Strange Magic

June 16, 2016:

Doctor Strange visits the DEO's Jennifer Kale to gift an amulet for protection..


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A few months ago the Justice League managed to defeat the demon Tartessus, one of Set's daughters. The elder demon had escaped the Talisman of Tartessus when it was damaged by super-villains.

Doctor Strange claimed the Talisman, much to the displeasure of the DEO, which had it among its arsenal. But Strange accepted returning the talisman to the agency if they had anyone he felt able to handle it. And Wonder Woman insisted he had to give it back, despite their mutual distrust at the ability of the government bureaucrats to handle something like a major demon.

Strange has been ignoring or replying with vague promises the DEO demands and threats. Up until now. Because he finally managed to repair the Talisman and now he knows Jennifer is in the DEO's payroll. So… today he knocks at the door of her office.

It looks like any other door, really. Wooden, with the name J. Kale written and etched in a golden placque. Blinds covering the windows to keep the flash of lights to a minimum. Jennifer Kale having an office was suspect, but in all honesty?

It used to be a broom closet that was converted into a small space with a desk if anyone on the outside should look when she wasn't there.

When she was?

It was typically bigger on the inside, the door opening as soon as he knocks, inching a little crack of the way to allow Strange to see inside.

And it's a bloody pillow fort. Naturally, a desk and table as well as a laptop computer sits upon the edge, but it was a blooming pillow fort. Trails and tendrils of linen hang from the ceiling to the floor, creating an arabic look, glitter and gold smattering and often times leaping from the walls to form faeries that sing at certain times of the day. Writing remains upon the ceiling, not of old poetry, but from Kale's own doing, keeping her eyes peeled to the words she writes as she tilts her head and waves a hand to undo it all. "Oooooh crap this thesis is going to be so horrible.." She muses, then glances up from her spot upon her many pillows to stare towards the door.

"Who is it?"

"It is Doctor Strange, Ms. Kale. Jennifer," the man at the door is tall and lean, middle-aged, wearing an expensive-looking blue suit. "It has been a while; I see you are…" he pauses, seeing her face. "…working for the government. I am sure it is an interesting job. Nice office." He is not trying to be sarcastic, but Jennifer's scars have derailed his train of thought.

"Huh?" She hasn't heard that name in a very, very long time. She slowly levels her eyes towards the door, the older gentleman was actually a sight for sore eyes. So she rolls over onto her belly with a quick scramble to her feet, her jeans pulled up, fingers gesturing towards his shoes. "Take them of before you enter."

The words on the ceiling begin to float away, transferring itself onto the paper that she has upon her desk. "Well, it's actually a closet. But its a private place to work while I write my thesis. And.. are you telling jokes right now?" She totally forgot to conceal her face. Her scars. Mostly because she was comfortable.

"Hmm, well," Strange leans on the doorframe and pulls off one shoe, then the other, leaving them outside. "No, just surprised. I had heard rumors about your demise, but when I investigated, you registered as alive. I suppose there is a story behind the rumors, but in truth I didn't come to talk about personal matters. This is a matter of business."

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"Rumors.. that I hope are greatly exaggerated." Jen remarks, putting on a fake russian accent along with the gestures to boot. "However, there is a story. A very long and traumatic story that I really am ashamed to talk about." But, he came to talk about business, which causes her eyebrows to rise, moving towards the desk to pull out the chair to face Strange as one leg crosses over the other.

"I guess I better put my agent hat on then!" She smiles a little, then perks up, hands folding upon her lap. "So, Dr. Strange, what can I do for you today?"

