May 24, 2016:

Doug finally catches with Brin and gives her a helping hand tracing Doctor Yeres

X-Red HQ - New York


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Dougs had a few messages from Brin lately, asking for his assistance in a few things. The X-Red team are busy, no doubt about it. Brins managed to fill their 'work' quotas very nicely - which is a good thing given the team went independant and have to pay the rent on the new facility.

She's working late in the office before heading back to Nicks, she'd moved out of the HQ accomodation a few weeks ago. She's peering at the computer screen and rubbing her forehead. She's the look of someone who's been doing that for a while.

Showing Laura the 'ropes' in the course of 'doing something other than stabby-stabby' was bound to be interesting, particularly when she took her 'life lessons' entirely too much to heart and did unexpected things. Like trying to turn an enemy into an ally because of the lessons of 'Return of the Jedi'.

Still, with the fallout managed, somewhat, it was time to check in, at least a bit. So when Doug slides in and slumps into a chair tiredly, he offers a wan grin. "Hi. Been busy lately. What's going on?"

The tired looking brunette looks up as Doug slides in, snorting softly as she takes in her appearance "You look as worn out as I feel." Glancing back to her computer, she sighs and pushes the keyboard back before turning her chair to face her team mate. "Lots actually, and I really could use a hand with something, but first … how are you? and you know I'll be able to tell if you're hedging…"

Brins known for the attention and care she shows to her teammates. They often like to tease her about it.

"… Hey, I'm the one who can read body language. And hide it," Doug rejoins in return, though the obvious bravado certainly fails because of the inflection in his voice. "A bit of research into Laura's … circumstances. Still working it out. Will poke at it some more later."

Glancing at the screen, Doug reaches for the keyboard. "What're you trying to do?"

"Try hiding your emotions…" Brin resists the urge to blow a raspberry in Dougs direction. "How's Laura settling in? I've not had much chance to catch up with the other team, we've been so busy following the Purifiers and … working on my stalker." Does Doug know about Brins stalker? It's not something that she's shared widely, for various reasons. She'll speak about though, if someone asks.

"I'm not sure how much you remember about The Paragons and the day they bought Nick, myself and the others in. But there was a Doctor Yeres called in to help Doctor McTaggart take care of us. I've been trying to find out where she went when she left…"

On the screen are a bunch of social media feeds, media reports even some medical journals. It's a bit of a hotchpotch of the Doctor Yeres' journey. Doug will see she was fairly active up till six years ago and then her activity dramatically reduced after that.

"I've tracked her to a clinic in Canada, but finding what she was doing in the meantime …" Brin shakes her head. Clearly though, there's a reason she wants to know.

"Emotions… are a lot harder, yeah," Doug grins tiredly. "Better than I expected. At least she suddenly developed a sense of morality in an unexpected direction and time." Pause. "Stalker?" Huh. "Is it related to… no, I guess not related to the Paragons. Canada. I was just nosing around there in the records too… well not just Canada, but…" Doug responds, as he pulls up a keyboard. "Guess it's back into Canada's undernet, eh?"

"They are a lot harder. To hide and sometimes to read." Brin smiles back. "And that's good about Laura. If you need any help, let me know?" A shadow crosses her face as Doug picks up the connection "Yeah, my stalker is related to The Paragons. Alberte…" the way her voice falters on that name is telling. He was someone very, very dear to the eighteen year old Brin.

"We… we… were told that he had died in the field, the day of The Incident. I remember holding him in my arms, feeling his life slip away." That in itself has been the source of many of Brins nightmares and sleepless night "But, he's shown up recently, following me. I didn't know who it was at first, but Wanda scryed him and then … he approached Nick and I when we were out walking. He's wearing a Purifier uniform." The way she finishes that sentence, there's clearly more to be said.

"You were nosing around in the records? So was I, it was how I found that the report for Alberte had been changed… we believe by Doctor Yeres."

Dougs searches for Yeres corrobate Brins current understanding. Yeres is working at a clinic called Volantz and has been there for about eighteen months. He might be able to access her resume or job application to get more details.

Nodding in response to needing assistance absentmindedly in that way one does when one is not really listening because of focus, Doug doesn't dig into the 'stalker' situation terribly deeply. It sounded -really- complicated, and for the nonce, it was simpler to just let her talk as she will, and listen, nodding at just the right moments to indicate he was paying attention.

"So do you want me to dig into him too?" Doug says, at length, turning around to show her the clinic as well as her records at the clinic. "I mean, maybe you'll know how he ended up with them…"

"There was a death certificate, Doug." Brin says quietly "He won't appear on any database. Not as Alberte. If you find anything though, it will be helpful." The small brunette looks through the records for Yeres' and her lips thin. "Thank goodness they do online job applications. Can you download this for me? Looks like she was working at Kindred Soul Clinic in Syracuse for a lot of the time before she took this job. That might be somewhere to check. Is there anything on the specialities for Kindred Soul or Volantz?"

Both facilities appear to be private clinics that specialise in assisting people overcome phobias or addictions and digging deeper, there's a lot of mention of 'reprogramming'.

"If there was a death certificate," Doug points out, "then he has to have taken over someone's identity, or adopted a new one, in which case sudden activity on an formerly inactive account would be notice. I should know, I died once…" the blond says dryly, before doing as instructed and downloading. "Although this 'reprogramming thing… you sure the person who wrote the death certificate was on the up and up?"

"Or, he has to have been taken off the grid." Brin adds to Dougs information "When Nick and I saw him, he had a collar on and something attached to his forehead. Similar to the one that I saw on Jean when she was 'taken over'." Those dark eyes light on him, eyebrows rising as he mentions dying once - she's heard that before, but is none the wiser.

"Given that it was Doctor Yeres who modified Albertes' record when he was bought in? The original report says he was in critical condition and the prognosis wasn't good, but the 'official' report says DOA. And that's how Doctor McTaggart remembers it too." Shaking her head, Brin looks grim "No, we're not sure she's on the up and up. Nick and I will go visit her, soon, but … if she can manipulate minds … we need to be careful."

"Can't you bring something like a mind neutralizer?" Doug responds, as he browses through the official report. "Although it sounds like you may want something like an EMP to wipe out electronics if that's what they're using on him."

Further searching through the medical records might turn up something, especially if cross-referenced with a mortician record for where the body was taken.

The records, according to the Institutes database, say that Alberte's body was returned to his family in Oak Grove. Further digging reveals no funeral notices, nothing but Doug may remember that Alberte wasn't welcome by his family, so … no funeral notice isn't all that surprising.

"When we know what we're dealing with, we might, Doug." Brin sighs. As important as Alberte was to her, there's other things that are pulling her attention every which way. "Nicks going to reach out through professional contacts first, see what we can find out about Yeres. It might be that she's not involved at all." Not that it looks that way.

"What we've got here is more than I had an hour or so ago. It's been helpful, thanks Doug. Now, can I organise you something to eat, given you're here?"

Stretching, Doug nods. "Got any cake? I could use some sugar now…"

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