The Joy of Killing

June 21, 2016:

Taking the bait left by Cyberdata, Ravager walks right into an ambush.
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Chicago alleys

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Nate will wake and find Rose gone. everything is left as it was save a locker in the corner had been unlocked and opened. The safe is sealed in the floorboards but the laptop was still there on the floor - the laptop that had showed the relay of what had occurred on Lower Whacker just below Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The haze in the room smelled of the opiates laced within cigarettes, an assurance that if he tries to track her he has his work cut out for him, although it's simply a matter of knowing Chicago.

Ravager has been here a few times. Mercenary work, Authority work, it is not hard especially when she connected her newly unwarapped ditch-phone to the camera feed and GPS. Stealthy arrival would have been considered if the message left in entrails and blood was not an obvious calling out, and so when she gets to the city line a motorcycle on the roadside is lifted and her outfit is back. Not the flimsy makeshift, the return of the reinforced and scale maille lined body suit with boots lined in metal, toed in reinforcement and blades in the base.

Yes, stupid anyway, especially when the roar of a motorcycle into Lower Whackers Hobo Alley is met with abnormal emptiness and the smell of decay and fear. Despite the darkness here in broad daylight it is not hard to miss the beams of red sight-lasers that spread out in their cue up and then focus in. The bike rolls to a stop and ravager's hands go up, fingers splayed in a sign of being unarmed, but just as the gesture is made a voice comes from all corners, aloud on the multiple SHOC's comm units. A gravelly, mechanical… feminine? Voice.

"Glad you could make it to your funeral." And they all open fire.

Hungover. Nate will blame it to Rose's cheap booze. Aaaand, she snuck out. Damn girl. But he knows where she is going, and Nate only stops to get coffee at Mutant Town's Starbucks send Luna a txt.

Apparently Rose is going to tackle some Cyberdata goons and she has a deathwish. So… you are in Chicago, right? Well, these are the coordinates. Picked directly from our favorite white-haired gun-bunny's silly head. Hurry up!

He hurries up too. A much as his headache allows. Kick in already, stupid caffeine.

Uugh, messages in entrails are the worst. She'll take a text any day of the week. Thankfully, Nate texts her. Lunair is going to bring asprin, burgers and some water bottles. But she's going to help find Rose. Thankfully, she has power armor (NOT GOING TO INFRINGE ON IRON MAN'S COPYRIGHT) and can fly pretty quickly. She does worry about Rose. Is having a deathwish hereditary? At this point, she's suspecting it is.

Her and her Neko Atsume backpack (which gets covered in armor so she doesn't lose it mid-flight and brain someone) are on her way. Quickly.

The shower of bullets from handguns and a couple hi-powered rifles turns the cement slabs into blood stained gravel. Though, all the blood is old, for now, but the motorcycle sits now on deflated tires, the chassis riddles like swiss cheese and fluids leaking down along the chrome and into the gravel. A moment and it falls over.

From one of the scaffolding archs a golden glow comes, a small fleck of lifes flare before it fades to a seady glow, the press forward though comes silently and for a moment it is hard to even see what or who until the reflection of street lights bounce off irradiated heat and the camoflaged figure ripples, that single slitted eye scanning while a long pink tongue darts forward and then disappears. The eye closes and he is just as gone. Amphibious structure quickly adapting and reforming…

Until attention is drawn with the sudden choked crunch of a trooper, his helmet rolling out onto the ground towards where the disappearing/reappearing SHOC had been, that weapon flaring to life as Ravager is leaping through the bridges underbelly scaffolding, opening fire and getting it in return.

Who knows where Sinornith went.

Nate arrives in scene just as the first gunshots are fired. “Rose…” he growls, seeking her mind. There are shoots but not obvious shooters. He scans for more minds, mindful he is a large glowing target on the sky.

« Luna, if you are close » he projects, « the Cyberdata goons are using some kind of cloaking tech, so watch out. » The young telepath spots Rose’s bullet-ridden bike, and flies down to scan the area around it.

Lunair is a concerned presence. She adores most of the Wilsons she's ever met, except maybe the one who flashbanged her. That she could live without. Regardless, on hearing there's cloaking, she tries infrared and pulls a few glitter bombs. It's an odd technique. « Well, hang on. I'm gonna throw glitter. If you see movements in it, that is totally the bad guys. » Nate has like, 30 seconds to tell Lunair OH DEAR GOD NO.

Ravager is already moving through the bridge's criss crossed beams of heavy concrete and metalwork as well as piping. Using the environment as cover the bullets are only a mass of ricochet and crete shrapnel in formation, all the while she is using one of their fallens weapons against them. Another goes down, but just as she peers around a corner, her arm slinging out to take aim and respond her body lifts from the ground and breathing just got harder, unseen, the SHOC suddenly ripples, seen in close proximity with the difference in surroundings as well as the lash out of a reptilian tongue that slimes the side of her face in a long stroke that tells much on proxiity with the acrid breath laying just beneath her throat.

