Can't Ask Questions

June 13, 2016:

Fenris and Astryd are discussing Groa when Jesana arrives to talk about her issue with Jyoti.

Fenris' House - New York


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Fenris hasn't been easy to catch. He's been world hopping for a bit, following enemies and recovering secrets he'd hidden away long ago. Soon he's going to have to make a trip to visit the troll-witch Groa, but at the moment he's home and enjoying a rare quiet moment and a meal. Of course he's reading. He does that a lot right now. The 'codex' (it's not really a book) that he's reading is written in etruscan, it was old even when Fenris first walked the earth. He's one of the few that can read it so effortlessly.

He's also one of the few that would read it while eating a french dip sandwich but the antiquity of the document doesn't seem to bother him so… there it is.

Jesana knows her God has been busy, and what he's doing is important so she hasn't been by in awhile. She's been keeping herself busy, as much as possible. Instead of roaming and wandering like usual she's thrown herself into studying. It's much safer for her and others for her to be at home or at Walker's while she's still struggling to retain one form or mental state rather than switching at random. Whether its the time passing or the lack of usual trouble or something else entirely, it's helped. She only shifts three or four times a day now instead of a dozen or more.
Not sure if Fen is home, Jes decides to just pop in and see and follows her nose to the kitchen. Fenris and good smelling food and "Oh my god!" Brown eyes widen in alarm as the native american spots Fenris eating a sandwhich while holding a very very old looking book. She seems genuinely freaked out by this. Which might seem odd at first because its hardly something she'd have noticed that long ago. It would seem someone has been instilling proper book handling habits in her.

"Why do you think we need to speak to Groa, Fenris?" The strawberry blonde by his side, eyes the french dip sandwich with suspicion. "I know she has ties to Thor Odinson. Well, ties might be stretching it a bit."

Anything else Astryd was going to say is interrupted by Jesana's arrival. "Yes, child. We know he's your god." She might have slipped back into old habits during their hunt, her humour too might have suffered.

"Yes, I am." Fenris chuckles. Unlike Astryd his humor has not suffered. At least he's not holding the sandwich over the old codex but he's also not wearing gloves, in a sterile environment and so on. Then again, it's kind of odd that Fenris pulled it out of a hole in the ground and it doesn't particularly look the worse for wear. Perhaps there's a reason for that.

"We need to see Groa because she's old and knows more magic than most of the other gods. She certainly knows dark magic better than almost any of them. If anyone knows the proper story of Nemesis and whether or not Rindr could be there, it's her."

Now he turns and gives Jesana his full attention. "It's nice to see you again Little Coyote. What brings you by today?"

Having children of her own, Jes would normally not accept that but.. Astryd is Astryd and Jes barely notices it over her alarm for the state of the book. She hurries forward reaching for it before suddenly stopping, and blushing. Fenris knows what he's doing. What the hell is she doing?? "Uh." Jes blinks then reaches out and carefully brushes a nonexistant crumb from the neck of his shirt.
She did not just freak out over a book. She is not that kind of dork. Not that Walker is a dork but ohh. "I need to go out more. Oh I need to go out more." Jes mutters as she ducks her head to kiss Fen's cheek, and also hide her blushing over her silliness. The demigod lets her hair fall to half cover her face as she sits in the chair beside Fen and waves hi to Astryd. "I was hoping to catch you before you had to go off again. Just to see how you are. I'm.. I'd offer to help but I'm not so reliable still yet. Getting there though!" She brightens a bit.

"Nemesis" Astryd's grey eyes grow stormy at the name and she nearly growls, before catching herself and exhaling slowly. "And of course she does." That Rindr might actually be in Nemesis gives the Valkyrie pause and she looks carefully at the God-Wolf. "And if Rindr is, then we will need to either go in there or … perhaps lure her out, if we can."

As Jes goes to reach for the book, her stern visage is broken with amusement. Even more so, when the coyote tries to cover gaffe. It might be all Astryd can do not to chuckle.

