Get The Hostages

May 27, 2016:

Another disturbance in New York, NYPD, the DEO and X-Red are called in…

Brooklyn - New York


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A busy Brooklyn street has been cordoned off. NYPD, DEO and X-Red are in attendance. A group has managed to take over a busy coffee shop and are holding the occupants hostage. Why? Well that's not entirely clear. It's been even less clear, since someone in the coffee shop has been giving people nightmarish visions - no one can tell though whether it's one of the hostages or their captors doing it.

Which explains why X-Red have been called in.

Two DEO agents are wearing the 'mandroid' power armour and looking over the building schematics with the others. Phillips, from the NYPD, runs his hand through his hair "They've taken control of the security systems. We can't get eyes on in there. All we know from the one hostage that got away, is they're being held and someone is projecting visions."

"What do you think, Mike?" Brin, dressed in her X-Red uniform, looks to her team mate "The DEO will be able to get in there with the armour, but we need to know what we're dealing with first. Can you get control of the camera's?"

The DEO Agents, Reggers and Phillipson snort at the diminutive brunette. They're own thoughts on involving the mutant team, whilst not voiced, is written on their faces. They're not impressed.

"Already on it," Mike says. When they arrived on the scene, he had released a handful of finches, as if a magic trick, which flew around in birdishly random directions until they reached the building, and then several of them dissolved into clouds of gnats when they were hidden against the building, and those clouds have gone inside, with a few thousand of them settling on every camera.

The gnats melt and move inside the cameras as a cloud of excruciatingly tiny machines, and Mike looks up and says, "I have them tapped. And now to see what they can tell me."

He tries to take control of the cameras, and whatever security control nodeshe can find… Meanwhile the three remaining not-really-finches move into the building, air-ducts or hallways or any spaces where they can blend in and move quietly. Because independent camera drones are sometimes also necessary.

Lunair visits her friends in Mutant Town often. She has a small box of computer parts - mostly mother boards and the ilk. Some rare earth metals and other goodies, for a friend. She's walking along in a hoodie with a bow on the hood. And she's heard a street needs - help? Well, she's fond enough of Brin, so the goodies are loaded back into her Vespa. Lunair is parked nearby and comes up to - GNATMIKE and MANA. "Hi! Um. I heard some odd stuff is going on in there." She tilts her head. She hesitates to offer to blow it up.

For now.

Trying to stay within the DEO's new structure meant having to adjust to the reorganization. With the higher-ups casting a jaundiced look towards Roy's non-work activities, the agent needed to make sure they had little cause for concern.

At the moment, though, the schematics were being eyed. Roy glanced over at Mike, before nudging. "You have those machines peeking through the air ducts too, right? Can you get them broadcast over here so we can see what they're reacting to?"

Jesana sidles up towards Brin without making noise or drawing any attention to herself. Her self control is shot right now and DEO are people she's promised her favorite human she won't go tangling with for the time being. The native american demigod is dressed in a nearly sheer forest green pheasant blouse and a thin tan wrap around skirt with a long fringe. She isn't wearing shoes but does have on a silver chain belt to hold her daggers and her smoky quartz pendulum necklace. For once there's no evidence of a gun.
Keeping her face angled away from the agents, and her long hair positions to help cover it besides, Jes listens to Brin while peering inside the shop. Usually she'd have already offered what help she might give but things are currently a bit complicated for her. Losing her shit and ripping out someone's throat in full view of the general public and the DEO is really not on her current to do list. "I'm here Brin. I'll try to figure out a way I can help without making things.. more of a mess." One ear listens to the conversation about her as she thinks.

So Colin had decided to head back to England for a little bit, mainly he just wanted to get his plane from there. Ninjak recently decided he wanted to try being a hero, instead of just an awesome spy and stuff. But hey to be a hero one does need to be prepared, and that includes all the various tech and stuff one will need. So of course he made arrangements to move over to New York the city of the heroes and of course he got a hangar as well. So today he has decided to take the plane out for a spin, of course he has put it in stealth mode, and is flying around New York.

Of course having tapped into police radios and all that wonderful stuff he heard of what was happening at Mutant Town and decided to take a peak over there. Flying the plane over here, he sets it to a hover mode, not that far away from where the people have gathered. Once there he drops out, using the invisibility function of his suit. Cause hey can't have the authorities try to arrest him or something like that now can we. Once dropped down he starts heading that way, trying to find out what the heck is going on.

