Time To Coven

May 07, 2016:

Two witches meet again and discuss the future

Coney Island


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Coney Island. Still in a state of disrepair for the most part, so Wanda has come here to get some alone time. Time that isn't spent dodging hurled bottles and insults. Ever since she was splashed over the news as an international terrorist, the people of her adoptive country have not been as loving as before.

Wanda is dressed in boots, black tights, black skirt and scarlet jacket; hardly incognito but she has managed to avoid being recognised so far. She eats fries from a paper container, occasionally tossing one to the flock of seagulls that have gathered around her (the birds not the band).

Witchdoctor was out and about, as she often was. With no teams, no reputations and no reasons to be avoiding anything, the Witch was free to roam wherever she might. She too was dressed a little differently, a skirt, vest and jacket rather than the long gown that often stood out. Her long blonde hair was secured back in a complex bun, topped off with a red flower-shaped pin that looked surprisingly real. In her hands a paper cup of some take-away beverage rests, a faint scent of chocolate wafting as she sips at it lightly.

Coney Island is…completely unrecognizable to her. But it's not because of the damage… something more familiar catches her eyes however in the form of Scarlet Witch and the doctor tilts her head, cutting a beeline to the woman as she raises a hand. "Wanda, right? We met at that cafe…"

Wanda glances up and offers a smile at the approaching woman. Usually people throw things first so the sound of her name probably means a 'friendly'. A moment and she recognises the blonde. "Yes…at the cafe with the knight" she nods before petting the bench next to her. "Would you like to sit with me?" Wanda feels the magic of the other woman but it does not concern her; she seemed quite nice when they last met.

"We did not get to know each other very well" Wanda notes as she tosses another fry at the birds. "How long have you been in the city? Or the country? I have been here almost two years." Yet she still hasn't shaken her obvious Eastern European accent.

The difference in the pair's magic would literally be like two stark colors side by side, but both could clearly feel it. Sitting herself down, Witchdoctor exhales a breath tinted with the sound of her smile and brushes a hair back behind her ear. "It depends on how you look at it. On one hand? Twenty-four years…on the other? A month and a half at most." The Witch glances back at Wanda, her own accent 'almost' tinged with a hint of Irish brogue, but it was a phantom whisper compared to Wanda's own thick accent. "I came from a different 'here'. A very different one."

Looking at the bird’s hungry struggle for the flung fry she takes another sip of her drink, closing her eyes for a moment. "You have had…a rough time of late, right?"

"You are from an alternate dimension?" Wanda asks; though it sounds more like she has heard the term rather than truly understand it. "I have met some people who have said they are from one of those. They say that sometimes I am evil where they are. That I want to destroy the world and I wonder how I could become like that." She sighs and tosses out another fry. "Now I do not wonder so much."

Wanda nods to the final question. "Da. My old homeland wanted to bring me home to be on trial for 'crimes' I supposedly did. They showed the world how bad I was and now people believe I am not nice. When I see them now they look at me with fear in their eyes and…I do not know what to do to change their minds."

"I used to think it was merely the future, that some sort of time-spell, as impossible as they were meant to be, had backfired. I know I was in trouble before I got here and my friends were in great danger. But the details are much fuzzier." An exhaled breath and she looks sidelong at the other woman. "But so much is different from history. Things that weren't there. Another dimension seems the only possible explanation."

The blonde woman tilts her head to the side as she listens to the other Witch, taking in her questions and then folding her hands. "The world I come from…magic is rarer still then it is here. When it is found? It was a tool, a weapon for powerful men with more money then understand of what it could do. It had been using terrible forces to do terrible things. To be like you or I and to have it known was a way to either get yourself killed in the street or sold to the highest bidder to be a 'bomb on a leash'…" She reaches out, lazily patting Wanda's leg as she flings the next fry. "People have plenty of perceptions about who others are, what they can or should do. Here? We can still make our own truth."

"If people like us are so powerful where you are from, why are they not in charge?" Wanda asks curiously. "There was one…dimension…where this was true and I was evil…and mad." She peers over her shoulder and glares at something that is not there. "I am /not/ mad" she whispers to that nothingness before looking back to Witchdoctor. She doesn't mind consoling pats on her leg at all. "I understand that what I do counts most but with the Purifiers and all the hatred…I wonder if I should hide again." A deep sigh. "It is too hard. You are not a mutant, are you?" She turns over her container of fries to let them all fall to the ground to be battled over by the squawking, flapping birds. "I /think/ I am a mutant but I am not sure."

"Why aren't they in charge here?" Alyse shrugs. "Why aren't you, or I sitting in the president's chair lounging back?" Shaking her head, the Witch leans over, taking a fry for herself without permission and munching on it lightly before she continues. "Seeing this world makes me wonder, if there -are- other versions of me out there. Some other Witch who is a tyrant rather than a doctor…but it does not change what I am. Who I am here."
A mutant? The witch shakes her head. "I don't think so. But I am not entirely human. There is something different about me in my blood. I -am- magic, that's why it comes easy to me. But there is a difference between being Homo Sapien and being human…"

"I do not rule the world because I do not want to" Wanda shrugs. "But if people tried to make me a bomb then maybe I would have a reason to? I just want to see my brother again but…he is long gone and he does not care about me anymore." Wanda rarely sees glasses being half full. "Magic is part of me too but I am not sure how. This world does not have much magic anymore. Not like yours sounds like it did. But I do not learn these spells like Zatanna, it is just a part of me." She considers the blonde's philosophy for a moment. "I think you are right. There is being human and being human and sometimes not even humans know how to do that…be human." Wanda is in danger of confusing herself though she does know what Witchdoctor meant. "So you are superhero here?"

