Drug Bust At The Ironworks

March 08, 2015:

Jericho, Zee, Jesana, Dinah, Shift, Rain, Misfit, Spearhead and May attack the Gotham Ironworks and get more than they bargained for.

Ironworks - Gotham


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Jericho sent out word to his friends that the time had come to deal with the snakes hiding in the derelict ironworks factory at the edge of town. It's going to be rough, he's sure. HYDRA always has a few surprises waiting. But Zee has dealt with them before and Dinah seems capable. The only one he's not sure about is Jesana. She doesn't seem like an experienced fighter nor someone good at keeping her emotions in check. Nevertheless it's her (jerk) father that's going to be here allegedly and the hacker decided not to cut her out. It's starting to get dark as he pulls up in a grey X5 about a block away on a hill and breaks out a pair of night vision binoculars to scope the place out while he waits for the others. He's already uploaded schmatics and floor plans but he won't be counting on them. HYDRA may have made unauthorized or undocumented alterations.

"Are you ready, Jes?" Zee looks to her young friend as they prepare to meet Jericho. Dressed already in her stage costume with the diamond encrusted collar at her throat, the young magician squeezes Jes' shoulder reassuringly "I'm not sure how much experience you have in a fight, but if you're at all concerned get close to me, I'll do what I can to protect us both."

Assuming that Jes answers in the affirmative, Zee concentrates whilst she still has her hand on the young womans shoulder

~~ tropeleT sU oT ohcireJ tA ehT skrownorI ~~

The two women disappear from Shadowcrest appearing with a soft 'pop' sound just next to the grey X5.

Jes nods at Zee. She has her dagger hidden beneath her jacket and is wearing black leggings instead of jeans and her favorite faded "Off the Res" tshirt. She seems calm though there's a slight frown of worry on her face. "I'm ready." She murmurs softly. "Later, there's something I need to tell you, Zee. And I can fight. I will fight. I wish I didn't have to drag you into this mess."

"But i'm glad you're here."

Melinda May sits in the front passenger's seat of the X5, because hitching a ride with Trent is easier (and less paperwork) than requisitioning a quinjet. She does a final weapons check of the 1911 pistol and the three spare clips while Jericho studies the target location via those night vision binoculars. "Survey says?" She tenses very briefly when Zee and Jesana abruptly appear next to th vehicle, but it should say somethign that she's becoming less and less startled by it.

Jericho received a text not too long ago from Dinah: Hey JT, don't worry not running late.

Dinah was late already.

Then Jericho received another text long after: Promise I'm not running late. Call when u c me.

The sound of a motorcycle ripping through the streets could be heard, the supercharged engine echoing loudly as it raced past the buildings, the bike was moving fast enough that when it raced past the X5 the dash of the vehicle was vibrating.

A peace sign was flashed by the rider of the motorcycle, a blonde woman who Jericho and the others would recognize as Dinah. Suddenly the motorcycle popped a wheelie and raced towards the target building.

Dinah was going to serve as the distraction.

The low-life scum standing outside of the gates on Guard Duty are confused as hell when the Motorcycle began racing towards them at breakneck speeds.

Rather than wait for instructions they began opening fire on the motorcycle, bullets whizzing past Dinah and pinging off the bulletproof tires and reinforced frame of the bike that could make Batman a little jealous.

The gate in front of the steelworks is crashed down upon impact by the Bike and Dinah leaps off into a pair of guards twirling in the air and spinkicking a trio of men even as her Bike careened into another group.

That had to get anyone's attention.

Over Yonder. Way Over Yonder. Atop That Building way over there that looks perfect for dark brooding crime fighters to brood upon it. Sits Misfit.

Charlie taps her goggles zooming in on the teleporting pair. "Zee and Jesena… ?" she zoooooms further in on Jericho "Him." she mutters. The young woman reaches up to tap her comm in her cowl. "Interloping Hacker Alpha Dorkus spotted. Running observation on them to make sure they don't get in over their heads."

One moment there isn't a girl in a Misfit bat costume sitting on top of the X5 scuffing it's paint job lightly. The next moment there totally is such a girl sitting cross legged still. She looks after Dinah racing off like that. "Huh…. was that the screaming chick.. I think that was the screaming chick from the wedding…." she zooooooms in with her goggles "oh yeah that would be the screaming chick… I think she needs help."

Jericho hands the bincoluars over to May. "It's guarded. Those 'gang bangers' in the parking lot aren't just hanging around. They've got some fairly serious hardware on them. Looks like there's about a d-" He doesn't get any further than that before Dinah roars in on her bike through the gate and takes out five guards. The parkinglot immediately errupts in gunfire.

He'd like to make some sort of dry quip. He'd like to greet Zee and Jes who just showed up. But he just detected microburst radio traffic behind him. Tightly encrypted. Too good for him to be able to figure out what it says. But knowing it's there? Well, it's an often overlooked fact of military life that just because you can't listen in on someone's conversation doesn't mean you don't know that it's taking place. That's why radio silince is still a thing in the modern military world when you want to go undetected.

Jericho is about to pull a rifle when suddenly there's a Misfit atop his car. He jumps. A bit. He's used to teleporters but it's not usually that teleporter. Fortunately he recognizes her quickly enough to not pull a weapon on her. "Aaaand that explains the microburst traffic." He says dryly, making a mental note to berate Oracale about this later.