Technically there was already a team on the scene. They weren't the League, but the League didn't get involved in everything. Especially when they'd be stepping on others toes. In truth, Diana hadn't been here in Brooklyn for 'work' at all, nor diplomatic things. She'd been getting things organized for her 'time off'. With all that had been going on, the Amazon demigod had been planning for a vacation back home. Where better to escape the stresses of recent battles and trials then a place literally called Paradise Island by some?

It had been purely coincidence that she'd been walking by when she'd stumbled across the scene. Putting down her ill-fated meal she'd been taking back to the hotel, the heroine drifts closer to the police line while pulling her glasses from her face.

Mikes gnats do their job and the police equipment starts to display the situation occuring inside. In fact there's several views of the situation. The main security cameras display an overall view of the main area. There appears to be six captors, all wearing masks of some sort and carrying weapons of some type. Hostages - there's a few, but all of them have been herded to one side of the room, against a wall that backs onto an alley way.

The view from the ducts give the picture from the other end of the establishment. No one in the facilities - it seems that everyone, for the moment, is in the main area. How fortuitous.

Brin frowns at the weapons the captors are carrying "Laser rifles… " she mutters and points at the screen. "… wonder where they got them from. These aren't Purifiers, but that's they're weapon of choice."

"Princess Diana." the diminutive brunette recognises the Amazonian as she approaches "If you would care to lend a hand, we would be most grateful." Looking to Phillips, Brin considers "I believe that we can protect the hostages." and then to Roy and the two powered armoured figures "That leaves you to deal with the captors." Jes gets' a nudge from the brunette, acknowledging her presence. She can stick with the X-Reds and get the innocents out. "There's an entry into the restaurant through the back. If we take that one. The DEO can come through the front. We'll have to time it carefully, though."

"And we still don't know who's giving those visions. So be careful. Any questions?"

Brin doesn't recognise Colin but he's certainly close enough to hear all this discussion.

Lunairs approach has Brin offering a quick smile to the other X-Man. "Somethings happening. We could certainly use some help. Go with the DEO agents and take care of the captors?" She's really not sure how that will go down with the power armoured DEO agents. But there you have it.

Jes frowns at the display she can see and then turns to eye the surrounding buildings. Something seems off. If these aren't purifiers, and those assholes would have already started shooting most likely, then what the hell are they doing? This is hardly a good target to rob, so why bother, and why take hostages? Was it a kidnapping or assassination attempt gone wrong? Or are these just really dumb criminals?
Jes snorts to herself. Well, there's certainly no shortage of those in her life. The demigod turns back to the display and to see if her body language reading skills will help her pick out who is sending the visions. If it's someone doing on instinct, out of fear then they are in need of rescue, same for any children, which will obviously come first for her. At the same time she reaches out towards the nearest leyline to see how far it is and judge the ease of transporting herself and another person. More than a mile and a half and it's a no go. Honestly, more like a mile if she's lucky at the moment. Her power is returning very slowly this time. "This making any sense to you Brin?" She smiles at Lunair too and nods to Mike once she spots him and then absently at the others.
"Alright then. I'm ready. I'm going to focus on getting out whoever I can, not fighting this time." Jesana almost never avoids a fight. This time it's necessary and she sends a quick and silent prayer to Fenris that she can manage it.

"Setting up to scan the captors. Will let you know what I find out," Mike says, and one of the finches turns into a rather odd-looking lump on the ceiling in the shadows, various antennae and probes feeling out the area. Ultrasound scans, radiation, psionic fields, electrical fields. He doesn't hop in directly though. First needs to find out what they're carrying. One of the finches dissolves into very fine gnat-powder and the gnats slowly, very faintly, find their way to the laser guns, dissolving and migrating inside. He might be able to disable them. But he wants to find the "visionary" first.

Well Colin does get himself close to the place and decides to sneak in. Hey they have the front and the back covered, but they don't have the roof covered. Makes a good place for him to sneak in. Still keeping the invisibility up on the suit Colin picks any lock on the door there and starts to go on in. Of course he doesn't have the eyes in the building the way the others do. But hey he is trained for stuff like this. Of course Colin did hear the part about the laser riffles, so that he can handle. But hey no one close by so he starts talking to himself, "Okay Ninjak lets see how your first time as a hero goes. But hey if you screw up, you can always go back to being a spy. Maybe SHIELD is hiring or something."

