The Arrow's New Ink

June 12, 2016:

Oliver approaches Rain to see if she can follow through on her offer to give him magical protection.

Moontree Manor


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"BETTER NOT BE SELLING ANYTHING," The cigar having woman belts out. "Moooooooooooom, chill." A younger looking gal, who seems to resemble the wrathful tree trimmer emerges around a corner with a trowel. "Probably here for Rain," She remarks.

Rain emerges from the door, probably figuring out who it is. Or at least trying to be polite. The gate opens. The big fellow looks up, and goes back to his tasks.

"Hey! Come on in," She waves to the man. Rain looks puzzled. Captain emerges and snorts. "Humans. Can never change your stinks," He quips. A beat. "Just please never wear Axe, man," The cat comments. "Oh, hush." They will let Ollie in.

Ollie nods politely to Rain, trying to ignore the rest of the goings on about the place. Really, it is a bit awkward for him to come out. Then he smiles a bit and looks to the young mage. "I need your help." The phrase is direct and simple.

"Oh hey! Um, you do?" Rain looks up, violet eyes widening a bit. "Sure, come in. You'll be okay here. Most people don't really wanna bother with this place. We still get the odd holy book thumper trying to exorcise us, though," She remarks. She and Captain step aside to let him in. "Want anything to eat or drink? And what's up?"

"No, nothing to eat or drink." Oliver replies as he walks into the house and glances around again shaking his head. "The first time I was brought here, you had mentioned perhaps being able to create some kind of ward or shielding against magical energies. Is that true? Is that something you could possibly do?"

"Okay," Rain remarks. "And yeah, what's up?" Her eyebrow lifts. "You asked for a luck blessing, I think? It's not hard necessarily to ward, depending on what you want. You're welcome to sit on the couch, by the by," She motions over. Rain seems puzzled. Captain has lost interest and moves to sun his buns in a beam of sun.

Ollie goes to the couch, sitting down on it and pulling the cap off now as he does. "I have become a target of late with some of the mystical elements that are in Gotham. Vampires in particular but even primal energies and magics have been growing in concern. With my mayoral campaign, I'm a target for these forces and unfortunately I do'nt have much of a way to deal with them. To oppose them."

Rain is tempted to make a quip about being a little old for a high school when he comments about vampires. She furrows her brows. Rubs the back of her head. "Hmm. I see. And probably not old school vampires who hate garlic and running water, huh. Or the ones who can't get in unless invited," She frowns. Mayor Ollie does sound pretty awesome, though. "Hmhmhm. I gotta think on the vampires thing. To them, most of humanity is Taco Bell." She notes. "I can at least give you some degree of protection. But I may throw that luck in on you," She muses. "I think - hang on, one of my great aunt's amulets has some magic I can store in it. Wait, no, you're a dude. You don't wanna world tree amulet. Uh. Think, Rain…" Chinrub. "Guess I could just cast it on you."

Oliver is quiet for a bit before he looks at Rain, "When I was stranded on the island," which most people know about unless they live in a complete cave, "I wasn't alone. I saw things, experienced things. Primal energies and magic was present there. I have done some reading and my understanding is that runic symbols and totems seem to be the way they communicate." Of course he isn't a witch or a mage to understand such. "Would a runic symbol, tattooed into me, be effective?"

"Huh? Sure, probably. I learned some runework under Loki," Rain remarks. She survived being his apprentice for a couple of years, which is a testament to being subservient, clever and very capable of keeping her mouth shut. She's full of secrets like a burrito is full of beans. "Just pick a symbol that's meaningful to you. It doesn't have to be a RUNE. I'd be careful with the nordic runes, actually. Kinda getting a bad rap thanks to some racist assholes."

Ollie shakes his head and laughs, "I'm not looking for anything in particular. This is for functionality, not decoration." He offers the view to Rain before looking about awkwardly. "So we can do this? A marking that will be imbued to … well protect against the primal magics and the undead?"

"To a point. I'm thinking we could probably either alert you to them or bless you with luck. Warding against the undead outright is going to draw their attention. They're like cats, they eat the things they aren't supposed to or that stick out." She glances around. Rain pauses. "Don't sweat it, the house is warded. Only people I allow get in. Everyone else wanders circles and then gets dropped onto the sidewalk," She remarks. "What kind of magic are you wanting warded against? Offensive, sympathetic? I mean, a magical dead zone period would need to be on an artifact, because your soul is arguably magic."

"I'm mostly worried about attempts to manipulate or corrupt me." Oliver says after thinking it over, "A protection against cohersion. A friend of mine was recently bitten by a Vampire, she has lost some of her free will obviously. I was the target of that I believe, I need to have protection against that happening, against losing my free will."

Blink. Rain looks uncertain. "I can try, sure. I think it's doable." She's probably going to stealthily add luck because this dude has bad luck like chickens have feathers. "Sure. It's doable. When you want to do this?" She asks, inclining her head.