*// Party's arrived. Give me a show just like you did with those wretched mutated hobos.//* The voice over the comms returns and echoes, and just as it does so, bodies, all of them be they clinging to walls or standing in corners suddenly come to visual. Once only.

The echo sounds like soldiers coming to attention and salute just before they disappear again. But Nate and Luna both had that split second to realize…. Nate is suddenly slammed from behind with a high blast of electricity on a level that would paralyze.

Lunair? Her airborne arrival had been noted as well and before response can be given she might just realize, that second told her she was not alive in the sky and a heavy weight descends on her seeking to slam her to the ground below.

Rose? That grip on her throat seeks to crush her esophagus, making her cough just before she is thrown towards where her two friends would likely land.

One, two, three… ack! Nate gets hit by the lightning and loses his concentration for a second, crashing on the ground. He tries to roll away, but the discharge has left his muscles unresponsive. Good thing his powers are not physical, right?

With a gesture, Lunair’s fall is halted before she crashes. “Glitter away, Luna, make them suffer,” he says with a smirk. And there comes Rose flying, too. He catches her too, even as he crawls to his knees. “It was ambush and you fell for it. I am not going to let you live it down, Rosie. You okay?” A telekinetic force-shield covers them against incoming bullets. And worse, the incoming glitter.

Oh crap. Lunair is going to get a weight on her back, her armor groaning and creaking, power armor fighting desperately. She's trying to keep herself aflight but Nate helps. « Thanks. » She will toss glitter bombs, to help ferret out movements and solid forms. It's a bit old school and strange, but it should help.

Lunair is kind of sore, and more than a little startled and scared. Being squished and splattered is not what she'd like to do today.

"DON'T YOU SQUISH HER." The glitter should help ferret them out, but she has to see something first, as AoEing with explosives with friendlies here is a bad idea.

Luna may have been saved from the fall, but that did not relent the weight on her back because it was another body, a shoC with his own flight pack seeking to bring her down and when neither of them go she has a moment to see that slight ripple of difference between surroundings and what /should/ be over her shoulder. Camoflage works that way in the environ, and just as they level out the trooper's body moves and a large reinforced fist make of techno-organic metal hammers downward into the back of her shoulders just below her neck.

A second trooper is suddenly there, a heated ripple announcing the motion as it closes in on proximity to add weight to the onslought against her.

On the ground Nate's fall and his catch of Ravager has her coughing, a few deep breaths and her glare upon him with the mismatched gaze is all he gets for the ridicule right now, because just as they regain that flickering of ripples of invisible motion seems to swirl around them just before the forces descend and Nate is gripped by a leg, seeking to be drug across the ground, spun and flung towards one of the large pillars.

Rose on the other hand is gripped by the hair, lifted and flipped like a ragdoll, taking out the old barrels used for burning fires by the now decesed hobos. No, no time for Luna to really think as all of these actions entail almost a pack like hunting mentality…And they're playing with their food.

*// You're missing a few people. Three, four, five, six? I was hoping for more fair play, but this will do.*// The female cyborgs voice almost sounds bored, but in the apathy there is thrill.

“Yeah, two inside the shield? Fine,” Nate gets pulled a couple feet before his telekinesis surrounds his body, anchoring him and granting him a good deal of super-human strength. Not as much as he could have if he wasn’t protecting the others, but enough to make him very hard to move.

He can feel the SHOC soldier mind, he shouldn’t have touched him. Even with metal gloves, it makes the telepathic contact much easier. “Are those armors psychically shielded? Lets see…” he hits the trooper’s mind, and it is like using a hammer in a glass shop.

"NO FREE RIDES," Lunair flails. Most people buy her dinner first or something. She coughs, looking over her shoulder. She yelps, falling forward - or she would be if she didn't flop over. Nevermind. She growls, trying to repair her armor on the fly. It's hard. Really, really hard. Course she gets Gorilla Macgilla on her freaking back. Poor Rose, Lunair is worried about her. And it might almost be funny to see the glitter covered troopers.

Instead, she manifests a plasma pistol and shoots over her shoulder.

The glitter that falls to the ground now makes the moment on ground confusing, because as Rose lifts up the reflective surfaces that look like a rave gone painful make her squint, her real eye trying to figure out what the fuck she is looking at, her bionic one framed in that half mask erroring as the readouts go from a digital and static interruption to that of trying to bounce back and mirror the reads between the tiny metallic shines in the thousands.