"Good, Jes and sure, when this is over…." Zee startles and watches Dinah go by. "Well that isn't necessarily a good thing." The gunfire in the parking lot has Zee glancing in the car window and then back towards Dinah. She's noted the Hacker hasn't moved and then there's Misfit! Sparing a glance and a quick wave for the chaos Muppet, Zee looks to Jericho, speaking loudly enough to be heard through the window, she hopes "What's the plan? Seems like Dinah has her own ideas… "

Jes watches the girl on the bike go by and then watches it crash into the guards. "Oh, I *want* one of those." She murmurs. Misfits sudden appearence doesn't seem to startle her. She could feel her, well feel something, coming and since no one else seems alarmed when she appears, Jes isn't worried. "How many of them do you think there are?" She asks with a glance at Jericho.

A dozen guards. Dinah would keep warming up while she waited for the others, if she was lucky a bunch more might even run out of the building kung-fu movie fashion and engage her one by one. For now, she focuses on the remaining seven guards outside.

Rolling on the ground to avoid the gunfire being directed towards her, Dinah winches as one of the bullets get a little too close for comfort but it doesn't stop her.

Targetting the group of guards shooting at her, she positions on one knee coming up from her roll before screaming loudly towards the armed thugs, "AIEEEEEEE!"

Yep, that was her signature canary cry and it was meant to take down as many of the guards as she could in a short period of time. Likely, the buildings windows were shattering.

She picked up her phone calling Jericho, "Got you a distraction."

Jericho produces a handgun and a carbine for May as they Dinah plays with the guards below. She's got surprise on her side and so long as she doesn't press deeper into the facility he's confident that she won't run into anything that one person can't handle. Hydra nests like this have a habit of harboring surprises. "Zee, can you get us down there fast?"

The four of them, Jericho, Zatanna, Melinda May and Jesana are overlooking an abandoned ironworks at the edge of Gotham, one that Jericho has identified as a HYDRA facility. The Black Canary is in the parkinglot making a mess of the guards who are firing off with automatic weapons. It's all in all not quiet, and not pretty. And if the hacker is right it's all going to get more so.

Zee can try, she hasn't transported that many people so far. She nods grimly to Jericho and touches Jes' shoulder, "May, Jericho, hold my shoulder." Assuming both do as she asks, the young magician focusses intently on the parking lot below,

~~ tropeleT sU oT ehT ginkraP toL, raelC fO ehT nuG eriF ~~

There must be something wrong with Jericho's automobile, for black smoke starts pouring out from the vents, as if the engine just cracked and was spilling nastiness into the cabin itself. Of course, the smoke isn't exactly moving the way it should; it's piling up into the backseat like it has a mind of its own. Beyond that, the engine is fine. All the more strange if the car isn't running.

A strange sound fills the back seat, like air being displaced. Then, instead of smoke, there's Shift, fully masked up and all. He passes a look May's way, remaining silent for a moment before turning back to Jericho. "Sorry I'm late. You got more troubah headed dis way; looks like de Triad's got a problem with dis opahration as well." Before anyone can say anything else, Shift leans forward to put a gloved hand on Jericho's shoulder. "I need one of dem alive. A Triad. You'll know 'I'm because dey'll treat him like de boss."

Spearhead is here, his usuall bag of gear on his back, a bolt cutter is hanging off a loop of some fabric on it, and he's holding an automatic assult rifle. He makes sure the coast is clear as he cuts a way in through the Ironworks flank, He has asked Rain to come with him. He takes a look at the handiwork of one of the people he hasn't met, he moves into the view and keeps the tip of the gun pointed at the ways more of them could come out of the interior, just in case they start pouring out. so far, he keeps silent.

Jes moves to stand just at Zee's side as they appear below, ready to jump in front of her friend if anything deadly looking comes her way. The native american woman's mismatched eyes dart over the lot, taking in the situation with a swift glance.

Melinda May accepts the additional firearms from Trent then gives him a nod. And then there's that weird black smoke, which has her piling out of the car post haste. And then when she hears the voice her pistol is aimed at the center of the smoke-mass until she picks up on the Ghanaian accent and losers her weapon. "Learn to use doors, Odame." And then she's stepping over toward Zatanna just in time to miss the fast track to the party that Dinah already started.

Rain is following just behind Spearhead. She has her twin pistols hidden and holstered (She usually does, actually. She requires them to cast magic, after all. because NO ONE takes you seriously with a huge 12 inch wand. No one). Captain isn't here, and she pulls up binoculars to look where Spearhead is. Seems like the party already started. Fortunately, Rain is actually alarmingly good at being quiet. She's the person someone walks by and doesn't notice until it's just too late.

The glass at the Steelworks had shattered after Dinah's signature canary cry, the trio of guards who had been standing near the entrance falling to the ground and clutching their heads in pain due to the massive decibel levels that had been pumped out her way.

The two remaining guards aren't sure what to do. This woman had just raced in on a motorcycle like a maniac and taken down what amounted to ten of their comrades, giving her team one hell of an entrance.

"I'll give you a three second head-start boys." Dinah winks at the pair of men who were about to be beaten into unconsciousness.

Bullets fly towards the woman, a pistol shot catching her in the shoulder but it was stopped by her body armor. In a blur of motion, a snap kick connected with the jaw of one man sending him tumbling backwards.

