Princess Sparklefist And The Formorian (Backdated Scene)

June 23, 2016:

Hearing of the Steel City disaster, Carol heads to the JL:A Headquarters to get Oracles assistance. (This is a backdated scene that occurs not long after the events in A Cacophonous Sound


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Steel City has been destroyed. All that is left are the tumbled remains of the taller buildings and skeletons of the rest. Early reports indicate there are few survivors. Worse though, is the miasma that has settled over the desolation. A miasma that is radioactive - in the early stages that's all the emergency crews could tell.

The national guard and FEMA have been called in, as has SHIELD, and a cordon five miles outside the city limits erected.

No on is allowed to enter the city without approval. Any survivors are to be quarantined.

Whatever has happened, this is a cataclysmic event and people are still trying to work out what happened.

In Gotham, a red-headed hacker who also provides communications and intel for the JL:A is working. As usual, she's working on many things, watching her teams and her comms channels are always open for those that might need some 'ancient wisdom'.

Not exactly the most computer-comfortable woman in the world, Carol Danvers still knows how to use them, and isn't afraid of them. And right now, she needs information. She heads to League HQ around mid-morning, having already left work at the Daily Planet with word to her coworkers and supervisors that she may be unavailable for a while. It's a tough thing, and they've said she may lose her job if it takes too long. But no one argues with Carol: they're just not that dumb.

Once Carol gets logged in, she taps out her query. "Hey, Oracle. Captain Marvel here. I realize intel is probably scarce, but you've proven time and time again to have more and better intel than most folks. So I'm asking: what do you know about the situation at Steel City? What readouts do you have on the contamination?" Straight to the point, she is.

The speakers in the JL:A crackle to life and Oracles Avatar appears as a holographic projection. "Hello Captain Marvel. I'd say it's good to hear from you, but I could wish otherwise right at the moment." Her digitally disguised voice sounds in the room. "No need to type at me when we can talk, though."

"Steel City." the pause might be telling "I had people in the city investigating when it happened. They're still in there. I believe they got to safety in the sewers just as the comms were affected." If it wasn't for the digital alteration, the concern and emotion in her voice would be telling. "I believe that the attack was magical in nature, bought down by a group that had set up shop in Gotham. All indications I have is that they wished to bring something similar to the curse of Gomorrah down on the city. Why? I don't know. Who? I still don't know."

There's another pause as data starts to display on Carol's screen. The radiation readings from the area that show it's unusual - not 'normal'. Carol might recognise it as magic. Which begs the question, how on earth did anyone create that much magical energy?

Captain Marvel stops, looking up at the avatar on the screen. "OK. Sorry. I just figured you being digital, typing would be preferred." But she's not about to say no to the ease of talking over typing. She eyes the readouts as she listens, trying to take it all in. "Well … that's going to suck. Chances are I'll be a lot less resistant to whatever the contamation is, if it's magical." And yet, Carol's voice - undisguised - shows no signs of hesitantcy to go in. "If I get in, who am I looking for, Oracle? Who's in there and in trouble? Do you have any imagery that shows where probable survivors are, or have been? I realize what you have is probably minimal and at a premium."

Carol pauses for a bit. It may even be that Oracle starts to answer her. But Carol eventually speaks again, when there's an opening. "I can't not go. People are in trouble. People are dead or dying. They're desperate and alone and terrified. I understand the risks … at least, as well as anyone can. But I have to go." It's as if she's hoping this digital figure will understand such a purely human, boundlessly irrational thing.

Babs, back in Gotham, would normally smile at Carols' assumption she's digital. That's part of Oracles protection - no one really knows for sure if they're dealing with a man, woman or AI. But not today. Not now.

"Looking for? If you mean my people, The Fox and Batgirl are missing. But I've got people looking for them, we should focus on the rest of the city." The voice pauses for a moment. "We're not sure how many survivors there are. The early response team found a few that had been living in the sewers of the city." She'd got that report from SHIELD "The response team consisted of SHIELD TAC units who recieved protection from the radiation by magic users. They can in for an hour or so at a time. It's my understanding that magic users are providing the vital search and observation activities at the moment. It also looks like supernaturals are taking the opportunity to migrate there. The first team in reported being attacked by witches and minotaurs." What has the Information Avatars life come to?

Carol might be developing the picture here, that Oracle has connections to a lot of teams and groups.

"Imagery, we have precious little at the moment. But …" there's another pause as what she does have starts to display on the terminal.

