Where The Hell Is Gabby

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June 14, 2016:

Late for a coffee catchup with Gabby, Brin and May find out she's been taken and have to tell Jericho (Emits by Aspect)

New York


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Fade In…

Gabrielle Trent was introduced to a lot of people as… something of a pain in the ass. She's proven somewhat more useful since then, if perhaps not any less head strong. At her own insistence she's been involved in several 'incidents' that aren't strictly speaking 'on the books'. It helps that she's brave in her way and quite resourceful. So past the initial difficulties with some of her… new associates, she's made some friends. In fact she was supposed to meet a couple of them for coffee today.

It's not a good sign then, that there's smoke rising from the coffee house where she was supposed to do so. Nor that there's a big hole in the wall. Nor that the place is cordoned off with police tape. The inside of the place… well, let's just say it looks like a lot of the furnishings are going to have to be replaced.

Damnit. Brin was running late to meet Gabby for coffee. After her early morning meeting in the office, the small X-Red had gone to try and sleep off the remains of her headache - and had slept far longer than she had wanted to. Hence she was late and still nursing the remains of that headache.

Finding someone who looks like they might in charge, the brunette heads in their direction, hoping she'll be recognised and will be able to ask some questions. "Hello, Brinley Myers, X-Red. What's happened here?"

Having heard of the goings-on via SHIELD's intelligence system, and the trackers they have on just about everything pinging an X-Red transponder there, May excuses herself and rushes for the nearest ley line. It puts her a block or so away, so she fast-walks to where she hopes to catch up with… oh. Brinley. Better.

"Not sure ma'am. Some kind of a brawl? Eye witnesses said a pair of glowing… people crashed into the place. No one is really sure what happened. Most everyone inside scattered, took cover. There are a lot of injuries. We're treating them right now and police are still going through the… wreckage there." And it is a wreck. Quite a bit of wreck really.

"Go on in if you want to talk to the police." Ordinarily that wouldn't be an option but X-Red is a known factor.

"Agent May." Brin greets the secret agent, nodding to the person who just ushered her through. "Glowing people…" for a moment, a wash of uneasy emotion emanates from her, causing her to swallow and concentrate to control it. "I was meant to meet Gabby Trent here, May." Brins voice is low and hoarse, her concern obvious. "I can't see her… Can you?"

Walking through the wreckage, the brunette looks around, seeking out an officer to accost. There's one … "Hello. Brinley Myers, X-Red. Agent May. What happened here?" May can ask about Gabby, hopefully.

May's expression doesn't change much, but for anyone who knows her, she looks CONCERNED now. She walks alongside Brinley until she catches an officer to question. "Where do you have triage set up?" She's going to check with the injured people first. Because either way she expects to find Gabby there — either one of the injured or insisting on helping the EMTs on site.

"Place got wrecked that's what happened." An NYPD officer names Davis says. "Sounds like some kind of superbrawl gone wrong? No one really knows. First people were here and then bang, the wall's caving in, there's furniture flying everywhere, glass shattering. Stuff catches fire. It's a miracle no one was killed."

The Officer looks at May and jerks his head toward a set of ambulances. "Triage is over there, if you need to talk to anyone. They haven't started transporting yet."

When May and Brinley get there… there's no Gabby at least not evident. People are huddled in emergency blankets. Some are being tended by med techs. All are pretty shaken. As they two pass by a young man with dirty blonde hair and his arm in a sling looks up to them. "You… you're… them. I have something for you."

"I would like the footage of the incident, please." Brin speaks quietly, politely but firmly to the officer. "Have it sent to X-Red immediately." The officers recounting is muddled at best and she wants to see exactly went down. She … suspects she knows and like May, she's incredibly concerned.

Turning away, the police will do what they need to and she'll follow other avenues if they don't send it through now, the small brunette falls in beside May, hoping beyond anything that Gabby is there. May will feel her trembling slightly.

Her step falters when the young man speaks out and she looks down "How do you know us?" May can take what he's got for them, hopefully taking appropriate precautions.

Melinda May stops and turns to approach the young man when he calls to them. "What do you have for us?" She's equal parts skeptical and increasingly concerned. "And where did you get it?"

