Back To The Future

June 10, 2016:

Decades ago, the Winter Soldier trained the Black Widow, before the two tagged along on missions for the KGB. They even became lovers at one point, and then he disappeared. Now, they meet again for the first time in many years, both working for different sides, as Black Widow stops Winter Soldier from assassinating his target, an agent of SHIELD.

Across from The Triskelion


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Fade In…

It's been a little while since the sniper was reported about ten blocks away from the Triskelion. The area was swarmed and searched, but not much was found aside from signs of a scuffle, motorcycle tire streaks in the asphalt of the street below, and some discarded, apparently unnecessary surveillance equipment.

Have things died down on SHIELD's end? Who knows. Does it matter? Not particularly. The Winter Soldier has been given a mission and, before he gets attacked again by the Birdman, he needs to see it through. The building he chose is, undoubtedly watched, so that's not going to work. He's going to need to be less subtle now.

It's the morning rush and the streets of Manhattan are filled with commuters of all types. Each intersection is a crowd of people waiting to cross and continue on their way to work. One crowd in particular is only a couple of blocks away from the Triskelion, and the target is within, unaware, and just waiting to make his way to work. Winter Soldier is also in that crowd of commuters, a leather coat covering up his obvious metal arm and a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes to prevent easy recognition. It's a little odd to be wearing a jacket in warmer weather, but in New York, Odd is Normal.

The crowd waits for the signal to cross the street, giving the assassin enough time to sidle up behind his target, place his silenced pistol against his back, and fire.

It's hard to cross the street when one's spine has been shot at close range.

When Black Widow saw the report about Falcon thwarting an assassination attempt of the Winter Soldier, she has been studying the details obsessively. She knew the best way to eventually get a lead on the Winter Soldier was to track down his target, and she has been doing it for a while now. Even know, she was in the crowd herself, wearing a blonde wig, and a light summery trench coat in light blue, that allowed glimpse of black underneath as it shifts with her motions. She isn't sure just where the Winter Soldier might be, but as a person moves directly towards the target, she proceeds to do the same, shifting behind the wouldbe assassin, and trying to pull his arm away into a bared lock on his elbow. Whether she manages to do it in time to save the target remains to be seen.

The pull on his arm means that the target's spine may -not- be severed…but he's still shot in the back…awfully close to his spine. There isn't even a choice curse word muttered as Winter Soldier quickly pockets the gun and, simultaneously, tries to pull his arm from the woman who grabbed it. While his mission isn't quite fulfilled, this may be all they get. The target is still seriously injured and needs fairly prompt medical attention.

He tries to maintain a somewhat casual movement in doing all of this as to not raise too much attention this close to SHIELD headquarters. At the very least, he's going to try and make a run for it.

<I need medical evac ASAP, cue on my transponder, Bob Graves has been shot> Black Widow sends a somewhat breathy radio to SHIELD who are luckily very close by, she has no doubt they'll get Bob the treatment he needs. But her own main concern, is to try and see if she can get some words with the Winter Soldier. Now that won't happen so close to the Triskelion, but she has the element of surprise, maybe she can get him a bit further. She didn't say anything about the shooter in her radio after all. She doesn't let go of the arm she grabbed, instead, she leverages herself to scissor lock her legs around that arm as well, with one leg wrapping around the back of Winter Soldier's neck. If she can maintain her hold for a few minutes, she can get them away, as she fires a widow line, and starts grappling them to the roof of the building across.

Winter Soldier has nothing against hitting a woman and he brings his forearm back to try and slam his own assailant's face with it to get her off of him. No doubt a few cell phones are out at this tussle that's begun at the street-corner but he's swiftly grappled away…even though the entire time he's trying to get out of that grip she has on him.

The style is somewhat familiar and it may take a few seconds for him to switch tactics in order to better face this opponent's style.

Also, falling to the ground isn't in his plan.

Once they get to the roof of the nearby building though, he does his best to shove her off of him, even if that means trying to slam her into the wall of the emergency access doorway.

Black Widow winces as she takes the first punch right to her face rather bravely, though she twists around Winter Soldier's arm and applies more pressure with the leg curling at the back of his neck to sway him from trying another one. She knows that once airborne, he wouldn't be stupid enough to keep at it, as he wouldn't want to fall without planning for it in advance. Plus, falling with her wrapped on his arm, he can't tell what she might do. She naturally tries talking to him in Russian, <didn't your mother teach you to say hello when you meet an old friend?>

But then as soon as they reach the rooftop, she finds herself thrown harshly at the emergency access doorway, but even as Winter Soldier prepares for his next move, another widow line is shoot at his ankles, to either pull him down if he chooses to ignore it, or grapple Black Widow right back at him if he takes a moment to disengage it.

