Cold Cold Carbonadium Coils

June 04, 2016:

A Danger Room session involving Nate Grey, Remy LeBeau and Rogue.

Westchester, X-Bunker, Danger Room


NPCs: Danger Room Avatar of Omega Red



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Opposite side of Xavier's grounds well over a mile from the school lies the hidden X-Bunker. Beneath the surface subterranean levels open up to networks of other facilities, perhaps if not the most impressive is the Danger Room a combination of Earth and Shi'ar technology. A union of advanced sciences and one could even say a symbolic testament of Charles Xavier's specific influence, an influence that reaches even to the stars and beyond our own galaxy.

The expansive chamber is dark, limited lighting in the form of a dim glow along the walls, floor and ceiling. No one is in the control room. Those invited stand in the very center of the Danger Room. "It on one of de new presets, didn't even take a peek." The Cajun grins, the poor lightning makes his red gleaming eyes look animistic and that titled smile doesn't help. At a glance one can almost see in to his background as a Marauder, one of those who had once been responsible for the largest massacre of Morlocks to date.
"So, if you had a preference? dat jus' too bad."

As the room begins to alter around them in a digitized manner the collapsed bo staff in the thief's hand extends in both directions almost tripling in length.

"Bring in on," replies Nate with a smirk. "Presets are fun, just don't run them at the easy levels." Presets? He used to run those with Rose, one after another, trying to beat them in record time. Mostly because it was easy and his programming skills need some work. (Okay, a lot of work). Besides, lazy.

As the room sparks and shift around him, he falls into a combat stance, his left eye pulsing with light. If it is the 'simple' ninjas scenario they have like a tenth of second to prepare.

It is summer break and Rogue's Linguistics classes have ended, putting gaps between the 'Coping' classes too far between. As much as she loved hiking, the outdoors and some alone time… Sometimes there's too much alone she feels. With an invite into the Danger Room session Rogue had to staunch the smile, even as she stood within the room as it began to digitize, dim and prepare to unfold the new.

The final glove is pulled from the white belt that loops around the birth of hips, tugging it over fingers and up along forearm to cover skin completely, even though the scarf that loops around her neck loosely flutters over the green and white X-Man body suit's unzipped collar. "Ah have a preference for ya to shut up and let loose, sugah."

A glance to Nate's shift in stance and Rogue simply grabs two fistfuls of that hair in a sweep, tying it back from her face although that white frames downward in escape just before…

"Easy? Dun know dat word." Remy counters.
"Such a lady, ma belle Rogue."

The digital blur solidifies with a gust of freezing air that batters against the X-Men. The ground beneath their feet shifts and they begin to slide… not the expected thirty feet of the Danger Room's area but almost a hundred. Now they're sliding down the side of an ice capped mountain.

The frigid weather feels very real as does the sprayed bursts of snow that pelts at them in large blanketing walls.

"Merde! Why?" The howl of the elements drowning out any possible carry of the Cajun's voice.

Spinning his once staff (for flare and added force) Gambit slams it down in to the steep he is groping at and tumbling down. Managing to wedge it in to the rocks he halts himself, clutching at the object for dear life.

Nate catches himself telekinetically, hovering a few inches over the snow-covered slope. He reaches for Gambit when he sees the Cajun managed to stop himself. He starts saying something, but noticing the wind is too loud for verbal communication, he switches to attempt a mind-link among the three. « Pretty nice. I had not seen this one before. Maybe it is new. Watch out for yetis, right? »

There's one thing you do not want, and that is in Rogue's head. She is still working on sorting that herself as the voices…

The sudden drop and fall has her sliding, a motion that sets arms to pinwheel at the surprise of the surface shift as well as the drop. Hitting an outcropping her legs push up and off, the buckle held over-the-knee boots planting just in time to launch her up and into flight just on the opposite side of Remy. Where Nate offers a hand, Rogue waits, her eyes snapping away from the two as the voice enters her mind, known to be friendly but what Nate gets back is a resounding howl of what was inside her at the intrusion, a rattling resistance and fight for the space they have and do not wish to share in their torment.

