Meet the Father: Part 1

June 22, 2016:

Jesana shows up at Lichbane's house looking for him and Crotchet after being wounded in the line of duty. The visit leads to what might be considered a drastic action in an effort to free Lichbane's soul from Set's grasp…

Lichbane's Home


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Fade In…

Fade in…

Zee and Jes had sent along warnings to the other Primal Force members to be careful, they were probably being watched and someone is most definitely trying to kill them. Jes had intended to go to Walker's last night but after getting Zee safely home, everything Jes had needed to do had taken longer than expected and she'd eventually passed out in exhaustion. She has a rather dangerous tendency of underestimating or simply ignoring how bad she's been hurt until it's simply not possible to ignore anymore.

Now, a few days later, she's up and clean and fed, and arrives at Walker's only to realize he isn't home. She thinks Crotchet might be inside and knows it'd be safer to wait indoors than out at the moment. Besides, some of the questions she has, she's been considering asking the little guy first. Jes leans against the building for a moment, thinking and watching to make sure no one is watching her. When she doesn't see anyone, she heads inside.

"Crotchet? Are you home?" If he isn't she'll wait for them to return. If he is.. Jes paces. She's got to sort some of these things out and that means talking about things she'd rather not. "I need.. " alcohol. Or one of her special teas. Or some horse tranquilizers.. Okay maybe it's not that bad.. Jesana sighs and sits down on the floor in the living room.

She's dressed simply, short jean shorts and a forest green tube top and black leather vest which she removes and sets on the floor next to her. Jes also lays her gun and the knives tucked into her boots on top of that before carefully removing them and checking the bandage on her left ankle. A second bandage is visible on her left hip and side and a third wrapped around her right arm, beneath the shoulder. Done getting comfortable, she looks around to see if Crotchet is about.

"… and I…….. will always love yooouuuu…. oo-hoo-wee-oo-wee-oo…."


"I…. *THWACK!* aieeeeee….*THUD.* Ow."

"Serves you right! — Come in, Jes!"

A desiccated, skeletal looking hand floats on a green mist out of the bathroom, and gives Jesana a wave as she sits down. The hand then makes a staying gesture (i.e. 'sit down, make yourself at home — wait just a moment'), before flying back into the bathroom.

The rat-Familiar known as Crotchet to both his friends, relatives and enemies staggers out of the bedroom — swaying slightly on his four legs — then tries for a jump onto a nearby cupboard.

He misses.

With 'thud' and a scramble of claws, he struggles to pull himself up onto the dresser, and almost falls off. It is his teeth that save him: digging his incisors into the antique furniture… and hanging there. The little Familiar gives Jes a wave of his forepaw, and then points to his predicament using his tail.

"'awwo, Hes, huv!" he attempts to say. "How 'bou' he hive he a han'?"

"Crochet…" Walker bemoans the rat just as he finishes in the bathroom. The toilet flushes, and the faucet can be heard a few moments later. "Be right with you, Jes," he adds a trifle wearily.

Oh geeze. Jes scrambles forward to scoop the rat up and looks around. Well, at least she isn't the one who gave him the alcohol or…whatever Crotchet has gotten into. She smiles and instead of setting him down, tucks him into her shirt. Maybe he'll fall asleep nestled against her chest. She does love the little guy but can't imagine him making this conversation easier in his current state. Jes kinda laughs, okay or in his regular state either for that matter. "I think I'll wait to talk to you about some words you've been teaching my daughter. I can't imagine where else she'dve learned that."

Jes is about to turn and go back to her spot on the floor when she sways and reaches for the wall. "Ooh. Dammit." She's still a little bit.. recovering from recent events. "No worries, Walker. I've got him." And how out o fit is she, herself, to have not realized Walker is home?

Their connection is there but it's not really stabilized yet and her own power fluctuating so randomly hasn't really helped. Yeah alcohol would be a bad idea and she might be the queen of bad ideas but this is too important to mess up… more than she already has.

Lying on his back in Jesana's hands, Crochet looks up at her. He squints a bit, then moves a paw to partially shield his beady little eyes, his whiskers twitching. Leaning forward — or upward — a little, he strains for a better look at his rescuer, and 'hmphs'.

"Yew look loike shit, Jes," he remarks, slumping back down in her hands.

