Planning The Trap

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June 25, 2016:

Hax calls May and Zee together to talk about what needs to be done next

New York


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Fade In…

Weeks have passed since the event at Goldmane Manor. The banshee has been quiet as it was soundly thwarted by the combined efforts of Zee, Rain, May, and Misfit which is both good and terrible news. With the monster licking its wounds Hax has been granted a little bit of freedom from his isolation to meet with his associates regarding the book they found.

The designated meeting place was certainly a strange one; a shady pasture out in the middle of what seems to be abandoned farmer's property. Hax is nowhere to be found but there is a faint trace of magic in the air.

May, being the Muggle that she is, doesn't pick up on the trace of magic in the air and moreover won't think to look for it if someone else doesn't suggest it first. Despite how much time she's already spent carrying and using a Ley Line Pendulum, there are still many aspects of it that she's never delved into.

Having received Hax's request to meet, she looks around the empty field gone to seed, trying to figure out the punchline.

Zee has been busy in the intervening weeks and the book had been sequestered safely at Shadowcrest. Not that she's had a lot of time to look at it - people trying to wake Jorgamundr, attacks by Limbo Demonic Leaders, HYDRA and Fae Cats have been keeping her busy.

Appearing out of nowhere, the young mage looks around, not letting her magic drop just yet. Seeing May, she makes her way to her "Well, this isn't ominous at all."

Hax materializes from a hidden leyline. "Oh not ominous my friend" he looks around to check the perimeter "but it certainly is secluded"

Hax has changed his appearance quite a bit. From the looks of his dress he was sent somewhere very sunny and sandy as he is dressed in what most would guess as middle eastern clothes all the while sporting a full bushy beard to help change his normal appearance.

The magic of the leyline fades as Hax calmly walks towards May and Zee. "AI told me about what happened at the manor. I had hoped it wouldn't have time to react or even guess my plans, but I'm afraid battling a centuries old killer is more difficult than most would imagine" he adds apologetically "I am sorry for putting you two in that kind of danger."

AI's orange matrix flickers into existence and adds "But we were successful in retrieving the heirloom. To that end we just might have a chance."

Melinda May looks Hax over, making mental notes of the changes to his appearance. "Remind me why we had to go after that book." It's very likely that she remembers, but making Hax go over it again certainly can't hurt.

"Hello Hax." Zee turns black/blue eyes on the other mage. Her appearance has changed as well. Dressed all in black leather, her blue eyes are oh so much darker. Hax should be able to sense that there's a small part of herself missing. "You'd be surprised how I'm used to fighting things bigger than me."

AI has her eyes flickering towards it and then back to Hax "What can do for you?"

Hax smiles. Knowing that his friends have been doing well certainly puts his mind at ease. Although the both ladies catch a brief, worried stare from Hax as he realizes that Zee is missing something important. Having lost something like his own life force, Hax is certainly very sensitive to these kind of changes in a person. But the stare is replaced by eyes of action as May inquires of the books purpose.

"The book as AI mentioned is the key to locking away the banshee for good." Hax's face shows his perplexing realizations, "The banshee is not a creature I or any of us could kill even if we tried. My research tells me that her powers and resistances are on par with even someone like the Wolf god. I doubt that even he would be able to take her down easily. But my uncle who knew of our — my family's — systematic murders thought there might be a way to beat her."

AI interjects, "The book contains a means of travel to another dimension. Or more specifically it leads to a dimension between dimensions. Nothingness. If a person were to enter such a place and lose the ability to leave, they would be stuck essentially on the opposite side of reality. Forever."

Hax continues, "My plan is to somehow get her into that dimension and then burn the book. For good. She'll be stuck, powerless and no harm to any mage ever again."

Hax takes a deep breath, "I just haven't figured out the specifics of HOW I can get her into the book. It's not like she's stupid enough to fall for such an obvious trap."

Melinda May figures out how in less than a second and levels a flat look at both Hax and Zee. "Neither of you is allowed to be bait."