Yet they cannot strike out in any manner, more retrained behind rattling bars as Rogue has been working on her own methods of shutting them down. It takes a moment to blanket the hateful words, bring them to a whisper and respond of her own accord. «Ya gotta knock. Company ain't welcome without warning.»

Though as she says as much the howling wind manages to bit by bit tug her hair free of the tie.

«Why? Maybe 'cause ya put it on random in the new settings?» Salute captain obvious. But that does not stop Rogue from looking through the gusts of white for what is to come.

"True dat." Ahem. «Truth.»
Remy stabilizes himself but is likely at the biggest disadvantage here. He doesn't host the superhuman might of Rogue nor does he have the telekinetic protections X-Man is capable of producing, which is likely why he is the one who gets first glimpse of their adversary. «HELP!» Gambit doesn't even remember thinking the word he only knows he is now being launched away from the Cliffside his staff left behind where it was. A large man stands there, chalk white skin, long hair and an outfit of reds, two long tendrils coming out of each forearm. The thief has no clue who he is. The encounters with Omega Red in this reality where brief, perhaps only once or twice. Clearly someone was paying attention to detail though as this is an exact of the man.
"You come here to die? I can help you." The Russian accent thick and projected in a shout that just barely carries over the wintery breath of the mountainside.

Remy flips in the air and uplifts his arms to shield his fall, tucking as he prepares to hit hard.

Nate directs a sharp glance at Rogue when he touches her mind. He had no idea the woman was such a mess. « Relax, I can handle it. I might be able to help… »
Of course he is looking the wrong direction when the Russian mutant shows up. Nate has never seen him before either, but he reacts quickly. He flies to catch Gambit before he hits the slop and semi-aims a blast of telekinetic force towards Omega Red. More to make him duck than to hit him, but given the slope is so steep, maybe he can make the pale killer stumble down.

Everyone's a mess… Inside. But Nate's offer to help gets no reaction or response from Rogue, distraction came with the launching back of Remy, where Nate was quick to the rescue Rogue was quick to intercept, quickly placing herself in the way between the two, but there was only that moment of pause and a glance below to ensure Nate made the catch and both were well before the air is split around the speeding form of Rogue towards Omega Red, but not direct as she does not know this opponent.

Above him on the cliffside she goes for a small rocky outcropping, aiming to sweep up just before Omega and hit the rock with a fisted hand, aiming to plummet it below onto their opponent. «Move to the left you two!» A warning for the rockfall about to come if her idea even works.

"Good catch, mon ami." Gambit teases, "This wind too much for me to throw anytin' gonna need to get in real close like."

Omega Red's forearm lifts up and telekinetic projection has debris exploding around him. That same extended arm's tentacle then lashes out wide sweeping at Rogue in her ascending dash, it is trying to coil around her leg, to grab a hold of her like an octopus snaring prey. "What do you plan? Bring this mountain upon me? Hah, pitiful."

« Can you keep balance on the slope? » Nate seems a bit skeptical, but leads Gambit back to where his staff was left stuck. « By the way? Any idea who is that guy? »

Apparently no one they have met. Yeah, the Danger Room was not in an easy level. Which is fine, as the Russians seems distracted by Rogue, Nate drops a few yards and then flies at him from the other direction, aiming to deliver a telekinetically enhanced punch to his head. No one told him getting close to Omega Red usually is a bad idea.

They really need to read those files on villains.

Rogue looks down as the sensation of the tentacle-like limb wraps around her leg and seeks to drag her down, snapping her from original intent but that does not stop instinct and the eternal plan in her mind because she always has her worst (last) case scenario. Reaching for an outcropping in her drag downward she strains to pull away, the large crag coming loose with the descent of snow and pebbles around her as the cliffs ledge cracks.

"In one way or anotha'." Seeing Gambit safe and Nate coming in she looks up and pushes her flight, attempting to drag Omega up with her, but either way as she seeks to rise her arms tense, fingers clench into the frigid stone ledge and it cracks free of the cliffside to be hefted above and then tritely slammed downward.

If Omega was jerked up with her, momentum and force just became his faces best friend.

