Stunned By The Drone

May 16, 2016:

Jericho calls in backup to investigate a building in New Troy.

New Troy - Metropolis


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Like much of Metropolis, New Troy is a gleaming vista-city of tomorrow. The buildings are sleek, the streets are clean, the lights are bright even as night descends. Crime is, in general, much lower here than in New York or Gotham partly thanks to a very efficient police department and partly thanks to the city's many and powerful protectors of the costume wearing variety. Jericho even knows one of them - the Angel of Metropolis - but hasn't called on her for this particular little party.

Unfortunately just because crime is low doesn't mean that it never happens, or isn't fairly bad when it does. What Jericho is investigating tonight isn't precisely a 'crime' - not by conventional definitions anyway - but it really should be. The building he's cased out is an office complex, ten stories high with a bright mirrored glass facade. It sits right in a now quiet little pocket of similarly developed buildings all of which ordinarily cater to Metropolis' thriving white collar economy.

Or do they?

In any case the hacker got here early to make the rounds and check the place out - something he's become practiced at doing without being seen. The lights are mostly out and the building seems unguarded. There's no abnormal network signals coming from the place. The locks use an RF tagged electronic passcode but he brought a solution for that. Indeed he wouldn't have any reason to think this place out of the ordinary were it not for the address coming up in a very suspicious data base.

For now, the only thing left for him to do is lean on the wall of the alley across the street dressed in casual jeans, shirt and boots and wait for his backup.

Lunair will get there by purple vespa. Don't worry, she has a helmet and stuff. There's even flower stickers on it, of roses and some herbs. She's surprisingly - girly and normal when not outright murdering people. Funny how that all works. She is thoughtful enough to look around, park a block away and come up carefully. "Hiiiii, not sneaking up. Not startling you," Lunair offers quietly.

At first, May was peeved about having to travel to Metropolis, considering it's so urban that ley lines won't exist and traffic will be a bear. But then… the city's power grid is showing up as ley lines. Just weird ones. Okay then.

Appearing in the alleyway behind Jericho, May looks nearly as bad as she did the very first time she tried to travel by ley lines. Power grid. Ugh. She puts one hand on the wall and waits for everything to settle again. And she is SO glad she didn't try to drag anyone along with her. That could have been really unfortunate.

Jemma arrives a little more traditionally, in her car, which she parks a few blocks away and walks to Jericho's location, carrying the bag that contains her field kit. She's not unhappy to be in Metropolis, there's someone she needs to catch up with here and if all goes somewhat well, she might be able to do that after this.

"Agent May, Lunair, Jericho." she looks at May and pulls a bottle of those electrolytes out, handing it to the other Agent. Seems, she's taken to carrying a few bottles around.

Jericho just kind of blinks as May appears with a muted flash. It's kind of like that special effect Star Trek used to teleport 'Q' in and out of annoying people. He's not really 'watched' her teleport before. Teleported with her yes but that's not quite the same thing as seeing her show up. Normally she has a bit of a walk before she gets here.

As Lunair and Jemma apparently did. "Hey Lunair." The hacker greets the young mutant mercenary quietly. "Jemma."

"So I've cased the building. No unusual signals no apparent guards civillian or otherwise. I have the lock key. If there's really no one here I figure we might be able to just walk in for once, take a look around a- hang on a sec. RF signal. Faint but moving fast. What is…"

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Lunair knows that noise. It's the noise of the kind of drone that one buys at the Apple store or Radio Shack. The hobby kind people put cameras on and fly around taking pictures of picturesque beaches. Metropolis is pretty but this part of town is pretty dead. There's no real reason for someone to be tooling around out here with a drone unless…

There it is. Circling around the building at a speedy clip. It hovers right in the center of the street about fifty feet up and starts panning it's camera around. The hacker slowly starts reaching for his gun. "That's entirely too coincidental. Think it's seen us?"

Lunair hates drones. She really does. But she waves to Jeri. Lunair remembers to smile a moment later, for the others. She seems to have trouble managing proper emotion sometimes. Though, she tenses, eyes narrowng at the sound of drones. She hisses between her teeth.

"I don't know, but I am going to shoot it if you do not." Lunair seems oddly unbothered by teleporting. Deadpool had that funky bodyslide thing going on, and Cable was pretty nice for Crabby Time Grandpa and all. She is thoroughly watching that drone, prepared to send it to drone heaven where it can creep on people who are terrible in life.

