Angel Signal

June 06, 2016:

Jemma discovers something unnerving from the metal that Nyx gave her. Thomas sets up a signal for her. oh yeah, and the Hulkbuster suits go missing.





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Fade In…

How does one… get ahold of the Angel of Metropolis?

Well in general, one does not. She shows up, deals with problems and leaves. In that she's not unlike other defenders of Metropolis. However Thomas and Jemma may have some information she wants, so waiting for there to be a bank robbery doesn't really seem like the best plan. This is why Thomas has gotten some help rigging up an ultra high frequency radio antenna at the top of the Federal Building to transmit a data burst. It's an image file, really. A pair of angel wings.

Why yes, Thomas is calling it the Angel Signal. Why do you ask?

"So you're sure about the Defense connection in that metal-coded virus?" The Marshal is asking his companion. "Good God it's like dealing with a terminator movie. What did you say the name of the company was? Information Security Systems or something like that?"

The Angel Signal. Jemma had rolled her eyes at that, arm in sling after being shot recently. The bullet, or projectile, had gone straight through her shoulder but managed to chip some bone as it did. It still hurts.

"Yes, I'm sure." she murmurs to Thomas, sticking close by his side. As much taking comfort in his presence as looking over what they are doing. "Although, I haven't managed to read all the code - there's a lot of it and it's extremely advanced. If Fitz was here, he might have managed it. The company was Strategic Information Security Systems."

Well with an Angel signal it is either an elaborate trap or someone is being clever … not really sure which. That has Samantha curious and she diverts on the flight path from Washington DC to bank closer to Metropolis. The optics that were eyes zoom down on the roof top and she pivots and starts to head down to investigate. She doesn't even hide the approach.

"How could a defense company founded in the 90's with like 3 contracts have written hyper advanced code embedded in metal to target - oh wait, here she comes." Thomas has been keeping an eye out and waves to hail the incoming streak of light he takes for Samantha. He won't be hard for her to spot given that his arm is a piece of tech more advanced than anything around it and his entire being seem to throw space time out of whack in his immediate vecinity. It's almost like spacetime doesn't… like him that much.

"Well well. I thought this might work." Thomas reaches over to turn off the transmitter. "Sorry. Didn't have your phone number and we don't have the cloud cover for a spotlight or anything."

"That's a very good question, Thomas" Jemma responds to the musing. "I did manage to compare the codebase to some of the other code they've written. It's … entirely different. Even given that's is so much more advanced. It was someone else work, of that I'm sure. Code writers have 'signatures'."

"So it is…" Jemma looks up as Samantha approaches "Hello, Samantha…" she greets the young woman as she approaches. "We've got some information you might be interested in."

Sam touches down fully and snaps the energy wings off. Talk about advanced technologies there. "Interesting information?" she cocks her head looking between you both. "Also I believe Agent May has my phone number. Also the Starks. Several others… at this point though I tap a lot of the world…" she shrugs "So what is up temporal cop and Agent Simmons?"

"You remember that hit on you a couple of weeks ago?" Is Thomas' lead in. It's unlikely that Samantha has forgotten that incident after all. "Jemma took what was left of the perps back to her lab. We got a hit on some… things but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense." Well it does and it doesn't. If you factor in time travel it does but honestly that still kind of twists Thomas' brain into knots.

"Plus, she was telling me, something got… er… out." He'll let Jemma explain part of it before he gets to his.

"I think so." Jemma answers Sams first question and then listens as Thomas explains, moving her shoulder and wincing. The time travel thing fascinates Jemma almost as much as it twists Thomas' brain.

"That code that you found, it contained a 'worm' and it got out… " she winces again as she thinks on that. "It um. Well. It looks like it's targetting Dept of Defense systems. At least, that's what I can see from the piece of code I've been able to read."

Sam blinks at that news about it getting out. "Well it was designed to instruct me to open up to a certain frequency and then obey those instructions. If it gets into a department of defense AI or construct .. it is likely they would start targeting you all immediately for extermination.. while also making some people at specific places and times have accidents. They are changing the future." she frowns. "Not good guys."

"Worse, from what Jemma tells me this is a learning program. What'd you call it, Jemma? An Artificial General Intelligence?" AGI is of course theoretical and experimental in this period of time. Which leads to…

"Also, the code base comes from a known defense contractor, Strategic Information Security Systems. However the actual code and it's implementation are - so I'm told - more advanced than anything the company presently makes, meaning it was either made in secret… or it hasn't been made at all yet."