It's fairly horrific. The destruction that already looks bad from the outside, is so much worse when viewed from this perspective. Buildings crumbling and laid bear to their foundations and on the streets, at least in this series, nothing moves. Throughout the streets there are statues and close ups of these begin to appear. So very lifelike, made from some pale crystalline material.

Some of the statues are looking out in a direction and some look like they were running. In just this area there are hundreds of them. Oracle shouldn't need to tell Carol - these were the residents of Steel City.

"I know that SHIELD is willing to work with anyone that can get in there, Captain Marvel. If you think you can weather it, or will take one of their protections, I'm sure they'll be willing to accept the help. If you do though … I could use some eyes in there. I know where the epicentre of the blast occured" There's another pause "I … saw it go off."

Carol sits quietly, digesting. She doesn't say anything, but if Oracle is using the cameras in the hall, she'll be quite sure of the horror on the blonde's face. She may be a soldier, a warrior, but scenes like this are scarring to anyone who still has a soul. And Carol has a soul, to be sure.

"Alright. Let SHIELD know I'm inbound. I'll take their magical protections, if their people can provide them. But if they can't, I'm not stopping. Give me the coordinates. There's going to be little I can do for those people turned to crystal, beyond carrying them out so that the magic folks can check them out to see if it can be reversed. But I need to get you whatever intel I can. And I have to find those below ground, and see if I can help them get out."

That said, Carol prepares. She's not taking this lightly. She leaves 'in case of' letters in the HQ database, as well as those programmed for delivery to work, her family in Boston, and a few close friends. Clark. Caitlin. Jessica and Jessica. Once done and geared up, she takes off, bouncing out to sea and going transonic as she zooms in on the city as quickly as possible. It's still a day or two after the disaster. But to be honest, it's more about 'use it in case you lose it'. There's no telling, honestly, what will happen. She's too much of a realist to just assume she'll be alright.

Making sure Carol has a JL:A communicator, Oracle gets her the right authorisation. On her arrival at the FEMA cordon, she's greeted and provided a pendant that will grant her an hour or so's protection from the radiation. "Return that when you're done. It will need be recharging" Were the only real instructions the SHIELD agent gave her. "Good luck and thank you, Captain Marvel."

As Carol flies and enters the city, Oracle continues her briefing. Hopefully the communicator won't be too affected by the radiation.

"What we know is that someone has been organising the supernatural community in Gotham. Getting groups that don't usually, and won't, to work together. Our investigation led us to Steel City where a lot of money was being pumped into organised crime. It seems that the idea was to raise the level of discontent in the city to power the ritual … which is all very good and well, but we still don't know exactly who's behind it. My last images, just before the ritual enacted was of a medusa."

Carol will arrive near the old foundry. Entering the building as she moves through the ruin of what's left, she'll come across the downed bodies of a minotaur and troll. It's eeirly quiet, which makes the shuffling, scratching sounds she hears ahead of her all that more ominous.

Captain Marvel stays online for as long as the communicator can hold up. She accepts the pendant and the advice, and promises to bring it back if she can. But she's not promising to leave in an hour. She'll leave when she's ready … or she won't, if she can't.

Once Carol arrives on the scene, she does an overflight to get a good visual of the place, then lands. "Something's moving in here. Two big uglies here, down. One looks like half bull, so I'm going to say minotaur." Carol has no idea what a troll looks like, so 'big ugly' is the best she can do. But she snaps pictures of what she can, examining the bodies for any evidence of how they died. Then she starts in, staying on her feet until she has a better idea what she's facing.

"They were the guardians that met my colleagues." Oracle answers as Carol reports back. The creatures have sword cuts upon them, one of the minotaurs knees is snapped. It's really quite expert work and Carol can tell that's not what killed them. "One of my colleagues has a 'no kill' policy. Just like all the Batfamily." As Carol checks the bodies, she'll see they're charred and burned. Probably too close to the focii when it went off.

At least the comms are working.

"The focus is not far ahead. Keep you're eyes open, there are likely other monsters in here. The focus was a large crystal near the center. I believe I smashed it but I can't be sure." the digitally disguised voice speaks in Carols ear.

As Carol enters that area, she'll the crystal - cut to eight sides, wide at the bottom and tapering to a point, measuring about three feet high - it's on it's side and badly cracked. Next to it is one of the metal buckets that's used to transport molten metal through the foundry. No guesses how Oracle tried to destroy it.