Keeping a sharp eye out on the monitors for something that might prove to be an opening. The laser rifles get a curious glance, before Roy looks up at the DEO agent named Reggers. "What're the specs on those weapons…? Actually, Mike… do you have small enough nanos that could get into the works and jam up the works?"

"Hi! Okay!" Lunair nods. She will - power armor up, it seems. She has power armor, too! She is unaware of the Ninjak, but she'll do her best to be polite when she runs into them. Lunair smiles politely back to Jes - beneath her black visor. Oops. Well, she means well. Lunair will have her own plasma rifle. Take that, lasers. And Lunair will follow Roy along then. DEO agents will just have to DEO-L with it.

Well, anonymity has gone right out the window, so Diana blinks a little at the woman who recognized her before she disappears in a rush of wind that might nearly knock a couple of people close to her off balance…then she's back. This time the street clothing replaced with the costume she'd been wearing underneath. "I will help where I can," Wonder Woman speaks up, her hands fastening the lasso of truth back to her waist while she looks between the others assembled. "Their laser weapons will be no threat to me…but if what you are saying about mental atttacks is true, I have no great defence against that.

The DEO databases immediately show the specs on the laser weapons. They are /very/ similar to weapons that were owned by the SRD.

"It's old SRD tech, Agent Harper. Or similar. They could have purchased it after the SRD were disbanded." Phillipson casts a glance at Brin and then nods to Lunair and Wonder Woman. "Let's go, then." They start moving towards to the door, their sleek power armour helping them move quickly. They don't seem to be bothered by the laser weapons but why should they? This is the Mandroid. Stark armor. Wayne Corp support systems. Lex Corp weaponry. It's a piece of technical art.

Colin finds a door at the top and, with a bit of work, manages to pop it open. There's three flights of stairs to traverse before he gets near the action, but … is that movement he can hear coming into the stairwell on the floor below?

"A little, sense." Brin speaks to Jes and looks to Phillips who adds "They've been espousing anti-mutant sentiment since they took over. Seems they think the owner is a mutant." rubbing his face, he shakes his head "We … don't believe that is true."

Right now, there's no feeling as to who's giving those visions, they're quiet. "Come on then, Jes. Through the back door."

Leading her group to the back door, Brin opens it quietly "This is, Mana. We're inside…."

As the DEO agents open the front door, the captors turn as one and open fire.

And, if the infestation of their laser-guns works at all, it better work now, because Mike detonates the nanites that he sent into them, setting all their accumulated energy free as an electrical plasma surge. And, he abruptly runs for the back wall where the captives are collected … acceleration and moving may mean he only gets up to 50 at points along the way. But that wall has to come down NOW.

Jes closes her eyes for a moment, sending another prayer towards her chosen God as she follows Brin. The poor bastard that owns the place isn't even a mutant. Gods, she hates people like this. She'd love to go in guns blazing but it isn't an option. Maybe in the confusion she can snag one of them. They'd make a great snack for her bonded. Or an outlet for her rage and frustration.
Think about it later, Jes tells herself and focuses on the task at hand. It'll serve her right if she gets shot for not paying attention. She isn't worried about the DEO agents and isn't going to mourn their loss if that armor should fail but if a stray blast goes Brin's way, Jes plans to jump in front of her. Her odds of surviving are a lot higher. Same goes for the captives.

With Mike's confirmation, Roy joins the DEO group, readying the freeze arrows. The sooner he can shut down the captors before they think to get to the hostages, the better. With the knowledge as to -where- the captors are vis the hostages, the first tact was to take down the shooters. The Mandroids -would- likely have already been moving themselves in position to prevent fire, and secure the hostages, at least.

Lunair is power armored up, following along the DEO agents. She is curious about their tech, watching and perhaps taking notes. Hehehe, Mandroid. She can't really roll in a flash bang with the hostages RIGHT THERE. So Lunair is going to - pull out the nudity ray on the captors. "This is about to get SURREAL."

And there's about to be a lot of surprised, naked captors for the mandroids, Roy and ninjak to deal with.

Well okay he managed to break his way into the place and heads on down the flights of stairs. Once he gets down to the next level, that is when he sees the two that are on that floor. Sure he could just sneak by them, but well where's the fun in that, right? Reaching into one of his hidden pockets, he tosses two of his shuriken, designed with a low level taser, just to knock out a person. Once those guys are taken care of, Colin starts to head on down to the lower level.

As he does so he flips off his invisibility. Shoots are going to start flying around soon, and well he doesn't want to get hit because the good guys don't see him there or something right. Of course they could mistake the purple clad ninja for an enemy, but it's a risk he's willing to take.