Doctor Strange gives Jennifer a serious glance, his eyes narrowing slightly. "Exaggerated. I would hope so, perhaps we should talk about it at some point, but not right now." He pulls a rectangular case from his suit pocket and leaves it on the desk, carefully. It seems to be made of brass and it every square inch is covered by glyphs and runes. "The Amulet of Tartessus. Repaired and encased in orichalcum. I am giving it back to the D.E.O. at the Justice League request. But I would prefer you keep an eye on whatever your agency has planned to do with it. It is not something it should be in the hands of the uninitiated, or even in the hands of novice sorcerers. This device is the door, Jennifer, and if it is opened a demon whose power vastly dwarfs our own would be released on the world."

Jennifer would rather not. But she doesn't elaborate. Bringing it up would only make him press further, and possibly would upset the Sorcerer Supreme to know that she's actually used dark magic to return to the realm of the living. That self conscious thought actually causes her to draw her hand along her ruined face, clearing the skin with a bit of illusionary magic, an enchantment to appear normal.

But as she reaches for the small casing, she pauses, her fingers curling over it to place her hand confidently atop of it. "You do remember what I carry, right?" One brow raises, as she slowly begins to slide it from the desk.. Giving him ample time to take the amulet back. "I'll let the powers that be know that it's in my possession. And that they'll have to trust my word that it is here and not there. Suitable?"

"You can handle the matter as you prefer," agrees Strange with a nod. "But I suspect they are going to want to have the amulet somewhere else. The other D.E.O. agents, led by an Asgardian Alfar that called himself Lid, were moving the artifact with some design in mind. I am concerned they have unwise plans. Which is why the case is warded. But I am quite sure they will find a way to open it if they devote a few weeks of time and effort."

"I prefer to keep it in a safe place."

Jennifer murmurs sternly. "And honestly, if you wanted Alfar to have it you should have given it to him. You know my stance on things that should not be opened." The case was placed within her lap protectively. "I still carry the burden of Zhered'Na's tome. This shall be my burden and cross to wear. If I get fired over it?" Her shoulders shrug idly. "I'll just find another job that gives great tuition and benefits." She smiles, then it drops. "Unless this is something that you were expecting from the start."

Strange shakes his head, "I prefer to give it to someone I can trust," he explains. The rest of Jennifer's statement earns an arched brow. "The tome is burden, but also a privilege. There is nothing good in that case, Jennifer. As for you getting fired, well, I have to wonder why did you take this job. Your magical skills are developed enough you don't need… this, do you?"

Fingers tip-tap along the top of the case as she shrugs. "If you say so." She leans back within her chair, rocking just a little, practically jostling the amulet probably to get on Strange's nerves. But.. that likely wouldn't happen.

"Well, a girls got bills to pay. As much as I can live off of magic, wishes, dreams and rainbows, and we both know that we could.. it doesn't keep the lights on nor gives me the degrees I want." She shrugs. "I aim to be a Renaissance girl. Sue me."

Strange shrugs. He uses alchemy when he needs mundane cash. He certainly can't be bothered to keep a 8 to 5 job on top of all he does. Not to mention it would be fairly rude to cancel doctor appointments every time some demon tries to invade the Earth.

"Be as you wish. And if the government is foolish enough to rescind your services, I am sure I can find you a new job," he offers. "Perhaps in the Justice League. Meanwhile, I do hope you are learning something interesting."

"They have a many number of witches and mages at their disposal, some much more skilled than I am." Her hand lifts from the amulet, then down again, and up.. then down.. a slight spark beneath it as she begins to push it clean through her thigh. "The Justice League? That ol' thing?" She teases, pushing the amulet further and further until it disappears into the starry portal that she created within her skin. Her hand is pulled free and shaken, then she quickly stands upright.

"I'm actually studying Modern English Literature. Why not, right? It is interesting. A lot of throwback to the olden days."

Strange seems skeptical about the statement. Many mages in the D.E.O.? Not likely, he would know if they have any major talent. "Don't sell yourself short," he offers, standing up. "Ah, literature is always interesting. I wish I had more time to indulge myself. But I can barely keep up with modern medical science. I am two months late in my readings already and the Spring is always rife with supernatural activity."

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