Examining the crystal, Carol will find small inscriptions. If she's an eye for language, some might look like ancient greek. In amongst the inscriptions though, are pictograms or images - a snake haired gorgon. If Carol knows her history, she'll know what that it is.

She can still hear the shuffling/scratching sounds. It's through one of the entrances in the room - and it doesn't seem to be getting any closer. Yet.

"You?" Carol doesn't say anything more. It's not about arguing it, questioning Oracle. Sure, she wants to know. But there are things that are a lot more important and present. So she stays tuned in. "Crystal is cracked." she provides feedback promptly. "I'm sending images of the crystal's markings. Hopefully they come through clear enough." Carol can recognize enough to guess at what languages are represented, but little more. The gorgon image, though, she gets. "No sign of the gorgon yet." she comments.

Carol keeps moving in more deeply, sweeping the area, taking a good look at everything. Especially towards that entrance where the sounds are coming from. Given Carol glows when powered up, it's unlikely whatever's there doesn't know she's here. But she makes it very clear. "If you need help, that's why I'm here. If you want to make trouble … well, I'm your huckleberry."

"Me." Oracle confirms. "I took control of the machinery and dropped the bucket on it." The Information Goddess is creative at least. Reviewing the images, she shakes her head "I really thought it had shatter. Guess it cracked." There's a piece fallen away from it, of a size big enough for Carol to pick up and carry. That might be useful for later examination.

"I doubt you'll see the medusa, Captain. She left just after the ritual enacted and from what I heard, she didn't expect to be back."

"Trouble…" comes the gravelly grunt from the shadows and a large misshapen figure finally appears. Through Carols communicator camera, Oracle can just make it out "That's a Fomorian." that's rather helpful, right? "They don't like electricity but they can take a punch."

Letting out a roar, the creature rushes at Carol, swinging a meaty paw at her. "Is it alone? There's usually more…"

"I've got a piece of it. Try to bring it back." Carol responds to Oracle, bending over to pick it up, tucking it into one of her backpack pouches. "I'll keep looking for her, anyway." Because Captain Marvel looks for the bad guys. And if this snake-headed bitch was responsible for what happened here, to all of these people, then she is most definitely the bad guy. The one who needs punching the most.

Truth is, Carol is one of those heroes who just does better - best, in fact - when she has something to hit. Something to blast. And oh, looky. Someone is willing to give her a target. "Roger, bits and bytes. Hang on while I deal with this."

Carol waits, the glow around her hands building. There's a reason some of her friends call her Princess Sparklefists. It's a joke, but it's funny because it's real. And she waits until the formorian is almost into its arm's length of her. Then her hands snap up and she unleashes two powerful photonic blasts aimed right into the creature's eyes. And then she lifts off, aiming her clasped fists for the underside of that misshapen giant's chin. Always start forceful.

"Excellent. Take it back to the JL:A headquarters and put it into a containment vessel. We can examine it at our leisure then. See what we can find." Oracle responds. Back in the gym in Gotham, the redhead nods slowly. Having someone looking for the Medusa at the moment is good.

The Formorian is nearly on Carol as those photonic blasts hit its eyes. They smoke and they sizzle and finally dissolve, causing the big beast to scream in pain and flail wildly in Princess Sparklefists direction. She'll have to dodge the flailing as she moves, but one fist connects, lifting the giant creature into the air as she knocks it back.

It's still up though and in a lot of pain. A dangerous beast, make no mistake, as it cocks an arm back and aims with deadly precision exactly where Carol currently is.

"OK. Soon as I can finish, I'll get on that. Might try to grab one of the civvies on my way out. Assuming I can." Carol offers in response, panting slightly as she hovers, up and back, watching the blinded, enraged giant flailing about. She's going to have to close again, and when she does, she's virtually guaranteed to get hit.

Oh well. Such is life.

Carol gives it a count of two, maybe three, and then dives in hot and fast, both fists clasped together as she aims for the giant's chin. She has to get in right on top of it, and though she can hit the creature - Hells, it can't even her coming, after all - it puts her inside that flailing reach. Which means as hard as she may try, Captain Marvel is not going to manage to avoid getting slammed forcefully, hurled into a wall with a resounding crunch. Cripes, that thing hits hard. Ow.

Carols two handed hit connects with a satisfying crack. She's likely fractured the creatures skull. The Formorian screams again, turning a little as it draws its arm back and backhands the flying Captain Marvel.

