Under The Sea and On The Sand

April 13, 2015:

Rowan invites some friends to the beach and …. the cait sidhe hits

New York Harbour


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Ulani's superiors had finally decided that… more data was needed. Clearly the Blue security council in the nearest city was leaning toward 'we think this is safe' but since Rowan has been living on the surface and making a lot of surface contacts whilst apparently proclaiming himself 'Blue' and encountering another like him, the Blue wish to know what the state of things on the Surface actually is. So she's been authorized to represent them until such time as a more formal arrangement is made. Which is quite a promotion and expansion of her orders, really.

Rowan himself is on the beach. Practicing with his omnibow. Which can draw quite a crowd though thankfully he has enough sense to generally keep it out of densely populated areas of the water. He may or may not be expecting visitors at some point in the near future and be loitering in the area for that general reason. Of course, no one necessarily said those visitors would be from the sea. He's been hearing a lot about the actions of local heroes lately and while he's met a fiew he finds himself… curious.

He might have emailed a certain Cheeseburger cat just to ask how things were going.

from: moc.rwoem|taclaprov#moc.rwoem|taclaprov
to:Fishsticks (moc.yoha|nwor#moc.yoha|nwor)
Subject: Cheeswhat?

Once more, Rowan, I hate cheeseburgers. Do not tempt me, fishy. I can make anvils out of thin air.

P.S: It's your treat next time at coffee. Just sayin'.


The rabbit hole opens up several feet away from Rowan, the cheshire landing on the sand as the hole closes behind him.

"The beach, eh? It's not even summer yet, fishticks." He smirks, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his hero suit. Yes, it has pockets. They're just very hard to see when they're not being used. "How's tricks, anyways?"

Namor seems to have gone back to the Sea Fleets to explain things to his people, which has meant Simon spent a bit more time in Atlantis — though not quite as much as he could have done, if the people were less distrustful, but they are. Partly because of Orm's skillful "shaping" of information fed to the citizenry-at-large, and partly because he never actually knew them, since Orm's people had skillfully kept him away from anyone who might have been at risk of learning about what surfacers are really like. And Atlanteans are somewhat more conservative and xenophobic than Japanese in the time of the Shogunate, or at least, they can be. It's frustrating enough that Simon's sought out Rowan so he can try to figure out what he's doing wrong. Other than simply being who he is, which really isn't going to change, nor would Arthur be happy with him if it did.

He launches out of the water about a half-mile offshore, so he can clear the liquid from his lungs without the embarrassing 'hork, cough, blark' that usually happens when he tries to talk on land without clearing first.

Not long after Vorpal steps through his portal thing, Booster Gold is flying towards the beach. This is not coincidental; he was looking for the purple cat and at the castle, his first stop, he was informed Vorpal would be somewhere out this way. Upon seeing other figures he pauses in the air, vaguely perplexed and a little thoughtful. Then, he attempts to send a message Vorpal's way via the Titan's communicator. "Hey," communicates Booster, "Are you in trouble or is this cool? I'm not creeping on you, I was trying to meet up with you but it looks like you've got a thing going on."

Mera arriving completely separately from Simon, Mera arrives at the surface with Blue emissary Ulani. Partly because the pair of them have indeed been hanging out (as the Surfacers would say), but also because Mera's telepathy makes it far easier for her to locate and home in on Rowan. She did inform him that the pair of them were en route and bearing 'snacks', so she doesn't opt for subtlety.

The pair of ocean dwelling women seem completely immune to the lingering chill of the atlantic waters as they swim toward shore and then walk onto the beach once the water's shallow enough. Of course, the moment that Mera's close enough to register Vorpal's presence, she's staring at him. Again.

Ulani is, to say the least, a little overwhelmed by the extension in her duties but has taken them in stride. The Atlantean Queen has proven quite friendly and seems interested in the Blue as a community and people.

Emerging from the water at the side of the Sea Queen, the Blue Envoy strides up the beach wearing traditional blue garb, a rather small string bikini. The only other adornments to be seen are a coral pendant at her throat and slave style bracelets on each hand.

Noticing Mera, staring at the strange furry being, Ulani cants her head in question before nodding to Rowan as they draw near.

