Sharknado, sortof

May 17, 2016:

Sent to recon the Trench, Ulani and Rowan find themselves in some trouble.

Pacific Ocean


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Fade In…

The Wavebreaker was relieved days ago. Ulani and Rowan have been on detached duty since then coordinating their allies with Blue fleet movements and dealing with the increasingly shrill demands from Surfacers on Hawaii. It's hard to blame them. The arrival of Attuma's Horde and the marshaling of the Lemurians full strength has allowed the the Blue to launch a broad offensive from three directions. Several titanic battles have occured in the interim and their echoes have alerted pretty much everyone that something big is happening down there.

Yesterday Rowan and Ulani were put recon duty. Deeper than they've ever gone before. Right to the edge of the Trench.

"It might sound funny…" Ulani murmurs as the pair swim through the murk, approaching the Trench and watching for hostiles. "… right now though, I might prefer this duty to dealing with the Surfacers. At least these guys, I can punch."

It had been an interesting couple of days dealing the Military on the Surface. Their demands to send ships into the area to 'help' were growing stronger and the Blues reasoning was starting to be ignored. All in all, it was a bit of a powder keg.

"Can't sense anything yet. Definitely can't see anything …"

"They are getting a little insistent aren't they…" Rowan murmurs. He's swimming in one of his smaller forms. He still needs a tail to keep up, so he's not entirely 'human' looking, or rather 'Blue' looking. He's also being rather quiet, even for him. The lines are much closer than they were, but they're still deep in enemy territory.

"Up ahead… there's the edge of the rift." And an energy barrier shimmering. Blue intelligence had postulated something like this might exist. There were readings that suggested both the barrier and its strength, but no one had been able to get close enough to verify it until now.

"I can't fault them, we would be the same, but their technology is like childrens toys compared to ours. And the risk … to the Blue and the other nations…" Ulani shakes her head and looks over to her companion. She's become rather used to him keeping up with her, she doesn't even remember that he's not an Elite.

Slowing their pace, treading water for the moment, the Blue Envoy takes her time to survey the area, looking at the energy barrier with a frown. "We either have them so tied up on the fronts, they've grown complaiscant or … this is a trap." She's concerned by the lack of defences they've encountered. "Shall we, then …"

"There are only two of us. I am capable of being subtle at times." Rowan says vaguely in protest as he produces a scanning device and starts to swim closer. One of the things command had wanted was some on site readings to compare to the long distance ones they've taken over the months. Provided nothing nasty shows up that shouldn't be too hard. "Is water flowing through it or is it completely impenetrable? What do you sense Ulani?"

"Rowan, we're dealing a psychic being and we're near their front line." Ulani sighs as they swim closer "And it wouldn't surprise me if they'd made both you and I out … it wasn't meant as a slight to you."

As they near the glowing barrier, the Blue Female sends a tendril of her power out, shaping water to 'prod' gently at the energy they're seeing. "It's not flowing through it but the barrier is not impenetrable. It requires some force though to get water through."

Glancing over to the Blue Warrior as she speaks "What of your readings? This is a rather remarkable feat of magic and engineering, I think … "

"Significantly lower than the baseline we were given… yours?" Part of the reason there's two of them here is to verify what the one reads. "Significantly lower indeed. I'm just guessing but that could be a side effect of our allies attack on the psychic network. The barrier might… be weak enough that a direct assault by a large enough fleet could breach it."

The barrier ripples when prodded. It's definitely not like a normal energy field. There's a sense of will and purpose to it.

"Significantly lower… " Ulani confirms as she continues to gently test the barrier, varying the pressure as she does. "Those baselines were taken, what? Three, maybe four, weeks ago? It might be related to the attacks on the psychic network."

Rowan can see the ripples vary in intesity as she tests it. "It certainly seems to respond more strongly, the more pressure I put on it. If I back it off, it's actually easier to get through… just."

"It might be able to sense you." Rowan surmises. "Sense the will behind the water." The barrier is psychic after all. That'd explain how the Lord of the Deep could feel at all safe using a water permeable barrier against people who can become water. "Alright, I think we have what we came for. We should-" Rowan cuts off as he senses movement in the water. He looks off to his left.

