Wrongly Accused

March 16, 2014:

A science conference gets interrupted by a teleporting bad guy. Good guys are on hand to save the day. More or less.

New York City Science Museum

It's a museum, yo! For robotics!


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Peter Parker is covering the event for the Daily Bugle. Yes it's a Sunday. Yes it's the beginning of Spring Break. But still, gotta pay the bills. No trip to Cabo this years; no crazy girls with crazy antics.

There's some boring press conference about something to do with progress on transportation of objects over large distances in short timespans. Boring not because of the topic. In fact, Peter Parker is positively piqued. Instead, it's boring because he already disagrees with some of the premises and doesn't think this technology will have a snowballs chance for working in the long term.

Parker shifts in his seat and snaps another picture with his digital camera, scoping around the room.


Cal's often in the city on the weekend and since the conference was announced, he thought he'd stop by and see what they were talking about. After all, the wording of the announcement seemed to imply some sort of teleportation and that's of definite interest to him, all things considered. He's hanging back in the back near the door in case of a sudden attack of severe boredom. He should have asked Hank to come decipher the technogarble.


There's a few things which happen to fascinate Talia. The first revolves around her attempting to learn everything that she can about this reality so she can compare it to what is already familiar and known to her (such as the Beatles having disbanded some time ago.) That alone would draw her to presentations such as this one.

That it also has to deal with teleportation? That just has her triply intrigued! Maybe it won't help her to learn more about her own newfound trick, but can't hurt.

The only problem is that she's trying to follow along from somewhere dark and quiet. If she finds some shadows then she can disappear 'inside' of them, though she won't be watching this conference amongst the rest of the crowd.

Thank goodness she's a sneaky sort.


Dr. Harold Johnson is up at the podium, and after taste of water and a few moments under the lights he begins to speak. "Something. Something. Blahblahblah. Huminahhuminah, French Toast." Or something like that. Peter's still on that bit about how the division of the matter would never work, and even if it did, you wouldn't be able to put everything back together again, and even if you did it wouldn't be in the same order, and even if it was, you couldn't guarantee the electrical impulses of the body wouldn't be totally disturbed.

Peter finds himself annoyed, and becomes even more so as the lights begin to flicker, then dim. After a moment, one sparks and shatters, and Dr. Johnson's voice stops abruptly.

Across the stage a shimmering, light reflecting figure leaps across stage and tackles the Doctor into a black hole just behind the chair. A woman screams, men begin to run around and give chase. Then, on the outside window, a large piece of glass that spans the entire room three floors up, the pair appear out in mid-air, only to disappear again!


Cal's eyes are starting to glaze over within the first minute of scientific babble. Why can't these people ever use explanations regular people will understand and save the fancy language for their peer reviewed papers? He's already considering leaving when the lights flicker and then there's the scream. Teleportation used to kidnap a scientist droning on about teleportation? Ironic. Catching sight of the figures outside the window, he ports his every day clothes off to reveal his costume beneath and then BLINK he's outside the window himself, looking to see if he can spot them. He's played leap frog blinking before and can recognize it when he sees it.


Sadly, almost all of the conference goes over Talia's head. She's not the geeky science sort. Still, she hangs on. (Literally in this case, she's stuck to a wall.) Do these guys seriously think it can be done or are they just talking nonsense in the hopes of getting future grants, or at the very least not losing their jobs?

It's hard to tell sometimes!

(That poor photographer looks bored out of his mind down there.)

The breaking of a light does work to her advantage, at least. More shadows! Though, this isn't so good for everyone else. It's also kind of funny that there's now at least twomake that three!beings present that can teleport at a conference about the possibility of teleportation. Go figure!

TJ's eyes snap wide as the Doctor vanishes from the stage, seeming to flicker in and out of existence just as the lights had a moment earlier. This isn't a form of porting that she's familiar with.

Dropping to the floor, Talia is suddenly in hiding no longer. She's also doing her very best to appear non-threatening. "Please stay clear of the windows, everyone!" That's a heck of a lot of glass out there, if even that one window happens to break…


In the pandemonium, that poor photographer dude escapes with the masses, but down the hallway he ducks into a bathroom. Superman changed in telephone booths; Parker tends to use the potty.

Some folks take Talia's advice, others don't. Everyone seems like they're trying to flee. Who knows what the thing was, and who knows if it's coming back!

