Returning To The Surface

June 11, 2016:

What do two soldiers who aren't on active duty do? Return to their 'normal' lives of course.

New York


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Rowan hasn't been in Atlantic waters for months now. They're colder than the Pacific. He's remembering that now. Well he's been remembering it for some time, ever since he was hydroported back to the east coast after escorting Ulani to a meeting with the surfacer military brass in Hawaii.

The Dragon of New York Harbor pulls himself up onto the shore in 'human' form. At least he can blend in like this though it's summer now and finding a shore without a crowd on it took some doing. They're not far from the apartment he rented. Rent should have been kept up so, uh, hopefully his key still works.

"Well at least they didn't burn it down while I was gone." The Dragon-Blue mutters as he looks over at the New York skyline.

Ulani had let her apartment go, a few months ago. It seemed silly to maintain it given she wasn't sure if, or when, she'd be returning to New York. Rising from the water, still in the dress of The Blue, the woman is going to have a hard time blending in until she can get some clothing. There should be some in Rowans' apartment - for times like this - but for now, it's a barely dressed Blue Envoy. At least it's summer, this time.

"So it seems, Rowan." she says mildly as she looks over the skyline "And it seems that The Lord left them fairly well alone, as well. I … can't quite believe that's over."

Rowan doesn't bother pointing out that it might well not be. There's still a psychic… what had the techs called it? A 'resonance barrier' still in the trench. No one has managed yet to breach the fused dome of rock created by the Valandis' sacrifice. So… is it over?

Well it is for now anyway. The comment still gets a look from Rowan. "Yes… well fortunately it was… short as these things go." Rowan has, after all, come from a world where the war has been going on for decades.

The two are approaching his appartment. He can see the building up ahead. Looks like it got a fresh coat of paint. Now… where did he hide the key…

Padding along the sidewalk in bare feet Ulani, at least, draws some attention though it's likely the pair together do. There'd been a bit of media coverage after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

"Don't be so … " she slides her eyes sideways to the Dragon Blue "… just like that. It's over for now and we're relieved from active duty." she sighs at that "Well, active military duty, anyway. There's still an awful lot to do." Ulani's other skills are going to be required now.

"And I know it was short, but for those of us who have lived our life in peace… it was long enough." Stopping, watching him look for the key, she cocks an eyebrow "Please tell me, you haven't misplaced the key?" She's fairly certain he doesn't leave it on the top of the door jam or 'under a rock'.

Rowan glances back mildly. It was short. It didn't even last a year. Only… most of one.

"Uh… hang on…" No it's not under a rock. Well sort of not under a rock. The dragon blue bends down and peels back a paver that has to weigh three or four hundred pounds. One handed. Blue… can do that kind of thing. He roots around for a few minutes before finding his key.

"Here it is." And there it goes into the lock.

Hey look at that. All his stuff's still here. And it doesn't smell like rot.

Well his milk's probably gone sour. Rowan didn't exactly dump the 'fridge before he left. Not that there was much in here to begin with.

"Come on in. Make yourself comfortable." There's a couch. Rowan's going to use the couch. Cushions would be nice about now.

"What do you have on your docket?"

Ulani just smiles sweetly at Rowans mild look. It's like she can read his thoughts.

"Well, I suppose that's safe given few can do what we do." There are still super-humans in the city that could lift that paver, but they're few and far between.

Glancing around the apartment, wrinkling her nose a little - it might not smell like rot, but it isn't fresh. And … that milk. "Looks like we need to do some cleaning out, soon." she murmurs as she goes to open the sliding door that overlooks the beach, letting some fresh air in.

Finally folding down onto the couch next to the Blue Warrior, the Blue Envoy lets out a sigh of relief "Oh, I'd forgotten this luxury." She takes a few long moments to … just be … before answering "The military need a liaison. I've been asked to speak to a number of Surfacer Government officials and I'm pushing to get an audience with their President. That's the surface side of things."

Letting out a long, deep, sigh, she shakes her head "I received word as we left Hawai'i, Attuma is demanding the Lemurians recognise him. They may want us back … to mediate that."

It's not like Rowan's apartment is luxurious after all. It's really quite small, especially compared to what he makes for his services as a 'finder of lost or intersting things'.

And here he'd been hoping to get back to that.

"We'll need to get them on neutral ground if you have any chance of talking it out. The Wild Tribes still mostly respect guest right. They'll behave on neutral ground if it's offered in the right way. So happens I know of a decent place not too far from here."

Ulani hadn't expected 'luxury' and Rowans apartment is fairly similar to the one that she had leased. It's comfortable and functional - with more personal touches than she had managed for hers.

Leaning against him the Blue Envoy curls her legs beneath her, a little cat like, as she fully relaxes "And we'll have to get back to work as well…." she murmurs, echoing his thoughts "… our status on the Surface hasn't changed, after all."

"Yes, neutral ground with sufficient entertainment for the Wildings. The Lemurians, at least, are a little more … refined." The Blue Envoy shakes her head at that. "Where would you suggest we arrange the meeting?"

"Why should it? They know we're here now but we've been busy. Our war under the waves has mightily frightened their military and many of their civillians even if it did give us a chance to intervene on their behalf and prove that we're not conquerors." Rowan shakes his head.

