Worth Dying For

June 08, 2016:

Green Arrow returns the captive to The Hand; Elektra asks Oliver to join her instead.

Some alley.


NPCs: The Hand, Noor Singh



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So he was a bit overdue, it isn't the first time the Arrow has been late for an appointment nor will it most likely be the last. But he had promised to return the prisoner to Elektra after using her as bait. The operation had gone a little longer than he'd hoped but had been a success; at least as far as he knew. This places now the burden on him to return the woman whom he 'borrowed' from The Hand.

The arrangement had been made to meet at a warehouse not far from where The Hand's base of operations was and so that is where the Arrow is at, the woman securely tied in the back of a nice non descript van. Outside of the van stands the man, arms folded with a stern expression on his face while he waits.

It could have been something considered magic, something that Oliver has seen time and time and again, but where? Only he would know the answer. Even though the lights illuminated the street, giving no opening, that little swath of darkness is where Elektra merges from, clad in all black, mask over her face leaving only the narrow of her eyes to be seen.

Her steps were quiet, arms languid by her side, approaching the man and the vehicle with both hands upright to show that she bears no weaponry.. yet.

"You are late." She states, obviously. "Because of you The Hand has had to make other arrangements." Though what she doesn't divulge is how lucrative it has been.

Voice, digitized as always when he is in the Arrow get up, responds levelly towards Elektra when she emerges out of that dark spot. "Unforseen difficulties. You were not worried that I'd fail to hold up the bargain, were you?" There is the barest hint of humored quip at that concept. "I am certain your organization will be fine. Plenty of other people to abduct, murder, what have you."

In response to the gesture, the man holds up his hands as well, showing they are empty, granted the bow is always resting on his back but he has to, otherwise he's not really able to live up to his namesake. "She was unharmed. Cranky, and drugged through most of it."

"No." Elektra responds. It was easy. For an odd reason, and that reason alone she actually had faith in the Green Arrow's abilities. "Not one as important as Noor Singh." Her hand lifts, fingers snapping quickly as the van itself begins to shake and rattle. Ninja's appear, dropping down from the darkness, rolling and tumbling from the tops of the roof to land upon the ground as quiet as kept.

"Good." She remarks, though the smirk is heard through her own voice. "I would so hate to take out payment on your hide if she were returned to the Hand damaged." As she steps closer, she allows herself a moment to relax, leaning against the van as the woman was duly escorted free. The chill of the steel causes her bare shoulders to roll, her fingers lifted to tug down her mask. She does not care if they know her.

"What do the fates have in store for you now?"

"Now? I have to delve into the realm of the mystic to help a friend." The Arrow responds, watching the ninja assassins climb over the van. Hopefully they don't find the free candy sign within it. While he observes them working for a moment, his eyes shift over to Elektra. "You have said that before, that this woman is important. Why?" The digitized voice tries not to sound too curious, but it is difficult not to. "From all I could determine, she is a spoiled daughter."

Elektra says nothing, keeping her arms wrapped about her chest as she nods. "Mmh. Interesting." Not that she really thinks so.

Though as it was his turn for questions, she wasn't all that candid about the Hand's operation. In fact, there was a deep inhale of a breath, a little smile given as she turns upon the roll of her shoulders to glance in his direction, that roll bringing her dangerously close.

"The acquisition of New York as a whole." She studies his features, dipping her head as she would. "Join us."

The Arrow looks at the woman as she moves closer to him, canting his head just slightly. The stubble laced cheeks and jawline turning before he smiles ever so slightly. "That is the second time you have asked that. Like before, I believe we are on opposite sides of the coin." He glances momentarily towards the van, towards where the prisoner was. "Even doing this, handing over a prisoner for … for I don't know what. This chafes at my morality."

Green eyes come back, settle on Elektra solidly. "What do you even stand for?"

"Exactly." Elektra murmurs. "You toe the line between the darkness and the light." Her gloved hand reaches upright, fingers tugging upon the bottom of his vest. A tug that would bring him just a little bit closer if he were not careful. "You willingly bring the woman back to a murderer knowing only so little, all for revenge and her usefulness." Her lips curl into a smile that no one rarely ever has the pleasure to see.

"We stand for peace, Arrow. Peace in the world. However, The Hand are the only ones who are willing to do what is necessary to ensure the survival of us all."