Rowan's adaptive clothing tends to… well it normally looks like traditional Blue clothing. But out here it morphs to blend so he seems to be wearing shorts and a loose tee as he fires his arm mounted crossbow at some mocked up targets. "Hello Ch- , er Vorpal. Nice to see you again." And then there are all the people. Rowan had been expecting visitors. He hadn't been quite expecting all the visitors. "Tricks are… well, I'm told they sometimes accompany treats, but my research has proven inconclusive."

For a waterfolk, Rowan actually navigates the surface fairly well… but vernacular sometimes escapes him.

"Simon Williams. Greetings. And your Majesty…" Rowan offers a polite bow. He's on more familiar terms with Mera, normally, but they're in company. "Envoy Ulani, hello. I was just out practicing and musing on… various things." He hasn't seen Booster yet.

And Mera's eyes are all over Vorpal. The cheshire fidgets uncomfortably for a second, which only increases the mental cacophony of his inner voices, each providing a different reason for why he's being stared at, perhaps. But fortunately a voice in his ear gives him an excuse to look away from Mera.

"Oh, hey Boo… no, go ahead and come down. Apparently I've arrived at the middle of a beach party. Hope you brought hors whateveryoucallthems…"

Simon Williams. That name was familiar, but not ringing any dingalings just yet. Mera, on the other hand… who else would stare at him so? If he were not aware that the Atlantean Queen was not one to be crossed, Vorpal's more mischievous sid-

Oh, who are we kidding? Vorpal is not that cautious. Which is why he turns to look at Mera again-

And thus Mera finds Mera staring at Mera. The cheshire becomes a perfect copy of the Atlantean queen, right down to the piercing stare directed at… well, herself.

~Hey, now, that isn't nice~
+I know, but it's entertaining+
~~And dangerous.~~
+That's where the entertainment comes in!+

Simon looks at the second Mera where the cat used to be, and mutters, "Mirror, mirror, on the sand, who's the strangest in the land?"

He gives an appropriate nod-bow to Mera. "Majesty, I didn't know you were going to be visiting the surface."

A curious glance at Ulani follows. Another Blue?

"Brought…" It is just as well that Booster Gold is up in the air, because his expression is faintly alarmed. 21st century English is not his native language and he is not entirely certain he understands or wants to understand what Vorpal just said to him. What kind of meeting is this?

Gleaming from head to toe, Booster just drops out of the air and lands lightly on his feet near Vorpal, smiling brightly. "Hi, folks. Sorry about my sudden arrival here, I was actually trying to meet Vorpal to discuss a thing and I didn't realize he was in a meeting."

Apparently too engrossed in the multi-voiced mind of the Cat, Mera completely doesn't notice Rowan's or Simon's greetings or even Booster just dropping in like a giant gold… person. And when the Cheshire morphs into a mirror image of her, her eyes narrow.

~ALL OF YOU. Silence.~ It's the mental equivalent of having Margaret Thatcher or Queen Victoria get all up in your grill and demand you stop yammering.

Ulani blinks as Vorpal morphs into an image of the Sea Queen, pauses and strides towards the imposter. Reaching out, she obviously intends to take some form of grip on the now morphed Cheshire. "Your majesty, Rowan, what should I do with the imposter?"

Rowan actually facepalms. Yes, he has absorbed some surfacer mannerisms. He may wind up cognitively recalibrating… someone. Ulani gets a helpless shrug. "Um, Simon Williams, I fear that your diplomatic skills may be called upon shortly…" Boosters appearance gets a bit of a stare. "Oh… hello. YOu're new. Hi."

Boy, are they ever more sorely needed. As Ulani's firm grip grasps VorMera's arm, the illusion fades instantly as the Cheshire stares at Ulani with a look of absolute incredulity. The susprise is enough for Keith to lose the rains of the chariot, so to speak, as another one grabs the seat and, so to speak, spurs the horses onwards. The illusion kicks back into line and Vorpal's purple fur is gone. In its stead there is midnight-black fur and yellow eyes, with a single spot of white across his chest. The face changes as well- more refined, pointier even, features displaying the kind of royal disdain that human monarchs essay in front of a mirror for years before a queen can feel confident enough to go out and suggest that people might rather perhaps eat cake.