Walker emerges from the bathroom, his lich-hands attached at his wrists where they should be. His sleeves are rolled up — revealing the silver Bands of Set around his wrists and forearms — and his shirt is only half done-up.

"Watch your tongue, little one," Walker tells the rat in a chiding voice, then he turns to Jesana and frowns. "What happened to you?" he asks, the worry evident in his voice.

Jes nods and sighs and then smiles at Walker. "He's not wrong. We're being hunted. They tried to kill me and Zee, it was.. a fucking excellent trap. There aren't many who would have survived it. I got shot three times. She took a hit but healed it when we escaped. They've been watching us, whoever is behind all this, the structures, trying to wake the serpent. They know Fenris isn't on earth. They had werewolves, Walker. Because they knew, or thought they knew.. I'd be helpless against them. THey also had a team of twenty mercs with automatic weapons and we were stuck out in the open in a hollow in the ground," Jes stumbles over to the sofa and half sit/half collapses.

"I meant to come warn you that night, it might not be safe here. I'm pretty sure I texted you. I kinda passed out for a few days. Lost a bit more blood than I'd counted on and sorta sizzled my connection to the earth right out. The boat's being moved and repainted, the deck redone to make it look different, just in case."

Jes quiets, the rush of words running out for a moment and she sighs again and studies her chest where she's tucked Crotchet, realizes that isn't the best place to stare and then rolls her eyes up to look at the ceiling. "That's the most immediate problem but there are some others as well.." "The demigod straightens and looks at Walker closely suddenly. "You're okay right? Nothing's happened to you, has it?"

Crotchet flips over on to his feet, and looks directly at Walker. Walker… is fuming. Thrusting out his arms to either side of him (angled downward), torrents of sickly, green-yellow fire splash against the wall on one side and the kitchen bench on the other.

Crotchet squeaks and zip up onto Jesana's shoulder.

"Ohhh, boy!"

"Not my friends…" the necromancer hisses between his teeth, as spirits torn from their rest rise up out of the floor. They make their way toward him, moaning in protest.

"Not my home…" And the man's right hand flies off at the wrist, making for the alchemy lab in the back. It smashes through the runed door, and suddenly a man's voice can be heard exclaiming in dread as the hand of Timat finds him.

"Not you…" Beck's other hand flies (more gently) over to Jesana, and the moment it touches her, a current of the same sickly-looking fel-energy forms between Jes… Walker… and the man in the alchemy lab.

The man starts screaming.

And Jesana begins to heal.

Meanwhile: Walker's face glowers darkly. He maintains the current until the screaming in the lab stops, and as much of Jesana's injuries are healed as he can manage. The necromancer… is furious.

Jes sits up again and stares at Walker. She blinks in surprise, even now she's not prone to giving way wht she thinks but she isn't trying to hide it purposely, it's just ingrained. After a moment she peels the bandage on her arm down and studies the rapidly healed wound with interest.

Zee had offered to try but Jes had told her no. Magic doesn't work so great on her anymore. When she's badly hurt she relies on her own healing factor which is currently have the same problem as the rest of her, or Fenris and his power over life. Once or twice, her Father. This is.. new. New, but not exactly unexpected from the thoughtful expression on Jes's face. She carefully gets to her feet and moves to stand in front of Walker, gently reaching up to touch his cheek. "It's okay. You aren't getting rid of me that easily." Jesana smiles. "Thank you. I didn't know you could do that."

Jes moves to hug her friend close. His anger doesn't frighten her, nor does the display of power. Though he might get the sense there is something making her uneasy, it isn't him. "It was a bit closer than I like to.. it wasn't just the fight. Something else happened. I need to do something to make sure you'll be okay if.. " She should have come here first, she'd had to make sure the boat was getting moved, protect the children and Frederick and then she'd been.. "Oh that pointy-eared bastard. That's why I didn't come. He gave me something. If something had happened to you.. I.." Jes hugs tighter.

Walker put his arms around Jesana and draws her closer to himself — at which point his floating hands return, and 'skitter' (one around his body, the other around hers) to get back to his wrists where they below.

This might add whole new meaning to the expression 'wandering hands'.

"This cannot stand. If I have to rip every soul out of the earth, and storm the Endless Deserts myself to claim Set's army… This will stop." The man's lip curls faintly, and greenish-yellow light blazes like fire in both of his eyes…

Until he closes them, and relaxes into the embrace.