A shake of her head, Witchdoctor actually laughs. "Quite the opposite. Magic was even rarer there then it is here…That's why we were reduced to prizes." An exhaled breath clearly carrying the weight of memories. She nods at Wanda's comment about magic, raising her own hand where a small flickering light dances oh-so-similarly to that red glow Wanda had shown in the past, her own a faint gold in its hue. "A superhero? No…I don't believe so. I solve things that threaten me, things that cross my path, but I have no names or masks…My powers are similar to yours, they just 'come' to me. But some things I was skilled in, spells that can make use of my natural 'source' to do things I wouldn't usually be able to do."

She actually giggles a little, a pat of the hand that had given the squeeze on Wanda's thigh following. "Before I came here? I was a criminal…a mercenary working for money and trying to stay away from the people who used to control every aspect of my life. But I ended up here, in a world so different, where I don't spend every last second looking over my shoulder."

"I have started to spend too much time here looking over my shoulder so I hope it does not happen to you here as well" sighs Wanda. "Some people want to hunt mutants here but not to keep them as pets or as power but to simply kill and wipe them out." A smile at the display of magic that sends many of the birds running away…at least until their greed gets the best of them and they inch back for the fries.

"Are you a criminal here? I hope not or I would have to top you" Wanda snorts in bemusement. "I think I am meant to be a heroine but not with so many hating me…or being afraid. You are not afraid of heroes. Maybe you can find some others like us? Join together to do good…or stay out of bad if that is what you prefer."

"Laws there and here are a little different," Alyse points out to Wanda, nodding her head. "And those who enforced them were not always the just. That much is the same here, but my crimes are not…" She closes her eyes for a moment as the light fades and she chuckles once more. "I cannot say I am always 100% legal in action, one does have to eat." Taking a little second to smile she gestures with her hand and the lights turn into what appears to be a credit card. "Fairy gold 2.0," she explains. "The funds are real, when I pay for a meal or a hotel room…but a month or two later they vanish, a glitch in someone's system. I suppose it's a crime…" A pause, the hand that patted Wanda comes back to holding her mug. "Do you wish to stop and arrest me for it?" She smiles, obviously expecting or hoping she'll get a negative in that answer, but the offer to work together comes as a surprise, enough to make her pause in thought.

"I am not a policewoman. I cannot arrest you for anything" Wanda smirks. "And I used to live on the street but I think I was just lucky in finding food and shelter." A shake of her head at the credit card. "I never thought to do anything like that. But my magic is more instinctual. Thinking about things is not my specialty. Though there is no such thing as a victimless crime." That last sounds like she is repeating something repeated to her. "Justice belongs to the rich in every dimension" she sighs before reaching out to pat Witchdoctor's thigh. "If you worked with people and for the people who need it then maybe what you do would not be a crime?"

"You'd be surprised the tricks you can think of when you really, really have to." Alyse says with a grin, looking at the hand on her thigh with a little smile. "I think that's a good way of looking at it." Looking up at the other woman she sighs a little, leaning back and stretching her shoulders with a light pop. "Working together for good cause, it might be enough to show people you are here to do good, it might be enough to help others gain trust in you once more…Or if nothing else. It might remind you that you are not alone Wanda."

"I am in X-Red" Wanda points out. "They are my friends too and try to tell me that I am doing good and I do believe them…but so many people in the world do not believe them. That is why I get things thrown at me in the street. Sometimes it does not matter how much you do if people want to hate you regardless." She sighs but then attempts a smile for her new blonde friend. "You are a witch and I am a witch. And I know some other witches. Maybe we should create a coven where we can all try and do good. If I do good for more than one organisation then maybe it will count more?" A pause. "It could not make things worse. Could it?" Her hand returns to her own lap. "But maybe you prefer working alone."

"X-Red?" Alyse repeats, clearly not quite up to date on everything just yet. "I hear they used to burn people like us long ago. I'd take junk flung at me over bullets any day," Humor in the shadows, it never gets old. "A 'coven'…you know I've never actually formed a group alongside other Witches before? Perhaps this would be a good start." The comment about things being made worse earns a shake of the blond Witch's head and she chuckles. "Who better to keep us in check, then each other? You and I? Our magics are different enough we would be able to complement, or single us out."

"I have bullets flung at me too. The Purifiers want to kill people like me…like witches too. Anyone who is different. They would not care if you were not a mutant. They do not see the difference" Wanda explains. "But other people may see the difference and if they do then they may help us stop the Purifiers." The scarlet witch smiles to hear that her idea is not stupid…they usually are. "I can talk to some other witches if you are really interested" she adds brightly. "Rain might like to join…she even flies a broomstick. But we should at least help each other out when we need to." Wanda offers her hand to the other woman. "To starting a coven."

"I was shot by them the other day," Alyse points out. "Morning coffee at a Mutant's cafe. Wrong place, wrong time, the bullet hit me in the ribs before I knew what happened." She shrugs her shoulders, tilting her head to the side at the mention of Rain. She hadn't met her, but she had met a voodoo-wielding woman with quite a bit of power to her name. "We will see what interest we can gather then," she says, taking the hand and giving it a little squeeze. "To starting a coven then."

Wanda gently squeezes the hand in return before grabbing her phone from her pocket and offering more mundane ways to stay in contact. "This is my number" she offers, "Call me if you find others who would be interested." A slight smile appears…a proud smile. "This is exciting and I hope it goes well but I am needed in Germany with my teammates. It is nice to see you again, Alyse. I hope this will be the start of a good friendship."

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