Bristol Pines Mall Riot

June 18, 2016:

A riot at the Bristol Pines Mall for no reason has the caped crusaders, and some, responding

Bristol - Gotham


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Gotham's always had an issue with crime. It's how the city responds to stress. The poor grow desperate. The short-tempered get angry. Heat and humidity and the eternal, oppressive smell always seem to congeal like a thick paste in Gotham's underbelly, a bubbling miasma of unpleasantness that more than once has spilled over into a mob violence.

So why a mob is attacking Bristol Pines Mall just outside of Gotham proper is anyone's guess. There has been no major sporting event, except for a local high school basketball game; no major court case or violence aimed at the city. And yet, for anyone surveilling the teeming masses at the crowd, it looks like soccer hooligans teamed up with a Superbowl losing team and decided to take their frustrations out on the world.

Unlike most mobs, where a few hundred people might be milling around while ten do the most damage, the entirety of this small but furious mob is engaged in full-on destruction; looting, vandalism, even muggings. And what's particularly odd is that there's no rhyme or reason to the violence. Soccer moms, inner city youths, portly old pharmacy clerks and gawky adolescents are all hell-bent on doing a serious amount of damage to the Mall.

"Oracle, I'm counting at least sixty people at the north entrance," Batman rasps. The white-blind eyecovers of his mask relay a vast stream of information back to the woman on the other end, Gothams' eyes and ears. "Who's nearby who can assist?"

He taps on his wrist mounted computer, bringing up a HUD only he can see. "Alfred. Scramble the jet with the tear-gas and the VX4 canisters," Batman tells his stalwart butler. "Prepare for crowd control."

The Dark Knight drops off the tall telephone pole serving as his temporary perch, cloak flaring behind him to arrest his momentum. He hits the ground with a soft 'thumph' and starts quickly jogging to the back of the mall's secondary entrances, using the shadows to cloak his movement.

"All I wanted was some cigarettes…"

Jack Russell stands inside the mall, at the empty counter to a drug-store, tapping a clawed finger on the counter's surface. Amber eyes glint.

The chaos in the mall is mainly located behind him; he's trying to stay out of it — werewolves draw attention, in a fight — so he remains there like a patient consumer, finger-tapping, staring at everything around him, waiting for the shop-assistant.

No shop-assistant comes.

"I'm gonna steal yer cigarettes, pup — wherever ya are…" he sort-of calls out to the store. It's no use and he knows it: no heat signatures in the shop. And there's a guy in the uniform of the drug-store locked in mortal combat with a bakery-worker, wearing a shirt that says:

'Hi! My name's Jim. Ask me for any assistance!'

Jim throws the baker into the bread-shelves.

And Russ… sighs.

It's no secret the Batfamily is spread thin. Something or someone has been organising the arcane underground, causing crime in general to rise and the mood of the city to darken. Not to mention what Medusa has just done to Steel City… reduced it to rubble, turned the citizens to pillars of salt which let the monsters move in and take it over.

Which has something to do with the troubles in Gotham. Just what, she and The Fox aren't sure.

As the riot breaks out at Bristol Pines, the alert is sent to … other contacts. An image appearing on communicators for The Batfamily and an interrupted broadcast for such vigilantes that she can access "This is Oracle. There's a riot at Bristol Pines Mall. Acknowledge please if you can attend."

The redhead stretches - physcial therapy is still ongoing. Much more limber than she has been, her balance improving, it's still not quite enough for 'Batgirl' to return to the streets.

The days were counting down for Oliver Queen. Each of them the polls swung amongst the candidates running for Gotham Mayor, but Oliver did not spend his time watching those or the pundits. Rather his time was spent meeting with people; not the 1 or the well off but the every day people of Gotham. The families, the husbands and wives who were wondering how their children would get a good education in broken down schools. The laid off workers wondering about jobs. The unfortunate curious about assistance. Almost all had similar concerns, stresses and Queen was noticing a pattern.

He was in fact in the middle of a conversation with a trio of people just a scant half mile from the Mall at a local coffee shop, listening to their concerns about the coming future. Steel City had put some of these people on edge, the uncertainty of things in conjunction with the current dilemas and crisis of their own lives. Most of the time, all Queen could do was smile and listen. He tried his best to never offer platitudes but rather concrete ideas steeped in reality. 'It's going to be a challenge'. 'It'll take all of us working together'. Phrases like that were common place and followed the Unity message of his work.

