Soft Pretzels In Central Park

June 15, 2016:

An arranged meeting between waterfolk is crashed by a coyote

Central Park - New York


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Rowan and Ulani are back to their 'surface' lives following the victory of the Sea Peoples in their war with the Lord of the Deep but the chaos churned up by that ancient being hasn't even close to settled yet. At the moment the Sea Peoples diplomatic status quo is in shambles with a genuine Horde of Wild Tribes led by Attuma pressing for full recognition and territorial rights from the Lemurians. As part of the agreements necessary to bring them into the war, Ulani has agreed to mediate that. Poor Ulani.

It was Rowan that suggested that they be made to meet in neutral waters at the human research station Deep Marine Discovery. This station is close to Atlantic waters, so it only makes sense that they'd inform the Atlantean Monarchy not to be alarmed when armed and escorted diplomatic deputations show up in their waters. As Rowan and Ulani are busy the beginning of that conversation started with an invitation to visit New York. Rowan isn't sure how often Mera gets out, but it couldn't hurt. Right? Central Park is one of the least sea like environmetns around but 'parks' of a sort are known to the sea peoples so the concept should be familair. It'll also give Rowan a chance to see how the fearsome redhead likes 'soft bread pretzels.'

At least he looks normal. Just a guy in jeans. Nothing to see here. Nevermind that flashlight sized rod on his belt made of corral.

The invitation is indeed very much welcome. As much as Mera would have been entirely content to join her husband in sleeping for about a month, getting to visit the Surface again is appealing enough to convince her to go. She travels as close to the agreed upon park as possible by water, and walks the rest of the way.

Mera is NOT dressed to blend in with the locals. Even if her attire could be passed off as particularly showy exercise gear, walking around NYC barefoot is some how MORE noteworthy. As is the tiara holding her slowly drying hair back from her face.

It's very possible she's dragged an unintentional entourage of rubberneckers and papparazzi with her. At least the Tide that used to shadow her every move have finally been given the order to stand down.

Ulani looks remarkably normal as well. Having returned to the Surface she's taken to wearing Surfacer clothing again. Today it's another skaters dress with a skirt that sits mid-thigh, the clothing doesn't do much to hide her fighters physique or the new scars she's gathered during the war.

Mera's rubbernecking entourage gets a soft sigh from the Blue Envoy, who casts a glance up to Rowan before inclining her head to Atlantis Monarch. Now, more than ever, the Blue must be careful not to be seen as 'Atlanteans'. "Your Majesty, I'm glad you could make it."

Jesana doesn't know about any of this really, but she hasn't accidently shifted in two whole days and so she's at her favorite park. Dressed in a buckskin skirt and boots and a sheer, sky blue shirt tied at the midriff, the young native american draws plenty of glances, at least until the other more interesting people are noticed. An intricate feather tatttoo adorns the right side of the woman's collarbone and she also wears a silver chain belt and smokly quartz necklace.
She seems unaware of the attention or the approaching group, occupied with an expensive looking cellphone as she walks. After a moment she finds the camera feature and pauses, ignoring the shocked gasps of an eldery couple nearby when she suddenly hikes the back of her skirt down and reaches back to take a picture with the phone. Hurriedly she brings the camera back around to study the picture. "Oh. You sonofbitch! Get your goddamned hand off my ass!" There's more dismayed sounds from the couple and they hurry away from the apparent crazy woman who finally looks up. "Oh. Crap. Uh. Hi". Wait. Did someone just say 'Your Majesty?'

Someone did. Someone standing next to someone who was procuring a pretzel from a stand not far away. Rowan glances over curiously in Jesana's direction. Though still often lost he's come to understand the more common surfacer social mores. That's… uh… that's not one of them. And in both Human and Blue culture, talking to no one is often a sign of insanity.

Well that or 'blue tooth'.

"Uh… ahem. Sorry." Jesana gets another curious look before Rowan looks back at Mera. "Hello Your Majesty. Care to sample some surfacer… bread?" It's salted, but a lot of sea people food is… for obvious reasons.