Melinda May accepts the bottle from Jemma and takes a few sips, nodding a greeting to Lunair as she arrives. The drone catches her attention, and she irrationally wishes Fitz were here to hack into the little thing's controls. Wait. "Can you piggy back on its signal, Trent? Find otu where its controller is located?"

Turning at the sound, shading her eyes and looking up at the drone, Jemma frowns and starts to nod slowly "I think we assume the answer is 'yes', it's seen us. Better safe than sorry don't you think." She's probably got something in her toolkit - Fitz had shared a number of scripts before he left on special assignment - but Jericho's right here … Although…

"I've got a modified 'seeker' in my bag, if you can't." she's already scrabbling around in the bag looking for it "it can track the drone and collect data at least - before one of you shoots it down." She'll release the little silver object in just a moment, if Jericho can't get the signal.

"I've got it… it's on a roof two blocks down." He hadn't checked that far out. Didn't see the need.

"They're using a military grade transmitter though." Which is an odd pairing: cheap commonly available hobby drone and a military grade encrypted transmitter. The only reason Jericho can think of to be doing that is if you needed the transmitter capacity to control more than o-

BZZZZZZZZZZZZ. A flight of drones are inbound. Six of them. And those look like small compressed air cannisters underslung beneath the rotor pods. Who wants to bet they're pre-loaded with sedative darts?

Or worse.

"Lunair, I think you can shoot it now. Jemma, do something about those if you can. I'll take out the transmitter crew." Someone's got to be driving those things. His wings spring into being and he's off, pistol in hand just as the drones swoop in low. They're fanning out as if not completely sure what they're looking for quite yet.

Lunair frowns. She seems uncertain. "Oh you can just fuck right off with your darts. It's not even Thursdays! The darts are Thursdays!" Lunair huffs. She is going to pull a silenced assault rifle and aim at the thing. She is trying not to - wait, oh shit, six of them. "all. of. my. HATE." She's going to have to power armor up and start trying to pick one or two off. Lunair is so, so grumpy. She does nod at May, but she's distracted, enraged and phobic.

Melinda May looks up at the little drones and is displeased. THey're too far in the air for her to hit with her meteor hammer, and she's not about to start firing her sidearm in the middle of Metropolis. That's a perfect way to get all kinds of do-gooders all up in her grill. Thankfully Lunair's got the right idea. Not that there's anything she can do to help at the momenet.

Jemma's eyes widen as the extra six drones appear "Told you they'd spotted us." she mutters as she digs through her bag. That 'seeker' is no use … "Drones… comms… EMP, no not here that will affect others …" she's talking to herself as she looks at what she's bought.

"Ah… try these." she hands two spheres, no bigger than the size of a tennis ball, to May with a little smile. "App on your phone, link it to these and you'll be able to control them. Get them high enough and hit the 'execute' button. They should block the transmission signal while Jericho finds who's controlling them."

She's got two of her own and she sends them swirling up into the air, aimed at the two that have split off the left. "Maybe it wasn't us that they saw … they're not behaving like we are the targets necessarily."

Lunair hits the first pair without a problem. That definitely alerts them though. Puts them on the target list. The drones scatter singly, making it harder to target them for spray attacks or with anything that affects an area. If they're not being piloted manually whomever wrote their AI is rather good. They swerve and dip and duck as Lunair shoots at them. Two of them peel off and loose a dart each at her from different directions. One of them peels off the other way as if it's tracking someone or something else in the area, searching as if uncertain while trying to avoid bullets.

Melinda May pulls her phone and quickly links the odd little sphere to it, then tosses the sphere into the air. And… now Jemma might have actually found something that May is not instantly good at. She struggles with the controls for the device, trying to get the sphere to chase after one of the drones and block its control signal.

That Jemma can control her little spheres might speak to misspent time playing games with a controller! Still, the controls aren't designed to manage individual spheres but she notes the one that peels off on its own - she's going after that.

When her own spheres gets close enough, she'll hit the 'execute' button … and send out a jamming signal. Let's see if they're AI or manually controlled.