"In my day lackeys knew their place," he looks at Mera dead-on, "An' queens knew their manners. Ye be no queen of this land, lass, and the crowns of mortals are like bairn's rattles to the Sidhe. Now why don't ye stop acting like a luderamaun and make do less with demandin' and starin'…"

To the Blue, he adds with a raised eyebrow, "And ye can well the paws off me."

~This is not how you influence people and make new friends!~ Keith's voice, trying to make his way to the front.
+Stay where ye are, I am dealing with this+
~~Man, if that's what happens when you get the rains, maybe we should do this more often!~~
~NO WE SHOULD NOT! If you don't remember, Cait, Booster is not going to have a very good reaction to you suddenly appearing like this!~
~… you showed him an illusion of his dying mother, you twit!~
+Hm. Yes. Well, I am sure he must've gotten over that by now.+

"I … think I will refrain from this one," Simon replies to Rowan. "Her Majesty may deal with the Fey on her own merits."

Yes, he recognizes the Cait Sith, he's from an old Welsh family, they're just as aware as the Irish of the Kindly Folk. Except that they sometimes refer to them as 'The British' in code. It's … complicated.

"Introduce me to your fellow Blue?"

Booster puts his hands up as if he were trying to placate and surrender to the others at the same time. "I came down so it wouldn't seem like I was trying to eavesdrop. I'm Booster Gold, with the JL:A." He has been experimenting when it comes to presenting that information up front; more often than not, when people know him at all, it tends to be for his daytime drama acting or his occasional soft drink commercials. His superhero branding needs a push. "I'm a fan of your work," he adds, directing this comment to Simon.

Booster's default state seems to be cheerful, and if his smiling expression is like the sun, the dark change that occurs when he sees the Cait is like a sudden eclipse. The brief glimpse of anger in the glare he gives to the transformed Keith is bloody raw, but he bites back his reaction and a friendly facade starts to slide back into place.

Mera doesn't know what Surfacer furry thing from another, but she does remember one thing from the small orange fluffy thing named Captain. She doesn't respond to the now black with white Cat, except to stand entirely still while an eight-foot tall wave of water rushes up the beach to slam into anyone who doesn't get out of the way. Including Mera, though she seems not at all perturbed as the water slides right past her. Actually, it's similarly kind to Ulani, Rowan, and Simon. No offense, Booster, she just doesn't know who you are yet. Is the shiny gold outfit waterproof?

Ulani just stares at the black with white Cat in her hand, Mera or Rowan haven't said anything but the thing has had a heap to say. Not much of it that is intelligible to the water woman.

Opening her mouth to say something, she senses the water rushing at them and stops, bracing herself, even as she releases the Cait Sidhe.

Rowan blanches a bit. "Um, this is Ulani, Simon Williams. She is a Blue… agent? Envoy?" He's not quite sure what her official position is. Envoy seems most likely. "Um, Cheeseburger, now might be a good time to be someone else." Rowan extends his spear. Spears are as good for preventing violence as offering it. All long sticks are. "Are you a friend of Vorpal or Simon Williams?" Booster gets asked, one wary eye on Mera and Vorpal.

Poor Rowan. You can almost imagine him as the druid Getafix in the Asterix comic strips shouting 'PAX! PAX!'

The wave comes, but not for the Cait, as the Rabbit Hole that opens under him when poor Ulani lets him go deposits him higher above, perched on a glowing construct.

A good time to be someone else.

The Cait is clearly fighting Keith. Perhaps all he wants is to get the last word-

OF COURSE that's what he wants. He's a cat. "Nae fit to be queen to an alley Tom. Splash all ye want, lass, ye'll be dead and forgotten ere the world blinks. I-"

He snarls and there is, for a moment, two super-imposed images. Vorpal finally wins out and the black fur disappears. So does the construct- but at least he's got that covered as he lands on his feet on a crouch.

"Dear. Goddamned. God he is annoying," he mutters, standing up and dusting his uniform. "Sorry, Boo. Rowan. Grabby Blue woman named Ulani." A pause. He looks at Rowan. "She doesn't look blue. Is she disguised or something?"

But then he does turn to look at Mera-

And holds back the Cait inside him-

And says, "But cut the staring out. I don't care if you're supposed to be a big deal or not. It's rude and I'm not your freak show, so cut it out already."

He may be annoyed. He's always grumpy when he has to hold back that part of himself from going all Fae on people.