"I'm sorry…" the man murmurs. "I'm sorry I wasn't there."

"You were. You saved me." Jes doesn't mind his hands wandering over her. She has to work very hard most of the time she's around Walker and in human form, to keep herself from climbing all over him or letting her own hands wander. Physical touch is a very important part of her life and there are so few she trusts enough to share such things with. Fewer still who are comfortable with that sort of thing. Right now she isn't thinking about it and so doesn't let go.

"I haven't told you something important, I.. it's my problem. When I went to save you, I should have done this in the first place, not just try to.. claim you. That was wrong. I'm not.. normal. I trust my instincts but sometimes my darker side wins out and it doesn't go so well. I screwed up and pissed Set off. If I had known about him maybe i would have done it differently. Maybe not, I don't know. I still would have been wrong but I was kinda panicking then. I did the first thing that popped into my head. Anyway, he's been.. talking to me. Teasing, tempting, threatening, insulting, but I just ignore it. I'm good at that and I'm stubborn but.." Jes hide sher face against Walker's neck for a moment, just letting herself breath in his scent. Well, at least he didn't walk in to find her rolling around naked in his dirty laundry. It's *such* a good thing she doesn't have any more of that godsmeade. "I'm also me. And I get angry too. I was so pissed for walking into that trap and I wanted to kill them all and it wasn't going to happen and Zee said we needed to go and everything in me was against that. I wanted.. for a moment.. I almost listened.. but then I thought of you, and I could feel you, and I snapped out of it.. and if it wasn't Set it would be something else. I'm damaged, and I know it. Only then, I wouldn't have your strength and bravery, and courage helping me fight it. So you were there Walker."

The necromancer takes a step back, putting Jesana at arms-length so he can have a good look at her, frowning in concern. Crotchet scampers onto his master's shoulder and sits there, waiting. Then he looks at Walker and squeaks:

"Wot's 'at? Set's 'avin' a chin-wag with 'er? … Boss…"

Walker looks aside at his Familiar.

"Well that's not good, innit?" the rat remarks, a shudder passing through his furry little body. Walker takes a breath and frowns.

"You should have told me this sooner," he informs Jesana with a note of foreboding in his voice — but not aimed ''at'' her. Rather, it is on her behalf. "I'm not quite sure what to do about this… yet. Rest assured, I will be having words with my… master, when I know vaguely what to say to him." He closes his eyes for a moment, then looks straight at his friend.

"I'll not let anything happen to you," he promises her. "I mean that."

Jes growls a little, but she doesn't look angry. Maybe a little confused. She's not sure what to do with that because,"I.. that's what I'm supposed to say. I don't… I'm not worried about Set. I'm worried about you. It's been a long couple of days apparently, I don't know what the hell Jyoti gave me that made me sleep that long but if you'd been hurt because of it.." It would have been her fault and she knows it.

"I let things go for too long. I'll fix that. But my point was, I'm not worried about me. I've known for awhile now I have three options. I'll heal and find immortality, or I'll die again, probably horribly but honestly and spend the rest of my time serving Fenris as a shade. Or, I'll fail and he'll wipe me from existence. Either I win, or I lose so badly I no longer care. I've made arrangements. What I realized the other night was this, complicates things. It's hard enough for you, being alone for so long. You aren't any more. Never again, for as long as I live. I promise. You are a part of me now and I you. But if I fall or die, I need to know you get that part of your soul back. So I'm going to take you to meet someone soon, he'll be able to help. I have an idea, I just don't know enough to implement it."

"I mean, it's annoying but, most of the time, well, I'm used ot ignoring things, horrible things. Or used to going on despite them. I know Set is all ancient and a god and whatever. I don't really care. Now that I know he's waiting til i'm weakest to really strike, I can fight better. This is my mess, I'll figure it out but you needed to know. Should something happen before we meet my.." Jes sighs and slumps a bit. "My Father.. hopefully he'll help you if you need it." Or her. Their relationship is.. complicated would be an understatement..

Walker smiles a tiny, rueful little smile.

"You very nearly get yourself shot to death… and you're worried about ''me?"'' he inquires with a raised eyebrow. Crotchet looks up at him and reaches out a little paw to tap his master on the neck.

"'Ey, Boss…" he offers, sounding awed by Jesana's care for the little Familiar's master. "She's as bonkers as yew are!" The rat grins. Looking at Jesana, he shrugs his shoulders, arms held wide and says: "Well, 'strue, luv."