It does hit hard. A supernatural being. Large too.

As Carol lands with sickening thud against the wall, the Formorian stands straight, turning around trying to find her. For a moment it might seem that the sparkle fisted hits have had little impact - until the creatures head tilts back and it falls on its back.


"Captain Marvel. Are you alright?" Oracles view is a little obscured. Fancy that.

Now that the din has subsided, the scratching sounds are clearer. There's a entry to the subbasement not far from where Carol has landed and that's where the sound originate from.

Captain Marvel groans and grunts with pain as she pushes herself out of the divot she has impacted into in the wall, which is threatening to finish collapsing with the damage. "Alright? I'm alive. Alright will be a bit. Damn, that thing hits hard." That said, she pushes the rest of the way out and floats down to the floor.

"It's down." Carol reports. "Not sure how long, don't care. I've got noise, subbasement access. I have to check it out, before I pull out. Stay with me as long as you can." That said, reported, ready, Carol starts moving on the hop, heading for that entryway. Hooray for the sparkle, as it lets her see even in the otherwise dark. "If I lose you, give me twenty minutes to make the perimeter. If I don't show, you let everyone know."

"Glad to hear that you're still with us." Oracle responds. "Acknowledged."

The doorway to the subbasement leads down a flight of stairs. It's dark and except for that scratching, so quiet. There's been no power in the city since the disaster occured - and that's probably a damn good thing.

It takes a few moments to reach the botthm and when she does, she'll see shapes in the gloom. People shaped shapes and they're barely moving. The 'power of the sparkle' lights the area as she moves her hand around, dispelling the shadows momentarily to reveal these are people. Two women, huddled together. The source of the scratching? Them trying to move.

Captain Marvel moves to a point about ten or twelve feet away from the women, glowing fist raised, and nods. "Hey there. I don't mean any harm. Name's Captain Marvel. You two look like you could use some help. You mind if I help? Get you out of here?" She doesn't move in right away. She waits for at least some sign of nonverbal permission. Assuming she gets it, she moves in closer, ready to scoop them up, one in each arm, and carry them out of here. 'Cause helping those like them is exactly why she came here in the first place.

As Carol approaches, there's a muffled yelp. The woman are scared - can you blame them? Peering up at the woman, one them (a blonde) nods and whispers to her friend "Clare, it's alright. Captain Marvels here." Seems Carols reputation precedes her.

The brunette looks up at Carol and if her eyes weren't so dull and she wasn't exhausted, she might be a little starry eyed.

"Take them back to the FEMA outpost, Captain Marvel. They'll have to be quarantined for the moment but they'll receive good medical care." Getting out of there, shouldn't be an issue.

"Got it. Can you let them know I'm on my way to exfil with two in tow?" Carol asks. She wasn't sure she'd have a comm signal down here, and didn't want to assume. Darned thing is way better than she thought. Hooray.

Captain Marvel takes a knee in front of them, smiling sadly. "Hi, Clare. Don't worry. We're on the way to safety. Food, medical care, showers. Not necessarily all in that order. Ready?" She looks to the blonde to make sure she's ready as well. "You can call me Carol. What's your name?"

Carol scoops them up, one at a time, one in each arm. "Put your arms around my neck. I won't let go, I swear, but you'll prefer the balance. We'll take this slow, but we're going to fly. Best to avoid more trouble."

That said, Captain Marvel lifts off, and flies - relatively slowly, considering - out of the city, back towards the cordon and the rally point for SHIELD and FEMA. "Hey! I need medical, now! Two incoming! And I need a decon shower and one of your magicky folks ASAP."

"Ccclare." the brunette stammers "Trina" says the blonde. "Thank you, Cccarol. Wwhat happened?"

It's probably best that question is answered by others. Either way, Carol reaches the FEMA outpost and is soon relieved of her rescue.

Carol will be directed for further assistance and now, the real work begins. Who on earth bought this travesty to bear? Can they be stopped? and can Steel City be recovered? One thing's clear, Carols likely going to need some help.

Carol stays with Clare and Trina until she knows they're safe and being well taken care of, before she heads off for her debriefing. She insists on getting one of the magick folks to look at the Shard, but that'll have to wait until she's had that decon shower. And now she's in one of those blue zip-up footie suits. 'Cause that's attractive. But such is life. She'll have to hang out here for a while. But hopefully that means she can help more.

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