As his conversation was ending, as if on cue, his phone vibrated at a different rythym than normal; one that was plugged in to other networks than Verizon. Pulling it from his pocket he glanced down and a frown etched his face. It was not that far away and the evening was late enough for the candidate to call it a night…

"Oracle, May. Acknowledged."

In the Triskelion, Agent Melinda May turns and notifies the others she's with that she's received a request for assistance. It's typically accepted that that sort of request comes to the head of SHIELD's WAND division regularly, so in short order May has checked out a tiny arsenal of ICER weapons — both pistols and rifle-types alike — and has used the ley lines to travel as close to Bristol Pines Mall. And if anyone WAND-side wanted to travel with her, she could pull one 'passenger' along, though it's guaranteed to not be the most pleasant experience.

There's a certain rhythm to the routine of patrol. Red Robin runs along rooftops near the perimeter of the mall. The constant sprint, spring, vault of moving from one building to the next could almost put him into a trance — aside from the chaos that seems to have erupted at the Bristol Pines Mall. Even before he'd heard Oracle through his earpiece, Red Robin had been en route thanks to the echo of riot that seems to reverberate through the alleys.

"Oracle, this is Red Robin — I see it — " Tim's acknowledgment has him speeding up rather than slowing down, halting in a shadow above a streetlight to glean whatever information he can.

"I'm at the North Entrance — what — " his lips part wordlessly as he momentarily peers up and down the alleyway. As he lingers in the shadow, using the light to keep him somewhat concealed, he scans the entranceway in silent assessment. Maybe he's finally learned to look before he leaps?

"A'ight, a'ight, I'm takin' the smokes." Russ leans over the counter, so his butt and legs are all that's visible, and snags a packet. Standing back up again, he puts cash on the counter. Pauses. Then puts the cash back in his pocket. The man shrugs.


A trolley full of groceries smashes straight into the counter of the drug-store, causing Russ to react instinctively. The wolfman leaps straight up, clearing the gap between the ground floor and the walkway of the next level above with ease. "Oooh," Russ groans in dismay — now showing claws and slightly more lupine features. "I gotta bad feelin' 'bout this…"

Batman comes on a locked door and from a hidden pocket produces a bumpkey gun. The actuator rods *click* into the tumblers, vibrate rapidly and the door simple unlocks as easily as if Batman had the real key. He slips into the loading docks, largely empty, and starts skulking through the secret maze of backroom halls that connect all the businesses to the loading docks. He comes across only one violent encounter, a crazed store clerk trying to shove his skinny jeans full of Disney Infinity figurines. He flings himself at Batman with manic strength, shrieking something unintelligible about them being 'Mine, all mine!'

Batman dispatches him with a swift palm strike and a finger-punch at a nervous system cluster, but it elicits a scowl from under his dark, pointed cowl. The young man couldn't weigh more than a hundred and fifty pounds, but his strength was surprising.

"Oracle," he grunts. "I'm not picking up any chemical traces in the air. I'm patching you into my biometric feed. Monitor my condition in case it starts hitting me."

He slips around a corner and comes across Russ stalking across the shelving and elevated walkways. The Bat stops in his tracks, staring at Russ with those blind, all-seeing eyelenses, and stalks past him into the main mall with a deft bypass of the mortal combat going on nearby.

"You've Red Robin, May, Green Arrow, all inbound." Oracles digitally disguised voice filters through. "Conferencing comms." There's a pause before she continues "All comms are conferenced. You can all hear and speak with each other. I'm access the building management system, trying to get readings for the air quality."

The biometrics in Red Robins costume are also obtained. The redhead seer of Gotham won't leave that to chance.

"Suit camera's activated." Of course, any of the Batfamily can 'kick her out' - but she's so used to working with Bat Girl (Cass) and The Fox as a ride along, she doesn't think a second thing about it.

Seeing the manic werewolf, she sighs and begins facial recognition on him. "The Werewolves in Gotham, are friendlies. Allies of The Fox. Proceed with caution."

Meanwhile, the security and cctv feeds for the entire complex are all acquired, displaying in smaller windows across her screen, giving her a view of the complex. Her green eyes start scanning, lookig for anomalies - people where they shouldn't be and the like. A similar scan starts on the comms into and out of the complex - have the computers been compromised? Who's talking in the area.

After taking a moment to understand the situation at hand, Red Robin silently slips down the side of the building. The safety of shadow remains his truest ally.


