Wonderful Women

May 03, 2016:

Fairchild and Captain Marvel run into Wonder Woman at JL:A HQ, and do some combat training together while getting to know one another better.

Hall of Justice - Metropolis

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a less-tha-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner workings of the JL:A. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living areas.


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"C'mon, Caitlin. We need to write up a report on this." Captain Marvel comments, as her helmet fades away from her head with a golden flare of light, revealing her shortened hairdo. She pulls open the door to the Hall of Justice, and nods to one of the staff manning the front entrance, before turning towards one of the passages heading into the team-only spaces. "Hawkeye always prefers it when we give her detailed reports on things like alien robot-ship armadas. And I prefer her without major ulcer conditions." Carol offers. "And as much as I can feel gravity waves, you're the one who actually can explain the science of what we did to them." she comments to the tall redhead at her side.

"Kay. Hang on. I'm comin'. Hang on." Caitlin tries to hop and remove her boot at the same time, and she doesn't make it far before she rolls her eyes and has to sit down. She kicks off both of her boots and shakes a bunch of detritus out of them, then elects to walk along barefoot next to Carol.

"Okay, so like, in fairness, being… y'know, really honest," Caitlin hedges, "I miiiiight have been talkin' out of my butt a little bit about that whole gravimetric wave thing," she apologizes to Carol. "I was like, pretty sure I read about it in one of Dr. Richards' old journals, and I mean, there we are, staring at a wave propogation pod. Sittin' there propogating waves. So it all washes, but like, uh… yeah." She palms the ID scanner and keeps up with Carol with effortless long stridfes.

Diana had been…busy. The life of a vigilante Princess in man's world was one that was busy enough…but that of a diplomat trying to wrangle tensions between the newly arrived Atlanteans and the rest of the world without it devolving into a war? Much worse. Finally, she had some time to herself and Wonder Woman was taking it to relax in the best way she knew how. Dressed in full-costume as always in the Hall of Justice, the Amazon was currently beating the ever loving stuffing out of one of the punching bags that had been modified for meta-humans to train against. It wouldn't stand up to Superman full-force and she was probably wearing it down, but it was the most calming thing she'd had all week.

"You realize when you tell me these things, it chips away at my faith and confidence in your brilliance, right?" Carol offers with a wryly amused smirk on her lips, as they head down the hallway. When she spots the ongoing pounding of the punching bag in one of the workout spaces, she pauses to watch the Amazon hand it to the object. "You know, it interests me to realize just how many of us end up feeling happier when we can pound something." She continues to watch for a bit, and then shrugs one shoulder. "Tell you what, Red. Why don't we let the report wait a bit? Maybe we can help the resident Amazon vent her frustrations a bit. Not many of us can take that kind of workout." She would never say that she'd love a chance to actually meet and talk with Diana of Themyscira. But that doesn't make it not true. She's Wonder Woman, after all.

"Wait, you want me to start lying to you?" Caitlin asks Carol, dubiously. "I didn't say I -knew- what would happen, I just said … y'know, fairly assertively, that I -thought- it would take out their suspension fields."

"No reporting? I'm okay with that." Caitlin makes two steps into the gym, then stops and backs up. "Wait, hang on, she looks… um… angry," Caitlin observes, as Diana punches a dummy hard enough to wreck plate steel. "Y'know, I mean, maybe she wants some quiet time oh okay, we're going," she mumbles, as Carol pushes forward regardless of Cait's largely insincere objections. She follows in Carol's wake, and sort of partially tries to hide behind the blonde aviator as they approach Diana.

Diana is not deaf, but she does seem to have a little tunnel vision for the poor inanimate object that had incurred her wrath unknowingly. Practically folding the bag in half with her next punch the dark-haired woman backs up several steps, not even seeming the slightest bit tired while she prepares for another assault…then reality waves its arms at her in the form of the two approaching women. Lowering her arms to her sides, the Amazon tilts her head at the pair. "Was I disturbing your activities?" she questions, raising an eyebrow at the tall figure that is Caitlin trying to hide behind the shorter Carol.

"No, silly. I don't want you to start lying to me. Just … maybe sometimes think about not telling me all of the truth after the fact, dismantling my faith in the confidence you show in the crisis." Carol comments to Caitlin with a wink, before she walks forward to encounter Diana.

