Nice Night For A Walk

June 24, 2016:

Melinda, Mari, Clint, and Spidey meet some helpful boys in a dark alley

Lower East Side

Traditionally one of the poorer sections of Manhattan, Lower East Side has been an immigrant neighbourhood for a long time. Presently is largely composed of Dominican and Puerto Rican families, though the area has been undergoing gentrification and now parts of the area sport trendy upscale shops and restaurants.

Lower East Side is also traditionally one of the Jewish neighbourhoods of New York and there are a number of historic synagogues in the district, along with a number of other houses of worship (several Buddhist temples and a Major Hare Krishna Temple).


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It's late evening in Manhattan. In June. It's practically still sweltering even though the sun went down hours ago. Walking toward a hole in the wall restaurant, SHIELD Agent Melinda May chooses to cut through an alley to get there a bit more quickly. The people she'd arranged to meet are likely already waiting as the meeting she'd been stuck in with Agent Gorman ran a solid half hour longer than predicted.

Walking at a brisk pace through the alley, May's passing is noted by a small knot of paticularly unsavory young men. Their footsteps start echoing after hers, and even though she doesn't bother to look back at them, she knows they're there and can only roll her eyes in annoyance. Figures. This is likely NOT going to end well.

Barton knows it's not like May to be late. Not even a little. It's not like he's worried but he did decide to leave the cafe and check outisde for the woman. She shouldn't be too hard to spot. When she's in a hurry crowds tend to part for her like the proverbial red sea, or since this is the Lower East Side, a strangely multicultural sea.

"Hrm… wonder if I should text her… or walk up the street to get a hot dog. Good stand there." Clint likes his street food.

"Get the hot dog" the dusky skinned woman who joins Clint says with a smirk "I've never known you to turn down food like that." Besides, it will give them a chance to see if there is anything detaining the woman. Not that May can't look after herself, Mari knows that.

Still, she peers into the crowds trying to locate her.

Hot Dogs? Yeah, you get plenty of them in New York, but there are so many other options for street food. Take what Spider-Man is eating, a strawberry-raspberry-Thai basil falafel and smoothie. And it's even better than it sounds. But before he can take his first bite, there's that little tingling sensation in the back of his head. With an audible groan, "why now?" He wraps his falafel and smooth back into the wrapper it came in, and tucks it into a pouch in his utility belt. It barely fits, but he finesses it in there. Can't waste any of that goodness. But now it feels warm against his skin, and is putting his balance very slightly off as he swings towards the source of the danger, at least where he thinks the danger might be.

Dropping down with a flourishing somersault, Spider-Man introduces himself, "Spider-Man, nice to meet you." He offers a hand, as if the unsavoury people were celebrities. "I love your work, really great stuff, like what you did on fifth street," he has no idea what they did on fifth street, "with that little old lady. Great stuff, you know the papers say I'm a crook too, right, so I admire good work." His voice is dripping with sarcasm as he says this, "but, I have to warn you, the reports of my amorality have been greatly exaggerated," and he fires a thwip of a webbing at one of them who drew a knife. "That's not a knife, okay, I don't have a knife, but you know I totally would have pulled one out and done the 'that's a knife' thing from Crocodile Dundee."

Melinda May stops and turns as someone suddenly drops into the path of those punks and starts babbling to compete with Barton. It would almost be impressive if it weren't so annoying. And when the Spandex Babbler mentions 'Crocodile Dundee', she looks at the punks flatly and pulls just one of her Butterfly swords from under the back of her really-wrong-for-June jacket. Okay, so technically not a knife either, but certainly showy as the whiter than steel blade gleams with the sheen of fresh oil in the lights filtering into the alley from the streets beyond.

"Eh, let me check down this alley first and then I'll go get the hot dog." Alley's right here. Barton might as well check it. He walks over casually and peers over to see…

A flash of swords. He blinks and twitches, hand moving toward the gun under his shirt when he realizes that it's not the Hand or any of the other sword wielding lunatics he's been dealing with of late.

