Scotch and the Gods of Old

May 25, 2016:

Ozymandias seeks out Constantine's help in dealing with the forces of Apep and Ma'at.

The Oblivion Bar

Elsinore Brew? Blood infused Pißwasser? Fairy Dustschläger or maybe just a
good cup of coffee. The extremely comfortable and Occult elite Oblivion Bar
s here to cater to its unique clientele from all over the world and many
beyond. This classy bar and lounge has a stage, three pool tables, eleven
group tables, booths and a well stocked bar. There is also several backrooms
for private meetings, very lavish ladies and mens rooms and an office. A
phone that has its own area code that can call across dimensions or planes
thanks to a Gemworld stone and free internet access that is always
operational! Always.

The Oblivion Bar is club membership only and acts as a complete neutral
zone, an Elysium for those of the supernatural or mystic origin.

One of the best parts is beyond its relative safety it is accessible from
almost any point in the world (and some beyond) by those who know how to
find such things (magical sight) as it is located in its own pocket

The only rules? No Muggles and no violence. If you do not have access to the
mystical, supernatural or occult sphere, you are not allowed within this
super secret clubhouse


NPCs: None.


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Fade In…

Ozymandias has already walked through the bar several times as he catches up with some old acquaintances After checking to see if his message to Constantine was delivered, he goes quietly to wait for him at one of the tables in the back. Upon reaching the table, he realizes he forgot to get drinks and lets out a frustrating sigh, "I have no idea where my head is these days?"
Ozymandias walks over to the bartender. orders a bottle of scotch and walks back to the table to wait for Constantine.

Like most wizards, Constantine shows up when he feels like it. The Oblivion bar door opens and the sallow-faced wizard walks in, smoking a cigarette and trailing smoke behind him.

He heads straight for Morien at the bar and leans on the wood with both elbows, smirking knowingly at the bartender— who gives John a wary look, but nods civilly and fetches Morien's drink.
"Is that for me?" John quips, watching the bottle arrive. "Good taste. You must want something from me," the lanky Brit grins.
"Welcome, thank you for coming, and also thank you for assisting me in not destroying part of New York." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask as Constantine mentions that he must want something from him. Ozymandias passes the bottle to Constantine, "I am glad you approve, and you are correct that I need your help again. As I stated before that I am having a small problem with Apep and Ma'at. Lucky for me, immortal beings have a habit of moving incredibly slow, when you compare it to our time.
Ozymanias leans back in his chair and clasps his hands calmly together. Behind his mask, his arches his left eyebrow slight as he asks his next question, "You know how you were able to push the forces of Apep out of this dimension. Are you able to trapped someone in a dimension, and could you possibly be able to trapped an entire being and his dimension into another dimension?

John frowns at Ozymandius and snatches the bottle up, moving to a more private booth. He uncorks the Scotch and takes a long swig from the bottle, and makes no effort to share it with the fellow recruiting him.
"It's tricky work," John tells Ozymandius, weaving delicate webs of deception with a straight face. "And not easy. There are ways to create little dimensional shell games, but trapping someone in one— that takes considerably more work. Are you thinking of banishing the blighter entirely to some domain? Leave him to languish in darkenss for eternity?"

Ozymandias follows Constantine to the booth and quickly settles in the booth, "It is the best way to deal with someone who is hard to kill. Most people always obsessing at trying to put at completely destroying enemy. I haven't followed someone like that in a long time." Ozymandias' left twitches slightly as he briefly recalls working as a leader in Shaka's army. His right hand raises to gently rubs his left hand to quickly bring himself back to the topic at hand. "I have learned that it is better sometimes to just to contained someone until they wither away, or time allows you a more efficient way to dispatch of them.
Ozymandias says, "I was think that since Apep wants my body and soul to be his permanent door into this world. I give it to him. When Apep goes to possess me, he falls into a pocket dimension, and is trapped there. Basically, I will be his permanent locked jail cell for all time. Obviously, I realize that is going to be a bit difficult, and I need to convince Ma'at that I can pull it off."

