Office Raid

June 10, 2016:

A B&E at building in Gotham has Oracle scrambling resources

Diamond District - Gotham


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Steel City is still a mess and The Fox and Batgirl have not returned yet. To say that Oracle is concerned would be an understatement, but the question is what she's most concerned about. Maybe it's coincidence, or maybe its not, but crime in Gotham is on the rise. Perhaps with the attention that Steel City is getting, the underworld is just taking advantage of this. Babs, might think otherwise. Her nights are usually long - but now they're longer, she's being kept busy by monitoring the city.

"This is Oracle. We've a break and enter at a bank in the Diamond District." The signal goes out over OracleNet with the location of the said bank.

At the scene, there's four armed people currently working their way through the ground floor towards the fire escape and the lifts.

May has actually been out at Steel City a lot as well. But she cheats — travelling via ley line is way faster than conventional vehicles. Thus, she happens to be close enough for her comm to pick up Oracle's signal, and she steps away from the SHIELD field ops center to respond. "Acknowledged Oracle. ETA, three minutes." Two and a half of those minutes are spent delegating tasks in the ops center, the rest finding the closest leyline and ending up in Gotham at one corner of a small city park about a block from the aforementioned bank.

With a quick check of her ICER pistol and taser batons, May starts toward the bank at a full sprint.

Along the rooftops, Red Robin parkours from one building to the next, both maintaining his recently acquired skills, and moving quickly along the city that he aims to protect. Oracle's voice prompts a smile from Tim tucked behind his cowl. "Red Robin here. I'm on it, Oracle. I'm one block out."

He sprints along his current rooftop, speeding up his tread as he reaches out his grappling hook and shoots the machine to catch the building adjacent the bank target.

The uniform of black and red flies along the grapple to linger along the building's roof.

Conferencing the communicators, Oracle watches the screens closely. "Red Robin, May will be onsite in three minutes as well." Robin knows that Oracle had been working with May before he went away. He might be surprised at how closely the two women have been working together during that time.

As May approaches the building on foot, a gout of arcane energy hits the ground in front of her. It comes from someone on the roof of the building across the road. "They're in the shadows of the camera, May." Oracle reports. She's seen the flash of light and is looking "No visual yet."

"I've four people in the building. All armed. They've made the lifts and are heading for the fourth floor." the digitally disguised voice reports "Which is strange. There appears to be only offices there." Hands moving over her consoles, the redhead kicks off a search. She's going to see what might be stored there and what's drawn the attention of these four.

Melinda May manages to duck around that arcane blast, even if doing so likely looked completely uncoordinated. She presses her back to the corner of the building she's next to, hoping that puts her out of the spell slinger's line of sight, and pulls her ICER. She has a vague idea where the shooter was, so she takes a single shot to try and discourage a second attempt.

The report of the ICER pistol is very similar to the sound of a conventional sidearm.

"An office?" Robin repeats as he quirks an eyebrow and continues to stride along the side of the building. He emits a soft sigh and steps lightly towards the fire escape. He peers down, and quietly strides down the stairs. His hands carefully reach for the batarang at his belt, aiming to have it at the ready in order to take down an stray perpetrators.

Mays ICER dart goes wide. Whoever that is, is well hidden. Even Oracle is having trouble locating them with the cameras. Seems they might be well prepared - and the fact that the rooftops don't have a lot of camera coverage isn't helping. Another gout of light comes winging it's way towards May.

There's a couple of things that Oracle can do though. "Going to flush them out, be ready May." Based on those flashes of light, much like May, the redhead knows roughly where the person is and with a few deft gestures of her hands over her console, one of the air conditioning units jumps to life, causing the rooftop exhaust to blow air. At the same time, the security floods for the roof all come on, causing the woman who was hiding to jump - breaking her cover and making her visible to May.

The search Oracle has been running, yields results. "The fourth floor is leased by a couple of companies. Running them now to see why they might be targets."

The elevator 'dings' and the four step out, heading for the office four door along. Red Robin can see them and when May deals with her threat… "May, I'm adjusting the first lift - it will get you to the fourth floor quickly."

May doesn't waste time acknowledging Oracle's words. She simply ducks away from the second blast of … whatever that is, then when she hears the AC units kick on she prepares to take a shot. There! The moment the woman breaks cover May takes the shot. Now we can only hope that her ability to aim with a pistol at that distance is better than average while at the same moment May is inwardly wishing a particular former SHIELD archer were around to help.

"Let me know any hits you get, Oracle," Red Robin states as he continues down the fire escape stairs, all while attempting to keep his steps silent as he steps down each in turn. The relatively unstable metal beneath his boots feels insecure, but not unusable. The quiet ping of metal underneath his paces takes him directly to the fourth floor.

His gloved hand lingers along the office sliding door. He reaches into his utility belt and nabs his screwdriver to unhinge the door. "I'm outside the floor. Just trying to find a way in. What does security look like in the building? Gotham PD enroute yet?"

The woman on the rooftop drops. May hit her and the ICER dart does its thing. As May makes it to the lifts, she'll feel it move more quickly than expected and the door opens onto the fourth floor. Strangely, it doesn't ding. Funny what can happen when an Information Goddess has access to the Building Management System.