This is the sword wielding lunatic. Well that's not fair. May had not really used swords 'in the field' when he first knew her. This is a more recent development that came with her recent promotion to Lady of Castle Creepy, Watcher for the White Walkers, Keeper of the Nerdy Dream Job and so on.

'Course she makes it look pretty good. "Are they trying to mug- wait, who's that guy in the uncomfortable looking spandex?"

Babble, May? Spider-Man is ot aware that he ever babbles, May. It may be that from time to time he have considerable information to communicate, and she may question the way in which I organises it… is a good thing that Spider-Man is not a telepath, and neither is May. As annoying as Spider-Man is right now, he'd be ten times as bad if there were no filter at all.

Looking at the knife, sword, bladed thing that May pulls out, he asks, "those things look awfully sharp. If you're not careful, you could put someone's eyes out." And he tries to web them up as well, though May is almost certainly harder to disarm than some mere thug.

As for his costume, it's not spandex, and its surprisingly comfortable. Breathes well, moves with him, stretches, and of course, it looks great in both summer and winter. The only problem is that it only comes in red and blue, and sometimes black and white, but that's usually related to a bad day.

Leaping up into the air, Spider-Man shoots out a webline, and swings to one of the alley walls, "okay kids, you're going to have to start behaving, or I'm going to make you all stand in the corner, just as soon as I can find a room with enough corners. Say, does anyone know where I can find a heptagon?"

He gives Mari the thumbs up. He doesn't recognise her, but she knows him, and his moniker, so she must be a good guy, gal, whatever's politically correct these days. He then addresses her directly, "which of these people are the good guys? What's the deal with the Brad Pitt wannabe and the Ninja Knife Lady?" He's actually pretty sure that May is Chinese, but the movies have taught him that all Asians are ninjas, not just the ones from Japan.

The punks of course do NOT take kindly to Spidey's presence and flinging about of that nasty gooey stuff. Shouting rude things, the one person with the webbed knife tries to pull a gun with his remaining free hand while the others pull various weapons and try to rush the blue and red clad weirdo or take potshots at him or May. Of course, that means their poorly aimed weapons fire is now flying all up and down the alley.

May sidesteps the webbing aimed at her neatly enough to NOT dissuade the Ninja Knife Lady moniker then has to duck behind a convenient dumpster when the stupid punks start opening fire. The butterfly sword is concealed again, and in its place she brandishes a strangely bulky pistol and fires back at the punks. One of them goes down almost immediately, the hit he just took to the neck radiating a blueish-black vein like pattern on his skin for a moment.

Clint leans on the brick wall at the entrance to the alley, crosses on ankle over the other and watches. "Feel free to pitch in if you like, Mari. I think it's just amateur hour here though." He's not referring to Spidey or May in that, of course, but rather their attackers. Who have no idea what they're getting into.

The gunfire makes him flinch once or twice but it'd be nothing short of blind luck getting hit now. Then again this was the man who was replaced for a couple years by a top of the line LMD so luck is not always on his side.

A man walking a dachshund stops and stares down the alley.

"Oh, they're just shooting the new CSI. Very method. Off you go now. You can watch it later. They're getting all HBO about spoilers too, so don't tell anyone."

Clint gets a stare before the man hurries on.

Unlike Clint, Mari does jump at the gunfire. She's not innured to it like some and glances at the daschund walker as Clint addresses him. "HBO about spoilers? I don't know, Clint. I think our biggest worry is going to those that think they can help." Her tone is dry as she answers the archer.

"Might just be best if I stuck it out here. Keep the innocent public away." Mari watches as Spidey and May deal the fools. The pendant at her neck still glows faintly and the outline of rhino limnes her for a moment. She's not going to risk any stray bullets.

Adressing Spidey's question, Mari just smirks "In case you can't tell, the ones shooting are the bad guys. As to these two, their the best that you'll want by your side." Another glance to Clint "Maybe we could just throw those that try run, back in?"

Spider-Man's eyes seem to bug out, no pun intended, at the firearm usage. He immediately launches himself into action, landing on the head of one of the thugs, careful not to land with too much force. He isn't trying to kill anyone, "didn't", but which he has a foot on the guy's shoulder "anyone", his free foot stretches out to strike out at another of the thugs "ever". And he continues his momentum "tell", doing a backflip "you", and throwing out his arms" guns are bad, m'kay?".

