Home Sweet Home

May 28, 2016:

Gabriel and Wanda discuss the bizarre nature of homes and everyone moving away from X-Red.

X-Red Headquarters


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Wanda is cooking. With all the comings and goings lately it is only she and Gabriel who live here now. Yep…they put the 'kids' in charge. Lord knows what people think when they ring up the X-Red HQ these days. Cracking an egg on the side of the bowl she empties the contents before grabbing another one. "Hey" she calls out in greeting without even needing to look in his direction. "I am going to try omelette tonight. Were you training?" Finally she turns to look in his direction, a slight frown on her face. "Are you all smelly?"

His steps slow some as he realizes that Wanda is actually in the HQ and Gabriel diverts his walk from heading directly to his room to stopping at the kitchen to peek in. He knew the voice, but for some reason it isn't until he sees Wanda as well that the smile breaks forth onto his lips. "I was actually training. And probably a little smelly?" He sniffs at himself to check. "You're trying omelette's? Is that going to kill us?"

"Possibly" Wanda shrugs about imminent food poisoning, "But I hope it is at least tasty before it does." She tilts her head as she looks at him. "Are you not going to come and say 'hello'?" A little pout forms as she asks that. "It is a big place for the two of us, da? I hope that we do not screw it down and make a mess of everything. I sometimes worry that there will be an alert."

"I was worried that you wouldn't want a hello considering I just got back from the city and country." Even as he says it though, Gabriel walks into the kitchen and to Wanda, stopping behind her to place hands about her in a hug. "I'm very glad to see you at home, I have missed you." The words are spoken quietly before he adds, a bit louder. "I think I understand the security system now. It hasn't gone off in two weeks since the last time I set it off."

Wanda smiles at the hug. "I missed you too" she replies softly. "Where did they send you? Do you still see Jean?" Wanda lightly taps his foreheand with a fingertip. "Anything more unlocked in there?" she asks lightly before wriggling back into his embrace. "What kind of omelette would you like?"

"Just on a camping survival trip type thing. Using powers and what I've learned to survive in a place they called Canada. It was very forested there, quite pleasant." He backs away to lean against the counter, "Nothing new for memories. We've been working on learning social queues and norms, so that I don't stick out quite so much. And of course control." A small smile is cast to Wanda, "What about you? How was your trip? And cheese?"

"Cheese omelette it is" Wanda nods as she goes to find the ingredients. "Canada? I have not been to Canada. I hear it is very big and nice. Did you destroy a forest?" she teases before starting to cook in earnest. "And what social mores have you been learning? And control?" She giggles, "I hope not in everything. My trip was…okay I guess." A shrug. "Went to Germany and got attacked. Came back to New York and got attacked. I think there is a common thread here. At least I am not in Transia."

The word Transia causes Gabe to stiffen a bit, his brow furrowing at the mere thought. He moves to lean against the counter and watches Wanda work while she talks. "Everywhere you go, they attack you. But they do not succeed." He seems very relieved at that. "I have learned to control many things. Powers and my anger some. Although I believe if one of these people harmed you, they would learn quickly what my control does not include. Like destroying a forest." The last is said with a smile at her teasing. Abruptly then, almost out of nowhere, he blurts out, "Do you like it here? I mean in this building?"

"They do not succeed /yet/" Wanda replies with a faint frown. "I would much prefer not being attacked at all but maybe that is just me?" She is whisking the egg and cheese when he blurts out his questions and Wanda stares at him for a moment. "Umm…I guess so. It is the first home I have had since my parents died. There are people here I care about…well…only one now but he is the most important. Why do you ask? Do you not like living here? You want to move out too?"

Gabriel shakes his head slowly, "It is the only place I know. It is my home but I am starting to think that maybe my home is not so much this building, but rather who is in the building." When he speaks, his eyes are steady on Wanda, watching her cook of all things and there's a serene expression to his face. "I am happy, is what I am saying. I just was, it is important to me that you are happy. I do like living here, with you. Besides, when we get bored of one room we can just move to another."

"I am happy" Wanda replies though without complete enthusiasm. "I would be happier if I knew my brother was safe but at least I am pretty sure he is not dead" she smiles feebly before laughing at the comment about the rooms. The omelette mixture is poured out into a pan. "This is not our house though. It is like…well…superhero base. But I think we can be happy here."