An open palm strike hit the other guard in the face, shattering his nose and knocking out several teeth before he fell back as well.

Spearhead had arrived suspiciously and not helped with the fight, he also looked like a paramilitary soldier of some kind. Her training kicked in and before the man knew what hit him Dinah had him in a chokehold with her knee between his legs ready to perform a walnut crusher, "Hey there loverboy. Couldn't help but notice you trying to sneak up on me. Explain who you are now."

Zee's teleport turns from a two person port into a four person port in short order as Jericho grabs Shift, Jesana and May in short order for the Mage to bring them down next to Dinah. "Nice work." He says rather dryly. "Alright. My friend here." Jericho indicates Shift. "Tells me we've got inbound Triads. So let's try to get in before they show up or we'll be dealing with them from two ends." Odds are good, he knows, they'll end up doing that anyway.

The hacker pauses to look over at Spearpoint and Rain. At least he knows the latter. Better than she thinks.

"Winter, if you're here to help, stay close. And please don't shoot eachother boys and girls, there'll be plenty of people you'll want those bullets for."

And with that he's off. The main door to the ironworks isn't hard to get into and the primary floor is empty. Jericho moves through it at a jog. As he does he reaches behind him to produce a device that looks like a large leatherman and folds into something that looks a bit like a carbine. His traces, circuit like markings on his skin, begin to glow with a light that shows through his shirt.

The hacker seems to be following something only he can see. Network signal from an underground computer. "Stay sharp. I'm not sure what kind of defenses they have in here."

As the teleport ends, Zee peers carefully at Shift… but maintains her silence. Jericho seems to vouch for him, that's enough for now "I'm Zee." she murmurs to the newcomer. Spearhead and Rain get a nod and a wave and the mage jogs after the Hacker, keeping Jes in sight as she does.

Spearhead thought he checked his surroundings, but now he's in a chokehold, and some chick who looks ready to end a family tree, "Loverboy? I'm just here to take down some people making things hard on the rest of the world…" Spearhead considers his options for getting out of this with everything intact if things don't go well, Nope, cant do that one, No, not that one either, not the knife….not a whole hell of alot he can do, the element of surprise and whatever else this woman had on her side has him in her clutches… Thisone chalks up to be one of the bad ways to start a mission…

"Where's de fun in dat?" Shift's response to May is beyond deadpan; always a pleasure running into a SHIELD agent. Those monthly check ins have felt more like meeting with a parole officer than anything else.

Once the teleport is complete, Shift shudders and shakes his head rapidly from side to side. Something about that really bothered him; he's not sure what it was, but it felt impossibly cold and off putting. He glances toward Zee for a moment, his simple response coming at a delay. "… Shift."

Fortunately, there's Jericho, talking about bullets. A worthwhile distraction, bringing a little smirk to his face. Under his breath, he might be heard throwing a scoff and muttering, "Bullets."

Soon as Jericho moves off, Shift is hot on the hacker's tail. Beneath the mask, his eyes take a brief glance over those gathered, before strafing the surroundings. Multitasking has him guessing at the capabilities of the team, while estimating, by the size of the place, just how big the operation is. Nothing is truly accurate with guesswork, but it tends to put the needle in the right area.

UGH. God she hates teleporting. May doesn't say that out loud, of course, and then she gives Trent a nod and moves to follow him. Even though he doesn't seem to be following any sort of visible route, she trusts that he knows where he's going and simply keeps pace with him, clearing side areas visually as she goes.

Jes is probably the least experienced here in actual combat situations but she's been hunting since before she could walk on two legs and is determined to be more of a help than a hindrence. She keeps close to Zee, her fists raised in a boxer's pose as they move, at least until she ducks down and picks up a pair of long knives on one of the fallen guards. "Better." SHe mutters.

Rain is - near Spearhead, likely just behind. Her eyes go wide as poor Spearhead is about to become a permanent soprano singer. Wait, why is she worried? He's probably the tougher of the two and SURELY he wouldn't wait into tilted battle without the appropriate armor? Surely? Who wades into battle without a cup these days, anyway? That's just /begging/ for a rogue nut shot. And it hurts, regardless of gender.

"Oh. Hey." A wave and a nod to Jeri. But then her left eye twitches. "Ah, just - call me Rain. Er, how did— Nevermind, I'll ask later." She will. One of her strong points is divination. But he's not a bad dude so far. Rain will follow the others, her long, black duster coat making her look like she escaped a cougar in Red Dead Redemption or something. Maybe it was on purpose. MAYBE she has problems shopping because women of unusual stature or build are screwed. But her focus is on the issue at hand. Huh, there's - people with them. Well, whatever the case, Rain follows, quiet and serious. There's a polite smile and nod for Z, but she's - well, quiet and serious. Really. Seriously.

"Don't get excited." Dinah releases Spearhead violently, apparently she didn't care much for black ops types; likely something to do with her past and the present. She's pressing the rifle Spearhead is holding against his chest and taking on a very authoritative tone to the soldier, "You're on rear guard. If we hear shots fired, we know we have company. You'll get backup."

Dinah moves ahead to join the rest of the group, grinning a little, "You guys could have told me he was a friendly, I think the poor guy just pissed himself."