And Carol isn't short. But definitely shorter than Caitlin. Almost any woman is shorter than Caitlin. Even Diana herself. "You weren't disturbing us at all. But I saw you working out like that, and thought to myself that you looked … intent. Like you had some frustrations to work off." Carol begins, with a small smile. "I know I always find that goes better when I have some/one/ to spar with, instead of just some/thing/. So I thought we could come over and ask if you'd rather have a sparring partner. Or two?"

Caitlin wasn't precisely skulking. But, she totally was, and when Diana calls her out on it, Caitlin self-consciously steps out into view and stiffens reflexively. "Uh, no, I'm not, I'm fine, it's all fine, we're fine," Caitlin informs Diana, a bit stiff-backed. "How are you?" she adds a bit meekly, though the words are lost in the back and forth between Carol and Diana.

Then Carol offers her up as a sparring partner, and Cait's luminous green eyes bug a bit in shock.

"Wait, what?"

For all the savage beating she'd been inflicting on the training bag a few moments ago, the Amazon woman's smile is positively radiant with warmth. A gift of Aphrodite…or just a product of a matronly culture of Themyscira. "I confess to a few frustrations of late. Life can seem much simpler in battle and war, but I learned long ago that doesn't make it so…I just like to try and forget some times." She's smiling, even as she looks at the woman nearly twice her build whom clearly has a little nerves. "Are you well?" she questions of Caitlin, but Carol's offer is quick to grab her attention and she gestures to the matting on which she stands. "I would welcome the company and contest."

The blonde of the trio nudges Caitlin with an elbow, a clear sign of the 'go with my flow' variety, as she listens to Diana's response. She's rather amazed - and she shouldn't be - by the Amazon's eloquence and beauty. She's not one usually affected so strongly by someone she's just met. "It's true. Sometimes the best thing for clearing my head is a chance to just punch something. It doesn't solve the problem, but it lets me vent a bit, and seems to let the problems work out in my head when I'm not looking." That's as close to bona fide introspection as one is going to get out of Carol Danvers.

"Well, if you'd welcome the contest, so would I." Carol offers, and glances up at Caitlin. "What do you say, Big Red? C'mon. It'll be fun. And a learning experience. You can't just learn by sparring with me. The more styles, the more you learn." That said, Carol steps forward into a relaxed ready stance, ready to engage, either on her own, or taking turns with Caitlin. This is going to be a challenge, and that doubles the fun.

"Ow!" Caitlin rubs her ribs where Carol elbows her, scowling, and drifts towards a bench to set her boots down, leaving her barefoot in her purple bodysuit. "Elbow me, I'll elbow you," she grumbles, mostly under her breath.

"Wait, are we doing flyer's rules this time or what?" she asks, guardedly. "Last time we were going around, you told Kara not to cheat," she reminds Diana. "'cause it kinda sucks when I'm literally the only person who can't fly. -Carol-." Caitlin says, pointedly, and still very much not occupying the third point of the fighting triangle Carol and Diana are forming.

Taking a step back, Diana just raises her arm in a beckoning gesture at the pair before she lowers them into a fighting stance, guard raised and ready. It's pretty clear the Amazon expected that the pair would be attacking her both, working together despite Fairchild's whining. "I will keep from the air then," she says with a smile, "lest we accidently break the roof of the hall in our recreation. That would not be nearly as fun to explain." Diana doesn't remove any part of her costume, but at least the woman isn't wearing her sword and shield! The lasso of truth however, remains perfectly fixed at her side.

"I'm not much of one for getting grounded, Caitlin." Carol offers, but then she smiles. "Still, I don't like being called a cheat, either." Carol nods, firmly. "No flying. Done and done." She scoots into place, and waits her turn. Then she waits her turn, and steps in to exchange blows with Diana. She, at least, is planning on taking turns with the Amazon; again, she's no cheat. And she's no rank amateur at unarmed combat, either. Still. how she'll measure up to Diana is still in question. She starts with some testing blows, simple punches and brief exchanges, and then brings in a drop and legsweep into the mix as she tries to get a measure of Diana's skill and put it into context alongside what she herself already knows.

Well, Carol is far from an amatuer, that much is very clear and brings a smile to Diana's face as she moves, blocking and dodging the blows of the other super-powered woman. Feeling the strength rain down upon her from those strikes just makes that grin all the wider. A proper contest was something she'd always enjoyied long before she'd walked Man's world as Wonder Woman. Deflecting one particular punch sideways, Diana pivots on her hip and throws her own strike back to reverse her position and push the attack. Time to see how good Carol could work on the defencive!