Common sense tells him to be careful, but information is important. Believing that he is just stringing her along, he allows himself to be pulled a bit closer. "Toeing the line means knowing where the line is as well." He responds, quietly. "There have been many people who stand for peace in the World."

"Hydra comes to mind. The peace being their own methods, no one elses. Peace based on who they think should be allowed to remain." His hand reaches up ever so slowly and bats a stray strand of hair away from Elektra's cheek. "Do you truly believe in what you are doing?"

His close proximity allows her hand to rest upon his side. Not checking him, not feeling around for pressure points that she could subdue him with, nor preparing for an attack. But the distance was closed off with a step forward and a push of his own body backwards. If he was stringing her along, she was stringing him along.. What the Hand wants..

"Would Hydra even allow someone they do not know to use one of their most important for their personal gains?" She flinches, just a touch, her fingers reaching around to grasp her black hair to draw it from her shoulders. "The Hand believes all should remain. Divisible power in the correct and just hands." Does she believe it? Absolutely not. In her true heart of hearts, she couldn't escape them. She was their prisoner. And it was beaten into her that it was her Destiny to remain as their black sky.

"Yes.." She quietly says, lifting up upon the tips of her toes to try to press a kiss against his lips so that she wouldn't have to speak another lie.

The Arrow catches her lips with his, offering a small kiss back to the woman before pulling away and smiling. It is a slightly devious smile, mischievous as he presses just a bit of space between then and produces in his hand a knife that is held up.

"If you believe it then, prove it." He responds quietly towards the woman. "Because I will be standing against The Hand if it seeks to harm this world. I will be an adversary. I know the line between right and wrong… and I think you do as well." His green eyes cast down towards the knife momentarily then back up to Elektra.

There was little time for her to lose herself within that kiss, for as he pulls away and produces a knife, her features contort in confusion, her gaze lifting up towards his, puzzled.

"The Hand will not harm the world.." She assures him, her hand reaching down to clasp her fingers around his which holds the knife. "I know -my- lines between right and wrong. You want me to prove it, Arrow.."

And with a swift motion, she forces his hand, jamming the knife right into her gut where it was the most deadly. And it wasn't because she believed in the Hand.. but that she believed with her whole heart.. this change of events would grant her freedom.

The mischievous look on his face immediately evaporates and shock takes over his eyes and expression. "No!" He exclaims as she jams the knife into her own stomach. Immediately he drops his grip on the weapon and moves to lower Elektra to the ground and tapping on his chest to activate a communications link to somewhere. "I'm going on the move to Hell's Base."

Reaching up he touches the woman's cheek gently, "That isn't what I meant. Come on. I got to get you up, I have a spot nearby." His voice, there is no mistaking the utter concern he has. A woman who has been in many ways an adversary but the Arrow is extremely worried. "You're with me still, right?"

Elektra didn't read him wrong. She read him right. To take the knife and slit his throat, knock off the competition, take him out of the equation so that he wouldn't prove to be a risk in the future. "It is.." She lies again, her hands clutching the wound, the knife still embedded deep within her flesh as she nearly curls into his arms. "Don't.." She weakly protests, her chest feeling as if it were constricted by the weight of her decision. It was gruesome, blood was starting to fill into areas where it shouldn't be, which made her breathing a little more harsh.

"Leave me here.." She was still there obviously! "Goddamn it Arrow, you wanted me to prove it!"

"Believing in something doesn't mean you are willing to die for it." The Arrow snaps back, reaching down to pull off his vest and try to use it to stop some of the external bleeding. "Believing in something is willing to live for it." The words barely leave his lips as he applies pressure and looks around. "Where are the rest of your people. They were just here. We can get you help, I just can't move you by myself… the wound is too bad."

"Then what do my actions tell you?" She laughs a little, her head nearly rolling back, one hand drawing up to grasp at his chest in order to push him, and herself away. "There's more.. Arrow. More to it all.." If this was going to be her dying breath, she could at least give him a fighting chance..

"If I call them here, they will kill you.." She doesn't yank the knife away, she only presses it in, wrapping the cloth around it tightly to staunch the bleeding.

"Your actions tell me…" He stops, trails off as his brow furrows in thought. "They tell me that you would rather be dead than to kill me." The Arrow ponders, reaching down to touch her cheek. "That death is a better option than living with whatever is in front of you."

Biting his lip, the Arrow shakes his head and moves to scoop Elektra up. "That is not an answer I can live with. This is going to hurt, and suck, but I'm getting you out of here."

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