All hell breaks loose as the Mandroids enter the front door and Mikes run takes him to the wall, bringing it down in a thundering crash of cement and render. As that happens, a glowing green and gold shield appears between the hostages and their captors. That should leave it clear for Jes and Mike to start pulling hostages clear. Brin, the source of the shield, is somewhat protected by the corner she's sheltered in.

The Mandroids, simply wade in, laser fire glancing off their armour - and they're moving fast too. This armour - it's impressive, to say the least. Two of the laser weapons fail, thanks to Mikes Gnats, but that still leaves four - now (ahem) naked - attackers to deal with. One of Roys arrows takes one of those four and freezes him solid … (not to mention what else the cold might do).

As Colin enters the lowest floor, one of the attackers turns and opens fire on him.

And into all of this, a vision of personal terror assaults all present. Mike and Jes can detect it's a pair of youngsters, they can't be more than twelve, huddled in a corner. They're terrified.

With the shock of the purple clad ninja appearing, the laser fire aimed in her direction and the terror (no guessing what she's reliving), Brins shield falters for a moment before solidifying again.

FRZZZT. Parity error in emotional response circuit. Reset.

Mike refocuses after .23 seconds, and assesses. The two children. A robot closing on them might not be the best thing. A robot moving between them and the bad guys and making a shield, might be better, maybe. One can hope that'll help.

"You'll be OK, kids. We'll get you to safety." Trust the shiny guy?

Lunair titters. "Sorry." She's the most mature fighter EVER. She's trying to take notes on that armor and its design. Because she totally ganks ideas for weapons and armor. It's what she do. Even if the name Mandroid makes her giggle. Pornbots indeed. Ahem. She gets a brief moment of horror, and her eyes widen. She hisses and decides to switch to a cold ray, then (Snart, eat your heart out). And she'll try to freeze one of the naked attackers. "Sometimes, it really is just that small." Helpful. "I think. I should've brought my magnifying glass."

Jesana hasn't seen Spider-Man, (not that seeing him would actually stop her anyway but she hasn't forgotten that episode) so she aims a kick at nearest naked foe's vulnerbilities as she darts and twists amongst the firefight to duck and scoop up a terrified woman. The native american leaps over the rubble and through the falling dust, then runs around the corner of the building to deposit the lady safely out of the line of fire.
She's growling as she returns, not happy at having Brin out of her sight and jerks a length of rebar free of the cement mess, ignoring any cuts and bruises to her hands. She can't shoot them, fine. No one told her not to hit them and now they're without that fancy armor… uhoh. Jes is a lot stronger than she looks and it quickly dawns on her that she's going to kill the morons if she keeps her improvised weapon. From the rather bloodthirsty grin she's giving the closest guy, she's totally okay with this but a muffled cry for help near the corner catches Jesana's attention.
It still takes her a good few moments to drop the rebar and and her slowness leaves her open to a glancing shote along her left shoulder, she also ignores this to help the older fellow hiding behind and overturned table to safety. Later, it's going to hurt like freaking hell. Right now, she has things to do, the most important being grabbing for those poor kids on her way out. She can only carry one while supporting the guy and with her shoulder burned, hopefully the second is fast on the uptake and comes along when she reaches for her hand. "I hate getting shot. You ba-" Shit, the kids.. "…bad guys better hope they stick you where I can't find you later." She does not need another child repeating her. Every damned time John sees the elf he points and exlaims "astard!" Frederick is not nearly as amused by this as she is.

Okay one of the goons opens fire as soon as he makes his way down to the place and instinct takes over and he lets loose with another one of his nice little shuriken thingies, taking out that one guy. And it's at that moment the vision hits him. Okay this wasn't in the training that he was given by the Undead Monk. Sure physical fighting, and well the control over his body. That was totally covered, how to overcome being attacked by a vision, well that's something completely different. And now the purple ninja thinks that he is a kid again, with the abusive butler taking care of him. Hey he was always afraid of that dang guy. And for now that is enough to distract him as he starts to shy away from his vision.

"I'm not even going to ask -why- you think making them naked is easier… you might as well slather them in honey and shoot army ants," Roy remarks as an aside to Lunair as he switches arrows to a net arrow. Granted, gathering them up in close quarters might be awkward, but at least they -could- have children.

Not necessarily together, of course.