Meanwhile, as Mimic gives chase, the shimmering being sort of looks almost like a human cow from this distance and now that they're in the mid day light. Every so often he submerges and then emerges from a different spot. He's tough to follow and it's tough to discern what path the perpetrator is taking. Oh, yeah, and additionally, Johnson is screaming her head off.


Flame on! Mimic solves the problem of falling and uses the screams as well as his eyes to keep up with the teleporter. He seems to have a greater range so not just jumps ahead of them in the general direction they're heading but above them as well. No one looks up right? Star Trek taught him that.


What..the heck..is that thing..? Talia's going to have trouble keeping up with another teleporter, it's just the nature of the beast. The guy's endless screaming helps some, however.

"Ah, screw it."

She's in a four-point crouch and leap an instant later, leapfrogging off of a man's shoulders with a "Sorry!" as she comes flying out of the building. Mimic's here, that much is now obvious. Between the two sources of commotion, she has a path to follow! Hopefully everyone else will be okay. This guy..creature..thing just wanted the Doc, right..? Working alone? Man, does she ever hope so!


By now, both Mimic and Talia are coming up on the victim and the perp.

The figure turns his head over his shoulder and looks back at them as if to say he knows he's about to be caught. Out of nowhere, from 25 stories up, the SPOT simply lets Dr. Johnson go before dipping into yet another portal!

The bespectacled man's scream is more uniform now, but it's all Doppler effecty as he fall fall falls downward! Aiiiieeeee!


Oh damn it all to hell. Mimic hates smart villains. Catch the bad guy or, literally, catch the victim. Not that there's even the slightest question of which he's going to do. The flames on his arms flicker and disappear and then Dr. Johnson BLINKs to a point right in front of Mimic. "I've got you." he says, grabbing first one and then the second of the scientist's arms. "Try to relax. You're perfectly safe." Stop screaming.


"I really..hate trying..to catch people..that are..faster than me…" Talia grumbles while springboarding off of a lamp post to the music of blaring horns and squeaking tires. This guy's already gotten quite a bit of altitude! -And- he's dropping the Doctor!

That situation resolves itself easily enough. The new problem is that the renegade teleporter isn't making a return appearance, not that she can see. Can't catch what you can't see, either. Is it going to strike again, maybe try to drop someone else? If so, from where? Wait and see, listen and learn. This guy's still at large, which is bad for everyone else.


But! He does make another appearance. It seems as though the Spot is trying to sneak away down the eastern road. It also appears he cannot teleport farther than he can see. But in any event as the teleportation window opens, a blue and red streak meets Spot in a tackle that goes back into the teleportation.

"Gotchya, Moo Cow!" exclaims Spider-Man just before they both disappear.

A few moments later, they re-appear again, about half a block away, up near the top of the Empire State Building.


With the doctor in hand(s), Mimic comes to a gentle halt so he doesn't dislocate the man's shoulders. And then ports him safely down to the ground none the worse for wear except for the future dry cleaning bill. With the doctor taken caee of, he looks around to try to see where the bad guy's gone.


And they're gone. Interception by City Spider. Very dangerous this time of year. Talia comes to a stop, hunkered into a crouch and ready to lunge forth at a moment's notice. If she just knew where..to..go…

"'Ey, git the hell offa tha bus, you!"

It's not her fault city busses offer a better vantage point than the sidewalk. "Just give me a minute!"


Suddenly the pair reappear from a dark portal and begin tumbling towards the ground out in front of where Mimic and and Talia are. Then they disappear. When they reappear, it's only Spidey, but two quick webs pull the Spot out from the portal with a heave.


Hey, Cal recognizes that shade of blue. And it doesn't have a tail attached which narrows it down even more. Reaching up, he taps his earbud. "TJ? That you? Seen where he… Oh, wait. I see him now." He also recognizes that shade of red and blue.
[OOC] Talia Wagner grins, "She's got a tail. I decided against the whole retractable bit since HM."
[OOC] Calvin Rankin says, "Oh, okay."
Hey, Cal recognizes that shade of blue. Reaching up, he taps his earbud. "TJ? Kurt? That you? Seen where he… Oh, wait. I see him now." He also recognizes that shade of red and blue.



From the top of a bus comes a yellow on blue face, staring in surprise as Spidey returns. With the teleporter, too! "Gees man, that's one seriously wicked catch. Uh..what should we do with it now..?"