"At a distance. Coming this way. We should move…" He says quietly.

"That's what I was thinking…" Ulani murmurs, collecting the last of her readings as Rowan speaks, looking to her left - the same direction as him - at the same time.

"We should, yes. It will take me a few moments to open a Hyrdaport …" The Blue Female is already moving for the outcropping of rocks not too far from them. They can use those for cover and maybe slip away.

That Rowan isn't pushing them very quickly is indicitive of the fact that what ever is moving in at them isn't in a hurry. They might have detected something and are looking to investigate. Which says that hte Lord of the Deep himself is probably busy overseeing several battles. That had after all been rather the point of the plan so thus far it seems to be working.

The dragon blue shelters in the rocks as soon as they make cover. Sure enough after a minute or two a small patrol of mutated sharks cruises into view, definitely looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Sheltering with him, Ulani glances up at him, not saying a word. She can open a Hydraport at any time, but she wants to see what the Sharks do. It's all intel. If they'd truly detected them, she'd have thought they'd be here quicker, which speaks to a 'sense of something not quite right' rather than knowing.

Gesturing to the Dragon Blue, indicating she open the portal anytime they're ready, the Blue Females attention remains on the sharks.

Definitely tracking, looking for something, sectoring the area as they move.

Rowan watches for a few more minutes. They head right up to the exact spot where Rowan and Ulani had been and then start to fan out. This is too close for the dragon Blue. They'll have to hydroport out and they'll likely be sensed when they do. Still, he nods. It's their best option that doesn't involve a sixty or seventy mile swim. "Now."

The Hydraport opens right next to the pair. A testimony to Ulani's skill. Of course, she's had a lot of practice lately at being precise and it's obviously paying off.

Grabbing Rowans hand, Ulani drags him with her … towards that portal and through. Maybe they'll be quick enough.

The moment the portal opens the sharks all turn on a dime and dart for the Blue pair but they're too far away to stop them. The question is, are they close enough to follow them. On the other side Rowan turns at bay, extending his spear as a car sized shark bears down on him. "Closeitcloseitcloseit!"

Rowan will have noted the portal starting to close around them, just as they exited. Something else Ulani's been working on … her control of them. But still, they need to be through before it close and hydraports close a little slowly.

As Rowan turns, so does the Blue Envoy, sending a push of water back into the mouth of the portal … whatever is coming through is going to have to deal with that and Rowans spear.

Half the shark comes out the end of the portal and Rowan sticks it right under the gills and shoves. The thing bleeds and thrashes something fierce as he does and it's slowly gaining ground. Rowan might be forced into a full shift… but he's still hopeful he won't have to do that.

With the Hydraport closing on the shark-mutate, it's likely going to get messy. The portal is nearly closed and is starting to squeeze the mutates torso, slicing into it like a blade.

There's a battle cry and beams of energy from Ulani's bracelets hit the creature in the face, scorching flesh (well it would if it wasn't underwater) and driving deep into where the brain should be.

The Blue Envoy rushes in, standing by Rowans shoulder, a blade made of water in her hand. A blade that rises and falls, chopping at the creature … trying to stop it.

Rowan snarls and shoves harder. Now he's just trying to keep the thing where it is. It thrashes and snaps even more as it's blased and squeezed. Dark ichor begins to fill the water. The other sharks on the other side are probably frenzying. For twenty horrific seconds it struggles for all it's worth and then the portal severs it's spine and its eyes go dead. It floats in the water, lifeless.

"Close call…" The dragon blue murmurs.

Ulani's blade drops one more time and she turns her nose up at the ichor in the water. Prodding at the half that's on their side of the portal, she shakes her head as the water blade dissolves.

"Are you hurt?" she turns her eyes to the Dragon Blue. It's rare that she's seen him truly hurt but that was, as he said, a close call. "Let us keep moving, back to our ship. We've our findings to report.

"Nothing I can't deal with." Rowan shakes his head. "And yes we should get moving. I suspect Command is going to react… strongly to this news."

The end, or at least an end, may be nigh.

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