But in the midst of the melee, he hears HBO, "HBO? HBO!" he brings his palm to his mask, "I forgot to PVR Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!" Yes, he's a fan. At Mari's urging, he asks, May and Clint, "when this is over, can I get your autographs… right after you tell me who you are?" Or who Mari is. He doesn't seem to recognise her, or them, but he meets a lot of people. And the mask, it makes it hard to see. That's his story and he's going to stick to it.

Spider-Man's bouncing about knocks punks over readily enough without doing any permanent damage (except maybe to some egos and reputations), and the last punk standing drops as May fires one more shot from the odd pistol. And just like that it seems to be over. Stepping out from behind that dumpster, May has the pistol-thing aimed at Spidey now, and she seems quite unimpressed. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't drop you also." WIth a very quick glance over her shoulder, she gestures an 'all clear' to Mari and Clint.

Clint levers off the side of the wall and strolls on up, kicking a knife away from one of the thugs as he goes. "Hey May. You're late. Run into trouble?" As if he didn't already know.

"Hey there… uh…" Spider Man? Seems like him? Maybe? There might have been a file on that… might also have been on someone else bug themed. It's been a little while since Clint had access to official files.

Mari smirks at Clints comments as they join the other two, giving Spider-Man a critical once over "Is there a taller version of you, running around town?" She's also seen Spiderman-2099, it seems.

With casual ease she turns one of the downed thugs over, moving his hands behind his back and fishing a zip-tie out of her of pocket, secures him. No comments please.

That doen she looks between May and Spidey "I'm Mari McCabe, by the way and this is Clint and May."

Mari can be a people person if she wants to.

Spider-Man did something good and ends up having a pistol-thing aimed at him. It must be Friday. She told him to give one reason, but he gives so many more than that. He counts them off on his fingers, "that would be murder, I'm a good guy, it would ruin my costume, there are people who would miss me, it'd be a waste of ammunition, I'd never get a made for TV special, I wouldn't be able to help anyone else, you'd feel guilty about it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of my life." Yes, he knows the joke he just made there.

He shakes his head at Mari, "I only know about myself, but I've heard rumours that I have a clone army hiding somewhere. Do I look short to you? I suppose I could incorporate lifts into my costume, but that'd probably mess up my wall crawling. I don't know how you girls wear heels. They look so painful. Arches weren't designed to move like that. There are mechanical issues at play. Come on." Then he notes that he still has a gun pointed at him, "were you going to fire that? Because if not, I think I have a speech coming on. I'm not usually this quiet."

The temptation to shoot the Spider-Babbler just to get him to STOP TALKING is almost overwhelming, but rather than give in to that temptation she puts the pistol-thing away then moves to help Mari finish restraining all of the unconscious punks. Yes, even the ones she shot. There's no blood on them from where they got shot, and they're clearly just out for the count.

Clint does not help. He doesn't help because he doesn't need to. But also because he doesn't have any restraints. He also doesn't mention that May's got a little tic at the corner of her eye. He's vaguely surprised Mari doesn't.

"Nice to meet you." He waves to Spider Man helpfully.

"Please stop solioquising." Mari sighs in Spider-Mans direction "Because if May doesn't shoot you, I might." Glancing up at the archer, the smirk grows a little "Don't worry, Clint. I've got this." She's teasing her partner-in-not-crime

Mari hardly knows May but she does recognise that look but she's a smart woman and doesn't want to get punched. "I know where we can get some nice tea." she offers instead.

May likes tea, doesn't she?

Once the punks are restrained, Spider-Man helps out by stinging them upside down with his webbing. "Would one of you three call the police for these guys? I'd make the call, but you try finding a spot in this costume for a mobile phone." He can't really help it, it's in his nature. With Mari turning on him too, even if in jest, he decides it's time for him to check out. "It was nice meeting you." And with that, he fires off a higher webline, and swings off, a second webline helps him rise, and a third, then a fourth, until he climbs above the city streets, and heads off to find someone else who needs him.

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