It's not always bad, though. He let it loose on the Joker and it turned out okay. But it wasn't a good part of himself to whip out in polite company. The Fae seldom made friends.

"He's a fellow actor," Simon answers. "And a member of the JL:A, where I'm just a probie."

Simon shakes his head as Mera escalates. She really IS working the red haired thing today. Unfortunately, the cat's also a part-time redhead, and that means neither of them will calm down normally, and dumping a pail of water on them won't do the job. Bother. Well, maybe not. It's possible that the cat's on a leash, so the red-head is running things again.

And, Simon's phone chirps. He looks at it, and frowns.

"I'm sorry. A family emergency has come up. I'll have to try to meet up with you all on a later date."

Yes. Dear Brother Eric is out of jail… except he's not on probation, he's escaped. Again.

Simon disappears into the sky at about the speed of what was that?

Booster is looking perplexed. The wave hits him, and he remains upright even though he has to widen his stance to brace against it. Oddly, he does not seem wet, not exactly; that is, there is water sheeting off of him but his hair still looks perfect. There are beads of water all over him as one might find on a nicely waxed vehicle, which is that betrays the forcefield that hugs him like a second skin. Shaking a bit to dislodge some of those drops, and pulling some stray seaweed from his shoulder, he says, "I have no idea what's going on, but I blame myself for that." He is the one who dropped in suddenly, after all.

Mera finally blinks when the annoying black Cat escapes the wave that ends up just going splat on the dry sand and soaking in almost instantly. And when the purple Cat is back she tries to do as he not-so-politely insists and turns her eyes away. Of course, it might feel a bit like a cold shoulder as she steps a little further up the beach to stop and just stand near Rowan and Simon. Maybe she should just return to Atlantis now. The purple one's chaotic mind is exceedingly distracting.

Ulani blinks again and shakes her head. She's not wet, Mera kindly saw to that. Turning to Simon, Ulani inclines her head "I am Ulani, Envoy to the Blue." Rowan had it right. And then Simon is gone.

Glancing back at Vorpal she frowns "I look like every other Blue. This is not a disguise." Booster, gets her next glance and a frown before the woman looks to Rowan "Surfacers can be very confusing. With all my travels, I've not seen such things." Sensing Mera's disquiet, Ulani goes to stand next to her. "Is everything alright, your Majesty?"

"Remind me not to introduce you two again." Beat. "Ever." Rowan mutters. The Dragon Blue is a bit put out and herein is a hint of the creature that went to war and has burned cities. "Your Majesty, staring is widely considered rude on the surface. Is there, um, something wrong with Vorpal?" He's not psychic so he cant hear the cacaophony of minds in the cat. He'll talk to Vorpal later about… what's the phrase? Cookware calling eachother the same color? Ugh. Vernacular.

"I'm Rowan. Pleased to meet you Mister Gold." He remembers now. The newscast. They were all there. Babs too though he'd not gone himself.

"Ulani… um…" He's not sure how to address 'maybe don't grab people.' Hopefully the situation will be smoothed over. "No she's not in disguise. This, is what we look like."

"There's nothing the matter with me. I even took a flea dip." Only because they had to do that rescue mission at the Zoo and the monkeys had a problem, and Gar suggested that since he was covered in fur

"My error. I thought the 'Blue' thing was literal. But I guess it's more like Gandalf The White or Radagast The Brown or Barry The Somewhat Mauve, then."

He turns to Booster now, ping-ponging between threads quickly, "You wanted to talk to me about something? We could grab coffee."

"Everyone in this century is confusing," Booster assures Ulani. He adds, to Rowan, "You can call me Booster. I mean, 'Booster Gold' is just my codename. This guy," He gestures to Vorpal, "is a friend of mine, I just showed up because I needed to tell him that we should talk about his situation, soon." Turning a bit to look to the cat, he says, "Yes, we should talk about your situation, soon."

Now that Booster has dealt with the business that brought him here, he bows a little to Mera and says in a gracious manner, "Your Majesty, if you need to stare at someone, feel free to stare at me. Not only do I have special training for it, I like it." He winks at her, and then tosses the stray seaweed in his hand back towards the ocean where it belongs.

Mera nods to Simon as he takes his leave, then looks at Rowan and VERY pointedly not at Vorpal.