"Off… fuCK, off!" The eye powers down and goes black but she is parsing what is going on as the one who had thrown her into the barrels is approaching for round two, but what it gets is Ravager rolling back and away, evading at first, but when he bends to reach the arm-rise for resistance comes with her sword swinging out and up, severing the arm of the SHOC, turning him into a screaming mobile glitter-trooper. But some are still in the shadows and where they stand each now aims a gun at a target, basically left down to two to one, and once they have a clear shot upon them they are firing. Lunair, Nate, and Ravager all under fire while dealing with their close quarter.

Psychically shielded? No, but their minds are not their own anyway, and someone is manning the control boards that is not present. Adaptive, the one on Nate is formed in glitter coating and itis struggling to mold, a roar of beastial anger coming from it just before the creature tears off it's helmet, revealing what was once a man, but the skin, amphibious, sleek, the eyes are slitted and it bears a short maw, one that comes down and in turn seeks to take the anchored Nate and bite into his leg.

The one atop Lunair is blasted back by the plasma cannon, where a ripple of signature may have been seen it is now utterly gone, but that does not stop him quite yet, the other hand reaches and it seems to float a large rod from thin air, one that suddenly expands and archs just before it drives into Lunair.

Nate notices the circuitry directing the thoughts of the man inside the armor, and tries to un-hook him, but there is no time, and he is not good at psychic surgery. When the SHOC troop tears off the helmet and tries to bite him, he kicks him on the snout with his other leg. “Down, boy,” he growls.

“Watch out!” He warns Luna. “Not enough glitter. And there are three more… plus the handler?” He searches telepathically and mind-links to the women, letting them know about the nearby hostile minds.

Ugh. Guys these days, just impaling every gal they see. Lunair is going to try again with the pistol, though her other hand has a lightsaber and jabs backwards. Right until she gets impaled. "Hate-" She's not feeling so good after that.

Impaled, shot at, thrown around… The glitter is working in parts, enough so that Rose is managing to use her sword on the one, bit by bit the limbs come down, a roll to the side to avoid the rise and fall of a sparkly leg to apply a crushing stomp upon her. The flash of blade through his leg comes with a spray of blood and glitter as well as a howling cry of pain that instantly gets silenced as the one behind the scenes wants to hear *None of THAT!*

And where Ravager had lain is now laden in bullets, the other descending upon her from above, pressing the barrel into her upper mass and using it to pin her to the ground before he pulls the trigger.

A move that looked fatal, if Ravager did not move to the side and hammer her booted foot up with an alacrity that hoisted the SHOC up by his groin just before blade laden boots ejected the switch trigger with the impact and severed the carotid in his thigh where the armor had to have leeway for joints. Another howl of pain and that weapon resounds discharges as he flails, then is silenced by another resounding bullet, ravager's pistol in hand from that flip-switch system along her arms. Sparkle party into a bloodbath, although the wound in her shoulder is relatively gaping, leaving one arm useless.

«The bike, push them to the bike!» Leaking fluids, gasoline… «Luna!»

Rose is watching as the aerial fight seems to be getting wobbly, but her mind is opening ever so slightly with the opiates wearing down, also making it harder for her to ignore the pain.

Nate's mental connections as well as prying gets him nowhere, the SHOC he is connected to only is thinking one thing. Bite. Poison. Kill slowly. It's handler? The moment she remotely feels an invasion, that mind shuts down, the brainbox inside exploding with a force that has that massive armored SHOC sprawled atop Nate.

*// Naughty, naughty. That's okay. I will kill thousands if I must, and they all believe in this goal! You willfall. All of you X-Force. You never should have helped them.//*

And above, the one upon Lunair is not simply seeking to taze her to the ground, his helmet is off, and from his jaw a saliva spills, venomous and corrosive, leaking from inserted glands and modified physicality that has warped what he was.

Nate cries when the man dies, while he is still in his mind. “I know that bitch,” he growls, now covered head to toes in blood and brain bits. And if Luna wasn’t badly injured, he would be looking for that particular bitch. But friends come first.

He reaches and grabs the SHOC attacking Lunair, his hand digging in his armor as if it was cardboard, and tosses him to Rose’s stolen bike head first. Acid and fuel combine in a pretty messy ball of fire.

Then he turns to the others fighting Rose. “Hold them a second. Lets see if that psycho wants to push the button too.” He invades their minds, and tries to use them to strike into the handler’s.

"DON'T LICK ME! THAT'S GROSS!" He doesn't know where she's been! Lunair has got to figure something out. "I owe you so much," She mumbles to Nate. She's got one firing at her, but now it's RAILGUN PARTY TIME and she's going to try to deal with him. She wants to fight a bit more fiercely, but a stab wound is telling her to simmer down, gurl.

(( Rest of the log is currently missing – the heroes limp out to safely ))

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