Internal Security Breach (Backdated Scene)

June 05, 2016:

Jemma asks Peggy for help in tracing technology leaks from LexCorp.

New York


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Several weeks ago

SHIELD is compromised by Daemonites, there is absolutely no doubt on that, and it's compromised severely. Several departments have been taken over completely but what the small group of SHIELD agents who know about this don't know, is just high up the rot has made it.

Unfortunately, it's not just SHIELD that has problems. There are businesses that deal in high technology that are also targeted and that technology can be used nefarious purposes. Jemma has been working with … others … to get hold of that tech and put it away safely. Recently, she reached out to Agent Emeritus, Peggy Carter about some intel she's received on LexCorp. It seems there's been some chatter about LexCorp tech going missing.

And who better to engage in discovering more, than an Agent of Peggy's calibre?

Still, what they're hearing is just rumours and they need to discover more. How Peggy chooses to do that? Well, she's got a few options available to her.


Peggy already has an address from her mission with Jemma to the Academy. Gardiners Island is not far from New York. However, it would be too suspicious to go there immediately after a security breach at the Academy. There is certainly a sense of urgency to get to the bottom of this, but there is also a need to ensure the safety of those not taken by Daemonites. With a compromise this far down, who knows who is watching them and when.

After a few weeks of going about her business and following other cases, she surreptitiously asks Jemma to join her in looking into the coordinates they found together. Though a woman used to working alone, she is also someone who will easily use the help of those around her. Jemma proved invaluable at the Academy, it stands to reason that her strengths with science and technology would serve them again in the field.


Unfortunately, Gardiners Island does have to wait. Too suspicious, certainly, and stopping technology leaking into the wrong hands is of paramount importance. All confounded by the fact that the team that can work on this is a small one - meaning, they're all spread a little thin.

"Well Agent Carter," Jemma and Peggy are sitting in a park not far from the LexCorp Building, drinking tea. Drinking tea out of mugs, not styrofoam or plastic cups - that just isn't done! "Here's the information I've been able to get. I've confirmed that at least some of it is in the latest devices we've been recovering."

If there's something that Jemma's learned during this time, investigations can often be done in the open because no one really expects you to do that. And what's more normal than two women having tea, reviewing something interesting on their tablets and computers? Of course, Peggy's likely taken precautions to ensure that eavesdropping is kept to a minimum.

"I've also asked for assistance from another, to help with analysing the data and … maybe getting us more." With Fitz on long term assignment, Jemma's made good use of the programs he's created, she's even modified and written some herself but it's not her forte and in cases like this, she needs someone … more focussed.

The data that Jemma shows Peggy is scant, but it's pretty damning. Very new, almost experimental technology has made it's way to the underground market. This sort of thing is usually a well guarded secret in companies like LexCorp, not accessible by just anyone. The question then is - how did this happen. Was it an outside job? Or was there someone on the inside?

“And you’re sure they can be trusted?” Peggy asks. While she does trust Jemma, that doesn’t mean it extends to people she has not yet met or vetted. For the most part, Peggy’s assumption of privacy is to pick a back table and then keep an expert eye out for anyone wishing to listen in to their conversation. It seems best to rely on old school methods in times like this. It also helps that she had Howard install an app on her phone that broadcasts a high pitched noise at all known digital frequencies in order to ensure that their words cannot be digitally recorded.

As she looks over the tablet information, her frown deepens. “So, it seems as if someone got incredibly lucky in their ability to infiltrate LexCorp, or they had inside help. The most logical solution would be that they managed to procure someone high up either in security or the chain of command. However, I’m sure LexCorp wouldn’t wish to broadcast that they suffered a large security breach.”

Handing the tablet back, she thinks for a moment. “You know much more about this technology than I do, Doctor. What do you think may be the cause?”

"I'm sure." Jemma responds "But they're generally busy and might not make it. If that's the case, we'll work with what I can. Maybe they can help me later, if needed. They're also approved by Agent May and work with us often."

Taking the tablet back as she listens to Peggy, Jemma's quiet, taking it all in. "This type of technology? It would be highly guarded, Agent Carter. It's cutting edge from what I've been able to discern. LexCorp haven't even announced it yet… it's that new." the biochem shakes her head "I wonder if they even know it's missing. We only picked up on it because we were looking and then, we weren't sure." It had taken some analysis to determine that it had been in the equipment SHIELD had found.

