. I think that's what the 'sacrifice' means." Looking to May, Zee gives a shrug "You will pay a price for the ritual." But then, May pays in her own way, each time she goes into a fight.

"There are some things that we know, that I think we can use. First - the stones respond to May, she can direct them." May can explain more about that "Second - NuWa calls her daughter of dragons. That's symbolic in itself. Third - we were gifted these reeds… So thoughts?"

On the top of one bookcases, a pair of bright blue eyes suddenly appear and peer down at those in the room. Captain might notice the scent of another feline - a feline that smells rather magical in nature.

Do gods pay a price for magic? Jes isn't a true god, not yet but she's curious. It's not a question for now though and she sets it aside. After listening to Zee talk some more, Jesana toes the floor in a hesitant manner. She's been warned that some information can be dangerous, even if its just a suspicion. "What do you think that means? Daughter of Dragons?"
Jes's head snaps up towards the bookcase as she scents and senses the change. Eyes, ones she's seen before but no one yet has called those eyes friendly. Jesana growls and crouches, going for one of her boot knives. She doesn't throw it yet though. What if the damned thing is like, Zee's familiar? It'd be a bad idea to mess it up then, probably. …and it's also probably magical and so stronger than it looks. Jes glowers.

Rain pays a price. She has to take care of herself, and her magic is slow to deploy. Plus, she's not sure she CAN do her thing without her relics. And thank the gods and goddesses she opted for magic guns instead of a 12 inch wand.

Captain's triangular nose wiggles. "There's a magic cat about," He states, eyes looking up. "Hello," Captain greets the other cat politely.

Rain looks thoughtful. "Do you think we need to incorporate the reeds into the ritual?" Rain asks. "And hello, kitty!" Kitty!

Melinda May nods to Zee, and is privately relieved that the magician doesn't believe a physical sacrifice is required. That moniker, Daughter of Dragons, that's been plaguing her for a while now. "I've been trying to figure that out myself, Jesana." And just admitting that she's been trying means that she's been trying and failing. "I'm fairly certain those reeds will factor in, perhaps as heavily as the stones will." And then people are being distracted by something. Following Jesana's eyes and Captain's ears, she looks up at the blue eyes. She doesn't reach for a weapon as obviously as Jesana does, but then, she doens't have to.

Gods pay a price for magic. It might just be different to that mortals pay. Fenris, Zee knows, gets tired and has to recover. Zee believes it has to with the law of the conservation of energy.

"Yes, the reeds play a part in this" the dark haired confirms to the others "I think the fact that Nu-Wa burnt reeds and stopped the flooding is the key there." As to Daughter of Dragons, she shrugs "Fenris doesn't think it's to do with bloodlines but May, apart from your pendulum, do you have anything else that sports a dragon motif? Perhaps something you've had for a long time?"

At Captains assertion, Zee looks to him and sighs "Payton. What are you doing here? And" she looks to where the others are peering "… how did you get in?"

A red and orange striped feline, the size of Lynx, drops from the top of the bookshelf. "Now, now, Kitten… " he drawls in a soft scottish brogue "… you need to look up your lore on Felines." Zee sighs as Payton focusses on Captain and Rain and sniffs slightly disdainfully. "Hello."

It's talking. Talking and yet… "Want me to eat him for you, Zee?" Jes eyes Payton disdainfully. She's fought a few faeire beings now. She'll likely end up fighting more and while she makes it a habit not to eat people… Some little furball thinking he can make himself at home in Shadowcrest without Zee's permission annoys her.
"He doesn't? Well. that's good then." Jes is briefly distracted by the mention of bloodlines. She can't think of any other reason why someone would call May Daughter of Dragons though. The demigod absently scratches the back of her hip. The new tattoo there keeps changing shape and it's either a total annoyance or minor distraction depending on what else is going on.

Rain looks thoughtful. "What's your zodiac sign?" She asks May. "It's a bit of a longshot but…" Then Captain gets a glance. She looks between them.

"Hey, cats will find a way. Some of us don't even need to open doors to come or go," Captain's eyes glimmer mischieviously. "Salutations." He offers, his own voice thick with a Gotham accent. "So, what brings you here?" He asks. Rain settles quiet to think. "I wonder…"

Melinda May shakes her head no to Rain, though that was a really good question. "Rabbit." She watches the Lynx-sized feline while … oh. OH.

"Yes, I have something." She hesitates, then continues. "I have a scar from when I was training at Shaolinsi." She doesn't elaborate further and simply removes her jacket, pushes up the sleeve of her shirt, and removes the small knife sheath strapped to her forearm. There, in the crook of her arm, faint from age, is a scar that resembles an incomplete brand of the lower portion of a dragon.

"Payton…" Zee's voice has a slight warning tone about it. "No Jes. Leave him be." Maybe he'll disappear soon.

The Grimalkin, for that's what this is, looks at Captain "All Kittens need watching over don't they?" the capitalisation on the 'K' is clear. Without looking at Jes or even May, the lynx sized creature jumps to the back of the chair behind Zee and lounges there. Clearly making himself at home, as his tail swishes back and forth.

As May displays the scar on her arm, Zee considers it. "Well, that's something at least." Glancing up at the Malk behind her, the Mistress of Magic sighs again. "Now we just need to work out how to combine this all. Seems we've got our work cut out for us. Let's get to it."

Jes growls. It's Zee's home, she'll behave but it seems she rather badly wants to leap for the fae cat. She's good at ignoring things when its necessary though and Jesana turns her back on the Malk and focuses her attention on May's scar, then the others and the work they are about to do. She wants to ask more questions about that scar but figures May would have offered if she'd wanted to talk about it. It is interesting though.

Rain seems unbothered by the fae cat. Actually, her school of magic seems at peace with the world around them, witches seeming to walk a fine fence. Instead, Rain slips a hand into her pocket. A cat treat. It's set gently near the fae cat. Captain grunts softly, nodding. "Mhmm."

Rain nods at the comment on their work. "Sure thing. I'll do my best."

Melinda May eyes the fae cat, but as Payton seems to be content to leave things at snark, she'll focus on the task at hand. "Let's do this."

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