Caitlin squeaks at Carol's daring leg sweep, and then Diana's sudden counter and riposte. "Gah! Look out!" she yelps. "No! Yes! Dodge— the hip, the hip!" she yells, swinging her hip at Carol in a wholly unhelpful fashion.

One part of Carol Danvers is sliding down into the instincts of a well-trained fighter, while the other part is - to be honest - getting distracted. Part of it is her own excitement. She may be a professional, as it were, and certainly no slouch. But this is /Wonder Woman/, and the eager jitters do threaten. Worse in a way is the wry amusement at her half-awareness of Caitlin's admittedly adorable antics as she cheers Carol on.

For now, the concentration wins. Carol hasn't always had superpowers, and she learned to fight when she couldn't count on being the biggest or the strongest in a fight. She can easily translate that into defensive tactics, though she doesn't have invulnerable magic bracers to deflect those blows. She just has to do the best she can; better than using her jaw to deflect them, right? Carol has good balance, solid footwork, and she stays very centered. She's a bit more fisticuffs-focused than a 'pure' martial artist; her skills come from the military, primarily. But she does use her whole body, and she knows how to throw all of herself into a punch, or a block, or a sweep. And damn if this isn't fun, getting the old blood pumping!

Diana is a warrior from birth, trained every day of her life and blessed by gods. There's a reason that she was one of the founding members of the league…but that doesn't mean fighting someone of Carol's strength and skill is easy. While neither of them are going all out it's still certainly going to look intense to the outside looking in. Diana might have those bracelets, but she seems to be tring to keep things even as she fights more traditionally, raining punches and kicks into Carol's defence.

Suddenly, her guard seems to slip and Carol's punch connects as Wonder woman seems to turn out of the way a little too slow…but the 'slip' very quickly reveals itself as a gambit when Diana tries to overbalance the blonde throwing all her weight into the punch and pull her down to the ground into a a vice-like grapple.

"Gah! No! I told you, the hip!" Caitlin shouts, grabbing her hair in consternation at the reversal. She jumps up and down twice, making the reinforced floor reverberate slightly. "Yes- no, there, get— yeah, the leg, the leg!" she shouts, offering lots of earsplitting volume and very little in the way of coherently useful feedback to Carol's battle with Diana.

Carol is only too well aware that an opening like this is very likely a gambit from Diana; she has a very high opinion of the other woman's skill. Neverthless, she'd be a fool and a coward not to /try/, and try the blonde does. She takes the punch that follows and lets herself be thrown to the ground, her only adjustment being to wrap her legs around the mighty brunette in an attempt to turn this into something more than just being choke-slammed. She may not be able to escape - Greeks are awesome at wrestling - but she tries, at least, rather than giving up.

"You're very good," Diana complements even as her limbs tangle and her arms work to try and bind and immobilize Carol, locking her into a position that would basically be a pin. She'd had to learn to adjust her tactics a long time ago. When she'd first left her home? She'd been trained to kill. The last five years had taught Wonder Woman a lot. While Caitlin's warnings are entertaining, Diana at least doesn't seem all that distracted by them. Only that smile on her lips suggests they're heard at all.

"You're better." Carol admits without hesitation. She taps the mat three times, and then untangles her limbs from Diana's carefully. She smiles. "One of the reasons why I thought it would be fun; I'd be certain for a challenge, and I could learn more and improve." That's what happens when a good fighter faces one who is better; she pushes herself, and learns. "We can go another few rounds, if you like." Carol's easy-going enough to adapt, rather than impose.

"Even amoung Amazons, you would be able to stand proud," she smiles as she releases the other woman and stands, tilting her head to the side while rolling her shoulders. "I would be honored to keep sparring with you…but perhaps we should move elsewhere. You said you didn't enjoy grounding yourself, perhaps it would be worth going elsewhere where breaking things would not be an issue."

Carol smiles and rolls up to hr feet, extending a hand to Diana. "Thank you, Diana. I appreciate the kind words." She considers a few moments, and then nods. "Sure. I love to fly. It's the best part of having gained my powers, bar none. I was a pilot, before. So I've always hungered to fly." That said, she considers. "So. Where should we go to try our luck in the air, without breaking things? I'm not generally in favor of collateral damage, and certainly not just for sparring."

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