"We were hoping to tell you about some developments that may touch on your real- I'm sorry, Ulani did you see that?" He's referring of course to Jesana's quasi insane behavior.

Mera nods a hello to the entirely Surfacer-normal looking Rowan and Ulani, then turns a glance toward the dark haired woman. She didn't really understand most of her words — not the language, but the context is where she fails — so she doesn't fret over any possible inappropriate language. What earns Jesana a second, harder look, though, is not her appearance.

Ulani had turned Jes exclaimation, a frown marring her brow as she looks around. "I did, Rowan but I do not see that anyone is near enough to hand their hand on her …" The Blue aren't shy about these sorts of things but the Blue Envoy learns quickly - most surfacers are. "Are you alright, Miss?" That's the correct way to say things, right?

Sotte Vocce to Rowan, but probably loud enough for the others to hear "Do you think she has blue teeth, Rowan." OK, so somethings have escaped her.

Mera's response doesn't go unnoticed though.

It's summer, and her hair is long enough and parted so it falls over her chest and keeps her from getting ticketed for indecent expose with her shirt and now that her ass isn't showing, Jes eyes Mera. Oh great it'd be her luck to come across a group of.. of.. the native woman's nostrils flare and at the same time she spots Ulani. "Bobby's friend. I'm Jesana. I don't think we've actually met outside of a fight." Hasn't she seen this guy before too? That battle at that village. She still drops by to see the surviving kids sometimes. And she's almost positive she's seen Mera before but can't remember..
Oh yeah. When she killed that elf, there'd been that pissed off woman with all the water and everyone had bowed and she'd thought they'd all lost their damned minds.Is this woman really a Queen? Fenris. She hopes they don't know about the people she's dropped into the middle of the ocean. Or that one monster..
Aw crap, they heard that huh? "It's uh.. kinda a long story." Jes blinks and unobtrusively runs her tongue over her teeth. She hasn't eaten anything blue today… right? She does hold up the phone to show a small black inked tattoo of a withered, skeletal looking hand though. "Kinda a magical thing gone awry." Nah, nobody knows aobut those people and only one of them lived. Jesana grins.

"Maybe?" Rowan peers at Jesana. "I don't see anything that would be sending her voices though." Usually they have something in the ears. A kind of communications device, he's thought? Or something for curbing the insanity? He hasn't investigated it that much.

"You seem familiar." Rowan's more recognizeable when he's got scales on but he's not doing that here. The panic. Oh the panic. And the cell phones, almost as bad.

No wait. Worse.

"This is Mera, the Sea Queen of Atlantis. I'm Rowan. This is Ulani. Who are you?"

Of COURSE they know about the humans and odd creatures suddenly landing in the ocean. It's been written off as the rather dangerous foibles of some Surfacer spellcaster who has yet to figure out why their teleporation spells seem extremely … inefficient. And Mera also questions Jesana, but in a seemingly completely random way. "Who is he and what is he saying?"

"Oh, yes. The apartment building in M-Town. I don't think we have either." Ulani shakes her head to punctuate that. "And you were at that village… being very concerned about the children." Her tone hardens a little. Jes had nearly panicked … panicked is a good enough word. "Jesana, then. You should probably seek assistance if that's magic gone wrong." She might need to ask their own magic users about such things.

"So not - blue tooth." the Blue Envoy, slides a glance between the other two water folk. "Do you recognise Queen Mera, Jesana?"