The young man holds up a printed picture of both her and Brinley… one taken at some point when the two were in the same area or working together. "One of the glowing men grabbed me. Said you'd come. Said I was to give this to you when you showed up or… well… just that I'd better do it. I was worrying that maybe you wouldn't come. He sounded serious."

There's writing on the pack of the page when May turns it over. It says 'To the friends of Jericho Trent: He was warned what would happen if he interfered. Now we have his sister. We'll find some suitable use for her. If he backs off his operations against the Section we'll return her. Eventually. Do not test our resolve.' No signature.

Well, now Brin knows why they can't find Gabby.

Melinda May glances at the photo, the words on the back, then promptly hands the page to Brinley and walks briskly away while pulling her phone. Brinley can no doubt feel what May's face isn't showing. She is SERIOUSLY ANGRY. And she's calling Jericho. If you don't want her doing that, Brin, act fast.

Brin actually growls. Nick would be so proud of her - it's a full throated rumble that might even come close to sounding fierce. "Those basta—-" she bites of the words and looks at May, taking the paper from her and shaking her head. Taking a few moments to calm herself, she looks to the sandy haired young man "Thank you, … I'm sorry, I didn't get your name. I'm Brin and thank you for delivering that message. Is there anything we can do for you?"

Whilst she's talking, she's already messaging Illyana and Jericho. She knows how seriously they both take family and this … as far as Brins concerned … this is war.

"Trent." Wherever Jericho is there's the sound of street traffic. Cars. The vague sound of people. Never any wind noise on his cell connections. The hacker hadn't been in on this little meeting with Brinley or he'd be here already. That was supposed to be just a thing for the 'girls' as it were.

Ordinarily he's pretty well informed but this incident was preceeded by a small, localized network 'hiccup.' So there's no social media of the attack, and it hasn't hit the news yet. He doesn't know.

"Giles. Uh. Giles DiMarco." The young man replies to Brinley. He's pretty rattled. Who can blame him

"Trent, May. Get to my location as soon as you can. It's about your sister." Yes, she knows that's very ominous, but considering that's really all she knows at the moment and she doesn't trust the phone connection to be truly secure, that's all she's willing to offer at the moment.

Brins message to Jericho is a little more detailed - Gabby's taken. By The Section. They've a warning for you.

It's not unusual for Gabby and Brin to catch up. Brins issued an open invitation to the woman to 'drop by' on a number of occassions. Hearing Mays voice, and getting the gist of the conversation, she kneels before the young man "Thank you, Giles." and despite her headache, she lets calming emotion wash out. "You were very brave."

It doesn't take long at all for Jericho to arrive. Minutes. He strides up from across the street, ducks through the police barricade and makes for May. No one wants to give him away. He's got an almost palpable sense of fury radiating off of him. His expression is tight and his amber eyes are fairly blazing.

Jericho stops in front of May and Brinley and looks at them both for a long moment before saying in a very low, dangerous tone. "What. Has. Happened?"

It'd be easy to think he's angry with them. He's not, but that doesn't change the fact that he's clearly furious. "What have they done with my sister?"

Melinda May takes the page from Brinley and offers it to Trent. "That's all we know so far. And that this was clearly a very calculated strike." She's already locked down her own anger, knowing it won't help matters any at this point.

Getting up from her knees, Brin turns to face Jericho, eyeing the man. There's something different about him, not just the anger … something else. She can't quite put her finger on it.

Flinching slightly at the fury that seems directed at them, she takes a deep breath "The Section want you to back off. They've taken her to make that happen." Those dark eyes, seem to simmer as she looks at him "Please tell me you'll test their resolve."

Jericho reads the note in silence. They can't see but he's already going to work on gathering every bit of intelligence he can to trace where they've taken her. "It's not their resolve that they're going to have to worry about. May, can you take this scene over? I need access to that building." He's going in there anyway but that'll make this easier.

He knows Brin has already contacted Illyana but he does so also now, nodding to the shadows and sending K'nert skittering off to find the blonde sorceress. The Section is not an enemy to be underestimated, but Gabby is family: one of the few he has left.

And these people are about to find out, you don't mess with Jericho's family.

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