The field of 'Death' around Omega Red is felt as soon as Nate gets within range, it's just part of the Russian's powerset and the dangers faced when fighting the powerful villain. The punch does connect, however. A snap of his head back and Omega Red's feet lift up causing him to drop to his knees but he doesn't go down, the impact was impressive enough but he's no weakling, from this vantage point Nate can also see that one of his tentacles is tethered in to the mountain, hes holding himself in place there.

It's then that the tendril latched to Rogue's ankle starts to sap her very strength, the lethal drain felt almost immediately as he uses her lifeforce to empower the aura around him but she is pulling him, tearing him free of the mountain before that boulder slams down where Nate and Omega Red are.

Gambit's mobility is no so much effective as his teammates, his movement slowed through the terrain he formulates a plan while watching the trio engage in mortal combat. Well, as mortal as the simulation will allow it to go.
«What level was dis set at? I really should pay 'tention to dis kina ting.»

Nate fails to notice the drain until his punch connects, not as hard as it should. The howling of the wind and the cold of the setting makes difficult to notice some details, like the unnatural chill of his life force being drained.

He definitely notices afterwards, as his powers flicker and breathing becomes much harder it should. And just then the boulder hits, and Nate can barely protect himself with a forcefield as he is hit and sent tumbling down the slope.

The mind-link goes down, of course.

Rogue feels it, that drain from the connection despite no true connection, like how her powers work. From behind the lashing of auburn and white hair she also watches as the toss of the boulder brings down not only Omega but Nate. A twinge of something hits Rogue, enough to make her expression falter, a distraction that does not have her realizing her own flight is faltering with the drain, taking her lower.

The rebounding snap of the failing hold of Omega's being pulled and the boulder give her enough of a boost to rocket past Remy in pursuit of Nate, gloved hand capturing him in his fall just before the tentacled grip of Omega's stops her pursuit in a sudden snap, dropping them both face down in the cold snow.

"Well, that was unexpected." A glance back along her tethered leg and she reaches down, unclasping the belts that strap the held boot to her leg. Rising she offers a hand up to Nate before walking back up towards where Omega lay buried, pausing to stop beside Remy and roll the gloves down from forearms and off.

"Two can play at this game."

"You sure you wan' do that?" Remy's voice this go around. Shouted over the storm the telepathic thing is echoed but sometimes you just have to use your own words.
Omega Red isn't out for long, as strong as he is the attack only slowed him.

«I'll distract. You go for the take down.» Chunks of mountainside, snow and ice are scattered like confetti towards Omega Red, the explosive firecracker pops are a lot more painful than they sound and look.

Omega's response is to lash out in a violent barrage that flails in all directions, multiple strikes to hit larger numbers. Fortunately for Rogue she is faster than he is, for Nate, well hes slightly out of range and Gambit is?. Gambit is knocked around like a ragdoll. His body taking multiple slaps before tumbling across the cliff and sliding downwards, off the summit and towards the ravines below.

Nate spits snow and coughs glaring up at Omega Red, "don't get close to him," he warns Rogue. He has some kind of field around him." He winces seeing Gambit beaten up, and reaches to him with telekinesis to try to keep him away from the large Russian.

"I am going to take some height. If I were you I'd try throwing rocks at him… wait!" But Rogue is already pulling off her gloves. "That might be a pretty bad idea, lady," he comments, likely unheard under the howl of the wind.

"No, I am never sure." Rogue responds to Gambit before the outlashing of appendages and the responding fire of Gambits goes in tandem. Nate's words only get a call back carried by the bitter cold gales as she darts into flight in quick bursts, more like large leaps of a more brutal form of acrobatics, every landing one that emits the grounds rumbling around her as she tries to build momentum and take back what he took from her… Now she knows how others feel in a way… "Touching me is a bad idea. Tag backs!" She had to try considering…

As Nate makes the catch for Gambit and his move, the distractions and lashings for her teammates have her leaping and bounding through the appendages to get up close and personal. Lunging for Omega Red her arms are pressed out in that flight-assisted leap, aiding to lock one arm around Omega's neck, while hands take a firm hold on his head to try and counter the drain that she feels, making her have to hold on like a child to a green stallion.