~That one's mind, is like a crowded room with too many voices speaking at all once.~ Her telepathic message is shared with both ocean dwellers. Then she focuses on Booster Gold. Because she can, and he said she could. "How did you manage to remain dry? Like a hagfish but… less slimy."

"Ah yes," Ulani remembers now and nods "they think the name should be represented by colour." Then remembering her manners, perhaps something about Rowans approach prompted it "Please accept my apologies… Cheeseburger" That's what Rowan had called him, wasn't it? "For the Blue, impersonating the monarch of Atlantis is a grave crime."

Smiling a little at Booster, Ulani nods and looks slightly more confused "In this century?" She undertands the concept of time, just not why Booster would make the reference like that.

Meras telepathic message has the Envoy turning to Vorpal one more time "Can you still mind, Cheeseburger? It is what's causing the Sea Queen to stare."

Rather in general impersonating a monarch under the sea is a significant crime. The tradition of satire and impersonation by actors for fun is… a bit foreign. Arthur's dynasty is precarious enough without that kind of thing, as the incident with Orm showed. Granted, the Blue don't answer to Arthur's dynasty so Ulani's action would have been a… courtesy. At least as Rowan understands it. "Booster then. Greetings are you a Champion like Vorpal?" The Blue looks back and forthe between the two surfacers, Mera's commetns echoing in his mind. He smirks a little, noting that Mera is now looking at Booster.

Under the sea.

Under the sea.

Darling you'd better
Avoid all fetters
Take it from me!

The nickname clearly does not amuse Vorpal, but he nods to Booster to address his remark. "Alright. We can talk about it… how about Sunday? You can come and have coffee and crumpets."

Then he looks at Ulani.


"First things first.. I cannot quiet my mind. There's people living there. But if we must use my … civilian name, then you must call Rowan by his civilian name."

He does very well, hiding the pure mischief behind a completely innocent face. "You must call him Ariel. That is the name he is to wear while on the surface, and it is an insult to deny him that."

Hagfish. He smirks, "More like Lutefisk…" and then there's a beep beep beep, and the cheshire taps his comm and listens for a few seconds.

"Seems me and my noisy mind are to grant you reprieve from our presence. I'm being called by the Titans."

"I'll call you so we can get together, Boo. Ariel, coffee's still on you next time." And with that the Cheshire steps through a hole in reality (caused by a rabbit? Who can tell?) and disappears

"I'm from the future," Booster offers Ulani this bit of information. It is no secret, although it tends to be hit or miss if people actually believe it to be true. He tells Mera in a serious tone, "I'm glad to hear that I don't come across as overly slimy. It's a forcefield," Booster taps his chest, just over his blue star insignia. "Very useful if I find myself being hurtled out of the atmosphere, just an example, it's been on my mind since it happened to me a few days ago."

Turning, Booster nods to Vorpal and says, "Okay, I'll talk to you later." Gesturing to the spot where the cat had been standing, he tells Rowan, "And yeah, pretty much. We work with different teams but it's for the same goal. Protecting people, the world, etcetera."

Ariel. Strange name. She might ask Arthur about it. Mera doesn't acknowledge Vorpal's departure, but a faint bit of tension around her eyes and shoulders seems to fade after he's gone. She's focused on Booster still, understanding about his force field instantly. She resolves to ask Arthur about inviting this Gold person to perhaps meet at the Surfacer research facility on the ocean floor… if only to see what the force field is capable of withstanding.

"It is strange you can't quiet your mind." Ulani looks at Vorpal "All Blue are taught meditation techniques from a very young age to do just that." And then just blinks as Vorpal disappears.

The look she casts to Rowan is questioning "Ariel? I have been mistaken in calling Rowan when we are above the water." Vorpal strikes her as very strange and she's…. not … sure.

Looking at Booster, Ulani smiles faintly. She's not sure if she believes him or not but she errs on the side of diplomacy "I see. Your forcefield must be very useful."

Turning back to Rowan, the Blue Envoy looks serious "We must talk, soon. Things have changed for the better I think." She doesn't want to appear rude to his friends but is Blue business. "For now, I must return to our city. Your majesty" Ulani speaks to Mera "Would you like to accompany me on the way back, I know a place where the black urchins are bountiful."

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