"Hello Jesana" she greets the younger woman "Reliable in what way?"

Fenris gives the young indian woman a tight hug. He knows she's blushing. He can feel the heat of it. He's not going to laugh. Even though it is pretty funny. "Still haven't quite recovered your magic have you?" He murmurs to the demigodling before looking to Astryd.

"She was a bit impulsive protecting someone. It's disrupted her connection to her power. Honestly, Astryd, it's just as well. Where we're going isn't safe even for me. Groa is… temperamental and unpredictable. I appreciate you thinking to offer though."

If Fenris wasn't there.. okay no, if Astryd wasn't one of Fenris's.. friends? companions? If she were just about anyone else, Jes would probably lie. "I had an accident." Buuut she didn't. Not exactly. "I got into a fight with a… thing that was stronger than me. It's taking awhile to recover." It takes Jes a few moments to answer and despite trying to sound casual, she's obviously chosen the words with care, It sounds a lot better than "I have zero self control over-" shit. Fen just gave her away.
Jes blushes again but her eyes quickly move to Fenris and she straightens. A place that isn't safe for him?? She doesn't like the sound of this at all. "I should go…" And do what..? Just get in the way most likely. Or distract him at a crucial moment. Jes growls in frustration. "I could send my dad with you. He can fight really well and he'd listen to you." Most things do listen to Fenris if they want to live. Her dad doesn't, not exactly but he also doesn't want to leave her and if she told him to help Fenris, he would. Astryd might note that Jes said dad, not "Father".
"It's.. there, My magic. It's just not.. I seem to be having trouble making it work like before. But it's not gone so I'm not worried yet. I've been working really hard at studying that Sanskrit stuff and these hieroglyphs, and how to say them." She suddenly scowls. "I think Crotchet is teaching Jerimiah to swear in ancient Egyptian."

Astryd will settle for friend. What's between her and Fenris, is between them, they are gods afterall. "I see." the grey eyes regard the coyote and whilst they don't exactly soften, they might grow slightly more understanding. "All of us have done something similar in our youth." The Valkyrie looks to Fenris and shrugs. She's an inkling their current problems stem from something she did, that she can't remember. Talk about taking on something bigger than you.

"I think it wise that it be just Fenris and myself. It might not be safe, but the two of us … " she pauses meaningfully again "… may keep our heads and wits about us. If there were more, it might not only be explosive, Groa might feel, beset." It's going to be a balance for sure.

"Do not worry about your magic. Relax, do your practice. The control will come. The more you stress…." Her eyebrows rise at the childs name "Ancient Egyptian, indeed."

"When one deals with the egyptian gods…" Fenris just shakes his head. Clearly he's had experience. "Teaching him to curse, Jesana? Or teaching him curses. There's a difference. Your friend is already, as they say, in deep. And Crotchet is, at the resk of being obvious, a demon." Demons like that are not to be trusted. They're useful sometimes. Occasionally even pleasant. But they're not trustworthy.

"Do not worry, Jesana. Groa is unlikely to fight us unless we threaten her." So there's… that at least.

"I would not send a spirit near a witch like that. You might not get him back. Now…" Fenris knows Jesana after all. "Was there anything else?"