This is the part that has Ollie mildly nervous, the timing. "As soon as possible, now if possible." He sighs quietly, "Every day the possibilities of what I'm facing are growing more. Even just last night there was another attack by the creatures. I am limited in what I can do in confronting them without protection from them and their magic. Resistance against their influenc eon my mind, resistance against primal magic. I don't need to be a dead zone Miss Moontree; I just need to not be defenseless."

Blink.Blinkblink. "Okay. Well. This charm should alert and protect you," She straightens. Rain pauses. "Captain, go get the incense and some tylenol please. I'm sorry to hear that. You and yours are welcome here if you ever get followed. Most vampires don't rile up witches because I know a good fireball ruins their day," She remarks. "I'll fetch some ink. Bear in mind, I uh. Really not used to doing tattoos." Nosewrinkle. "But I bet with a bit of magic and google, I should come close enough. First, we'll give you some tylenol so that the pain's not too bad. Then, I'm gonna google the inks needed."

"Do not worry about the tylenol or the pain." Oliver says with a wry chuckle. "I think you're forgetting that I've dealt with my fair share of bumps and bruises." Understatement considering the numerous brutal scars he carries. "Besides, the other tattoos were done without relief, I doubt this one will be any worse."

"That's fine, I just - okay," Rain remarks. "I'm still googling it and the tylenol is there," She says. Rain really isn't a tattoo artist. So she may go with a magical ink-brand. In the shape of an arrow-head, quickly doodled with her drafting pens and inks. "Here, this look okay? It's gonna be on you, so-" She pauses. "Let's not go with the actual RUNES because there's racists, hippies and actual magic people that use them. The first two are far more prevalent and might ding your career," Sigh. She fetches a worn book. "Okay, my aunt was a TOTAL boozehound but she had warding down to an art." And frankly? Rain's going to give him a little luck. The first shot might miss, the first spell fizzles… It won't be a LOT, but it might help Ollie out. "Uh. Wait. Where am I even putting this on you?"

Oliver takes off his jacket and then lifts up his shirt. Considering the design of the tattoo he actually frowns, "Isn't an arrow head perhaps a little obvious considering my other line of work? Maybe just the script itself might be less … questionable?" There's actually not a lot of space on Oliver that isn't scarred up, but his left side on the lower ribs looks open so he points there. "Would that work?"

"Up to you. It's going ON you, so you'd better be sure," She remarks. Then a pause. "Nah, lots of people like arrowheads." Rain shrugs. "Honestly, my people don't use scripts. We're will workers. Things happen because we want them to, and we're powerful enough to channel reality to our will. Freaking wizards, man. Though, I always keep my relics on me. No one would take me seriously with a 12 inch wand." She pauses.

"Sure. As I said, your call. Scars aren't a big deal," She offers. "So. We found some organic inks. And… uh. I found the spell in my aunt's old notebook. Right next to her favorite whiskey recipes." SIGH. "Ready?"

Oliver nods his head to Rain, "As ready as I'll ever be I imagine." He moves to put his arms up and takes a breath while waiting. "If this backfires, make sure to dump my body in the river."

Rain sets some incense to burn. It has tinges of sandalwood, ancient and powerful. Then she stares at Oliver. "I am not doing anything that would involve backfiring to the point of body disposal. I'd stash you in my Warehouse 13 anyway," She states simply.

She looks to the book, and less mystically exciting- her laptop with google. Deep breath. "Okay." Nothing nordic. Too tainted by association. Somehow, THE COSMOS, will make sure Ollie totally gets those awesome symbols. Or maybe Rain's aunt was really drunk and the universe has mercy and it looks neat.

The room seems to feel more protected, the lost, secret glade of a forest away from the gaze of man and fae. The air more - alive? Scents sharper, and so on. It's gonna take Rain awhile to channel that power and ink at the same time. Captain is available for cuddles, too.
With the pricks of the ink and the work that Rain does, Oliver just stands patiently without outward expression while she works. For some reason he has the instincts to know that what she is doing requires focus, so he doesn't even speak. Instead he just reflects on some stuff of life while staring straight ahead. How he got to this point, getting magic tattoos to ward off Vampires… life on the Island was so much simpler.

Rain is doing her best to minimize the discomfort, working as quickly as she can. Unfortunately, while her magic is silent and subtle, it is slow to deploy. She's the machine gun tripod to a pistol.

Nevertheless, motes of fae light dance. This is a new recipe. Plus, Rain is not really the fancy writing type. She's an engineer. Make it legible, as legible as a brazillion abbreviations, acronyms and shorthand can be.

Time passes, the room feeling more and more primal. Perhaps in millenia past, this would be done with the tattoo-ee taking hallucinogenics around a fire, with other witches helping. But today, only that spirit is felt.

"There we go… let's keep it clean, and let me get you some gauze until it heals. I mean, I did just poke you."