Easy to spot, though not as easy to reach over distance. She showed up to the convention on her own, or so she had thought! If she brought a comm with, it isn't currently in use. Teleporting would solve that issue, however.


The Spot delivers a right hand cross that knocks Spidey off his hinges a bit. While the Bugman falleth, the Mooman starts teleporting straight upwards in order to create some space between himself and the web crawler.

In 10 story spurts, he leaps upwards and upwards as he tries to get away.
How nice of the Spot to be predictable. Mimic BLINKs directly above the man's chosen path, waiting for him to arrive with a cocked fist. He either has faith in Spidey to recover or, more likely, his fellow mutant to catch him if he needs catching.


Now the guy's going straight up..! That..seems kinda foolish, but hey! Talia's familiar with Mimic's borrowed powers, one quick throw and he could have Spot back to ground level, they can all pile on top of him, maybe she can possess his sorry butt to keep him from running—

Or Cal could try to go all Hulk Smash by himself.

There Talia remains in a crouch, staring upward with her hands held out to either side. "Dude..! Teamwork much?" He had to have seen her and Spidey, they're not exactly subtle!


The Spot, his head turned back to watch Spider-Man fall, never sees Mimic coming, or more specifically, he doesn't realize he's about to run right into the mutant's fist.


The blow knocks out Spot in one punch and sends the villain into a freefall, and the criminal begins a slow tumble downwards.


Speaking of unconscios folks tumbling downwards, Spider-Man zips right by Talia and crashes into a parked van just ahead of the bus. The Webslinger's limp body is still as folks begin to encircle the van with wide eyes.

"Oh man, it's that Spider-Man."

"I heard he killed someone."

"I heard he eats babies."


Seriously, sometimes you just need to punch someone. Watching the Spot fall, Calvin catches sight of Spidey landing and winces. That didn't go as planned. And speaking of falling, he ports down to below the falling Spot and turns the flames off in order to catch the man. Then they can blink down to the ground next to the van.


"Um. Wait. That's not good. Waitwaitwait—"


Talia's just..a little too slow to catch the freefalling Spider-Man. It's not long before she's standing over him, hands held over her mouth with a look that's nothing but concern. "I thought you were able to catch yourself..!"

Oh dear.

In another instant she's shooting a narrowed stare at one of the bystanders, "He -so- does not eat babies." Says the fanged one quarter demon. "Aw..man, this is twelve kinds of sucktastic," she continues to mutter while checking Spidey for a pulse.

Found one? Proceed to point B.

"C'mon man, back to the present with the rest of us..!"

One more look gets passed toward Mimic, "Ya couldn't think to keep this fight grounded?"


"I think he's dead, lady," says one of the little kids who doesn't seem to be afraid at all by TJ's appearance.

Meanwhile, as TJ checks for a pulse, he's got one. It's a little weak, but it's actually getting stronger. By now, the crowd is getting pretty big and the sirens of police cruisers can be heard in the distnace.

"Me?" Mimic blinks at Talia. "How am I supposed to ground a teleporter? I can't stop anyone from doing it!" Doesn't he wish. "He's okay?" He doesn't /too/ concerned given everything he knows about Spider-Man. "But speaking of grounding, think you can make sure this guy doesn't wake up and start porting away? The most I can do is keep hitting him."


"He's not dead!" Talia automatically responds before her eyes widen a little further, repeating "He's not dead—!" Ohthankyouthankyouthankyou!

To Cal, she asks "Couldn't you just blink his butt? Agh, nevermind, we're about to have company. You can 'port better than I can, think you can get us out of the open then pull yourself out before the five-oh takes over? This guy might need a hospital, I don't know. If we can give him a chance to pull around..?"


Squad cars pull up to the scene and police men begin to leap out, guns drawn.

"Hey! It's Spider-Man! Those heroes have apprehended Spider-Man for us!" The elation on the first cop's face is as if his and the rest of the city's long national nightmare has come to an end. "Who are these guys? No clue, but they must be kind of a big deal. We've been trying to catch this guy for years."

A television crew pulls up across the street and a reporter and cameraman get out of the car.


"Not to anywhere he couldn't port out of." Mimic points out. At least, not anywhere they want to put him. One of the cells at Xavier's is right out. And here's the police. Wonderful. The look he gives TJ says 'just get him out of here'. Turning, he looks at the policeman who spoke. "Officer, we're going to need an ambulance here as soon as possible with some sedation for this one." He points at the Spot making sure there's no confusion. Spot, not Spider-Man. Spot. "He's a teleporter and tried to kidnap Dr. Johnson from the conference." Him. Not Spider-Man.