So, to sum up. There's a virus out there that may be some kind of super learning bug, and it was developed by a military corporation from the future or at the very least by someone who had bought that company's intellectual property.

So yeah, all kinds of not good.

"On that topic, I've been put on a case that involves one of the new autonomous military grade 'hulkbuster' prototypes going missing."

Nyx might know of that, the rider that is, if it follows tech news. The military has been developing power suits to try to counter metahuman militaries like Atlantis' and also to help in controlling domestic metahuman threats. Recently it branched out into making them unmanned drones. Seems the first three - also the only three - prototypes are just… gone. Circumstantial yes but… rather frightening.

"That's correct." Jemma looks grim. She's had to lodge a report about it too and she's not looking forward to trying to explain it to the powers that be. "That's how it got out actually. I had all the right security precautions in place and it learned from them, rewrote itself so damn quickly that my processors couldn't keep up."

"I was just telling Thomas when you arrived, that the coding signature doesn't look anything like any of the current SISS coders." Glancing up at The Marshal, who she's still sticking close to "I don't think it was written now … I think it was sent back and embedded. I just can't work out how."

At Thomas' next admission, Jemma blinks "I went to the demonstration of that armour. It's amazing stuff - nothing like what we've been seeing coming 'back', but it is ahead of its time for today. Ones gone missing?" If Jemma didn't look worried before, she sure does now.

There are a series of little sighs there from Nyx as she looks you both over. "The code is … not current because it isn't from this time.. it is a temporal anomoly.. I've stated they are rewriting time yes." she frowns "If you can point me to the access logs and servers for the drones I can verify that they were taken by the virus.. I should probably start hunting them down as well… and purging the facilities it has currupted to be honest."

"I was kind of hoping you'd say something like that…" Thomas holds out a stick drive.

"Not one, Jemma. Three. All three prototypes are gone. Poof. No trace of them. Last known vector was northeast on a course that'd take them over the water pretty quickly. They're, of course, designed for stealth operations and if they've gone autonamous and rogue…" Who knows if they're being controlled remotely or operating off their own processors.

"I'll be working this on a law enforcement angle but… well, you know, hulkbuster armor is a bit out of my weight class…" And waaaaaay out of Jemmas weight class. "Is there any way I can contact you if I run into more information that might be helpful? Or should we just set up the Angel signal again?"

Thomas hasn't ever worked directly with a superhero before, much less off the books. He's kind of 'supercop' but that's not the same thing. Nor is working with Jemma, handy as she often is.

Jemmas a Scientist, damn it. Not a superhero. She's handy because she can generally think quickly. But, as evidenced by the sling and innumerable scrapes she's found herself in - there's certainly rather large limitations on her capabilities.

"I can give you the last sample code of I caught before it escaped." the biochem offers the angel "It will have rewritten by now, probably several times, but you might be able to trace it. I know I'm trying to."

"All three units." Jemma pales and nearly collapses, it's been a very hectic couple of days. "This is so bad, particularly if that code has got them…"

Nyx nods "Well if the code got to them you need to lay very low.. they will be coming for you. They had several kill immediate targets and you were both on it… they don't like yor temporal nonsense." she indicates Thomas "or ..well your shield science I imagine Simmons." she takes all the offered items. "I can go hunting hulk busters."

"I'll be on the lookout." Thomas might be able to lay low but the resources he has for it are traceable. Government assets. He can't go on the run without… actually going on the run. There's no need to lay that all out right here though.

"Good luck. And let us know if you need anything. Jemma, we should probably get off the roof before someone starts wondering…" People have a hard time remembering Thomas but… things do happen.

"Lay low? I saw those in action…" Jemma slips her hand into Thomas' as she speaks. If she was pale before, then now … she's ghostly. She had also been trying to forget the 'immediate kill' orders Nyx had found - it's unlikely she's going to sleep well for a while.

"Thank you, Sam." the biochem glances up to The Marshal flexing her fingers as she does "Please, Thomas?" Notwithstanding people seeing them, they are sort of out in the open.

Sam nods "I'd stick around SHIELD headquarters…" she nods to the two of you now and thne she steps back and flares her energy wings and alights into the air "Ill try to hunt quick."

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