Of Gods and Myths

June 17, 2016:

Ozymandias ask for Tigra and Oracle for help with capturing The Sphinx, while Oracle informs Ozymandias and Tigra about Steel City

Justice League Watch Tower

WatchTower monitor room.


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It's monitor duty for Tigra, meaning she's spending some time in the space station known as the Watchtower. To be more accurate, she's currently spending some time staring at the planet Earth through a large window that directly faces it thanks to the station's orbit. Seems she's rather caught up in this distraction as well, little sign of motion from her other than the occasional flick from the tip of her tail.

"Some of the newly staff Umoja personnel are sitting behind the other monitors of the station, while a couple are running test on one of the WatchTower's satellites. Ozymandias has come from the storage area, where last night he brought up some mystical artifacts that Rain had teleported to the Justice League. When he see Tigra on the monitor, "How are you, Tigra? Is there anything of interesting going on?" Ozymandias walks over to another monitor bring up a computer, "Prophetess, are you busy tonight? I need your help accessing the DEO database. I am looking for some new recruits to meet out future needs."

Oracle has been monitoring the situation in Steel City and assisting where she can. That's not the only work that she does though and when Ozymandias comes through, her green eyes snap to the window on her screen.

"DEO, Ozymandia?" she shakes her head slowly, as her Avatar appears to those in the Watchtower. "That's not going to be easy to do. I've backdoors to most organisations but the DEO is still new enough that I've not established those connections. What were you hoping to do?"

The Avatar turns to look at Tigra and 'bows' slightly "Hello Tigra. It's been a while."

With her attention still elsewhere, it takes an extra second or two for Tigra to realize she's being spoken to. "Hmmm? Huh? Oh." There follows a gesture toward the blue and green planet below, weather patterns clearly visible from this location. "You know how things like this just aren't the same when you're seeing it through a photo or video compared to with your own eyes? It's like..yeah. Like that."

The view must have clearly captured the focus of the feline, and she grows silent for a spell while Ozymandias and Oracle strike up a conversation, the latter through that way she does it. "It has. Hey there," Greer offers, glancing away only for a moment before it's right back to staring at the planet…for now.
"I am really hoping that you are not creating backdoors to Umoja International. I don't think Mister Morien Washington would be pleased. I was hoping to find some heroes that have already been vetted, but I guess you can cross reference all of the heroes that have work with the Justice League in the past and composed a list, when you have the time.

Ozymandias raises his left hand to rub his chin, and then looks back over at Tigra. "I must confess there was a little water that appeared in the corner of my eyes the first time that I saw the Earth from here. I was born when the stars and planets so brightly and clear against the night sky. I never dream I would witnessed the Earth in this way. I don't even think that I dream it a couple of decades ago."

Ozymandias eyes fall over Tigra's feline form, "I also never thought I would see the living embodiment of, "The Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of words, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle; you are indeed the Great Cat" Ozymandias quotes from an inscription found in the Valley the Kings."

Oracle laughs softly at Ozymandias' statement. "Just the agencies that give me good data." Her preferred approach is to have the accesses in place and to keep a low profile where possible.

"But if you want information on superheroes, I can help you there. I tend to keep tabs on all of them - vigilantes as well. Who were you wanting to look at?"

Tigra stays out of this one, at least as far as tech-related things are concerned. "It's pretty," she remarks, nodding toward the place they were all born on, wherever that may have been." Finally, she peels her gaze away from the window, turning back toward a few of the screens around them until she stops to listen to and tilt her head toward Ozymandias.

"I don't know if I'm the embodiment of all that," Tigra begins in a mildly hesitant tone, even going so far as to sift fingers through hair in the process, "but I am pretty great, it's true." This is said with a grin that shows off those fangs of hers, then she crosses her arms and stands by to see what comes of the request for Oracle.

Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "Well, I guess we can be in an agreement that you are great. I think there is nothing wrong with disagreeing in how one sees another's greatness. Is there any issues that you are need the help of the other members of the Justice League with?"

Ozmandias looks over at Oracle's hologram which he knows is unnecessary, but he still think it is polite. "I am not sure if Morien would be offended or happy with that statement. I just think the superheroes that we have worked with, but any vigilantes that doesn't resort to lethal force would be all right too. How are things going with Jump City?

The Umoja technicians working on one of the satellites finished maintenance, and brings it back online. Ozymandias taps his left foor a few times, "I still think we need to speak with DEO in the future."