'Not anywhere he couldn't—' "I meant Spider-Man, you dolt!" Talia blurts out. The cops are here, let them deal with the evil teleporter guy! It's the other masked hero sort that she's worried about!

Then there's 'the look.' For an instant she stares back, jaw hanging open slightly in a brief moment of stunned silence. "But I can't…" Teleport..very far… And even less distance with someone else in tow. Judging by Spidey's weight, she might be able to squeeze a hundred feet out of it, just once. To somewhere she's able to see. Temporary delay, at best!

There's only one thing left for her to try. Unconscious people don't put up any resistance to possession.

"Sorry about this," she mutters to Spidey before she falls forward in a small magenta-ringed portal around Spider-Man's chest. In a flash there is no more TJ.

There -is- an animated Spider-Man, however. A quick *thwip-thwip!* blotches over the nearest of the camera lenses, then he's up and -gone- on lines of webbing.

"Okay, this..is kinda -awesome!-"


"STOP! He's getting away!!!" The cops brandish their weapons and begin firing upwards at Spider-Man. TJ will feel an odd tingle and the body she inhabits will just sort of reflexively get out of the way of the oncoming steel.

Meanwhile, the cops do not seem interested in the Spot at all. That's freakin' Spider-Man, dude! The captain gives a 'uh-huh, uh-huh' to Mimic, but it's clear his attention is on the departing Spider-Man.
"Officer!" Mimic states firmly, once TJ has done her thing. "THIS CRIMINAL needs to be arrested. Spider-Man is the one who caught him." Screw this. Instead, he turns to the news crew. "As I was saying, this criminal teleporter kidnapped Dr. Johnson from a conference he was giving. Spider-Man helped captured him. Got that? Spider-Man /helped/ capture him. This one is the criminal. That one is the hero."


"Wah—! Wooh! -That- one was close," a Teej-powered Spidey yelps while struggling with the basics of Webslinging 101. She can pick up the instructions from the guy's memory, though 'reading' about and attempting are two very different animals.

Speaking of animals… "Pigeons—! LookoutlookoutOw!"

Leavng one dazed bird behind, the Red and Blue hero wildly spins about before sticking to the side of a building, catching a much-needed breath before attempting something like that again. At least they should be out of harm's way for the moment. There's one very important question left, however.

"Now what the heck am I going to do with you, buddy..? Harbor? Bridge..? She can't very well reserve a hotel room somewhere like this." "Ah darnit, just—just give me fifteen minutes and we'll getcha squared away, okay?"

Yeah, it would look like Spider-Man is talking to himself.


The police…get this. The police actually get back into their chars, totally leaving the Spot just hanging out there all unconscious. "We gotta find Spidey! This could be our only chance!"

And while the reporter nods at Calvin, she can't help but eye the police and the Spider-Man escape. "Get that. Make sure you get that," she says to the camera man who takes the camera off Mimic and points it upwards.


Mimic just… There's no… He can't… "The unfounded accusations and hounding of Spider-Man is clearly yet another example of prejudice against mutant Americans!" he declares. Glancing down at the Spot, he tells the reporter "Make sure the next batch of police actually arrest the known criminal here." And then he BLINKs out to see if he can find TK and Spidey. You can be certain there's going to be a complaint filed, especially if the Spot gets away.


Squad cars have inner-city traffic to deal with. Talia's borrowed Spidey-Suit doesn't! With the cold weather and the very real risk of dropping off an unconscious hero on her mind, she's both on the run and trying to think of somewhere safe she can go, not to mention somewhere that might offer the masked guy some amount of privacy. Secret identities exist for a reason! She's not going to be careless with this!

In the end she does something that would have made her father proud.

She steals a boat.

It's unoccupied, it's quiet, and it's protected from the elements. They only need to borrow it for a few hours, max. She won't even leave him by himself, both keeping guard and sticking around for what could be an awkward conversation down the road.

She'll also fish out that pesky communicator and phone home with an 'all clear,' though without giving away their location. Yay, conflicts of interest!





"….What am I doing here? And why do I have such a headache?"