When she makes the face, with sticking her tongue out, Gabriel just has to smile. He pushes up from the counter and heads to the fridge to pull out milk, which he has become rather addicted to ever since Wanda introduced it to him what seems so long ago. "I would be happier too if I could help you find your brother." There is sincerity in his tone, Gabriel has mentioned before how he wishes he could meet the other half of Wanda's twinship. Setting to work pouring the milk into two glasses he pauses. "It's not our house, no. And we can be happy here. But if you ever want uhm, you know. Our house.."

"/Our/ house?" Wanda studies him for a long moment. "I…I do not know about that" she admits softly. "I…I did live with someone once but she left so I do not think that I am good to love with" she half-smiles. "I would not want to push you away by making you put up with me all the time. No one should have to suffer like that. No…we stay here for now and we be happy. Okay? Oh…can you put flavoring in my milk?"

If anything, Gabriel actually looks relieved at Wanda's words, sighing and smiling. "I am very glad to hear you say that. I like the way things are. But read somewhere that it … that sometimes women want more." He heads to the fridge to pull out the chocolate syrup to add to Wanda's milk. "I do not mind living with you here. Plus we both leave at times, it makes it very easy to miss you and happy to see you when you return." He pauses then tilts his head to get a look at Wanda from a different angle. "I believe the phrase is I hate to see you leave but I love to watch you go?"

"Why would women want more?" Wanda asks with knitted brows. "Why would I want to be more than happy? That is very silly thing to believe." A nod about the leaving. "Yes, we are always somewhere else. And when one of us is here, the other one is gone. It makes it very hard sometimes but maybe it also make it better." But that last saying of his just has her totally confused. "I do not understand. Why is it you both love and hate it when I am leaving? Did you not say the same thing twice?"

"I read it someplace. I think it is saying that when you go it makes me sad, but watching you walk away means I am able to view your backside." Gabriel shrugs, "I do not understand all of the terms still. It is especially bad with some of the teenagers at the mansion. They speak in ways I do not grasp." Getting a spoon he starts to stir the chocolate into her milk before pulling it out and setting it down. "It is very hard sometimes to be away. But I think it allows me to enjoy seeing you that much more when I do."

"Oh…I see" Wanda blushes brightly before turning away and giving the bottom in question a little shake for Gabriel. "I suppose it is a nice bottom" she giggles before turning back to finish cooking. "I am not much older than a teenager, Gabriel" she smiles, "But I suppose you have no idea how old you are. But you are right. Absence makes the heart grow fonder…I read that in a card."

"I have been told that I am immature too so I think it is up to whoever is watching" Wanda shrugs, "But they have left me here in X-Red to look after the place so I must be doing something right. Well…they left /us/ here." She turns off the stove and starts to server up the food. "So we are the same age. That makes sense. So what social mores have you learned lately? Am I doing anything wrong? I do not understand English properly yet and sometimes I miss the meaning…like with my bottom."

Gabriel watches Wanda plate the food then smiles. "I am in much the same boat. I am trying to learn the meanings of certain words, how English works properly. Working on my reading still and the history of the world along with other things. I did not understand that football was two different sports with the same name just said a little different." He waits a bit but then does begin to eat, looking rather pleased when he does. "I also speak too properly and was told I am too stiff and rigid in how I sit and walk. That I look like a robot."

"I do not even know the history of the world so you are ahead there" Wanda laughs as she sits next to him and enjoys her meal too. At least it doesn't seem poisonous. "You are not like a robot" she smirks. "Why would I want to cuddle a robot? That is silly." A sip of her chocolate milk. "I do not think there is anything wrong with sitting up straight. It is supposed to be good for you."

"You make a very good omelette Wanda. And I do not think I'm a robot either. Apparently I talk to quiet sometimes and not loud enough in others." His shoulders lift, "I do not know and there are many things I am not worried about." He eats his food, rather he devours it. "I will take care of all dishes in the morning, that way you can sleep in, da?" Gabe adds in the homage to Wanda's accent, a warm smile on his lips when he does.

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