"Noble self-sacrifice is for tossers," John assures Ozymandius. "No idea how good of a long-term solution it'll be," he tells Morien wryly. "Immortals looking for a vessel tend to be much more powerful once they've got a meatsuit. What's to prevent Apep from blasting loose once he's got a physical vessel? Or someone letting him out of whatever hole you toss him into?" he asks, a bit poiintedly.

Ozymandias ponders Constantine's concerns for a few moments and peers at the bottle that Constantine didn't bother to ask to share, before speaking again, "I thought that is where you come in?" Ozymandias tilts his head towards his right shoulder, "I don't plan on dying. I have lived a long time. I have become addicted to living a long life, and I hate to quit the habit now.
Ozymandias continues to elaborate on his plan "He is never going to enter my body and soul. It is a shell game. He thinks he is going to enter it, but he will be falling into a pocket dimension. You close the door to our realm by using the mystical energy inside of my body. The only other creature that will have access to the dimension will be Ma'at. Once Ma'at enters the pocket dimension, I need someone to then give Ma'at control over the way back to this realm. If everything goes according to plan, Ma'at and Apep will be fighting each other until the end of time.
Ozymandias grinds his teeth, "Basically, I need someone to cast multiple spells with the skill and the creativty of a Renaissance artist.

"I'm your bloke for that," John agrees, drinking down more scotch. "But you're playing a high-stakes game. One wrong move, and this Atep bloke will own you body and soul. There's no way to fake the smell of chum on the water, you know," he tells Ozymandius. "We'll need to bait the trap with your very immortal soul. That's the only thing that'll bring a bloke like this to risk it all and jump through the hoops we've got set out. And what's going to keep Ma'at from giving Atep the keys to the city, so to speak, once they're both in there?"

"Ma'at is the Goddess of Order. She hates Apep, so much that she has marked me for death to prevent him from gaining power in this realm." Ozymandias raises his hands and holds his point finger and thumb close together in the air, "Which brings me to a smaller problem. I need to convince Ma'At that this plan is way better than killing me. You know the whole being addicting to living thing. A friend told me that I need to just to be honest with her, but I was wondering if you knew of a way to offer her proof that this could work."

"It's one thing for Ma'at to block Apep by killing you. Another to lock her in a box with him," John points out with a lifted brow.
"If you're honest with her and she says 'no', where does that leave you?" he points out to Morien. "You're boned, -and- you can't lie anymore. The best I can suggest is that someone drops some hints around her that Ma'at's got a trick up his sleeve, of some kind— that he's prepared to use your vessel as his hat trick off his little demesne. That might summon her to face him head on, and if they're on the same level, they'll bite each other by the tail and stay stuck that way."

Ozymandias closes one of his eyes as he contemplates Constantine words, "I am bones to beginning to be with because I really can lie to her directly, but she does have people that serve her. Hhmm. Ozymandias raises his left fingers to tap his fingers on the table, "Well, that is my intent for them to be stuck together. I just want to make sure Ma'at has the upper hand in their battle just as the ultimate safeguard. Ozymandias scratches his head, "So you are suggesting that I use some sort of duplicity to gain her trust, when she already knows he wants to use me to enter this world. Hhmm, Perhaps, I can prove to her that there is scenario in which my death would not prevent his return to this Earth, even if it is something like giving her a deadman's switch option.

John shrugs at Ozymandius and takes the last sip of the scotch. "I can come up with something. Won't be easy— or cheap," John cautions Ozy. "But I think we can come up with something clever." He belches and gets to his feet, flicking a business card onto the table. "Fortunately, I'm between jobs at the moment. Let me know when you're ready to get serious about this and we'll talk turkey." The Brit snaps a match to life and stokes a cigarette, then flicks the stub into the corner. "I'll hear from you soon then, eh?" he asks Ozy, wryly, before moving to the door.

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