Spider-Man brings his hand up to his aching head and tries to focus on TJ. "Wait, I saw this movie. We're going to a tree-house, right? You and me?"


"Oh thank god he's alive," Talia mutters as she spins about and very nearly pounces right beside the groggy Spider-Man. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to miss catching you!" the Wagnerette rapid-fires, in close proximity, with solid yellow eyes wide.

Blink. "Tree-house..? Oh, that's that movie I heard about from the other—okay, your sense of humor's still intact. How many fingers am I holding up?" she inquires while holding up all three from one hand and one additional from the other hand.


"Six," Spidey responds as he tries to clear the webs. "Miss catching me?" He shakes his head, but stops abruptly. That looks like it hurt. "I don't know what you mean. Last thing I knew I was fighting the Cow, and next thing I know I'm here. What happened?"


'Six.' TJ looks at her own hands for a moment. Three plus one. Her hands quickly lower. "Okay..that's a good start."

Oh, and he's not aware of the missed catch! -Awesome.- "You uh..took a slight fall. Onto a van. Knocked you out. Police arrived, hell-bent on arresting you but not Mister Cow Guy, and then..I..got you here," she lamely finishes with a broad, toothy smile.

One three-fingered hand is offered forth. "Nocturne. Friendlier than I look."


"Spider-Man," says the webslinger as he takes her hand. "More vigor-filled than how I look." After a few moments, it seems by his head tilts that somethings not quite right, or that he's not following something. "Wait, we were like 12 blocks from here. What do you mean you 'got' me here?"


That impish grin only grows further. "I know who you are. For the record, I don't buy into that media BS. You're still a hero in my book." Then..yeah. Here TJ glances off to the side, reaching up to rub at the back of her neck. "I might have..sorta..y'know. Possessed you. For a couple of blocks. Like maybe a dozen. Give or take. But you're conscious and not dead and stuff so everything's okay!" she quickly tries to cover for herself.


"Still a hero? Now that's what I'm talkin' about; here's a lady who knows what's going on. Here's a lady who's got it all figured out." But when she says something about possessed, you can almost hear the record scratch. "Wait," Spider-Man says. "Po-what?"


The corner of a blue lip gets caught between the points of two dainty fangs as the quest for clarification comes around. "It's..what I do. You hang from walls and sling webs, I hang from walls and possess people. Webslinging's serious amounts of fun, by the way! How in the heck do you constantly adjust pitch and yaw so you don't go flying into things?"

Here she glances downward and nonchalantly brings her tail about to lightly flick a pigeon feather away from the guy's costume.


"Possess people?" Spider-Man tries to consider what this means. "Did my head turn around in circles and I puke? Or did I just go home with a girl I shouldn't have?" Absently, he adds, "That'd explain the hangover." As he gets time to consider it, he seems thankful nonetheless. "Well, whatever you did, thanks for getting me out of there alive. Did they catch that dude?"


"Oh no no, it's nothing like that!" Talia intervenes with a showing of two hands, palms held open. "It's..how can I explain. I check in, you check out? Thing is, you were almost unconscious when I found you so there wasn't a lot of pushing and shoving necessary. I just took over while you had a time-out. Ah, yeah, sorry about the headache. I've been known to cause a few of those by doing this."

As for the Cow, "Um. Outlook not so good. Ca—my buddy tried to keep the police focused on who the real baddie was but they were too wound up trying to catch you." Here her tone drops into something of a conspiratorial whisper, "Do they always shoot at you like that..? And I thought we had it rough, my heart goes out to ya, Peter."

In the next instant TJ's stopped herself short, staring with her mouth once more agape. "I'mI mean I didn'tit wasn't intentional—!"


"Oh yeah, they alw—-wait." Spider-Man looks as aghast as a guy can in a full mask. "Peter?! Wha? how in the h…What wasn't intentional?!?!?" Spidey tries to get up to his feet, but immediately feels better of it and sits down.


"Oooohmigawd this is awkward," Talia mutters with her face buried within both of her palms. When her hands sloooowly slide down toward her chin she blinks once and tries again. "While I'm manning the helm," she says in a slow and clear tone, "I have access to a person's memories. This is the point in time where I promise that I will never ever give your identity away to anyone in the history of everything."


"By the way, I hope all's well with your Aunt."