"Given that …" she shrugs a little "… given that I'm not really a field agent but a Scientist, I'd go for Occam's Razor and say an inside job and a very good one at that. I need to get access to certain records to prove that though and right now, I couldn't say where the breach is."

“I agree,” Peggy nods a few times, crossing her arms and leaning against the table. “Inside job. And we need to figure out who was the person inside and who their contact is. There must be a reason they stole this.” Everything is part of a larger plan, after all. There must be a reason they took this technology and not anything else. “Do we know what it does? Or why they might have wanted it?”

Peggy looks out the window for a moment, toward the LexCorp building. “Do you think there is a way to find that out remotely? Or shall we attempt an infiltration? It seems best to narrow down who is the leak of LexCorp as soon as we can so that they cannot allow any more technology to fall into the hands of those less savory than ourselves.” She will not say the word Daemonites. If she knew the Harry Potter references, she may make a quip about Voldemort. But, while she has quickly assimilated much about present day culture, that has completely eluded her.


"Dimensional Technology, Agent Carter. Well more correctly, " Jemma starts to babble a little "components that can be used in dimensional technology. " Which, given the things that Jemma has been investigating, might make Peggy worry a little. "As I said, I've found some of it in the latest devices we've retrieved. As to exactly how it works? I need more time." And right now, knowing exactly how things work isn't a priority. They need to stop more being made.

"There will be things that I can access remotely, but I'm going to need a little more assistance for that. Getting in there, using a data spike is likely to be the quickest way. Besides, Clint's proven to me, that not everything is digital. They may have something physical or in hardcopy that proves useful."

"I can check HR records, though. See if there's been any personnel changes recently? That would give us somewhere to start looking wouldn't it?"

Peggy thinks for a moment and then turns back to Jemma. “I think that would both give us a good place to look as well as a good cover identity to get inside.” Why hit one bird, when they can hit two? Knowing a little about how the Daemonites work, this makes this a very important mission to ensure no more information is leaked.

“If there is someone I can infiltrate as, who has at least medium level security, I am sure I can manage to make it the rest of the way. I’ll be able to find the hard copies and hopefully find out who is behind the leak.” After all, that is what spying is all about. She’s done this countless times first for the SSR and then for SHIELD. “I believe you would have to help me in regards to the more advanced technology, however.” She’s an agent, not a scientist after all.

"Let me see." Jemma has set up her laptop using Fitz's encryption algorithms and routes data through a number of hops. Though nowhere near as skilled as her friend, or a certain demontainted hacker, she's no slouch.

After a long moment, Peggy will probably really want that tea as she waits, Jemma smiles. "Got it… Now… let … me… see… " a few more taps at her keyboard and she blows out a breath. "No new employees in the last eight months. I'll say one thing for LexCorp, they seem to know how to keep their people." Another brief pause, as she shakes her head. "They don't seem to use contractors, either. I suppose that makes sense."

"You want an identity … " the british born biochem falls silent again as she looks. Eventually coming back with "Theresa Ivers. Transferring in, in five days. I think, she might arrive early. What do you think, Agent Carter?" Turning the screen, so the other woman can see it, Jemma looks to Peggy for her response.

Peggy looks at the identity, observing what she can of the woman there. “It may be a bit of a stretch, but I’ve pretended to be far stranger persons.” She smirks and nods. “It seems our best chance. We can’t risk waiting too long and I think I can make something of that. “As you said, they are very tight on security and this seems to be our best chance. Worst case scenario, I get caught and then have to fight my way out.”

Hopefully, it will not come down to worst case scenario, however. With a grin, she looks down at her attire and then nods thoughtfully. “I’ll need a bit of a change. And, some forms of identification in order to get me through the doors. I will easily be able to obtain the outfit. Will you be able to handle the IDs?”

Jemma nods slowly as Peggy talks. "Yes, I will be able to. It will take a few hours. I know this is important and we're working on a short time frame." a few more taps on her keyboard accompany that.

"The last time we used one of our data spikes, it had problems. The encryption on the system was that tight. I've been working on that, and hopefully the new version will be quicker. I'll make sure you've got a couple of those on you."

"We'll also need to understand the security schedules, I suppose?" Jemma's been working with Clint enough to know that timing is important. Being able to avoid the security sweeps … or in this case, not be doing something you shouldn't at that time, would be of benefit.

Seems the pair have their work cut for them.

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