"I didn't know he was coming. It's Gotham. Folks like that come out of the woodworks." Jericho rolls his eyes. "Why do you think I stay in New York?" There's an old legacy terminal sitting in one office. Ah this is it. He can trace the network back. "Hang on a sec cover me." He says to the assembled folks as he plugs into the thing wirelessly. It doesn't look like it should be wireless capable. As he does there's the sound of cars pulling up outside. "Hey Shift. I think your Triad friends just arrived."

Sure enough, just outside, twenty or so heavily armed, asian men. "Keep 'em off me will you?"

Zee spares Dinah an amused glance as they move. Jericho's instruction has the young magician thinking "I can try to slow them down…" biting her bottom lip, she looks to the group "This has worked before…. It might buy you some time to deal with them."

Visualising what she's seen outside, the Mistress of Magic frowns as she speaks.

~~ sdairT oG oT peelS ~~

Coming to a halt, Shift stands there breathing heavy and deep, the sense of impending danger exciting his adrenaline. The expression upon his mouth turns into a frown when the sound of cars pierces the mask. After Jericho makes his request, he bends his neck to the left, which gives a vicious crack. "With pleasure."

Leaving the party behind, Kwabena backtracks his way toward the front of the building. His pace increases gradually until he's at a full fledged run, skidding to a halt at the door so that he can slip through without causing too much of a ruckus.

Ruckus… well, that's reserved for outside.

In the darkness, it's hard to see him at first, clad in a dark, gunmetal gray second skin. However, soon enough, a light illuminates him, and some of the Triads start shouting out in Mandarin. "Hey!" shouts Shift, who lifts his arms out to either side. "What de hell, assholes? You remembah me?"

Arms begin cocking, rounds chambered, clips loaded, and a couple of the gang members shout out to him in a smattering of English and Mandarin. They are warnings, but Shift isn't stopping.

"What's dat? Sorry, fuckahs, I don't speak Kung Pao with Snow Pea!"

Among the many things Shift knows about the Triads, he knows that they do not enjoy racial slurs. The guns that were leveled suddenly begin disgorging themselves upon the African, but when the bullets strike, his body transforms, en masse, into a cloud of violently roiling smoke.

'Bitch, I would like to shoot you now…' Spearhead thinks to himself, a bit pissed /off/ maybe, not pissed himself. "/Really/ hope something attacks from outside…" he mutters, thinking, 'if she turns out to be an enemy, I'll gladly join the hunt….'.

Then, music to his ears as the sound of vehicles outside pull up, Spearhead smirks evilly and being right next to the door, opens it and uses the door frame for cover, leaning out and fireing a good long burst to the direction of the cars and personnel who have managed to exit them. He gets behind his cover immedietly after for the impending retaliation.

Hmm. "Well. I guess if we're on guard…" Rain mumbles. "Hey, I'm still here." Poor Rain. Despite being 5'9", she really is good at stealth. So she loops around behind the car and mayhem, glad no one got hurt after all that near nut grabbing/kicking/whatevering but most guys are pretty sensitive about the variety of verbs applied to one's sensitive - bits.

Either way, sneaksneak… something in German that might be roughly translated to 'Remake the Beast' And then from behind the Triad, a full sized, white furred Siberian God-bear with glowing violet eyes appears. She does have a little magic for regeneration and speech. So, why not? « SURPRISE » The bear rumbles in English.

Jes looks faintly amused at the shouts she can hear coming from Shift after he races outside. At least until the gunfire erupts, then her expression darkens. She moves to the door as well and ducks down on the opposite side of the frame. A quick peek and she hurls one of the knives at the unproteced side of a traid's throat. Then she's darted back to Zee's side holding the other knife and her now unhidden dagger ready.

Melinda May is here at Trent's request, she's going to do as Trent requests. She watches for anyone approaching who isn't clearly a friendly with the intent of using either the pistol or the carbine to make sure they don't get any closer to any of them. She is totally okay with letting the others go deal with the Triads.

Dinah had done her part for now; she would let the others deal with the Triads while she stayed and covered Jericho, "So what exactly are you trying to recover from that computer? Anything juicy?"

Sitting on the edge of the desk with her legs crossed while the expert hacker works she examined her nails one by one, "Shoot, I can't believe I almost broke a nail."

Glancing out the window to make sure her motorcycle is still ok and watch the others deal with the Triads she removes a nail file from her belt and begins to file her nails.

"Eh, mostly I'm trying to get it to unlock a door." Jericho says as he concentrates. Shift and the others seem to have things handled outside. "I think Shift said he wanted one of them alive!" The hacker calls out to the rest of the team that's fighting. He doesn't have time to check on them because- oops.

The door Jericho was messing with unlocks and out step several mechanized hardsuits. Of the type that have been floating around recently. Of the type that apparently are being used by Hydra as shock troops. "Well the good news is that the door's unlocked." He mutters… "Cover!" The interior of the ironworks begins to fill with bolts of hellfire.

On the outside the remaining Triads cover. They've got ordinary guns but they're not shy about using them. Shift is a big target, though while he's smoke there's not much guns can do to him. Too bad no one brought a fan. Jesana gets shot at, as does Spearhed and… the guy Rain just kicked really didn't appreciate that.

Then several of them just… fall down. Asleep. Zee's spell encounters some resistance. They seem to have some kind of… personal ward, some of them.

