Arrival on the Island

June 23, 2016:

Diana returns to Themyscira for some much-needed vacation, along with Caitlin Fairchild in tow.



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Well…it's working. After all of Fairchild's tinkering with the strange tech of the Amazon invisible jet it the aircraft had made it off the ground…which was good. It also hadn't plummited out of the sky and landed in the ocean, which was even better! Even at Mach speeds the trip to Theymiscra isn't an instantaneous one. At the controls, the pilot seat is filled by the rightful pilot herself: Princess Diana, Wonder Woman. Dressed fully in her costume, her hair down and everything about her simply 'her' rather then the image she assumes to move amoungst man's world.

A sigh actually escapes the Amazon's lips as the autopilot continues to carry them towards their destination. "It has been too long, this break is much needed."

The virtue of the Invisible Jet is that it's nearly silent— no props or turbines— and cuts through the air like a bullet, unbuffeted by winds. It's a very comfortable ride, which is how Caitlin had managed to nod off almost five minutes into the trip.

Diana's words break the silence and the towering ginger snorts awake, grabbing her seat arms for balance, green eys flung wide.

"Hnnh? Oh. Yeah, break," Caitlin grunts, wiping sleep from her eyes blearily. She squints out the window then hugs her knees to her chest, heels balanced on the edge of the seat, and rests her chin on her kneecaps. "How long's it been since you were back?" she asks, the familiarity of the quiet space starting to reduce the edge of her hero worship of Diana's presence.

"Months, six or seven," Diana says quietly, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest in thought. "After mother's death and everything that has happened of late…I haven't made time till now. We have so many resposibilities within the Justice League that it can be easy to be swept away with the next task, the next battle." Smiling, she turns her head to look the other woman in the eye and shrug her shoulders. "Every warrior in existance eventually needs to rest, remember why they're doing what they're doing and enjoy good food and company."

The jet sweeps through the sky, a slight adjustment on its heading as it draws nearer to the destination and the Amazon sits forwards, adjusting her chair and reaching to take hold of the controls. "I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here, and Kara will likely join us, when she finds the time herself."

"Hope so. She's been so busy with her boytoy and work and it's so laaaaaame," Caitlin exhales, rolling her eyes skywards and flopping her head back to the seat rest, bonelessly. For her skill and size, she does act a lot like a teenager.

"I miss my bestie. She said she'd take my flying more often. Walking everywhere in size fourteen keds sucks."

She glances back at Diana, then smiles back with a puppyish enthusiasm. "Sorry. I don't mean to whine. Themyscira's gonna be awesome. I really want to see the Island of the Amazons. It's like… a pilgrimage for girls who kick ass," she says, swinging her fists loosely in the air in mime of a punch.

"I'd be lying if I said that flying didn't have an advantage or two, but Kara has a right to enjoy herself, whatever form that may take." 'Boy toy' does earn a raise eyebrow, but Diana doesn't question it. Even she hadn't been immune to crushes in the past, so she'll hardly judge the Kryptonian teen. "But Caitlin, if you could fly on your own you might now have the same zeal for repairing aircraft and we might not be here having this conversation."

The apology gets waved off with that warm, almost motherly smile before she gives a little light-hearted chuckle. "Indeed, I will look forward to spending time, sparring with my sisters like I used to…but right now I think I look far forward to a feast and the hotsprings then even the thrill of combat."

"Ooh, a feast. I could eat," Caitlin says, automatically, and ignoring the growing pile of snackage wrappers growing in the trash bag on the floor next to her. It's not quite noon and she's already had a few thousand calories of food, with no end in sight.

"I guess you're right," Caitlin admits. "I just …. y'know, Kara's like, 'up up and away' and she's across the state. Meanwhile, I gotta take the bus because everyone's driving those new fuel efficient cabs and I can't fit into them without breaking something."

"I'm sure we can think of something Caitlin," Diana says with a shrug as the plane finally begins to decellerate from supersonic speeds down to something more worthy of an approach. "After all, Batman cannot fly and I swear he's beaten me to the scene more times then I'd truely care to admit." Chuckling a little despite herself she looks through the window as the lush greens and white marble stoneworks over her home come into view, letting the plane circle the island before she flips switches and the jet blurs back into the visible spectrum while shifting into a vectored thrust hover for a landing.

"If ever there was a place that might match your appetite Caitlin Fairchild, it would be in Themyscria's dining halls." When the wash of the plane finally ceases and the landing is complete she stands, adjusting her costume one last time before heading for the exit ramp.

Caitlin shoulders her backpack— an old military rucksack decorated with colorful patches, and which looks positively petite on her back— and tromps down the ramp after Diana, ducking her head a bit under the exit and brushing her red hair back from her face. She's wearing her green and purple leotard, as close as she gets to a uniform, her stylized initials swooping over her left breast.