"We have them at a disadvantage, for now. That's good for us but it will not sit well with them. There's a great deal we don't know and it will be difficult to establish normal relations." It's going to be a lot of work.

"Deep Marine Discovery. It's off the coast, down on the sea floor. A surfacer research facility. I'm familair with the staff. I'm sure I can convince them to let us use one of their conference rooms provided we give their scientists something to observe. Dolphins, perhaps."

"It shouldn't and that's just part of why I've been re-deployed here." The Blue female nudges the Blue warrior, getting him to shift so she can lean against him more comfortably. "I expect that I, and potentially you, will be quite busy in that regard." Hopefully, too, some of their Surfacer allies will help them fill in the gaps of their knowledge.

"DMD?" Ulani smiles widely at that. "That is an inspired choice and most appropriate it. As long as the Wildings don't start a fight inside!" She grows thoughtful for a moment, considering his suggestion "Chipper and Leaper, would like a visit, I'm sure." Rowan knows too, that Ulani would like - very much - to see those two Dolphins again. "We can arrange for their Beastmaster and pod to be present. I believe Nalani would enjoy the chance to speak about his dolphins."

"And you the chance to play with your companions again." Rowan shifts himself over. If it sounds like he's smirking it's because he is though Ulani's angle may make it difficult for her to see. "Deep Marine Discovery, then. I'll speak to the researchers there. They, at least, have grown used to occasional visits from waterfolk. It's a pretty far cry from my first… appearance in that place."

"Mmmmm…" Ulani cranes her head trying to see his expression "Are you smirking at me?" No, she can't see the smirk he's giving her.

"But, yes, I would like to see them. I'd rather like to keep them except if I'm to live here on the Surface, it's not fair." she murmurs. "Tell me about it … your first appearance there." They've never spoken much about how he came to be here.

"I came through an Overlord portal quite by accident after tearing it apart. The first thing I encountered was some kind of… flying sky fortress. I took it for an overlord weapon. I attacked it."

Rowan leans back, remembering. "They shot me out of the sky. I fell down, a long way. Miles to the ocean, and then deeper still. Down all the way to the bottom… right on top of DMD."

"An Overlord portal?" As Rowan leans back, Ulani has to move again, into his lap as she watches his expressions. There is much the Blue Envoy doesn't understand about Rowan's world, he rarely speaks about it and she doesn't like to ask. Asking seems to open wounds for the man.

"You … landed on DMD. I assume you were in one of your dragon forms?" She's seen a few and still not sure how many the Blue Warrior has. "If so, you must have scared them and it must have been … very disorienting for you." She'd never suggest he was 'scared' - he's a soldier after all and whilst he might have been, there's better ways to say things.

"I broke one of their containment pods. Let the sea in. It would have been very bad except for the fact that Arthur and Mera were on hand to… keep things from getting out of hand, I suppose." Rowan glances down at Ulani whose head is indeed now in his lap.

"One of their researchers drowned… or so everyone thought. She was a Blue, living among the surfacers who did not even know it. Aspen Matthews was her name. Not seen her in some time, unfortuntely."

The Blue Female looks up, relaxed and smiling faintly. "So that is how you met their Majesties." she had wondered. "I've met Aspen, just the once … not long after you sent out that signal." Not long after they'd met "She didn't seem ready to embrace … her heritage." For a long moment, Ulani is silent, meeting Rowans eyes as she thinks "I do hope she is fairing well and finds her path and that path returns her to us."

"Did you receive separate orders, Rowan? I … haven't asked." It's going to take Ulani a moment or so to get used to 'being back to normal'.

"On my world Aspen Matthews is one of the most powerful water-benders the world has ever seen. I hope she finds her way back to us as well. We could use her strength." Rowan says quietly.

"Uh… no. I haven't. I haven't recieved any orders at all. The Blue government seems to have come to the collective realization that I don't really have a position with them." So there's not, strictly, anyone or anything to give orders to. It's not like he's an Elite, or a soldier in the Blue Navy. Or a diplomat. He's… an oddity. And outsider even among his own people.

Ulani sits up, moving fully into Rowans lap, one hand touching his cheek. "If you've no orders, I would have you by my side. My lieutenant, my right hand." Hazel eyes meeting his, the Blue Female lets the silence stretch "If you'd like it, the position is yours." He knows that's true. She has a certain … leniency with her superiors.

It doesn't matter that he's an 'oddity'. She's come to trust him. He's saved her life on a number of occassions. Where another betrayed her, there he was, steadfast in his support and loyalty.

"I'll happily stand with you." Rowan says quietly, looking down her arm and then up to Ulani's eyes. "But I've no talent for diplomacy, you know this. My best work is war-craft. It's the only profession I've ever known." Then again he might be helpful dealing with soldiers. Seems like Ulani will have to.

"And I've little talent for dealing The Wildings and their ilk." Ulani smiles into Rowan's eyes "We work well together, Rowan. I would very much like to have you stand with me." Leaning forward, she drops a soft kiss to his lips before straightening again "It is agreed then. We will stand together."

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