To answer the gunfire, the cloud of smoke kicks itself into the grass, then goes vaulting right into the middle of those Triads. When Shift reforms from the cloud, there is a moment of hesitation amongst those still standing.


Grabbing a rifle, Shift spins it around while still within the Triad's grasp, forcing it's bearer to unload semiautomatic rounds into the body of another. Some of them fire at Shift, but the bullets pass right through and into his victim. The next few moments are a bit of pandemonium as bullets fly, fists punch, and bodies fall, but eventually, one particular Triad is being drug out of the mess.

"You're mine," whispers Shift into the ear of Chao Lin. With the boss's arms locked behind his own neck, Shift begins dragging Lin away from the confusion, headed toward Jericho's parked car. The Ghanaian keeps his victim low to the ground until he's able to snatch the door handle, rip it open, and throw Lin inside. A karate chop to the neck causes Lin to gag uncontrollably, and Shift presses his advantage. The seatbelt is ripped free, the lower half wound around Lin's wrists, the upper piece strung around his neck and forced between his teeth. One final yank causes the emergency clutch to grip, locking Chao Lin into a nylon prison when it snaps shut.

Looking up, Kwabena peers through the rear windshield to see what's happening with the Triads.

Zee smiles faintly as Jes rejoins her… she doesn't know what she's caused outside. Then those demon possessed hardsuits appear and Zee sighs "Again, Jericho?" Ducking under a desk, Zee will try to take Jes with her. "This will take a bit, Jes…." Focussing on the Triads outside, Zee then speaks

~~ evomeR ehT llepS morF ehT sdairT ~~

and channels nearly everything she has into the spell.

Spearhead aims his AR at whatever may remain of what still needs to be shot at, letting a long burst of fire to take down some, and keep other unfriendly heads from aiming down sights at anyone outside before he swings the barrel of the gun inside, fireing at the closest hardsuit while sprint/slideing to closer cover, closeing the gap in between him and his targets. Hmm. think, think, what might get these guy's attention away from Hacker dude over there?….. "Hey Bitch, over here!" he says as he seperates himself from the rest of the group by slideing to new cover, makeing sure he'll be the only one in that may get hit when fire is drawn to him.

Jes moves under the desk with Zee, getting in front of her to protect her friend from any harm while she casts her spell. "It's okay, I won't let anything get you." Jes drops her weapons long enough to tug off her sandals and jacket, clad only in her leggings and tshirt now. Armor would only be a hindrance to her. She picks the knife and dagger back up and continues to kneel in front of Zee. "Those suitfreaks better stay the hell away.." She mutters.
one of them does walk past the desk, or tries to, Jes promtly stabs him in the foot.


Melinda May dives for cover immediately when the armored suits show up. Fingers crossed this peashooter will have some effect on them. She pops out from behind her cover and fires three quick shots at the closest of those armored things, possibly to draw its attention away from Jesana's location. "Suggestions, Trent."

Bear kicks, pretty bad kicks. Rain is following Spearhead, bothering his targets, respectively. She's pretty nimble and powerful for a bear, even roaring for effect. She's got this. She's also going to swipe at one and swing him at another. « SCREW YOU. I'M A BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR. » Yeah, she's got this.

Dinah drops the nail file when the hardsuits burst in and start filling the area with deadly firepower, "Seriously Jericho, a little warning next time?" Any further comments for the moment are cut off before she dives to cover.

Zee and her backwards magic would be something that would always confuse her, she just assumed the other woman was attacking the hardsuits in all that gibberish.

Placing a hand on Jesana gently from behind their cover she tells her, "You're doing good. Now cover your ears."

Dinah rolls out onto one knee and lets loose a loud sonic scream towards the hardsuits, "AiEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEEI!" Hopefully doing some serious damage to them, of course the noise might leave her friends ears ringing a bit.

By this point the Triads are looking pretty bad. Shift has their leader and Zee just stripped their magical protections and now they're getting shot and beared respectively. They're starting to withdraw. This isn't worth it. Not in the least.

Dinah's Canary Scream stresses out the metal on the lead suit. It slows for a moment and then looks rather upset.

"Well… I'm going to draw fire. They can be taken apart with precision shots if you're close enough. Breach the suit and the possessing entity escapes." There's a harmonic hum from Jericho's cover and suddenly he emerges. Or rather, a seven and a half foot tall demonic werewolf made of blue light emerges from his cover. Wielding a huge sword. He slams into the suit Dinah damaged and its chest crumples in. There's a flash of fire as something escapes. The hacker spins and drives his blade into, and then through another suit laterally. Then slams into a third. He has their attention now. Perfect opening for the rest.

Truth be told, Shift has no quarrel with the Triads. As they begin to withdraw, he looks back to his prone visitor and punches him in the temple, hard enough to bounce Chao Lin's head off the headrest. After Lin's head slumps forward into dream land, he quips, "Stay put."

Now withdrawing from the car, Shift goes sprinting across the lawn, back toward Spearhead and Rain at the door. "What's going on in —" he starts to ask, but when he sees Jericho in full Werewolf form, he scowls. "Oh, fuck me." He's particularly worried about the flash of fire. "Shit's always fucked when he's involved!"

A crackling sound fills the air as Kwabena begins hardening into his supersolid state; the exposed skin on the lower half of his face begins to glisten a dark, imposing obsidian. The transformation takes about two and a half seconds, after which he promptly goes barreling toward the nearest hardsuit with a shoulder lowered, linebacker-style.