"Wow. Themyscira. The sky— wow, the SKY, that's so blue! And it smells, it smells, …" she inhales deeply, then inhales REALLY deeply, enough to tug the air around. "Wow, it smells like… man, I can't even put my finger on it, but it smells REALLY GOOD. Like… saltwater and a sofa store."

She tromps along, standing a bit nervously in Diana's shadow as the Themyscirans move to greet them.

There's a reason some had called her home 'Paradise Island'. Cold weather seemed like an abstract concept under the warmth of the sun, clear skies and the smell of the crystal clear waters that only such a tropical land could manage. Even Diana inhales that scent deeply before she steps forwards to greet the small gathering of the other Amazons, a redhead woman dressed in armor looking like she'd just stepped out of a colussem meets her stride. "Your highness," the warrior begins, "We recieved your message you were returning with guests, quarters have been prepared and a feast is being cooked for the evening. If there is anything you ne-" the woman begins before Diana cuts her off with a hand placed upon her shoulder.

"Thank you sister, but I have everything I needed just being home and amoung my people once more. I appreciate your efforts." With that a smile is given and Diana keeps walking, several of the procession of Amazons bowing their head as she walks by, but more to most of them turning their eyes to the mystery redhead woman whom dwarfs not only Diana but ever other warrior present.

Caitlin sort of stalls, and fidgets awkwardly a bit. She doesn't have that hard set of the jaw even the gentlest of Amazons has— wide-eyed, goggling at anything and everything.

Realizing Diana's stepping out without a second thought, Caitlin flails and starts shuffling her big feet to get traction, and catches up to Diana with a couple heavy-footed jogging steps.

"Everyone's staring at me," Caitlin whispers hoarsely, ducking her head a bit self-consciously. "Do I have something on my face?"

"They're sizing you up," Diana says as she continues walking, chuckling a little and gesturing dismissively. "But don't think that is a bad thing," It seems Diana's making a beeline for the palace, a short walk since they'd landed in what appeared to be a courtyard when it wasn't serving as a landing pad for invisible aircraft and given that the other woman is royalty.

"Remember Caitlin, every last person on this island is a warrior. Every girl has trained to fight since they were able to stand and hold a sword. Even if I have worked to bring my people into the world, outsiders on Theymiscra are not common. Not just anyone comes here." She pauses, turning to face the nervous heroine and placing a hand on her shoulder. "You are a brave young woman, you are a fighter and you are eager to learn. Relax, I'm sure you will be welcomed with open arms."

Caitlin's a bit pale, but she smiles at Diana's reassurances and ducks her head in a quick nod. "Sure, okay," she tells Diana. "I… just don't wanna embarass myself. Or you," she tells Diana. "Y'know… lemme know if I grab the wrong fork or something." She hefts her backpack self consciously and steps on behind Diana, head swiveling back and forth as she takes it all in— and tries to ignore the gaggle of curious women following them.

"Just remember, finish your plate when you're eating, drink your fill when you're drinking…and the dinglehopper has five tines here," That last is said with a wink back at the redhead before they step through the doors to the grand space that is the palace of Theymiscra, looking perfectly like someones dreams of Olympus with whites and golds, warm sunlight drifting through windows and torches so-far unlit thanks to the hour of the day.

One of the servants, a woman dressed in what looks like a white tunic rather then battle-wear approaches and gives a bow of her head in greeting before speaking up. "Princess, would you like me to show your…guest to her room?" she begins, a slight pause given as she's force to look up, then up a little further to meet Caitlin's gaze.

Diana smiles, nodding her head and looking to the young redhead heroine. "Go, make yourself comfortable and unpack. All going well I plan to be here for a few days. We can meet up later, but feel free to explore the island as you see fit." Caitlin's shoulder is given a light squeeze and she turns back towards the servant and gestures with her hand. "Make sure she finds her way…I am going to see my mother."

And like that the Princess happy vibe seems to have waned away as she begins to seperate herself from the procession. The other Amazons seem to feel it, because none move to follow her.

"Uh… okay."

Caitlin watches Diana leave, shifting on her feet uncomfortably, and waits until Diana sweeps out, leaving Caitlin in the company of the comparatively smaller woman.

They stare at one another. Caitlin's bigger than any of the women on the island, and spectacularly ginger in a way few Greeks ever were— and she's decidedly out of place.

"My name's Caitlin, and I will be your best friend forever if you have food," Caitlin blurts out, finally, staring still at the servant.

The woman blinks at Caitlin, then titters explosively, shoulders shaking. "Ah. Yes, I… think we can work that out. Follow me to your room, and then we'll find you something to eat."

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