Sending A Flyer

June 06, 2016:

Power Girl stops by the Hall of Justice to see if there's a possibility for her to join with the JLA in the future, meets her friend Fairchild, and the two catch up.

Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the
Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a
simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing
the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the
concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a
less-tha-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid
from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner
workings of the JL:A. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth
technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living areas.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Wonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Power Girl has heard of the Justice League, and recently she's had some flashes of being with the JSA in her life before transposing into this different reality. She mused to herself that maybe being on a team again could be just what the doctor ordered to cure some of the feelings she's been having, about things being somewhat 'off' as it were. Flying to the Hall of Justice, she wonders if anyone who'd care to speak with her would even be in.

Wonder Woman's invisible plane is in operation, it seems— it's coming in over the League headquarters just as Power Girl is swooping in. It's not entirely invisible, shimmering with a golden light, and the League's bay doors open to admit the ship. Someone can be seen inside waving enthusiastically at Karen as she flies in, and the ship lands with a low hum of power as landing struts extend to let it rest.

The door behind the cockpit unseals and opens, and Caitlin Fairchild clambers out, all gawky legs and feet, scampering down the ramp in two big steps. She immediately starts looking around for Power Girl, then bounces on her toes and waves up at the flying blonde.

Power Girl was going to go the route of walking in through the main door, but with her super vision, she's able to pick on the oncoming Invisible Jet through a different spectrum, her attention first drawn by the sound, so instead of front door, she opts to follow the jet. Hovering about as it lands, before landing herself, and waving at Caitlin Fairchild in turn, "nice ride, Fairchild, how are thing's with the League?"

"Faaaaantastic," Caitlin says, beaming at Karen. Despite her often clumsy manner, there's nothing self-conscious about her smile, and if she were a puppy, she'd be wriggling. As it is, she's just clearly pleased to see Power Girl, and she gestures grandly at the Invisible Jet— though the stained mechanic's coveralls detract a little from her showgirl pose. "Diana asked me to check out the Jet. Isn't it awesome? I still haven't capped out the maximum airspeed, but it's -quick-. And Carol said it handles like a housefly, which… I guess that's good?" she hazards, wrinkling her nose.

She's close enough to Karen to give the other woman a quick, rib-cracking hug, and then steps back, bouncing on her toes in a childish excitement. "So whatcha up to? You coming by to say hi to people, or is it official business? Want lunch? I'm starving," the towering redhead says.

Power Girl looks fro Caitlin to the jet, and back to Caitlin, tilts her head thoughtfully, and eventually nods to herself as she remarks, "yeah, I can see you working conventions as a booth girl, if you really wanted to start a second career," sure she's teasing, but it's all in good spirits and a friendly tone. "Yes, that would be good," Power Girl says with a smile, being well versed in aerobatics herself, she has a strong appreciation to what was meant by the odd termed compliment. As she receives a strong embrace, Power Girl returns the favor all the same. "I was actually wondering if I could get someone's opinion, someone being you, if you think it'd be a good idea for me to join with you guys at the Justice League…" she nods at the offer for lunch, after all, she already secured some time away from the office for herself.

"I think it'd be awesome," Caitlin tells Power Girl, nodding enthusiastically. "I mean, Superman's here, Kara's here… I know it's kinda weird sometimes with family, but— you know, I think you could do a lot of good. Plus, y'know—" She opens the door to the cafeteria and gestures with both hands. "Free lunch, every day!"

Which clearly means a great deal to the redhead, who gets in line at the grill and starts piling a tray haphazardly high with at least ten thousand calories worth of food.

"Have you talked to anyone else about it yet?" she asks Power Girl. "Or are you just kicking ideas around?"

"Well, if Superman and Supergirl are both in…would I really be needed?" Power Girl muses, "that's a lot of Krypton power packed by the Justice League." Moving along with Fairchild, getting a tray of her own, she picks a much more modest selection for herself. "Just you…I'm not entirely sure I should do it, but I've been thinking about it. Just wanted to check that it would be okay with the team, to begin with…would you ask around for me?"

