Security, Magic and Pancakes

June 18, 2016:

Witchdoctor meets Ozymandias for the first time in their secret identities'.


IHOP, the temple of breakfasty goodness- that place that sees the strange
overlap of late-night college students hanging out and early-bird senior
citizens looking for a good (or at least satisfying) morning repast. This
particular locale maintains the franchise's standard look- with comfortable
booths in muted patterns, tables featuring the classic arched-back wooden
chairs and dark green carpet.

This particular locale seems is used to the comings and goings of the
super-crowd, and the far wall has a host of framed pictures of notable
groups of heroes (most of them on the young-ish side) who have stopped here
for one reason or another. Busy servers dart to and from the kitchen taking
orders and carrying dishes to their respective tables. No matter the hour,
this particular IHOP seems to enjoy a decent level of activity.


NPCs: Umoja Security, A woman wih a baby



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Fade In…

At this time of the night, the International House of Pancakes is semi-packed with people. A person with a keen eye that not everyone in the restaurant is eating, but keeping close eyes on Morien, who is sitting in the corner.

A server brings Morien a chorizo and avocado mixed omelet with a side of hash, and places in front of him. Morien is busy peering down at his IPad. The people that are keeping an eye on Morien cautiously watch the server leave, and their actions quickly reveal their presence to a keen observer that their are part of his security detail.

It's perhaps a strange thing in itself, that for a witch of her lineage, the world where Alyse had come from? It was a place like this that would have been considered something almost of fantasy. Too much cut away in dystopian progress had ment that many luxuries just weren't the same…even enjoying good food.

Stepping through the door the blonde woman inhales deeply, a content sigh coming from her lips as she takes in the scent. She'd been here in this world for months now, but it was still simply enjoyable to take in the little things. Of course, one can't really appreciate food just by smelling it can they?

Stepping up to the booth, Alyse's choice of street clothing was a little less out-of-place then her usual 'Witch' attire, a skirt paired with a button up shirt, vest and blazer doesn't quite scream mystic or 'possibly crazy' as much as long gowns or hooded robes. Her eyes do indeed pick up on the security detail, that alone having her curious enough to turn her eyes towards Morien for wonder of what would warrent such caution while she takes her seat.

A young woman with her baby enters the restaurant, and goes to sit in Morien's area. The moment the baby comes closer to Morien's vincity, she begins to cry. Morien motions to one of the security detail people to blow their cover, and speak with the woman.
The security person who had been dressed as a biker walks over to the woman, "My apologizes, my employer is trying to pay it forward and was wondering if he could pay for your dinner and give you a thousand dollars. He was once helped in his life by a young woman with a child, so he always like to return the favor when he has the chance. He only asks that you pay it forward, and if you could move to another area of the restaurant. Just in case, someone else comes in that he sees fits to help out.
The young woman is busy trying sooth her baby, and trying to comprehend everything that is happening, "Is dis for real?
The security-biker nods , and gives her the cash, and helps her with a stroller. By the time, the woman and the baby is seated in a new area, the baby has stopped crying. As far as the security detail knows, they are repeating a true story. Since the biker identity has been blown, she goes outside to keep security on the parameter.

Witchdoctor pauses, long enough to watch this exchange and follow it back. You don't need magic to see who gives the orders, just to pay attention. Placing her own order with the waitress Alyse stands, making a slow and lazy approach towards the table at which the man with his iPad sits and ever so casually raising her arms. She's armed, a simple handgun tucked into a holster inside her coat. It's disguised as a casual gesture of fixing her hair, but it's more a case of 'showing' before security might spot it themselves. Perhaps that'll make them less nervous.

"You know, I tend to find only two types of people make such charity," she says casually as she approaches Morien. "Those who've endured tragedy themselves, or those trying to atone for inflicting it on others."
This doesn't make the security less nervous, and they begin to initiate defense protocols. Morien makes a slight motion with his hand to hold on,and looks up from his Ipad at the Witchdoctor. "You are not in law enforcement, because they would have shown their badge instead of letting my security know that they were armed, and someone wishing to do me harm normally doesn't speak to me first, unless they are walking around with a huge set of ovaries."

Morien clasps his hands together near his plate as if he was about to say grace, but instead unclasps his hands and points to seat across him in the booth. "Is there something I can help you with? Unless your first questions are part of an expose you are doing on me, and then I will have to point you to my public relations manager. Morien tilts his head towards his left shoulder as he looks her over, "You sound like a pessimist. I could be doing this, because I have a good soul and wished to share my blessings with others.

"Souls like that are generally 'forged', they don't seem to come out of nowhere in my experience. But perhaps I truely am a pessimist." Witchdoctor chuckles lightly, shaking her head and looking at the man. Even if he doesn't know it, the man is practically radiating magic signitures and she'd always been able to pick up on such things. When it's in the same room? That tends to make things a little easier. "I am not a cop, nor am I a reporter," she chuckles lightly.

Tucking a bang of that blonde hair behind her ear she continues. "I am curious, about whom it is that is handing out such grand gestures in a pancake store and yet seems to be going to effort to not be seen doing so."
"I don't think that I was being secretive, but I also don't want to give the entire restaurant free food." Morien leans back in his booth and smiles, "Most times I meet my meals in my tower." Morien taps his IPAD and lifts it up. A picture of Umoja Tower located in the financial district of New York is shown on the screen. My name is Morien Washington. I am the CEO of Umoja International.

Morien folds his arms across his chest, "We recently announced supplying the Justice League with personnel, hence my board decided that I should increase my security detail, even when I got get pancakes. I guess you don't follow the financial news. I am not as interesting as some of the other billionaires in the city, but I get by.""

"I am…a recent arrival to the town you might say," Alyse chuckles lightly, raising an eyebrow at the announcement of name and title. The company name and the building is probably more familier to her, if only for the sake of her having spent quite a bit of time in New York as of late. Supplying the Justice League? Now that's interesting. Perhaps he'd even see the little spark of curiousity behind her eyes before she tilts her head to the side. "I don't much follow trades or industrial news. I haven't for a while…still, publicly supporting the Justice League must certainly have won you some good faith…and a few enemies."

Digging into her pocket slowly enough as to not make security jumpy, the woman fishes out what appears to be a credit card and hands it to the waitress as she passes by. Paying for her meal already it seems.
"It was a good business decision. They need bodies, and I have the personnel to support them." Morien adds, "You sound like my board. I don't think must people would want to move on me, or my company just because I am aligned with the Justice League. It would have to be a really stupid villain, but I have heard that most of them are not that bright."

Morien peers over at one of his members of his security detail, then back to Alyse, taking in her response to him mentioning the Justice League, "Have you ever directly been helped by the Justice League?" Morien says, "You know my name, but I am afraid I still do not your name.

"Not as a whole," Alyse chuckles lightly. "I have crossed paths with one or two of them. I seem to have a knack for finding trouble after all, my own or that of others." Shrugging her shoulders the witch smiles. "But don't worry, like you said if I was intending to cause harm I wouldn't have spoken with you." Reaching for her drink, recently arrived as they continue speaking. "My name is Alyse, but it probably wouldn't mean much to them if you asked. Not great for stopping and conversing."

"I rarely talk to them. I hired another hero to be my company's representative among the Justice League. It would probably be too intimidating to talk to superheroes on a daily basis." Morien taps his left foot on the ground a few times, "Alyse, it means noble, rational, and exalted. Do you possess any of the qualities. Also since you are not a cop, and you are not a reporter, so what sort trouble do you find yourself that requires you to carry a gun, and need to be saved by the Justice League?"

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