Rowan. Why.. Jes suddenly reaches up to touch her nose. "I remember. You were laying on a beach once when I went running." She'd been looking at the ocean, and there'd been so many scents, she had noticed something strange but hadn't seen the dragon until she'd bounced off his side. She'd been so excited she hadn't even cared about nearly breaking her nose.
"Que-aw sh-" Jes swallows and straightens. The long, long list of her current problems is really a thing she should try not to add to and causing a diplomatic incident in the park is something that would get her into trouble with her God too so she should probably try to be alittle more cautious.
"It's uh.." She's getting the feeling lying would be a bad idea here. "A surprise to see you." Jes frowns. "Who is who?" Only.. she knows. It's just that no one else should. Sometimes other people can hear her Father but he isn't the one murmering in her mind at the moment. "An old god that hasn't yet realized his time is over. If you can somehow hear him, trust me, he isn't saying anything worth listening to." She looks aside and scowls. "It's not the kinda thing anyone can help me with but thanks." Jes looks up at smiles at Ulani and then nods and actually does so in a respectful manner at Mera. "I remember only a little. It was a battle where I was particularly.. angry. I didn't understand who you were then. I'm sorry if I was.. rude."

Rowan seems a little amused at that. Mera hadn't mentioned it and she hadn't gone on an angry rampage after so he's fairly certain that the Sea Queen wasn't upset.

"We were showing Her Majesty around here and I had some news for her. Speaking of…"

The Dragon-Blue turns to Mera. "We've arranged for both the Lemurians and the Wild Tribes to meet at Deep Marine Discovery which is near your waters though not in them. Your defense forces may notice some… groups of armed people arriving shortly. There's no cause for alarm." He hopes.

Mera studies Jesana for a moment longer, then leans toward her a bit and sends directly into the Coyote-kin's mind, < Leave this one be, Ancient One. > Then considering the matter concluded, the turns to Rowan. She seems to hesitate after he relates his news before nodding, likely having just relayed the information to Arthur or one of their trusted advisors. "We will be on the alert for those forces, and ensure that peace is maintained."

Jesana's rambling gets a distracted sort of attention from the Blue Envoy. She doesn't mean to appear rude, if she is, it's just … they came here to speak to Mera and there are things they've other duties to discharge today.

"This is true, Queen Mera. Attuma, The Wildings and The Lemurians have given their assurance there will not be trouble." What Ulani might be a little worried about is the definition of trouble. "I hope that this will see the … end of this chapter for us." But she rather suspects not.

"We are also meeting with more Surfacer officials, progressing our claims for our Nations recognition." Mera seems to have a keen interest in that topic and slow as their progress has been, the Blue Female still keeps giving her updates.

Jesana manages not to visibly show surprise at Rowan's words. How many of them are there? She loves learning about new people and creatures and has discovered that in some cases there are far more than she would have ever dreamed and in others, far, far to few. Her thought briefly turn to wonder what it would be like to live in the ocean, and how much more difficult it'd be to fight, though in their case probably not at all.. her thoughts are suddenly interrupted and Jes blinks at Mera.
Ohhhh shit. It's not like she's met many telepaths. A few empaths but they usually don't get anything from her but animal emotion. Of course, she usually does that on purpose but her control issues right now, coyote is asleep and not protjecting at all.. "Uh." "Thanks." At least she wasn't thinking about sex. Or how cute Rowan is or that woman over there with the..are those coral shorts? Or how long it's been since got laohgodi'vegottostopthinkingnow! Jes busies herself with ordering a pretzel, clearly somewhat out of sorts and trying to settle herself. Plus these people have business. Wow, and Set actually shut up for the time being. Oh man. She has got to ask someone about Me-pretzelpretzels. Think about the damned pretzel.
Nations recognition? How many people know about the Ocean peoples? That strikes a memory and Jes quietly munches while she sorts through her thoughts to figure out what.

If Rowan knew what Jes was doing to avoid telepathic scans he'd be amused. Mera might be anyway since the more powerful kind of telepath doesn't have to just listen. They can also dig.

Though digging through Jes' mind is probably ill advised.

"If the Atlanteans wish to pursue such a path we'll be happy to quietly share any intelligence we gather on who might be sympathetic to us. We've contacted nations that border our ocean. 'Japan' seems rather curious. They have this strange thing about squid and… mmm, well never mind that. This nation, this 'United States' is cautious but we've had some success with them. They're… somewhat suspcious of us still. Orm's invasion two years ago left an impression, I fear."