Zee gives Hax a fairly bland look when he looks at her with worry. It's happened, she's got her power back and that's all there is to it. Whatever comes now, she'll deal with.

"Bait doesn't make sense. If we were to get trapped in that other dimension we'd never come back and then who would burn the book?" It's highly likely that only a mage could burn the book and even then, it probably needs to be a Goldmane.

"What are your thoughts, so far, Hax?"

Hax shrugs his shoulders "To be honest I have spent weeks going over this. I've consulted my uncle's work, every tome and book I could find that whispers her existence and I've come up with very little."

AI rotates to face Zee, "The best creator and I have come up with is to somehow bind the creature to the book—" Hax interrupts "But that would require a massively powerful spell and if I'm not mistake she's extrememly resitant to magic. Such a ritual would have to be something that could bind a demi-god at minimum capacity."

Hax starts to look worried "I fear realistically we — and by we I mean mostly I — might have to indebted to a deity or two to put together something of this magnitude." Hax sighs "But the first problem is that I don't even know how to do something like this. Summoning, binding, and the likes are far away from what I specialize in. I'm going to need to consult someone or something with the appropriate knowledge before I can start building a concrete plan."

Melinda May considers the things she's seen, heard, learned and… not the best idea, but it's an idea. "I have one thought, and being indebted to this diety is likely surviveable. Odin of Asgard."

"I know about summoning and binding." It's not something Zee speaks of often but she uses Demons as informants which means summoning them to her and making sure they can't get out. It might be why she was so popular with them when her powers were bound.

What most people forget about the young mage is she is powerful and simply suffers from lack of experience.

Hax nods and cringes at the thought of owing Odin, THE ODIN, more than just a favor. "He certainly would be a more survivable deity, Agent May. Better than owing someone like Hades" Hax chuckles "he might ask for my soul as payment."

Hax nods to Zee's knowledge "I doubt either of us have tried catching a god, but I certainly would like to know where to start. I my scrambling spell will last for a while so I have time to talk. Although Agent May does give me an idea. Do you think Fenris be powerful enough to help us juice this kind of spell? I at least know him. Not on the best of terms mind you but better is the wolf you know than the one you don't."

Melinda May was honestly hesitant to offer Fenris' help without his approval first, but as Hax mentioned him, she nods once. "Worth at least asking. And there are other possibilities I know I'm forgetting right now."

"Fenris is certainly powerful enough." Zee knows the Wolf-God well enough "He's my mentor but with someone trying to wake Jorgarmundr and affect Ragnarok, his attention has been caught else where." It's one of the reasons he's tasked her to work with Primal Force to work out who's messing Earthside with the Midgard Serpant. "I also know Black Adam, Thor and … " she sighs "Loki. Not that I'd suggest you speak with Loki. If you think Hades is bad …"

Black/blue eyes settle on her fellow mage "You might be surprised at what I've tried. Fenris is likely your best option though - knowing him as I do though, he'll want us to bring to him the bones of the plan and the spell. It's how he teaches, making us learn ourselves."

Hax thinks for a moment "If Fenris is busy we may have to entertain other options and as long as we have the book we do have a degree of freedom with time. At least for the short term."

Hax's ear twitches, "My wards and scramblers are wearing off. I should be bouncing to another location soon."

Melinda May nods to Hax. "Stay in touch. Zee and I will make sure Fenris knows." She looks at Zee and nods once. She has no qualms with tracking Fenris down to talk to him. It's been a while anyway, might be worth it to catch up.

"I think you should speak with Fenris." Zee's so serious lately. "At the very least, this Banshee is hunting in his territory. He won't take kindly to that." Glancing around at the area, the young mage nods once "Have AI send me what you know of the book, I'll get together the spell that will be needed and we can present it to him for refinement." His centuries of experience will have a perspective she simply can't bring to the table.

"Try the Leylines, May." Zee might know how to find him but if May will take that on, it will make her life easier. She's a bit on her plate at the moment.

"Be well, Hax."

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