Death Spore Pheromones vs Absorption Touch? The Danger Room's lack of information on Omega Red and the inability to fully understand Rogue's particular powers shows as the Russian supersoldier begins to digitize and pixilated. Going from 4K 3D realistic visuals to what could only be described as 8bit drunk-o vision. The struggle doesn't seem any less real however as Omega Red battles Rogue, kicking, punching and head butting her with a bar brawlers tenacity though much better skilled than what you'd likely run in to.

Gambit wobbles to his feet, protected once again by his teammates, the back of his neck being rubbed as he watches the two titans clash, a sidelong glance given to Nate before he shrugs.

"It's glitching? Danger Room, stop program, uh end de simulation."
"Error D Simulation not found. Current simulation ending in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1."

"Have a nice day." Empty much smaller room. From the frozen mountain tops back to an ultra fancy basement some wherein upstate New York.

Nate was preparing a telepathic attack when the Danger Room goes crazy. "The hell… I had never seen the room do that." Who programmed this scenario? 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. The room fades to bare metal and neon light. And Nate feels much better as the 'death spores' leave him alone.

"Well, damn. This was great," short of. "But who was the big Russian?"

Rogue isn't stopping, the headbutt from the back of Omega's cranium connects, snapping Rogue's head back suddenly and her nose bleeds, but such is the draining of her powers. Instead she is holding on for dear life and keeping that connection to counter-drain their foe and until something happens she is fighting the good fight like any southern belle would.


Coming back up her body held by the twine of legs around Omega's torso, her other hand having slipped from his face into his white hair, knotting into it like reigns on said bronco and the other hand looses to fist and commence a beating into his head and neck while heels drive into him like they bore spurs. If there was a mud puddle nearby she would try to submerge his head in it at this rate….

But then she is holding a Nintendo version of a Joseph wanna-be? Then it all fades and Rogue is standing there sans gloves and one boot, fingers curled into white-knuckling fists as she blinks her rage back with a sniff that has her hiding her face behind the mass of hair, storming over to snap her boot up and not quite yet make eye contact.

Ahem. Composure.

"No clue, mon ami. Not one I faced before? real nasty though, yeah?" Gambit walks over and hefts up his staff, "So eh, p'tite? he gone now? I think you won?" Upwards inflection at the end of that. As much a question as it is a statement. "You uh, you gon' be okay? Maybe switch to decaff, non?" A wry smile and he rolls shoulders, flexes his fingers and makes sure all of his body parts are still attached.

"I'd say sometin' like, we should read up on all des badness in the past rest o de team dealt with but? that also sounds incredibly boring. An' me, well, I like to wing it. Keeps things much more interestin'."

Nate goes to help Rogue up. Except she is still without gloves, maybe not a great idea. But Gambit comment about not reading the files brings a sigh. No, he (they) should read them. This has been a good lesson, if nothing else.

"Yeah, it will be boring. But it would be dumb not to do it," replies the young man. "Lets do this again tonight," he offers. "Same enemy, change the setting. But this time knowing about the bad guy."

Nate's offer to help her gets sidestepped away from, though the silent apology comes with the slipping on of glove and tucking some of that hair behind an ear with a small smile. "Ah'm fine. Just got carried away, need a moment to cool down after a fight is all." That southern drawl is kicked up a notch and her voice even has that gravel and scratch tone to it, showing her flustered manner after that. She reverted back to told school with limited powers, at least now she knows she wouldn't be useless without them.

"Decaf?" A snap up-down at Remy and her nose wrinkles as the other glove is rolled up and her scarf is slid from around her neck to snap at him with a resounding snap after the wind up. "That's a sin, especially with tha' chickory touch of Nawlins."

Nate gets a once over and a small crige to the corner of her eye. "Ah'm sorry for dropping a boulder on ya, sugah. I'm not from Kansas, promise." Yes, pay no mind to what happened, Rogue's gonna try to forget asap.

Though when they start talking about reading up on…. YAWN! A hand goes over her mouth and she looks towards the door. It is a good idea, but not one she is on board with at the moment.

"You been gone a bit Cajun. What you been diggin' for?" As the last time she saw him Genosha was the topic.

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