Jes glowers. Mostly because she wants to argue and can't. It's been prayers to Fenris and sheer dumb luck that she hasn't done anything horribly wrong on the rare occasions she's ventured out since the battle with Set. Her temper and her nerves are still a mess and her power isn't working right. Not to metnin the sudden and random shifting. She'd wouldn't be good for anything but a distraction. She still wants to go back and find those DEO agents and.. Jes's shoulders slump. "Yeah. More studying."
Jes grins a bit at Astryd's brow raise. She'd named her children after her two favorite people at the time. Fenris will always be one of those people, the fact that the second is now someone she'd cheerfully shoot in the back and then dance over his corpse.. well, John is still a good name and they boy will probably change it when he comes of age anyway. "Her. The girl I named after you." She considers this. "Oh. Oh if he's teaching her actual curses I'll kick his scaly tailed little ass! That's all I need." Jes rolls her eyes but doesn't seem that alarmed. As far as demons go Crotchet isn't so bad and he's got a very strong sense of self preservation if nothing else. He knows that despite her like for him, she'd snap his little neck in a second if she thought he meant her children harm. There are curses and then they are curses. She rolls her eyes again. "I like him and I find him funny but trust him, I do not and good. Cause if someone hurts you.." Granted she can't do much right now.. but eventually.. eventually.. this will pass. "I wouldn't.. want to lose him." She blinks a little, maybe surprised by the realization. "Umm well. If you have a sec, I've sorta been meaning to ask you. What do you know about the Alfar?"

"Really, Fenris, when one deals with most gods…" Astryd murmurs "You're taking a chance every time. Granted, the Egyptians might be a little more inventive but still." That Crotchet might be teaching Jes' daughters curses, gets another raised eyebrow. Whether Astryd has actually had children in her life, isn't clear - but she's not exactly maternal.

"The Alfar? The light elves of Asgard?" Now Astryd smiles. "Is this to do with the one that you … captured from the park?" Yes, Astryd remembers him, and well.

"Between Astryd and I we're rather familiar with them. The Alfar inhabit one of the nine worlds known to the Aesir. They're often, though not always, counted as allies against the dark aelves and the jotun." That's a general overview. Alfar can be found here on Midgard though it's less common than it used to be. They're often also mistaken for Sidhe which does not tend to amuse them.

Though it amuses the hell out of Fenris.

Jes scratches her nose. Talk about impulsive behavoir. That plan backfiring at least had all been her Father's doing, but.. the last thing in all the worlds she'd intended was to have the elf living with her. Or to… care about him. "Sidhe.. those are.. Faerie people, I think?" That actually explains a few things. She was sure there'd been some level of insult going over her head during a conversation at a market one day but hadn't been able to figure it out.
"We've had to set a few ground rules with the living together. One of them is "No questions." Just, no questions. If one of us offers something then thats okay. No asking though. It helps but sometimes it makes things difficult. Do they get married? how long do they live? Is it common for them to seek out partners among other races or is that a weird thing? What kind of.." Jes blinks. Nine worlds? She rubs her nose. Sometimes things are so much bigger than she's ready to really think about. That's something to ponder later. "Is Earth a lot different from there do you think? If it was more common once that they came here, then it must be an alright place for them, yeah?" She sounds concerned.

Astyrd considers Jes for a very long time, casting a quick sideways glance at Fenris. Interesting questions for the young one to be asking, God-Wolf. Marriage, how long lived … and partnerships with other races. Oh dear.

"Alfheim, the home of the Light Elves, is very beautiful, Jesana. It is often described as a kingdom of 'enchanted forests' and natural 'champagne springs' - it is, by most Midgardians measure, an enchanting place. So yes, it is very different to here." But then, so is Asgard and she and Fenris have lived here for centuries.

"Most from the Nine Realms can exist here for long periods. Some though, most I would measure, would grow home sick and need to return." Canting her head, giving the younger wooman a piercing look "Why are you so concerned?"

Fenris quirks an eyebrow, watching Jes before answering. "It's not unheard of, though not common. Alfar are quite long lived. Some of the older ones can remember when Odin was young. They're not called an 'elder race' for nothing after all."

"Have you done something, Jesana?" The amusement in his voice is audible. It is an odd question for her to be asking and he's quiiiiiiiiite curious why.