Block this!

Spearhead stands, thinking for a split second, 'Ok, there goes drawing fire of those suits from everyone…….' Spearhead draws twin Deasert Eagles from their harness on his chest, "Fuck it…" he says in the same tone you might expect from someone decideing that they'll just have the icecream instead of the salad, and then he gets in really close in with one of the suits, his ears still ringing, the helmet did a bit, but it did not stop sonic anything, he picks apart the suits with point-blank shots to joints and other obvious points that'll take it out quickly. Spearhead, however, seems to be going full on with his 'Fuck it' plan, he may be open for surprises, but completely focused on the suit he has charged and is in combat with.

Jes sneezes rather violently as the whateverthehellitis escapes from the suits foot after she yanks her knife free. Then the awesome screaming lady with the bitchin' bike is petting her and telling her to cover her ears so she drops her knives and then blinks..only a second to decide but the screaming might interupt Zee so Jes turns and covers Zee's ears instead. Good for Zee but bad for her, her supersensitive hearing leaves her open to the sonic scream and Jes is falls slumps over, dazed and with the beginnings of a massive headache.

Melinda May is now REALLY glad she found decent cover, as that… Mariah Carey move that Dinah causes her to actually DROP the carbine and clap her hands over her ears. And even then, she's still in physical pain from it. "Warn us next time, damnit," she practically snarls before grabbing the carbine up again and starting to aim for the weak points on the armored suits that Jericho is creating. Her aim's a bit off from what Jericho has seen in the past.

Dinah blinks when Jericho goes all ass-kicking mode, looking to the other women, "Seriously, does he even need us here when he can do that?" She was clearly impressed.

When May gets a bit angry, understandably that Dinah just started tearing down the house she smiles, shouting, "I did! Just before I did it, I said Now cover your ears." She was probably pushing her luck, "Sorry, we need to get you all good earplugs."

Dinah was possibly one of the most skilled martial artists on the planet, knowing too many styles and forms to list off; she was a veritable weapon.

Her form is perfect as she moved towards the lead hardsuit with subtle grace and poise, her chi in harmony with the battlefield around her. Dragon Style had been one of her many fighting styles, a fast and powerful type of Kung Fu that emphasized control.

Her hands formed into the archetypal claws of the form before striking, the claws turning into fists as she struck the hardsuit twice in what she had determined to be the weakest point.

If she was lucky, she would have found the shatterpoint of the Hardsuit; otherwise her hands were really going to hurt.

The dual desert eagles guy is also probably lucky he has a healer for a housemate. She also keeps lots of healthy, healing booze. Really. And suddenly Rain regrets being in bear form, roaring in pain at the sonic noise. It looks like werewolf guy has the offense down, and so the bear - looks to Jes. Poor Jes. There's a brief moment of sympathy. Rain is a siberian god bear! White fur and all. Shame she doesn't have armor yet.

While Rainbear is sensible enough not to bite the armor, she will start grabbing and using immense claws and BEING A BEAR to start pulling bits off one of the suit to smack the suit with or its friend. She's feeling especially Latin today.

Other than Jericho, Shift and Rain are going to have the easiest time here. The hacker has ripped through two more suits by the time Shift arrives and just body blocks one back into the room it came out of, sending peices of it everywhere. Then Rain dismantles another in BEAR fashion. Only the sticky parts left.

Er. Wrong bear.

It might take Spearpoint and May a few rounds to realize that the eye sockets and the joints are the best places to target. It might take Dinah a few strikes to realize the same… and her hands might hurt a bit when she finally does.

Between all of it though there's hardsuits going down in very short order. About half of them as the assault group lays into them. The other half though now have targets. Shift finds himself the recipient of a load of hellfire while something that turns out to be a projectile very much resembling artificial porcupine quills coated in a greenish ichor ping around Spearpoint and May.

And one of the remaining suits decides to just try punching Rain. Jericho's one himself, and it's a bruiser. He's already hit it twice and it hasn't given up the possibly literal ghost.

Its not that Dinah's scream didn't have an effect on Shift, he'd just built up a fair bit of momentum. Even while the hardsuit goes flying, Shift is crying out and grasping his ears, slewing forth obscenities in his native Dangme. While he's down for the count, he gets doused in fire, and goes to his knees, still in supersolid form.

The smell of cooking flesh fills the space around him. If anyone thought of things conventionally, they would assume that this was it for Kwabena. He's on one knee, screaming furiously, unable to move, until his body finally softens and transforms into smoke. It happens upon instinct, you see; his "X" Gene goes to smoke when it encounters lethal damage. It's a thing he can't control.

One might think that smoke and fire wouldn't have an effect on each other. But Shift knows what just happened. If he comes out of it now, he's a dead man. There's only one way forward from here.

Bending his will, the bio-smoke gets hotter. And hotter. And hotter, the particles themselves exciting under the intense heat until a blinding flash of light fills the room to every corner. A man-shaped cloud of plasma then bursts out of the fire, launching straight toward one of the hardsuits assaulting him. It burns through one suit, goes crashing through a wall, then rips about in an arc to vaporize a gigantic hole through the next.

Better keep out of his way for a while. The cloud of plasma is being followed by a very angry, electric scream.