"Sure." Caitlin gets out her phone and quickly fires off two text messages with *fweet* sound effects. "There, that's Kara and Carol. We'll see what they think. And I'll keep an eye out for Supes, he's pretty good about questions."

"I mean, y'know, we run into— Darkseid and the Apokalips folks, and it'd be good to at least have you on the radio," Caitlin tells Karen, taking her tray to a table and piling it with a half-gallon of cola. "You can't have enough people around for something like -that-."

Power Girl seems quite happy with Fairchild's willingness to check it out for her, no fuss, it's really cool having friends like that. "Thanks, I really appreciate it," she starts before wincing at the mention of Darkseid, reaching to press a gloved finger at her temple, she nods, "need all you can get, kitchen sink and more, if that piece of bad news shows his ugly mug." Moving along the line, she just takes some water for herself.

Caitlin pinks at bit high on her cheekbones and grins again, looking a bit self-conscious. "It's… no big deal," she mutters, brushing some hair back from her cheek with an absent motion. She starts attacking her food with a will, using a fork and knife to dive on in.

"Yeah, it's been pretty chill lately, fortunately," Catilin says, shifting a bit to try and scratch a scar hidden under her left shoulderblade. "I'm expecting Something Bad to happen though— it's been way too calm for too long. How's business going?" she inquires, shifting the topic a bit. "Are you still gonna release that new circuitry architecture this year?"

Power Girl can't help but chuckle as she watches Caitlin approach her meal with the determination of a veteran taking to the battlefield, "if this is how serious you are about food, I really feel sorry for the creeps who stand against you out there. Probably not very healthy for them, as it should be."

She digs into her meal, nodding along in appreciation to the remark of how calm it's been, "a good thing too, frees up time for real work," she looks up at Fairchild with a big smile on her lips, "awww, you remember! Yes, I think it will actually happen, helping the world little by little, it would help in cutting on electricity use."

"Pfft, screw electricity use!" Caitlin snorts. "Mama want some of that parallel computing power!" She drums her fork eagerly on the plate. "I mean it's going to be ten percent faster than anything else on the market. And the price is so reasonable! I wanna run it in uh, this simulink build— once the gaming machines get their hands on it, we'll see new graphics cards in months. I -really- want one of those new Delta-line GPUs, I was trying to play Doom yesterday and my computer suuuucks." She exhales testily and stabs some salad with her fork tines. "Stupid student loans."

Arching a brow, Karen rolls her eyes a bit before murmuring, "Caitlin, do you happen to know the mission statement of my company?" But then she realizes Caitlin actually did some reading and is merely being enthusiastic, which causes her to wave it off with a chuckle, "well, yeah, that too. I can probably get you a good discount, once it's ready."

Caitlin flushes at Karen's pointed statement, but smiles at the chuckle and perks right up. "That'd be awesome. I'm trying to build a new computer. I've got enough saved I can actually build a gaming machine. I'm trying to be responsible," she admits. "Kate says I don't have to rent my room at the Lakehouse," she says, gesturing at the League's guest quarters across the water. "But I feel like I should be putting my rent money into savings. Dr. Richards says he'll keep paying me while we're on research hiatus, but… who knows how long -that'll- last?"

"Sounds like a very good endeavor, building your own computer from scratch, let me know if you need any tips," Karen offers, nodding at Caitlin's remarks, but not offering any input because it is Caitlin's life, and she's a strong believer in letting people live their lives. "That's all part of life, what do we do with our money, you have a great opportunity to save in not needing to pay rent." She nods at the last bit, "see, that's smart thinking, you'll do well Caitlin. Now, if you'll excuse me, I do need to head back to work…thanks for checking this issue for me, by the way, let me know what the consensus is!"

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