The whack of an elderly woman's purse is more unexpected than truly painful, but does have Red Robin lifting his arm to block another blow. The second blow has Robin stepping back again, even though it meets nothing but gloved fingers that wrap around the bag tightly. While there's little question in Tim's mind that he could take out the poor little old lady, simply neutering her weapon makes far more sense at this moment.

Red Robin speeds up his paces, leaving his elderly assailant outside while he disappears around the corner into the mall. "Oracle do you have a visual through the security cameras or do you need a patch?"

As the question is asked, a man around Tim's age swings a baseball bat at Red Robin's head, prompting the costumed Robin to duck.

Oliver was just finishing changing out of the business suit into his evening wear, the green leather that he wears out in public and not just around the Mansion. When the conferencing by Oracle occurs he is just putting the earpiece in and flicking over his voice alteration.

"Green Arrow here. Just what precisely is going on?" His voice goes into the comms with others as he moves to get upon the motorcycle that is intending to get him to the destination.

May doesn't have the luxury of biometric readings built into her clothing. She rushes toward the nearest Mall entrance, an ICER pistol in each hand, and anyone that appears to be behaving violently gets shot. Whether they're paying attention to her yet or not. Anyone unfamiliar with the SHIELD tech might think it rather excessively violent, at least until they notice that every last person she shoots goes down still breathing and without any blood loss. Just sedated. With prejudice. Like that kid with the baseball bat that just took a swing at Robin. She isn't saying anything aloud (yet), but the pistol-like reports from her ICERs are likely carrying over the comms more than clearly enough.

"Riot," Batman supplies helpfully, his gravelly voice cutting across the comm net. "They're stealing and vandalizing, but no one's actually taking anything more than a few feet away." Someone lunges at Batman with an artless tackle and a scream, and Batman neatly trips him and lets his own momentum take the fellow out of the fight as he crashes hard into a wood and iron bench.

"You. Wolf," Batman says, turning his attention to Russ. "Why aren't you going insane like everyone else?"

Ollie's faced with a shocking sight— a mob that can't decide if they're stealing or vandalizing. Cars are trashed, but nothing's taken out of them— store windows broken while doors are wide open with a steady traffic of activity carrying goods out of and -into- the store.

Tim's octogenarian nemesis screeches at him as he scampers off, and her cries attract the attention of more dangerous game— six teenagers, trapped between adolescence and adulthood, wearing the gis from a local karate gym.

"Red Robin!" one of them screeches. "Get his utility belt! I want it!"

"I WANT IT MORE!" another one shrieks, lunging at Red Robin with a bad, flying side-kick.

May's able to cut a quick swathe through the crowd but her snappy, loud ICER reports seem to attract more attention— several vandals spread out and start attacking her, rushing almost en masse with little regard for their safety. "Get her gun!" one of them, a soccer mom in yoga pants, screams.

The wolfman pulls himself up over the railing of the walkway, giving himself a decent view of the chaos below. Some of the violence has found its way onto the 2nd level, eliciting a snort of dismay from the wolf.

Everything here smells wr — .

Hearing Batman, Russ turns around and flexes his claws. It's only Batman.

'Only' Batman… and it actually makes the werewolf's spine shiver.

Growling, Russ tucks in his chin, looking surprised. "Y'ain' here ta… attack me? Sheesh…" He frowns. "If /yer/ here… then those other ones must be… aw shit." Russ holds up his clawed hand, shaking his lupine head. "I dunno. I just came here fer cigarettes… which're… down there again. Dammit. I dunno why I ain' mad. Could be thi — ." He goes to tap his chest, meaning the Wolfsblade embedded there (although its under his shirt), but a baseball bat comes flying across the mall toward him and Batman.

Followed by other sporting equipment.

On sale, too.

"I've both, Red Robin." Oracle speaks again "Riot in Bristol Pines Mall, at least 60 people involved." Eyes scanning the screens, watching the data tick up in another window, the redhead shakes her head "Batmans correct. They're looting but only making it a few feet with their goods before dropping them and hitting another target."

"Environmental systems report clean. No contaminates in the air. The digital side of things looks clear. No unusual comms into or out of the place." The line goes dead for the moment, as she thinks "If I didn't know better I'd say they were all just mad. Could be an object that might be manipulating emotions" she remembers the ones that the JL:A found and that Rowan had bought her all those months ago "a spellcaster or a mutant who can manipulate minds."

With greater care, the redhead starts to work through the cameras, watching the people and looking for that which is different. Someone who isn't affected should stand out.