A soft chuckle escapes Oliver as he glances down at the finished work and nods his head. The skin is red naturally around the site of the work, swelling, but truthfully it came out looking very well. At least in his opinion. Anyone looking at it might suspect it is just a random tattoo of some tribal type thing, not really understanding the full purpose of it. "It looks… rather perfect. Is there any way to test it?"

Rain looks kind of tired, that was a lot of energy spent. She looks thoughtful at his question. "I'd have to cast at you. Let me rest a little, please." She holds up her hands. "I don't have to wave lobsters or whatever around, but I pay my own price for magic. I did throw in some luck, so you may find that useful." Deep breath. She sips some water from a cup, closing the book. Thanks, alcoholic aunt.

"Or I can get the butler to throw a spell at you. He's cooking dinner soon."
Looking at the tired, exhausted Rain, Oliver manages to smile softly at her and shake his head. "Rest. I cannot thank you enough, if there is anything I can do, anything you need…" He trails off at that, going to retrieve his shirt so he can cover himself back up. "Do you need a new broom or anything?" He smiles, it was a joke, from Oliver Queen!

Rain smiles back. She seems to be accepting and less shy around the archer more these days. "You're welcome. And don't sweat it. I don't need much these days. I'm not homeless anymore," She shrugs. "Though, part of me liked having my ear to the pulse of the city." She looks uncertain. She doesn't look to him as he covers up. Though, some gauze and tape are offered. "You might wanna cover it so your shirt doesn't rub your new tattoo raw." Then a pause and a soft laugh. "Mine has some miles on it, but it's just fine, thank you." She rolls with the joke.

Taking the gauze and tape, Oliver turns to treat himself and cover the work up so as to protect it and the surrounding skin, speaking while he does. "I have a decent pulse of late. But I am trying to keep people out of the chaos. These supernaturals are… it is something else. I can deal with criminals and devious people. Mystical creatures is a new realm for me."

"There is no keeping mortals entirely safe from the magic," Rain states simply. "Haven't you ever wondered about some of the missing people? The more grisly serial killers? I have to hide some of those things from the mortal cops because if they go after a redcap trying to eat kids, they'll end up in his bone pile." Her tone is darker, more quiet. "I work hard to keep the balance, even if I work on a smaller scale than say, Doctor Strange or Miss Zatanna." She shrugs.

"But it is mind blowing. I only came into my own magic in college. I guess I was lucky to grow up with witches. But I broke fate, and I got the metaphorical boot." Fingerwiggle. "If you have questions, I'm usually reachable by text or phone."

"I will keep that in mind, having a resource on this would be useful, particularly if there is need to keep things quiet from others. I have a suspicion that some people are trying to keep me in the dark about what is going on, trying to keep me safe." Oliver adds the last, sounding a little amused. "They don't realize that as long as I am, who I am, I will not be safe."

"Existence is inherently unsafe. Some forms of matter simply collapse," Rain points out. "And you're welcome to hit up the library in here. Most of it is info type stuff. I keep the magic under lock and key," Rain says. She quirks a smile faintly. "Ignorance is safety and danger, all at once." She splays her fingers. "I mean, I could trip down the stairs, break my skull and that's that. No one can stop that. So just - don't do anything absurd, and I am sure you'll be fine."

Oliver laughs softly and quirks his eyebrow, "Nothing absurd? Like getting a protection spell tattooed into yourself to ward against Vampires? Nothing abusrd?" He moves towards his jacket to start to pick it up to recover his features for his escape. "I will make sure none of this mess comes to your doorstep Miss Moontree."

"Nothing absurd like getting drunk and going to a graveyard. Necromancers have been spotted and you would make wonderful food or research material," Rain remarks. "Anyway, don't stress that. I sort of keep this place going as a barrier between this and that. If the mess comes to me, it shall be cleaned. Don't forget that. And call me Rain. My name is super dorky." She winces.

Rain adds, "Helping said messes is my /job/."

"Could be dorkier, it could be Oliver." Queen points it out with a small smirk pulling the jacket fully on and grabbing his cap to slip on his head, popping the collar of the jacket up. "Thank you again, Rain. I'll let you know how it works."

"… My name is WINTER. My middle name is Silverwolf. Think on that." She points out. "You are welcome. Be well. Let me show you out," Rain smiles, and waves. "Here, borrow my anklet. It blurs your face to cameras." She fishes something out of the same box the book came from.

"I.. can't really afford to have my features blurred to cameras you know." Oliver says quietly. "I just need to make sure the trash mags don't start wondering why I visited here. For everyone's sanity."

Pause. "Oh right. I'm used to not famous people. I CAN open a portal for you, if you're that worried," She remarks. Rain looks amused. "And that's fair. Maybe you're SECRETLY A BIGFOOT WARLOCK." She's terrible.

"That's not a secret." Oliver says with a chuckle. "I'm ok, I'll walk. The air'll be good and I left my ride parked a few streets down. Thank you again Miss… Sorry, Thank you again Rain."

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