Spearhead sees red as the scream ripps through his eardrums, he's pretty sure he has gone deaf at this point, he can't hear anything…. Anything but intense ringing. Nonetheless, he continues his assault, eagles eampty, he pulls out a pair of knives and goes after the eyes of the demon-armor-thing like something of a psycho/maniac and a thriller movie/zombie after blood/horrormovie thing, he doesn't look the most sane or friendly right now, anything in hios way might get a blade slashed at them, especially since he's deaf right now…

It does indeed take a few tries, but May is aiming for neck joints and eye sockets now, and glad to see at least one or two fall apart. She's having to aim caerfully, though, considering how many others are about and how chaotic this whole thing has become.

Zee was momentarily dazed by the power she had channeled into the spell, but quickly snaps back as Jes covers her ears. Watching her friend hit the deck, Zee's swears under her breath at the downed Coyote "Damn it, Jes… I don't have super sensitive hearing. Do you need healing?" She's angry now and focusses the energy on the remaining suits

~~ raeT ehT stiuS rednusA ~~

This time, she'll cover her ears as she does, just incase the Canary cries again.

Rain mostly likes honey in other things, not straight up. Can you imagine getting honey out of Siberian godbear fur? Hose down for /days/. And so much shampoo. So, so much. Her ears are ringing, but since she's playing melee this fight, Rainbear pays it no mind for now. Poor cooked Shift. He warrants some sympathy, despite unfamiliarity.

The bear roars and grumbles unhappily, bruised and now most thoroughly annoyed (never flip a bear's tea saucer over!). RAIN SMASH. In a howling rage, she'll try to fit her claws into a gap and reeeeeeeeeeeeeend it good (real good, whipping it good is trademarked and copyrighted to Devo and possibly Indiana Jones). She is looking after poor Spearhead, too.

Jes stirs as Zee starts talking to her. She shakes her head and winces. "'M okay, Zee." She manages a smile but it fades as she looks out at the hole burned into the wall by Shift and then sneezes a few more times. So much magic and power and smoke. And that guy, what is that guy? And a bear??..and Jericho, what the hell happened to him? "This is all so..so.." Jes trails off bewildered and huddles against Zee, needing the reassuarnce. She isn't scared, just confused and a little overwhelmed. This is a lot ot take in at once for her.

Dinah shakes off her hand, she was pretty sure she had just sprained something. She wouldn't try to perform shatterpoint on magical power armor anytime soon, instead she picks up a crowbar that happened to be nearby.

The crowbar is smashed into the eyes and sockets of the hardsuit while the others deal with the rest and when the thing is dealt with she drops the crowbar and kicks the hardsuit; it hurt her foot.

Looking down at her nails she exclaims annoyed, "That time I DID break a nail." She seemed more upset about this than anything else. She points at the hardsuit, "Hydra owes me a manicure. No a manipedi."

Jericho snorts, though you might not be able to hear him. The collective efforts of the group finish off the last of those suits, shot, torn, clawed, crowbared, burnt and rent asunder with magic - and he's a bit worried about Shift and Jesana - then his hair stands on end. The released magical energy from their foes is being channeled in some way. Whatever it is, it's big. Rain and Zee will know that it's a curse. A massive death curse. The hacker only knows that it's bad. "Zee… um, can you do something about that?"

Zee does know what it is and her eyes widen, as her hand rests of Jes' shoulder in reassurance. "Jes, this might get bad… move away from me, now!" giving the Coyote a gentle shove. The young magician focusses yet again

~~ latroP nepO dnA ygrenE etapissiD otnI ehT rehtE ~~

She's never tried anything this big and Zee has already expended a lot of magical energy already.

Shift comes rolling to a stop, skidding across the floor and leaving molten cement in his wake. Only then does the plasma flicker and die, leaving him to solidify in a heap upon the floor. He lies there for a moment, still, before scrambling to his hands and knees and coughing uncontrollably. Between the hacking and coughing, one word is able to be made out.

"… bag of dicks!!"

The death curse, however, silences him. He finds himself frozen in place, gasping for air. Reaching up, he rips the mask free from his face, only to reveal that, while gasping, his silver eyes begin to wither away into deep pools of endless black. Something in his soul doesn't like this warring of the magi, not one bit.

Spearhead is standing there over what remains of the hardsuit he was attacking, anyone who might be able to feel a vibe might kniow not to come close to Spearhead. he has a far off, yet extreemely close look in his eyes , his helmet has slid almost off his face now, barely hanging on his head, his iris' have narrowed his puples to pin pricks, and a unnerveing smile is on his face as he breathes heavily, staring at where the hardsuit fell. other than that, he is just standing there, in something of a trance, not from the current happenings, but from something deep in his mind and past, something more or less human, or what may be the shell of it, anyways…

Jes can smell the foul magic that's forming in the air and Zee pushing her out from under the desk and telling her to get away has her terrified for her friend. She does not want to leave her! but trusts her enough to obey and so she scrambles back, but finally loses her cool and shifts. Theres the sound of claws scraping on the floor and a yelp as she goes Coyote in an instant and tries to wiggle free of her clothes while watching Zee at the same time.