The Arrow sits astride the seat of the motorcycle looking at the crowd as they are moving about seemingly coming, going, vandalizing and stealing all at once. "This is quite bizarre." He comments into his coms, not moving yet to intercede as he is apparently attempting to determine what is going on. "It is like they want things, are just clamboring to claim something." Even as he speaks, he flips coms to another channel and starts quietly talking there; probably to his own team that isn't infiltrated by Bats.

Melinda May faintly mutters a curse in Mandarin as people start to mob her. She has only so many rounds in each ICER clip, and she can't just stand here or they'll overrun her. She makes an opening and runs, hoping to find a defensible position from which to keep taking people down in the hopes that they won't wake up insane again. Why is this suddenly feeling like a more talkative version of a zombie movie?

As the thrown baseball bat makes its way toward Batman and Werewolf By Night, the wolfman spins around to slash at it… only to double forward with a canine-like yelp of pain.

Distracted, Russ puts both hands to his temples, his eyes tight as he fights off a headache… that is steadily growing worse — and has been since he got here.

"Aw, dog's pizzle…"

The quick collapse of the man with the bat, prompts a quick nod towards May followed by an equally abrupt, "Thank — " from Tim as he dodges left to avoid the sloppy side kick. A quick whack of the bo staff guarantees that fellow won't be getting up too quickly.

The calls for Red Robin's utility belt prompt a sharp suck of breath followed by a shake of Robin's head. "Something towards the centre of the mall, maybe?" Robin asks back towards Oracle. "If they step away from its influencing radius, maybe that's what causes — " the thought is broken as an overzealous blonde woman in her late teens dressed in head to toe purple (including hood) reaches for his utility belt.

The reaction isn't quite so instinctive this time, and Robin stares at the woman for a moment before taking aim at her legs with the staff, causing her to topple to the ground. He shudders once and murmurs to himself, "Flashback."

As Oracle scans the screens infront of her, a pattern becomes clear. Those who aren't affected are hiding in darkness, texting or messaging. After a moments, they become agitated and then join in … a crazed look in their eyes.

Relaying that information to the team, she considers the possibilities. "An app on the phone, designed to mess with peoples theta waves, would be a novel idea." If it wasn't so serious, the gothamite hacker might be already trying to write that. "Someone get me one of their phones and patch it in. Killing the cell network in the area, just in case there's something coming through there." Certainly, that will affect a lot more than just the mall, but that would be better than this.

"Gotham PD are approximately eight minutes out."

The wolfman stumbles forward, his eyes clenched shut now, his clawed hands clamped over his lupine ears. A series of pained howls escape his toothy mouth, and he finds himself half-shifting, half de-shifting between the various stages of his 'curse'.

"Make it stop…" he manages to say through the pain. "Make it stop…"

"Why are you doing that?" Batman demands of Russ as the werewolf grips and massages his head. He examines the otherwise redoutable looking wolf, scowling, and then seems to start as a thought occurs.

"Oracle. The Wolf's acting like he's having a migraine. I'm patching in my suit acoustics." He taps the control pad on his left forearm, linking Oracle up to the suit's monitors.

"Keep moving. You need to get out of here. Robin— May. Get to Plaza A," Batman says, glancing at one of the big 'you are here' maps as he starts trying to escort Russ along. "Green Arrow. Can you stage a distraction on the north entrance in … three minutes?" he demands, his voice graveling across the comms units.

"Keep up," May finally says, her words directed at Robin. She's again using her ICERs to mow a path ahead of them, even if it IS drawing all the attention toward her. The pistols click empty and quickly holsters them, bursting into a sprint and aiming for a rather tall tree-like plant in a planter along the walkway. Her aim: To pull the tree down over the crowd in their path, then let it spring back to smack into the mob chasing them. Hopefully that'll slow them down long enough for her to be able to reload the pistols.

"Three minutes, marking it." The Arrow's voice comes back over the coms as Batman makes the request. Kicking the clutch of the motorcycle he starts to dash his way around the outside of the Mall with speed to get into position to the northside of the mall. The type of distraction has him thinking, not wanting it to be dangerous since there seems to be a lot of innocents involved in this situation. Flash-bang Arrows ought to do the trick.

"Potentially, Robin." Oracle is still scanning. "Let me plot that … " a gesture of her hands over the console, and dots start appearing where people had been moving and dropping things." Considering that picture, analysing the acoustics that come through Batmans suit, the redheads eyes narrow. "Cutting power to the center. Be ready. I'm detecting multiple audio signals at 20hz. Which is why our wolf friend there is having trouble."