Mera has enough manners to not dig through people's minds without either VERY good reason or their explicit permission. And with Jesana, she has neither. She's already been borderline rude by telling that other voice in the Surfacer woman's mind to hush. And she would indeed find Jes's rather loud thoughts amusing if more of them made sense. As it is, she's mostly closed off her mind for the time being. Too many other extremely loud minds about. Do Surfacers' minds always have that much… flotsam?

"Arthur has tried to negotiate with Surfacer governments in the past for recognition, but they have yet to reason and wisdom. Perhaps now that will finally change." In other words, count Atlantis in.

If Jes realized someone was purposely trying to dig through her mind, she's got no shortage of horible things to distract them with even without coyote's raw wild emotion. Her own memories of torture and abuse, lifetimes worth of her Father's memories, images from her time traveling through the realm of Pervs in Hell, but she's currently not thinking about any of that.
She's looking for a particular memory and wondering if it contains any helpful information. "I obviously can't speak for any of them but, I wouldn't- uh.." saying 'hold your breath' might be offensive. Or, not even understood. "Expect much. I don't have a traditional surfacer education but one I think I do know is that goverments have a long history of ignoring and not caring about minorities or anyone who isn't like they are. Thye do know about you, might even have an idea how many of you there are. There was awhile ago, a meeting I attended at some US goverment base. They wanted help with something. I told them to fuck off, but the others didn't. It was when you were fighting that thing in the ocean. Dumbasses were worried about all the wrong things. I told them that too but it's not like they heard me."

To Ulani, Surfacer minds are always interesting. Well Surfacers in general. There might be a number of Waterfolk, but Surfacers! have such a variety. She'd also be amused if she knew that Jes thought Rowan was cute.

Seeing the coyotes interest in the topic, Ulani smiles "As we've been telling your Government, there are many different nations under the waves, Jesana. Rowan and I, are of The Blue. We have our own system of government and whilst…" she inclines her head to Mera "… we recognise the Atlantean monarchy, we are not governed by it. But it is my privilege to name the Queen among my acquaintances." Friends even. But monarchs can't afford to have friends and sometimes those friends can't afford to have royal friends.

"Japan is most certainly curious, as are a few of the other smaller nations. Those in the south have expressed interest in learning more." The Blue Envoy wrinkles her nose at the mention of the USA "The government here took a while to accept that The Blue are not Atlantis. I fear this will be a long road to travel. Mera's words get another nod from the woman. "I hope that is the case too, Your Majesty."

Rowan would not know but given that surfacers are loud in the flesh he would not be surprised to hear that they are loud in their minds as well. The Dragon Blue nods at Ulani's explanation and peers curiously at Jesana. "And are you someone with… what is the surfacer word, connections in the government?"

That they would ask her for help is certainly of interest to him. To his mind, he, Ulani and Mera can never know too many 'champions'.

Simply based on the few moments of Jesana's mind that she touched, Mera is pretty sure that the black-haired woman has little to no connection to the Surfacer government. But it's still a bit refreshing to hear that she did try to champion Atlantis' cause even without being asked to do so. "I can only hope that this time the officials can be made to see reason." She can't help it, she's now looking at those 'pretzel' things a bit curiously.

Her hair has completely stopped dripping and is actually starting to look like it's headed toward dry. What a concept.

"Indeed, Jesana. If you have some connection with the Government, we'd appreciate any help you might give." Ulani adds to Rowan's question. Something in Mera's tone has Ulani looking and she sighs. "I fear, that it is time for Her Majesty to return to her duties." No need to broadcast this to anyone. "Rowan, let's walk Queen Mera back and finalise our briefing. Then, I believe we need to do some … groceries … for your apartment."

With a nod to Jesana, Ulani gestures … and the trio head off back towards to the Ocean.

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