The Russian doesn't give him pause and he answers back in kind, <You are not my friend>. After all, she stopped him from his mission. Kind of. It might count. Other HYDRA agents can probably infiltrate the hospital where he'll be taken and finish the job.

He doesn't disengage the grapple line shot at his ankles, and he does fall onto his back. This gives him the opportunity, however, to draw one of his guns and aim it right at Black Widow. <Leave, or you will die>. He's only giving two choices here.

<Then you need your memory checked, friend,> Black Widow continues the conversation as if nothing happened when she comes out of the roof access, grinning as she finds Winter Soldier aim a gun at her. <Shame, seems you really don't remember,> she says starting to rise her hands, when suddenly an electric shock comes through the line right at Winter Soldier. He clearly forgot about the infamous Widow's Bite. She waits for Winter Soldier to either drop the gun, or fall to the roof, she suspects her Widow's Bite would hurt more with his cybernatic arm. Should he go down, she'll rush at him to get a good hold around his neck, <you're not only my friend, stupid, you're my mentor…you have to remember, because I'd be insulted if you forgot.>

With Falcon shooting electromagnetic refrigerator magnets at him as well as needles full of toxins, Winter Soldier is not going to take his chance against getting tangled up in something else again. He's wary of his opponents firing guns that aren't full of bullets. The shock through the grapple line does get him, but he fights it, firing the gun off a few times before pushing through the pain and voltage to try and untangle himself from the line.

The bullets probably go wide, but he's not going to just go down so easily. Being freshly 'reset', he's not meant to be thinking. He's meant to be doing and getting out once the job is done.

Conversation isn't really in the orders that he was given.

Black Widow uses the distraction of her Widow's Bite to run directly at Winter Soldier, he shots, but his targeting is off while dealing with quite the electric shock. She slides down between his legs and reaches to grab them with her arms, trying to knock him down to ground level with her. The fact he won't talk is aggravating, because it means she won't get an 'in' as it were to try and figure out just what kind of blender job they did on his brain. Still, she tries to go one further <we were lovers, they took you away from me, said you disappeared on a mission. Are you with FSB still? Someone else? Who is your handler? Tell me so I can end them.>

Winter Soldier is knocked back down on the ground as his legs are grabbed, and the position he's put in is…new. At least for Winter Soldier. At least for what he can remember, which right now, isn't much. Some things, however, go fairly deep. As Black Widow finishes speaking about their supposed history, romantic and otherwise, dark eyes widen just a touch. There's a brief flicker of what might be recognition, "Natalia?" but it fades after a moment or two into that blank, dead-eyed expression that she's probably seen before.

He gives a shove to try and roll over to push her onto her back so that he can get to his feet easier, once again in combat mode. If he can get to his feet, he'll draw his gun on her before firing, not to kill, but just to keep her from immediately rushing after him. "Hail Hydra."

He then takes off in a sprint to the side of the building and pretty much runs and slides his way down from the fire escape.

<You have to remember…> Black Widow snaps, angry to find out not only that the Winter Soldier is alive and well, but that he also doesn't seem to have any memory of their time together. Any of it. That is until she knocks him to the ground and he calls her name, leaving her gasping, <yes! Yes!> But her excitement that his memory might be coming back, that she somehow punctured through whatever fake memories were implanted in him, leaves Black Widow vulnerable.

She soon finds herself shoved over her back, and before she can try and kick Winter Soldier off of her, she gets shot in her side, leaving her rolling on the roof, and Winter Soldier with enough time to get quite the head start on the fire escape. By the time she gets up, one hand pressing against the wound, as she shuffles towards the fire escape, she realizes she'll have to wait for another chance to get him into a much more intimate conversation, one that bares no chance of escaping. Either way, he's back, he didn't die. Worst of all though, it seems it's not the FSB, but rather Hydra freaks who get their hands on his brain. She's familiar with KGB/FSB methods, she experienced them, but Hydra? Who knows, she'll have to do her best. <I won't let them have you, Winter Soldier,> she mutters to herself as she watches him make his escape. Now to check on Bob and tend to her wound.

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