Ohshit. Curses BAD. While Rain's magic in bear form is limited, she can at least help dispel or couterspell a little. Think of her as one of those obnoxiously overpowered druids from WoW. Except she's a witch. Theres an intense sympathy for those felled. Actually, she no longer needs to be a bear. Rain drops to her human (thankfully clothed) form to help lift the curse. Sadly, the problem with subtle magic is you're a lot like that cosmic guy in Futurama. No one knows if you did anything if you do it right. But she is fresh at casting, if a bit mottled from bruising.

Melinda May is relieved to see the last of those armored things finally fall down, but considering her hearing is still useless for the moment (and Dinah, if this caused any permanent damage, she WILL come after you) all she can do is look at the others blankly when the react to things she can't see or feel.

Dinah's forte wasn't magic, it was looking good and kicking some serious bad guy ass. She stands back, still shaking her head at the ruined nails before telling the currently concentrating Zatanna, "You know, if we made a metal band that backwards singing could be a really good chorus. Parents might not like it though." If you played the record backwards, you would get the lyrics! Dinah could totally get behind forming a band.

Zee's portal opens though the power still slams down. There's a feeling of intense pain and then her counterspell takes effect and the hostile energy is just… gone.

Though it seems to have had some lingering effects. Jericho nods to those who came to help him, kneels by Shift to make sure he's okay. As he does he glances into the room the hardsuits came out of and then…

"Oh… crap. May you need to see this." Inside are rows upon rows of chemical workstations producing what is unmistakeably a drug. One that Jericho's familiar with and May might be also. Smooth.

"We're… going to need a SHIELD cleanup team for this. I'll search the hard drives for any data. We'll want to destroy the drugs." Why would they be garding it with magical demon-sentries? Is the technique spreading through HYDRA or has this one branch gotten into the smooth business. Either answer is bad. "Thanks everyone for helping out, by the way. Would have gone bad without you."

Okay, he's still a glowy blue holo-wolf. Hearing him talk like that is odd.

The moment the magic is gone, Shift's eyes go back to their normal silver. His body collapses to the floor, but a long groan tells that he'll probably be okay. "Oooh, Jesus," he moans. "I'm gonna be sick fah some few days."

Its probably a good thing he doesn't know what's going on in the other room, or there would be trouble.

Zee winces, biting her bottom lip hard as beads of sweat form on her forehead, an intense look of pain on her face. It's obviously taking everything she has to hold the portal open and as the enemy power stops, she drops the spell and crumples to the ground, not moving.

Spearhead comes to reality partially, looking around as though he has no clue what is going on, he fixes his helmet back to his head, "Excuse me…" he says, grabbing his knifes and guns, he dissapears into the night, even leaving Rain. He has an air of something wrong about him, he eventually goes into the woods, what happens after, anyones guess…

When Dinah hears the explanation of what is going on and that SHIELD is coming she tells Jericho, "I'll hang around if you like or I can leave till you get a chance to put in the good word for me. If Hydra is doing stuff like this, Shield might just be the kind of place I belong." She was definitely interested in doing more than dealing with petty gangbangers.

To Zatanna, she says, "I wasn't kidding about a band. Oh!" She moves over to the side of the downed woman and checks for a pulse, "Stay with me girl, don't give up now!"

She starts pushing down on Zatanna's chest several times and begins giving her CPR. She wasn't a medic and she had ZERO experience with magic but she wasn't going to let Zatanna die! Hold on Zee!

Rain will have to track Spearhead down later. She's good at that. Really. Divination is actually one of her strong points. Funny how that works. "…" Rain is going to quietly check on Zee, and see if she needs healing or just a rest. Though, er. Dinah might have this. Or they might be taking her somewhere. Okay. Rain'll… go look for Spear then.

Jes whines and then yips in alarm, darting over to the desk and trying to paw and push her way past Dinah. Her yiping turns into a howling cry when Zee doesn't move and Dinah starts doing cpr.

Jericho hears the cry and glances down at Shift. He sighs and there's a long, long moment as he thinks. "Hang on there Shift." He knows where one of the Ghanian's safe houses is. "May…" He beckons. "I need to make sure Zee's okay. Rain healed her but she's not coming around. Can you make sure Shift gets some off the books medical attention?"

The large, glowing werewolf-demon thing comes over Jes and Dinah's way only to fade as it approaches replaced by Jericho, covered in glowing blue circuit traces which also fade. "Easy, let me see…" He checks Zee's pulse and… sure enough. "She's alive, don't break her ribs. Rain's a good healer. I'll take her somewhere to recover."

As he says that K'nert hops up and looks at Zee curiously then nods. "Jes, May or Dinah can get you back to where you're staying. And Dinah, I will put in a good word for you… but it might be better to chat with May. She'd be the one forwarding a reccomendation anyway. I'm only a 'asset' after all." One with a mind of his own and a disturbing tendency to attract trouble.

"Right, we're off." K'nert scampers over to a wall and a stepping disk opens. Then the hacker, the mage and the imp are through and gone.

Melinda May looks at Trent, frowns, then goes to see what he's gesturing about. And … holy cow it's bad. She taps at the communicator in her ear (That did literally nothing to protect her hearing), and calls in for a SHIELD cleanup team. And even though they're in Gotham, it WILL happen. And certain Bat-ish people can just deal with it. Unless he'd like to clean up literally barrels of Smooth all by his grumpy lonesome.

Jes growls at Jericho and snaps at him. She is so not leaving Zee's side. Not even. She grabs Zee's shirt in her mouth and goes with her.

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