"Wait a second…so, you know where I live? You know about my aunt." His head juts away, "Oh man, she knows about my computer. And about my hamster and what really happened to it back in the third grade." Spidey sighs heavily. "So, we were like mind-melded then? Like Spock and Kirk?"


"I don't know everything, I promise!" TJ once more tries to reassure the poor hero guy. "I wasn't in there for long, just..the immediate concerns that you had, the stuff right at the surface. I had no idea how much stress it was for you to keep your heroing life separate from your normal life! Could..could I maybe buy you lunch or something sometime..?" she asks with a goofy, lopsided grin.

"Somewhat more one-sided, I'm afraid. Even if you were conscious, I'm not sure that you could have read anything in return. Though..I don't know for sure."

Once more she pauses, pinching the bridge of her nose with two chunky fingers. "Okay, this isn't fair to you. My name's Talia Wagner, I'm a mutant, I live in New York City. I'm a good guy. I'm Catholic, I don't believe in murder, and I'm an eternal optimist. As far as knowing your secrets goes, we could have done worse."


Spider-Man sighs again and leans back against the boat seat. "Wags, this aint good. I mean, you now know that often times wear mismatched socks, but not in that hipster cool sort of way. Just like, with some with the gray toes and some with the white ones. I mean…how much prying did you do?" He becomes very worried for a moment.


It's entirely possible that the blued woman is capable of blushing. Talia has to stop herself before she gets started again. It's not an easy thing to explain!

"'Prying' isn't the right word," she starts. "Things on the surface. Immediate concerns, things that were stressing you at the time. I was more concerned with getting us both out of there in one piece, I wasn't going on a joyride through your history. Promise. I wasn't -trying- to read anything more than how to master your webslinging trick, some other stuff just happened to squeak past along the way."


"But, let's be honest. That breakfast burrito I had this morning was pretty awesome, am I right?" . o O (She knows my secret. There's nothing I can do about it now. Might as well do my best to remain friendly. Doesn't seem like type of cat..or elf…or whatever who would just run to the press.) "So what's your story, Wags?"


That one question is all it takes for Talia to start laughing. "Ohmigawd it was like I was -right there,- I'm definitely checking that place out before the week is over."

What's her story! Here she claims a quick breath, holds it, then breaks a large smile. "I'm from another timeline. Take an infinite number of possible versions of life as you know it here then run them all into one giant ring. I'm from somewhere within that huge flipping ring. I've only been -here- for a couple of months. Weird, right? Normal lives are for suckers," she finishes with a playful grin.


"Hrm," Spidey says as he thinks. No many people know that he's a science geek at heart. "What happened? How'd you get here?" Maybe most folks think she's nuts when she says such things, but he doesn't seem to. At least not immediately.


"I..don't..know…" TJ slowly replies, her expression turning even more goofy in a contemplative sort of way. "Back in the day I was 'elected' to be part of a half dozen people that would jump from one timeline to another trying to right wrongs and all that stuff. Somewhere along the way I wound up here, by myself. That's why I was at the conference before. No such thing as too much information."


"But what kind of technology did they use? I mean, do you know the powersource? What was the effect? What did it feel like?" Spider-Man has like a billion questions and they're all coming out at once. "Did it hurt? How many jumps were there? Have you ever seen Quantum Leap?"


Well, this beats the alternative. At least the guy isn't concussed, delusional, or hysterical! "We called in the Tallus, it fit on the arm. Small, no idea how it worked or was powered," Talia admits. "It felt like getting punched in the gut then thrown into the spin cycle. Migraines were pretty regular. What the heck is a Quantum Leap?"


She quickly pulls herself together then attempts to guide the conversation in another direction. "Listen, Spidey… This isn't exactly my boat we're camping out in. Happy to talk shop with you and all..? But we could be in for more problems if we aren't careful. I just needed to be sure you were going to be okay before I blitzed on ya."


"Hey chica, that's cool." Spider-Man groans as he gets to his feet, balancing with difficulty over the waves as they whoosh under the boat. "Thanks for not letting me die. That was nice of you."


"Yeah, hey, since I imagine this is kinda unsettling for you and all," TJ trails off, fishing a card with her phone number out of a pocket to pass over his way. "I guess I'd feel better knowing that I'd be able to reach anyone that knew about my big secrets and all. So. Be careful out there, alright?"


"Mind meld and digits. I feel like I should be buying you a meal or getting your flowers or something." Spidey puts the card into his waistband. "You be careful out there too, Wags."

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