"Security is disabled. I've seen to that. I've also commandeered the camera's and have access to the buildings systems." Oracles digital voice sounds in both their ears. "It's the fourth door for both of you." So middle of the floor - and the doors only line one side of the hall. "Gotham PD is alerted, but … they're slow. We've about 8 minutes."

Inside the office, three of the four are rifling through filing cabinets and the fourth has stuck a data spike in the computer. It will take the redheaded hacker a few moments, but she'll find that connection and exploit it.

Melinda May switches out her ICER for the batons during the quicker than normal elevator ride and once she's on the fourth floor and finally spots the red-clad young man, she simply offers him a nod hello before they converge at the indicated door. "Fast and loud, or quiet?" She's actually giving the kid a choice here. Be honored.

With several sharp twists of his universal tool, Robin pops the lock from the window. He smirks and murmurs, "Don't think it was meant to open. Not that anyone would want to." His chin drops and he peers downwards before he crawls through the now-open window.

"Thank you, kindly Oracle~" Robin virtually sings as he slides into the building and peeks about the dark, dead hallway in which he finds himself. It's only May who interrupts the solitude, earning a crooked smile in turn. "I think fast and loud this time. They aren't expecting anyone this quick." The smile extends, and with a single strong kick, he busts the door open.

"It's what I do." Oracle responds to Red Robin. Until she's back on the streets - that's not supposed to sound like it does! - and even after, she'll give the team all the advantages she can.

As the door bursts open, the two people nearest the pair turn, raise their weapons and start firing. Given the nature of what they're doing, any interruption can't be good, right?

Considering the kid opted to kick the door in right away, May knows better than to charge right in. And she's proven right when they open fire. Pulling something from inside her jacket, she slings the contents of the liquid container across the room, hopefully around face-height for the average person. It's mostly holy water, but there's enough salt and finely ground cats-eye shell mixed in to make it act like a decent irritant. It's a distraction at the very least.

The batarang is quickly released towards one of the pair. Following the throw, with a swirl of the cape, creating a protective bullet-proof shield between the pairs of people, Robin reaches for another batarang at his belt. May's distraction earns a lopsided smirk. The next batarang is thrown towards the second assailant, and then the cape is used as a shield once more.

Mays attack with salty, holy water (no it's not going to speak badly to you) hits the first gunman in the face, causing them to blink and their shots to go wide. Thank goodness it's only a Semi Automatic weapon, because the intruder doesn't take their finger off the trigger.

Robins first batarang hits the target, knocking them out and causing them to crumple to the ground. The cape swirling around him saves him as the first guys bullets go wide. The second batarang connects as well, dropping that gunman as well.

That leaves two - the one at the computer, who's concentrating on what they're doing and the last who now opens fire.

"I'm in." Oracle intones "Downloading a payload." Even if that one gets away, she'll be able to track them.

Melinda May ducks low and fast into the room under the cover of Robin's cape. She might find that particular piece of fabric a bit show-off-ish and unnecessary, but that doesn't mean she won't take advantage of it. She pulls her taser batons as she does so and promptly throws one baton past the kid at the remaining person shooting at them. The taser end of the baton sparks as it flies. Hopefully it'll hit the shooter business end first. For her own part, May keeps on her trajectory toward the computer person, planning on giving them a zap as well to get them to stop typing.

As May dispenses of the last assailants, Robin draws his attention to the room itself. He slips towards the computer that had been worked at, and his attention turns to the screen. "What are they doing here — " he mutters to himself more than the others.

The cape might be a bit showoff-ish. Just wait till May see's the costume that Oracle has updated for herself. Either way - bullets ping off it as she ducks behind it. The thrown baton tumbles through the air and it looks like that end might not connect - but it does, arcing and sending a shock through the gunman, dropping them like a bag of potatoes.

The computer hacker reaches for that data spike and turns to face the pair - just as Mays batons connects … and it's lights out for them.

"This office is owned by TKO Projects. Seems they hold some construction contracts here in Gotham." Oracles finally got some information available "It's a Gotham subsidiary of a larger multinational Golden Key Holdings. I'm going to have to dig deeper, but the principles of TKO are Gotham based. We don't have long though. Get what you can and get out." In the distance, the sirens can be heard.

Some of the filing cabinets, now that they look, are really plan cabinets. In them are the plans for certain locations in Gotham. Photo's of them are probably in order. In the filing cabinets, there's purchase orders - incoming and outgoing - copies of them might be worthwhile as well. The data spike? That's on the floor, next to the now knocked out hackers hand.

It's a rarity anymore now that May is in charge of WAND, but there was a time there where this sort of mission — bust or sneak into a place, gather all the intel possible, and get out again without getting caught — was old hat. Thus, she falls back on those long-ingrained skills, scooping up the data spike and pocketing it then pulling a USB of her own and tossing it at Robin. "Help Oracle pull everything you can. You have ninety seconds." For her own part, she steps over the downed people and starts opening those cabinets, taking photos with a modern, digital version of those tiny cameras spies always use in the movies/tv shows. Much faster.

After ninety seconds on the dot, May shoves the cabinet she's at closed and looks at Robin. "Let's go. Now." And whether he's ready or not, she is out the door and gone.

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