The DEO Mandroid operators are not fully immune to the visions and they falter in their steps for a moment, which gives Roy the chance to fire his net arrow, bringing the remaining three attackers together. Raising their hands, the Mandroids set off their 'punch blasters' - electrostatic dischargers that, in this case, act as tasers. The captors are down for the count. Even if another one is frozen to boot.

With Mike taking over the shielding, Brin fights for control - thankfully the work she's been doing on those nightmares has been working - and lets go of her construct, to turn to the children and send a wave of calming emotion out towards them. Which is immediately accompanied by a headache.

The visions start to abate and the kids scramble, out through the hole in the wall and away …

Taking a deep breath and rubbing the back of her neck, the diminutive X-Red finally looks around "Captain Phillips, we've secured the building. We'll this with you and the DEO to clean up." she speaks into her communicator before looking at the others "Is everyone, ok?"

The DEO agents snort in her direction, that's the only response she'll get from them, as they start to move those they've detained.

It always itches and twinges when he has to re-spool his body back into a human format when he's done the "MetalMen" distortion trick, and he's scratching through the fabric of his uniform as it reforms around him.

The ex-captives will need to be checked for injuries and so forth - a signal to Rescue Inc's hostage-rescue ambulance should bring help quickly enough, and Mike and Brinley can compare notes on the two kids with the projector powers.

"Well, that was probably humiliating for some of them," he says to Roy on the way to meet the ambulance.

When Jes returns, she's ripped the sleeves from her shirt to tie into a makeshift bandage around her shoulder and arm. The Native American glowers at the captors and her nostril's flare as she reads and memorizes their scents. Never know when she might find them again. If the visions had an effect on her, it wasn't seen while she was outside.
"I'm…here." Jes answers Brin. Brown eyes flic towards the naked captors turned captives. "Though I should probably not be. If I shift all off a sudden.. Well, don't wanna end up like them. How's your head?" Jes looks at Brin with concern before glancing around to check on Lunair and the other's she'd been aware of.

Lunair giggles. "I guess they are glad I have no reason to turn them naked," She notes merrily. Nevertheless, she'll make sure noneof the captors can bother the kids or the others as they are rounded up and out. "I am okay, thank you!" Beam, wavewave. "Wait, is that a purple ninja? Cool. What is it with ninja and purple?" Lunair contemplates this.

"Don't look at me," Roy retorts, as he grimaces back at Brin at the words 'clean up'. "Lunair keeps thinking 'blackball' actually should be blue."

Yay the evil vision has stopped it seems. "That was not fun." The purple ninja says in his british accent. He looks around at this, "So is this common for New York, cause I may have to go back to England if that's the case." Okay maybe he should go back to being a spy, cause hero thing totally is not fun you know. "Purple is great for ninjas. Black is just so overdone for the color. Soon all the ninjas will be wearing purple." Yup totally going to happen, just like soon all the Ninjas are going to british!

Brin shrugs at Roy, with a small smirk "Take that up with your bosses. Uh, the clean up bit, not the other."

The NYPD move in and work with the DEO to clean up the cafe as Brin looks at Jes and nods slowly "It will be fine… " the new power is slowly stopping to try and kill her "and you should be going, totally."

Colins question gets a snort from the X-Red "It's New York, so uh … yes?" she's not going to comment on colour.

In the meantime, she's reports she's got to write.

Lunair beams at Colin. "Hi Mr. Ninja!" She waves, and will skip off in her power armor. Weirdo.

Looking relieved, if anyone manages to catch a glimpse of her face that is, Jes waves in Lunair's direction and then moves to give Brin a quick hug. The battle, or rather staying out of it has left her more out of sorts and she can feel the coyote half of her soul rising. Time to go find something more calming. Or more dangerous.. Depends on who or what she finds first. The demigod turns on her heel and disappears.

Note that the projective kids, along with the other former captives, will be politely and unobtrusively scanned with the energy-field scanner suite that Mike's been developing, the one that tells him what various metahuman and mutant powers go with which energy signatures. Especially the two kids with the phobia-broadcasts. There may be immediate visits from Xavier's recruiters, or perhaps a bit later in the week.

Mike's doing paperwork in his head, because robots cheat.

"Well I can see this was enlightlenng." Okay maybe he should stick with the spy stuff, just have to deal with…okay this was easier than some of things he deals with there. Plus he has no paperwork to do. "Now if you'll exscuse me, I must be off. I really need to find some passable tea in New York." Dang Americans thinking they know what tea is…

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