Walker frowns at the rat.

"You want me to meet your father?" he asks Jes. "The same father you dislike ''and'' distrust? What makes you think he can help me reclaim my soul from Set…without attempting to claim it for himself?"

"Of course." Jes shrugs a bit. "I get nearly shot to death a lot. I uhm.. almost burned to death a few weeks ago. I didn't want to worry you." She laughs. "I am a little crazy but what's fun about being sane?" The coyote-woman's face turns serious though. "Those are good questions. My relationship with my Father is.. it's.. I don't know how to explain. I'm not sure I can explain actually. The rest though, he doesn't want your soul. I don't mean this offensively but it's going to sound that way, but, you're.. not Native American. He doesn't care about you, at all. He's not human, he's a God but not just a god. He's something else. It's.."

Jes eyes the couch but doesn't want to move away so settles instead for sitting on the floor at Walker's feet. "He might possibly be interested in your soul if you were Native American but that time is kinda over with, mostly. Anyway, in his own way, he cares about me. You're important to me and you're not Fenris. I think he'd help you if I bite it for those reasons. He's been teaching me things sometimes. He'll be able to show me what I need to know to do what I have in mind. He did my feather tatt. He was there when I had my pups. And he saved me a couple of times."

"He even.. I'm not really supposed to say. But he did a thing to save me that he wouldn't have done otherwise. It's not that I don't trust him, it's that I want to do what I want and he wants me to do.. I'm not sure really. Not anymore. Honestly, I'm not sure he knows either."

Walker is silent for a long time. Watching Jesana sit down on the floor, he takes a backward step and walks a few paces across the sunken lounge-room floor, facing away from her.

Crotchet hops off his shoulder and scampers over to Jesana, running up her arm and onto her shoulder instead. There, he stops and turns, watching his master deliberate over the current situation.

"Um… Boss?" he squeaks.

Walker says nothing. Instead, he takes a few steps and a different direction across the floor, hands on his hips.

"Awful quiet over there, Boss, innit?" the rat goes on.

Walker still remains silent.

"Hell-to-Boss," says the rat, standing up on his hindlegs and spreading his arms in a very human gesture of, 'hey — I'm over here. Look at me!' "Hell-to-Boss: it's the souls o' the damned wot're callin' — they want their money back."

Walker tries to remain silent. Standing there with his back (mostly) turned away, he abruptly moves his head in an effort to hide the lopsided smile growing on his lips. It is hard to remain stern when Crotchet is in the room. The necromancer reaches out a hand, and from a niche in the wall he calls his Staff of the Sha to him. He catches it easily, and turns around, a greenish-yellow fire in his eyes once more.


"Very well," he tells Jesana and the rat. "Let us go meet your father. It is about time you introduced me, and I'm sure he'll want to ask me of my intentions."

"Yay!" Crotchet exclaims joyously. "We're 'avin' a wedding! — wait. What?!"

Jesana waits patiently while Walker thinks. She does watch Crotchet, brown eyes twinkling with amusement. When Walker finally turns and talks, her eyes go to his and she catches that flash of light and grins. Oh this is going to be interesting and probably horrifying. "I uhm.." Jes blinks. His intentions? Oh oh. Jes bites her tongue to keep from laughing because she isn't sure she'll be able to stop long enough to explain that it isn't Walker she's laughing at but that.. "You.. haven't heard many of my Father's stories have you?" He'll probably try to give Walker pointers or something. Oh god. Or just look at the two of them and ask why she hasn't made a move yet. Maybe he's learned some tact after the last time. She can hope. "Just uh.. don't bring up shotguns or Gotham Harbor." Jes scratches her nose.

"It might still be a sore point. Or Fenris. Never mention Fenris. Even if he does. Just, ignore it." There's a slight hesitation from Jesana before she goes on. She's not the best at communicating or sharing things. It's not something she was taught how to do. "Others have met him but you're the only I've brought to meet him. The other times, well, he just, shows up. Sometimes, in me. You at least will be able to tell the difference if that happens." Her eyes narrow for a moment then she shrugs. "And uhm.. he's not human, remember and so I'm sorry in advance!" Jes blurts before stepping forward to hold out her hand towards Walker. It shouldn't take long but she's not entirely sure what will happen once she calls for him. She's never done it before.


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