If her analysis is right, sshe should be able to triangulate the locations of those sources.

"Power cut …" The electricity in the mall just drops. "… now. We've got 3 minutes before the backup generators fire up and are at full power."

And Gotham PD still come.

"Got it. Get a cellphone." Having dispensed of the blonde gal so quickly and tripped her with the use of his bo staff, Red Robin reaches for the pocket of the Spoiler-look-alike only to receive a solid slap to the side of his face. His exhales with a hiss and issues the blonde a prompt elbow to the head, forcing her downward again. He follows suit to fish the phone from her hoodie pocket. Towards May he states, "I'm righ — " but words aren't fully formed.

The old lady before jumps towards Red Robin out of nowhere, this time brandishing a bath to hit the hero. Instinct steps in this time and the bo staff clings against the weapon, but when faced with his old lady assailant faces him, and recognition kicks in, Red Robin takes a step back, opening up his body to further assault from other folks.

Russell glares daggers at the Batman, as if to say, 'ain't it obvious? I'm in freakin' agony, ya pesky rodent!' — but without actually SAYING it — and then grips the railing so tightly, that he mangles it.

Russell gathers his feet underneath him, and leaps all the way across the walkway to the sporting goods store where consumers are trying to kill each other with tennis rackets, baseball bats, and a stack of thrown crotch-guards.

He doesn't go for the people though. Instead, the werewolf starts ripping the makeshift weapons out of people's hands, smashing them to bits (the weapons) wherever possible.

A few moments later, and he can be spotted heading out of the store… dragging two middle-aged men each by an ankle. The men are still trying to hit each other.

The werewolf is swearing.

"…*grumble, grumble* …cigarettes!"

May takes off with a tremendous motion, clearing a path for Robin to follow her as she sprints towards Plaza A. The tree comes down with a clatter, but it's not precisely a mighty oak— the plastic trunk isn't likely to stop much aside from anyone in a wheelchair.

Batman leaps ahead of Russ, elbowchecking down a jogger and putting him in a limp ball on the ground. The Bat rises, cloak gathered forward to partially obscure him from view. "Batman's at Plaza A. May, Robin, I see you," he says, looking down the short distance May and Robin are covering. He glances up as if hearing something, then aims a green laser pointer at the ground behind them. Metal canisters crash down from the glass roof, blowing glass into glittering fragments behind May and Robin's pell-mell path. They start bellowing gas into the air, a powerful soporific formula.

He leaps off the walkway and lands in front of May and Robin, then gestures south. "Arrow's at the north entrance. Fifteen seconds until his distraction. We need to get ahead of the crowd before the gas wears off," he declares. He's off with a flicker of his cap, and whistles sharply up at Russ. "Keep up," he says, sharply.

Abruptly, the power in the mall flickers and dims, leaving only the dim exterior light to give the mall much illumination. It also knocks out the local cellular dish, and almost insantly, some of the less 'violent' mob members slow to a befuddled stop. Others seem to be drifting towards calmness, though the violence is mostly unabated.

Russell dumps one of his 'catches of the night' (a balding older fellow) butt-first in a shopping trolley, then sticks the other man (also butt-first) inside a children's 'safety pen' that is on display. Once that is done, he leaps up to the next level and stalks — irritably — over to Batman.

"Don' tell me ta heel, Squeaky." He growls. There is only the slightest of hesitation in his voice, at the use of a less-than complimentary moniker.

That was underwhelming. But, hopefully it gave May enough time to grab Robin by the arm, or the cape, or the bo staff, whatever, and drag him along. "Gawk later," she tells the kid, now reloading one ICER while on the run. As soon as it's ready again she'll press it into Robin's free hand and then reload the other.

The power outage doesn't slow her down any. It's almost like she's done stuff like this before. The moment the second pistol is reloaded she's firing at everyone in their path again, taking down people indiscriminently.

Silent thanks are given for night vision as the bo staff is grasped by May. Red Robin casts her a quite boyish half-smile as the pair move along. The much appreciated ICER is fired at folks in their path with odd accuracy for someone so averse to killing.

Batman's cloak snaps behind him as he breaks into a dead run, legs and arms pumping with a sprinter's speed. Russ' headache starts to lighten, though his words earn him a sidelong flickering glance, white, sightless eyemarks on the BatCowl burrowing under Russ' fur while Batman's lower lip rebukes the werewolf with something like a silent snarl.