Jes considers. There are places like that here on earth, just not as many as there used to be and most of them aren't overwhelmingly magical. Maybe that has something to do with why there aren't so many Alfar. There are so many humans and much less wilderness.
"It's not like I can ask him and I'm just.." She frowns and then sighs. "I care okay!. Yeah I wanted to kill to him at first and I sure as hell wasn't gonna be nice to him but now,.. things change. We look out for each other. If something is going to happen I want to know about it. Not be blindsided." Again. Seriously, her Father can go and screw himself. Jes rolls her eyes at herself. He probably has. When she looks up it takes her a moment to understand the question. "Done.. oh Fen-uh god no! I don't.. I'm not. No! He's.. okay. He's okay but not.." She shudders. Ew. No. No, she's not attracted to the elf, Oh and is she ever glad for that. There's a complication her life doesn't need and she's about fifty percent sure her Father meant for that to happen. But.. "But sometimes.. I could almost swear he looks at me like.." She shakes her head. "I'm probably just imagining it. It's a small space and I'm nice to look at than Frederick." Much much easier to believe that anyway.

Astryd is amused, she truly is. Jes seems so discombobulated. It's funny, it really is. Midgardians. What can Astryd say. "Yes, pray tell, child, what have you done?" Then Jes is off and babbling "I see… well, nature is nature and sometimes you can't help these things."

Astryd's heard of worse pairings, that's for sure. And in their history, the Asgardians that is, some of those pairings weren't by mutual consent.

"Perhaps." Fenris says. "He's undergoing a magical attunement. If he's around your magic all the time, he'd be mostly taking that in to replenish his on nature, the way that humans breathe air. As he takes more of your magic in, his nature attunes itself to yours. Which would no doubt make him very, very attracted to you. Irreverseably, after a time, especially if you spend a lot of time together."

This is, Astryd knows, complete nonsense. He is actively trolling his young worshiper. What can he say? The Old Wolf doesn't get to play jokes like this very often.

That doesn't seem to reassure Jes any but she decides not to dwell on it. At least she knows a little more than she did. "Uh." Jes blinks at Fenris. Her mouth drops open and she just boggles for several long moments during which she looks increasingly alarmed and freaked out. "Buhhh… buhh.. that's.. what!?" They've been living together for months now. They do on occasion sleep together. Just sleeping! In a pile, with the kids and now she's thinking about that and that past while and aslo thinking about how she's spending so much time with Walker and he with her and they have an actual spiritual bond and she's been feeding him her life force and ohmygodwhatif… "Nooooooooo…"
Her mind flashes back towards that night in the Den when he thought she was trying to hit on him and she'd been so flustered she nearly drowned herself in the spring because she does think he's kinda handsome and somewhere she can hear her Father laughing but is so freaked out she cant figure out that he's actually impressed with Fen's joke and finding it hilarious and not really laughing at her, okay he's totally laughing at her but not for the reason she thinks.

It takes Astryd a few long moments not to cough, snort, chuckle or laugh. Fenris is trolling his young worshipper and he caught her off guard. When she's finally sure she can speak without giving the joke away, she adds "Just so, Fenris. I've observed it on a number of occasions. The process is hastened if you lie in the same bed with them, letting them grow close to you."

"Well it works well enough with mortals, who aren't in the least magical after all." It's not like Fenris can read Jesana's mind but he is well aware of her various… acquisitions when it comes to souls that she 'protects'. "But at least you don't have a direct soul link with the elf. That would be something on a whole separate order of magnitude. The kind of thing that writes epics… or at least dimestore bodice rippers."

It's an open question how long the Old Wolf will keep the ruse up… probably not too much longer. Jesana's going to go spare at this rate.

Jes's eyes are as wide as they can go. It's usually not very easy to fool her, she's so good at reading scent and body language but those skills work best on humans and she's so distracted that she isn't looking. Frantically she seizes on that last bit of information, grabbing it like it's a lifeline. She doesn't have a soullink with the elf! She does with Walker but… that's well, that's a thing that she's learning to do deal with. "We don't!! We don't. We just have a.. a.." She falters. What they have is her Father. Otherwise they'd be two people who hate and want to kill each other.
"A.. mutual respect based on a shared traumatic experience. At least that's what he called it. But he likes to define things." And she just takes them as they are or changes or fights them until they're what she wants. At first glance you probably couldn't find two people with less in common. "You know I wonder how many relationships of any kind were started over a mutal desire to either kill or do my Father harm? Bet it's a whole lot. But.. really, the elf isn't so bad I guess. Everyone makes mistakes." She rubs her nose and eyes the table. "But I don't.. ohmygodI'mgonnahaveallthebabiesatthisrate." This is not an area her self control excels when she's at her best.