Right as Jemma kills the one it shoots out a dart and May can defintitely hear a thudding impact of someone collapsing on the street. Someone she can't see. Her own sphere knocks a drone out of the sky… though it may have collided with it. Still, that's another down. Abruptly the remaining drones hover in place and then begin to auto land. Once on the ground they power off. Seems someone got to the control crew.

Melinda May doesn't wait to see what's going to happen next, she rushes out to see who was taken down that that dart the drone fired. And to fend off anyone that comes after that individual. She stops and looks around, then mentally tries to figure out where that dart had been aimed.

Jemma can't help the little 'whoop' in exultation at bringing the drone down, although that's quickly swallowed by a look of concern as she realises the thing got a dart off.

Turning to find that May is already gone, she grabs Lunair and tries to follow the Senior Agent.

Aspect. Simmons. One of the drones hit someone… I think. Investigating with May.

"Roger, just cleaning up here. Aspect texts back. He'll be along directly.

On the street its hard to tell where the person went down. There is no one where at least not to a casual observation. Then something flickers off to May's right. A young man shimmers into 'being' as some kind of field collapses around him. Both agents can see that he's just removed a large belt buckle from his belt. A cloaking device? Either way he's lethargic and his breathing is ragged. He seems on the verge of losing consciousness.

Melinda May turns and spots the young man, and heads over toward him quickly, though she holds her hands up in a placating manner if/when he looks up at her. "I'm here to help." Hopefully he'll either accept the help or be too woozy to really put up much of a fuss.

Jemma follows May and closes in on the young man, dragging Lunair along behind her. "I'm a doctor, please, let me help you." It's true she is, just not necessarily a medical doctor - even with all the practice she gets!

If he doesn't protest or put up a fight, she'll look for the dart and try to neutralise the tranq - if she can, without really knowing what it used.

The latter. Definitely too out of it to put up much of a fuss. Now that May and Jemma get a better look at him there's a slight sheen to his skin. Closer inspection reveals that it seems to be composed of hundreds of thousands of small, fine scales all overlapping. Rather like a snake.

The Tranq might need to be analyzed. Jemma can get a look at the darts that were being used but there's little to suggest immediately what the drug is. Interesting though. Were those drones targetting him and not them originally? And what was he doing here?"

Melinda May squints at the kid slightly. "We need to get him to a secure location." And now, thank goodness, Jemma brought her car. She reaches to lug the young man to his feet or outright carry him if that's what it takes.

"I'm going to have to evaluate the sedative, Agent May." She really hadn't expected to be able to do much. Hopefully she's got him stabilised enough.

"To the same location as William." Jemma murmurs as she peers at the young man skin. "I think he was the target of the drones." Stating the obvious seems to be a skill of hers as she bends to pick up the belt buckle and collect anything that might be around.

Then she'll help May get him to her car, sighing internally - there go her plans for the afternoon / evening. "I hope we aren't followed."

Aspect. Young Man is with us. Heading to the location for treatment. He knows where that is.

There's a light thump behind May and Jemma. "I'm here." Jericho is just holstering his weapon. He smells of cordite. Seems like he used it.

The amber eyed man gives Jemma's new patient a seemingly cursory once over. "I'm gonna guess this is 'Mocassin.' You're taking him in for treatment?" Gabby can help with that for sure. "Make sure he's secured before you wake him. I'm going to check out the building and see if there's really anything here or if it was a plant. May, you going with Simmons or…?" Does she want to stay to clear the building?

Can Jemma wrangle the young man by herself? May's apparently not entirely sure. "I can do either," she says, but a glance toward Jemma and the woozy young man reveal what she doesn't say — that she wants to make sure Jemma isn't compromised taking this man to the safehouse by herself.

"Have to do something, Jericho. He's out but I don't know how long for and leaving him on the street or in my car …" Simmons is torn, but securing the young man and talking to him, is important. "If Gabby's available to help when I get there, I'd appreciate it. She's already 'read in' on this, so … "

Taking 'Mocassins' weight, the biochem does manage to wrangle to him. Probably another byproduct of her time in that portal … "I'll be alright, Agent May."

Jericho nods. "If you're coming, then…" He says to May and turns to the office building, starting to walk that way. He has an office building to turn inside out.

He's gonna have to leave an apology note for the janitors or something.

Melinda May looks at Jemma for a moment, then nods. "Be careful." Then she moves to follow Trent into the office building.

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