Ollie's distraction is perfectly executed, and on-time, as promised. Just as May's pursuers start scrambling after her, the power not only flickers and dies, whatever demonic oppression that was affecting them seems to flee as well. The end result is that the still-manic go ravening towards the multitude of Flashbang Arrows that Ollie peppers the front doors and windows with, blasting glass into shattering detritus. It gives May, Russ, Robin, and Batman more than ample ease to abandon the mall, and they don't stop until they rally a hundred-some yards away, behind the cover of a retaining wall.

The moment he finds himself in relative safety — from whatever it was that gave him the migraine — Russell leans his back against the retaining wall and slides down to a sitting position. He morphs almost all the way back to human form — not that it does much — drawing up his knees to rest his elbows on them, and bows his head, massaging his temples with his hands.


Removing one hand from his head, he slides it inside his shredded shirt, to place it just over the fragments of the Wolfsblade in his chest. It seems to calm him.

"What the hell… was that?" he inquires of anyone nearby. "Dammit. I forgot my cigarettes."

As soon as they reach the 'safe zone', May taps at the comm link in her ear. "Oracle, we're clear. Have you been able to trace the origin of that application causing the disruptive behavior?" Russ's complaint about cigarette only earns him a glance before she gives Robin a serious evaluating look as if trying to determine if he took any hits in there that would require attention. Once she's satisfied that the kid isn't about to topple over, she turns to do the same to the Full Fat Bat. Of course, there's a whole lot of not much she can determine past the suit and the cape.

There's a flicker of admiration in the slight curl of Red Robin's lips at the magnitude and showmanship of said distraction, but it dissipates as quickly as it appears, giving way to what some might consider, retreat. When safely tucked around the corner and the dog-man resumes human form, Robin casts him an incredulous look.

His mouth gapes in disbelief for a moment, which to some may indicate a temporary stupor (in a way it is!). May's assessing eyes cause Robin's eyebrows to draw together behind his cowl (not that the thing affords any true expression save for what lines tug around Tim's mouth). It's with a sharp shake of his head that he notes back towards the Russell, and offers with the detail of an abstract painter, "A disturbance."

Trust, it seems, may be at a premium.

"Robin, patch that phone in, I need an analysis and return it to the operations." Knowing Green Arrow is listening, she's being a little more circumspect than she normally would. "The behaviours started to abate once I killed the cell phone network - but not quickly enough."

"Acknowledged May and thank you. If you've a spare communicator, share it with our furry friend there, please. I suspect we'll be seeing more of him."

"Gotham PD are 3 minutes out."

Batman's eyemask returns absolutely nothing to May when she stares at him, despite his focus on Russ as the werewolf recomposes himself. Then he turns those unblinking white eyeslits towards May, and there's a sense of eyes narrowing at her in minute rebuke as she non-verbally queries his readiness. All that can be seen under the ragged edge of his cloak is his boots— the long cape completely conceals his frame from view.

"Rioters," Batman grunts at Russ out the side of his mouth. "Your headache was the clue. Wolves hear lower pitches than humans can. Something in the phones," Batman says, agreeing with Oracle's guess.

"Gotham PD will have a lot of questions for anyone coherent enough to give testimony. Smart person would think their story through." He makes a small gesture— subtle, flickering attention away from him.

And then Batman turns away in that eyeblink, and he's gone!

Grunting sardonically, the wolfman looks up at Red Robin and sneers a bit. "A 'disturbance', huh?" he repeats. "Thanks fer that, Obi-Wan." He goes back to shaking his head again, still keeping a hand on the Wolfsblade.

Since this wasn't actually a SHIELD-sanctioned mission — she only used WAND as a convenient reason to get out here in a hurry — she's ready to leave about as abruptly as the Bat did. She can cheat, though, and actually disapear without appearing to move physically. She gives Robin a hard look and a nod, then looks at Russ. "Be careful. Both of you." And then she actually disappears. To anyone sensitive to magical influence, they might have sensed a hint of the how. Definitely not standard SHIELD issue.

Robin tugs not-Spoiler's cellphone from his utility belt along with a small USB-like device. The device is plugged into the phone's port. Tim's eyebrows draw together with concentration — it's a simple hack, nothing intense or challenging, but it still requires some measure of skill and a bit of concentration. Within moments, the phone is jail-broken and the machine completely accessible. "I have it on the network, Oracle — " he stares at the screen for several beats before looking away.

With his mentor now gone, and Gotham PD on their way, Robin sets his sights upwards. "I think that's my cue to fly." He salutes May before shooting his grappling hook towards one of the buildings, and disappearing into the night.

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