"Greatness is how you perceive it." The glowing Avatar agrees as it hangs on the screen. She doesn't comment on the view from the Watchtower - with her identity a secret, still, it's unlikely she'll get there to see it in person.

"There are already lists on the JL:A databases, Ozymandias. The report is already in your account. Yours too, Tigra. Should you wish to follow those up." The PR of the JL:A is out of her purview, she's technology and communications for the most part.

"Steel City is closed. No one can enter or leave. My intel shows that it's magical radiation and that humans can't last long in that. There are few survivors and those there are, seemed to have survived because they were in the sewers and underground at the time." She shakes her head, and the Avatar moves as she does. "The city is dead and monsters are taking over. SHIELD and magic users have been called in to try and deal with that."

"Why do you think we need to speak with the DEO?"

Tigra appeared to be joking about the whole 'greatness' thing, her way of passing on continuing that particular topic for the time being. "I think things are decent right now for me," she answers, a thoughtful expression showing up for a few seconds before she says so.

"And I've been following what I could about that whole thing. What a mess. Has anyone even made any progress trying to figure it out?" the cat-woman wonders, and she can't hide the look of concern that now shows up. It's not good feeling helpless.

"Good, I was hoping to use your help in a matter of grave importance, if you have the time. I am going after a man known as the Sphinx, and I also positive that I am going to need the Justice League's helping in neutralizing him." Ozymandias taps his left foot again, "I need him to neutralize him, before I move on the God Apep.

Ozymandias lets out a frustrated sigh, "My battle against Apep has limited my actions against helping with Steel City. I am not sure if I would be a liability there or not. I have encountered a variety of damages, but not that level of mystical radiation. Ozymandias furrows his brows, "I doubt that my mystical shield would keep me safe.

Another smirk appears under his mask, "They have been too quite. I like to touch base with them from time to time. Seriously, I have being taking off guard by government agencies.

"There's little information available. FEMA and Home Guard are working with SHIELD and Magic Users to survey the area." Images start appearing on the holodisplay. Statues, made of fine white crystals, are shown in the streets of the city. They are everywhere and close ups show them to be quite lifelike - some are running, some cringing, some are simply 'looking'. All those that are looking though, appear to be looking in the same direction.

As the images scroll through, it becomes clear to Ozymandias and Tigra, these were people … people who now appear to be turned to pillars of salt.

"What's this about the Sphinx?"

Tigra splits her attention between Ozymandias talking about fighting gods and Oracle showing them what's happened in Steel City. It leads to her uttering a couple curses under her breath, a solid frown taking shape and staying there. "Not good. Not good at all." She states the obvious, setting her jaw at the pictures.

The Sphinx stuff leads to her eyeing Ozymandias a little more closely. "What, is this some guy who dresses up like that big statue in Egypt?"

"Oh, I have I wished he was just a guy with a creative costume. He is ancient person like myself. We have run into each other through out the centuries, but now he has aligned himself with the God Apep, who has returned to him his Ka Stone." Ozymandias rolls his tongue slightly, "I cannot come up with an adequate strategy that would keep innocents casualties down, and still neutralize him by myself, when he has the Ka stone. I need to take him out of the equation. I caught in battle between the Apep, God of Chaos and Ma'at, Goddess of Order. Sphinx plans to hand me over to Apep, and I planned to get to Sphinx first.

"Oh, I have I wished he was just a guy with a creative costume. He is an ancient person like myself. We have run into each other through out the centuries, but now he has aligned himself with the God Apep, who has returned to him his Ka Stone." Ozymandias rolls his tongue slightly, "I cannot come up with an adequate strategy that would keep innocents casualties down, and still neutralize him by myself, when he has the Ka stone. I need to take him out of the equation. I caught in battle between the Apep, God of Chaos and Ma'at, Goddess of Order. Sphinx plans to hand me over to Apep, and I planned to get to Sphinx first.

Ozymandias peers at the pillars of salt, "It is like some ancient judgment like with fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is bit before my time, and even the Sphinx's time. Has anyone tried to search for mystical artifacts from that time period?"

"What help do you need then, Ozymandias?" Oracle listens to the explaination he gives. "I'm not sure what a digital seeress can do. But if it's information you require, I can normally find it."