Fenris watches Jesana panic in progressively more impressive fashions. When it reaches his height his control cracks just a little and he grins and then starts to laugh. The God-Wolf actually slides his sandwich over so he doesn't knock it off the table in his convulsions of hilarity.

"Oh… oh dear. Jesana you…" He's actually panting for breath. "You really need to read more about magic. That's… that's really not how this works."

"Oh no, child." Astryd gives Fenris a conspiratorially glance. "Gather moonweed in the light of the blue moon, sandcreeper at moondark, crush them together in a mix and burn them in your chamber. That will ensure that …." As Fenris starts laughing, the Valkyrie bites her lip.

"That … my God-Wolf, was rather inspired … " she chuckles herself as her grey eyes light on Jes.

For at least an entire minute Jes just stares blankly at Fenris laughing. It takes that long for it to penetrate the racing panic of her thoughts enough to understand. Then she stares some more because it's so unexpected. He was kidding.. he was totally having her on and Astryd too and she completely bought it… she'd been reaching for a pen and paper to write down Astryd's recipe in fact… but.. they..
"You.. you.." She can't help it, and bursts into laughter herself. It is funny, she'd been freaking the hell out, hadn't thought for a second it was anything but true and it's just the kind of wicked that she loves. Jes might hate looking foolish but she also has a pretty strong sense of humor and can laugh at herself. She might.. just might even repeat this story later. Much, much later.. but.. "You're evil. Much more evil than I thought." Jes giggles. "Both of you." Something to rememeber for sure.

"I am the Destroyer after all." Fenris grins rather sharply. "No one ever said that the end of the world couldn't have a sense of humor. If your friend is acting oddly, Jesana, perhaps you need to get answers from him. If you can't ask the questions yourself, find another way. You're a clever girl. It's the kind of puzzle your father would excel at."

"The only thing that recipe is good for, child, is stinking the bedchamber out. So you might say that it is a good contraceptive at that." The blonde goddess hasn't enjoyed herself in quite some time and she rests a hand on Fenris neck, teasing the hair at the nape.

"Can't ask questions." the goddess shakes her head "There are ways of asking questions that are not questions to elicit information, it's time you learned them, I believe."

Jes blinks once more and then looks thoughtful. Fenris would know there isn't likely a better way of convincing her to figure out how to solve a problem. If her Father can do it, or is good at then dammit, she can or will do it better. And if not, then she'll keep on trying until she does. This time, she doesn't hear his laughter or the eyeroll in it. Fen and Astryd might. Already she can think of a few things..
Brown eyes flick back towards Astryd as another laugh is startled from her. Tonight's just full of unexptectedness and for once, not that kind that's looking to bite her in the ass. "You're right, both of you, and I probably should have figured that out but things have been.. there's been a lot of adjusting lately. For everyone. I think I've been too focused on just myself." She frowns. Which is something she tries not to do, but in this case is maybe a bit understandable. At least now she's aware of it. "Sometimes I just need a kick in the as-butt." Jes rolls her eyes. It'd be easier to stop breathing than cursing, for her at anyway but she's trying. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Jesana. Go ahead and sort your home out. Astryd and I are going to see Groa. In the mean time I still need you to keep Jorgamundr asleep." If he wakes, if he even starts to wake, it could be disaster.

"Before you go though, help yourself to a beer. You look like you could use it." Or an Ale… if Jesana thinks she can take the kick of Godsmead.

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