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June 10, 2016:

Another session with Gabriel and Jean.


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After Wanda had been returned to X-Red from her internment, Gabriel had been willing to return as well to his more usual routines of visiting the X Mansion and then of course the occasional sessions to work through some of his issues. The lack of memory delving had been sufficient for him as he was working through controlling his bursts of emotions that had on several instances nearly brought him to the point of destruction. It was now time in fact for his weekly session with Ms. Grey, which has lead the cowboy hat wearing country looking man to sit in the hallway outside the office.

"You really don't have to sit out in the hallway, Gabriel." Jean says, her head poking out from the door, a trail of red hanging over her shoulder which seems a little bit more curled than usual. Someone washed today, it was clear, but she didn't bother to blow-dry after conditioning. "You should know by now that I'll know that you're coming."

The door was pushed open as she steps away, turning upon her heels to settle into her chair with a slight relieved grunt and a sigh. "So, updates."

Gabriel follows Jean inside but shakes his head at her first comments. "It would be impolite of me to not. That's why I do it, because I want to show I can be polite and proper." Despite all this time, his accent still hasn't changed, his ways of speaking are still the same. Even the way he sits all upright and tight. He settles into the seat across from her however.

"I have continued to work on acclimating to the society, working on picking up traits and habits of people and social cues. It has been a bit more difficult of late. Nearly everyone has been gone from the X-Red facility leaving me there alone many nights so I have had to focus my studies on either the internet or going out in public."

"I think that we'd be on a more personal rapport by now, Gabriel." Jean smiles just a little, her fingers lacing within the other, one leg crossing over just as well, her chair rocking back and forth. "So we're a bit past the showing point, however, it is very admirable and welcome that you do keep to it."

She nods her head slightly, her jaw tensing as she listens. "I see. And how have your ventures out into public been?" The idea was there, right at the very edges of her mind. "And, do you think you'd be best suited to learn in an open environment? As in, taking class with other students here at the school?"

"They have been interesting." Gabriel explains after a few moments of thought while he looks at the red head steadily. "In the past three weeks I have encountered 87 criminals in the act of a crime, at least from the laws I was able to learn about. I think that is what has me curious, and concerned. After what has happened the past few months, why is it that this society has laws but allows people to ignore those laws and commit crimes? If the law is not to be upheld then what is the point of having it?" He folds his hands then to almost mimic Jean's movements.

"As for learning, I do not know. I have spoken with some of the students here. There is much uncertainty from those I have talked with, much how I felt very early on. I do not know if I would be a good influence around, considering my anger and confusion about most things."

"If we were to live in a lawless land, Gabriel, then there would be a chance that we would have no justice for the more serious things. And with no one to answer for their crimes, civilization itself would possibly collapse, and checks and balances would fall out of place." This was all said matter-of-factly. "Though with the current state of the world.." Her personal views aside, she leaves that hanging.

"Granted, putting you in a classroom full of others would be a definite risk. But you should at least consider it. Your frustrations and confusions could be helped with a clear explanation on the subject, and you could easily learn restraint when innocents are surrounding you. Granted, it's a gamble." She does smile a little. "Or I could just suppress your gifts until the end of the day."

"I do not think I would like that." Gabriel says with a frown, the suggestion of suppressing him being what causes that. "It would feel like accepting failure or an inability. If I cannot control myself at all times, then I must assume I cannot control myself at any time. And if I cannot do that, then there is no chance of control." He apparently has thought this through before, for his steadfast tone in the logic circle is direct. "As for crime, I understand laws but I do not understand their selective enforcement."

"Then there you have it. Let's try it out for a week. I'll supervise from afar to make sure that everything is okay. We'll start the first line of classes once summer school is in session, hopefully that'll fast track you to get your GED."

"It's not selective enforcement. We're not to that point to where every citizen is being watched to make sure that they follow the law to the letter. The law itself is like trust. You instill it, put the rules out there for the world and put faith in the people to follow it to the letter or something similar, and to report to the authorities whenever someone doesn't." She considers this for a moment, then leans forward.

"Tell me Gabriel. If there is a young mother who is in need of food for her child, but lacks the fundage to do so, and she steals from the local grocer and you happen to see it. Given what you now know about the law, what would your thoughts and reactions be?"

"It is a violation of the law." Gabriel replies almost immediately. "But it is a flawed law because it does not take into account circumstances. But law cannot account for all circumstances, therefore it is necessary to arbitrate the law. Hence, Judges." Gabriel's response seems to almost shock him as well, he processes his thoughts for a few moments before continuing. "The letter of the law does not equate to the spirit of the law. But theft, is theft even for a noble cause. So the Mother must be willing to accept the consequences for her actions, which in your case I believe she would."

Jean bobs her head slightly. "The law in itself is black and white. Following the law to the letter is well and good, and some people thrive by living that way. But the law is a state of ideals, in most cases. The law teaches us responsibility. It also gives us a two sided understanding especially where circumstances mitigate."

She smiles a little. "Now, what if the shopkeep does not see this as a gross violation of the law? What then?" His words, they have her brows raising. "And what do you mean in my case?"

"In your case. You have sympathy to those in need, so I would presume that you would believe that the ends justify the means in that case; so if theft was necessary for food, then it should be done." Gabriel says quietly, no condemnation in his tone just observation. "Now, if the shopkeeper does not see it as a violatoin of the law, then it is a gift, not theft. If the shopkeeper does view it as violation then he should be compensated for the loss; whether by the woman who has committed the crime or another willing to undertake the compensation; in which case again it becomes a gift."

"Or perhaps I could be a good Samaritan and offer it up as a gift as well in the Shopkeeps stead. So that all parties could gain what they need from that situation. The mother would have food, the shopkeep would have money to replace the stolen goods, and I would have done something to help a young woman and her child in need."

She nods her head at that. "Another thing I would like for you to work on. Being charitable. Now that doesn't mean actually giving another person the shirt off of your back, but helping out a stranger when there is a clear and present need. How does that sound for you?"

"But that presents an obstacle? What if helping someone in clear and present need leads me to violate the law?" Gabriel asks quietly towards Jean. "I have faced this dilemma myself lately. A friend was imprisoned and was being treated unfairly and unjustly. She was in clear need of assistance, but I could do nothing because it would have violated the law to do such. How do I know when it is acceptable to intervene?"

((To be continued))

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