"That's exactly what we believe it is. The curse that was bought down on Gomorrah. Some of my other associates was working through the city trying to disable artefacts that we believed were tied into the ritual. They were caught there and it's taken days to find and retrieve them." The concern, the worry that she felt and still feels about that simply doesn't transmit through the digital disguise. "We saw a Medusa. Though we're still working that through the systems."

Tigra clucks her tongue. "I really don't like the sound of any of this. I really hope Bastet isn't involved in any of this," she remarks, attempting to inject a hint of humor into it. That mostly fails. Then she adds, "And Medusa's are real, too?" With a shake of the head and an agitated lashing of the tail, she gives an exasperated sigh. "Look, if you need me, I'll be off reading up on some of this stuff, but I need a break first. Too much rattling around in here." She raps a couple knuckles against the side of her head, then finishes with a quick, "See you around, and good luck," meant for both of them. The tigress is off for another part of the Watchtower, moving fairly quickly.
"Prophetess, I never thought Medusa had the power to turn an entire town into stone, but I must confess the reality of the gods and goddess is different from some of the tales." Ozymandias chuckles softly, "I heard the tales of Amazons and Thor, and lived during the time, and still was in awe in meeting Thor and Wonder Woman. I marched with Taharqa or Tirhakah against the Assyrians and that somehow found its way into some religious texts. Well, not my name, but the battle." Ozymandias taps his left foot again as he contemplates, "Could her powers been augumented?

The Avatar watches as Tigra goes. "Be well, Tigra."

"Salt. Ozymandias. And it was 'A Medusa' I saw when the ritual went off. From what we could piece together the ritual was powered by the discontent in the city. Someone was funnelling money into organised crime, raising crime and causing the citizens to be discontent. It must have reached boiling point. We just weren't quick enough to stop it." Oracles avatar fades slightly "It will be forever with me. But there's more to this than meets the eye. Was that Medusa augmented? I'm not sure but I intend to find out."

"Now tell me how I can assist you."

"Well, Prophetess, I would like to The Sphinx out very quickly. Last night, I had a plan that would have probably would have benefited with your hacking skills. Ozymandias pulls out his data pad and connects it to one of the computers. "I am downloaded the complex where he is hiding. If you could find a way to take over his security systems, or the various least cut power to his complex. I think I could lead a small team inside, and hopefully I can get one of our heavy hitters to take the Sphinx out, while he is distracted.

Ozymandias turns to look back at the Oracle, "I also need that list of members to extend interview or tryouts to the Justice League, maybe we can combine into a charity event. Let's vet anyone before we invite. I think that might be the only thing on my list?

Quickly snaps his left fingers as he remembers something else,Ozymandias speaks directly into his comms, «How are the Umoja personnel fitting in? I know they are not Shield, but I believe they are just as committed to see Justice League be successful..» Ozymandias nods to a nearby Umoja personnel

The plans to The Sphinx's complex appear on Oracles screens. "Give me some time to work with these, Ozymandias. I'll see what we can do. I can get into most systems." She pauses, as she considers what he has said "We could also target his finances and reputation, distract him on him that front, while taking out the complex."

"The list is already in your account." She's pretty quick on that sort of work. "I'm not council, so those sorts of decisions will rest with them." The way the league has recruited previously has been fairly casually.

Back through the comms, not transmitting her answer "Your personnel are doing well. Pleasant and really, there's little I have to worry about. It's good to have the extra support."

"Would you like to be Council? You have my vote, and I don't think Kate would say no. Hardly anyone knows my identity, so I am not going to hold someone keeping their identity secret from being a Council member. I must confess I would be a tad bid disappointed if you are just a really sophisticated AI program, not offense to AIs." Ozymandias peers back at Oracle., "You don't have to give an answer, but you are probably one of the most actives of the Justice League.

Oracle laughs, the noise filtering through her digital disguise. "Thank you, but no. My work is best done in the shadows, where no one knows about me. Your Council needs to be visible and public. I am honoured though in your faith in me." The statement about being AI has laughing again "You would not be the first to say to that about being an AI" And no, she's not going to answer it.

"Let me know if you need more assistance. I'm always here. If there's nothing else though, I should be going."

Ozymandias lets out a frustrating sigh, "I used to like to working in the shadows too. I am probably going to change my costume once all of this stuff done with Apep and Ma'at. I guess something less dark." Ozymandias nods, "If you can just monitor his business dealings for any unusual activities would be great. Thank you, Prophetess. I would look forwarded to hearing your voice in my ear soon."

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