May 15, 2016:

Jennifer calls various organizations to Mutant Town as a prank; turns out, she called it! Attack on Mutants!

Mutant Town


NPCs: Attackers and citizens



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"Oh goood I am -sooo- bored. You know what we need? Some mystical hoodad happenings going on. Or maybe a shoot out of the magicky kind. No no, I know. A block party with demons and shit and then I can -finally- have a reason to go out in the field and do some good. Do you know what it's like to sit here and push papers all day, Agent Asshole?"
'That's not my name.' The man says.
"It's your name today because I'm b.."

Her words were cut off as Agent Asshole pretty much turns upon his heels and gives her the silent treatment. Jennifer tosses her pen against the computer, leaning back within her chair as she draws her chin up towards the ceiling to let out a loud groan of irritation.

But then it hits her. Granted, it was a stupid thing that she was going to do, but someone wanted eyes on the local organizations in New York and maybe.. maybe this would be her one break to get away from the DEO's top tier dickhead..


'Calling all agents. SHIELD. DEO. X-Red. Trouble in mutant town. Impending riots. Please approach and standby for orders.'

This would definitely get Jennifer shitcanned but hey, it wasn't her choice to join the DEO anyways. Stipulations of resurrections and all of that. While nothing untoward was happening in Mutant Town, crowds were gathered about for a mini festival. Vendors were out on the breezy Sunday afternoon to give preview to the foods that they'll sell on random street corners that permit. There was music, people laughing, money and food exchanging hands and some lounging about on the now warmed grass in conversation.

It doesn't look like a serious situation, but eventually those few who answer the call to heroism will know that they've been duped.

Fantomex is a semi-regular visitor in Mutant Town. It is one of the few places in America where he doesn't even bother to cloak his appearance with illusions. So he walks into the street dressed in white and armed, and if the cops of the 11th precinct are around, they don't even bother. It is Mutant Town.

It is not as if he is doing anything criminal-like, really. The white-clad thief has little to steal in Mutant Town, and he comes for information and the company. In this case he was looking for a member of the Thief's Guild, but the trail has gone cold and he is just checking up with people he knows who might or might not be part time fencers. (Yes, they are).

Colossus was already here. So, first-hand experience about the state of Mutant Town and this actually peaceful gathering. So, when the general warning goes over broadcast channels that he is familiar with? He's left bewildered but gives a look about with a slow burning suspicion. If somebody warns you? You don't take it as if they are pranking you.

Sluuuuuuurp. Oh, also he's sitting on the sidewalk with an order of three quarter pounders and a rack of fries with a supersized coca-cola. Welcome to America, baby, land of excess. The big man might seem harmless as he is only one of many who loiter in the public square but, in mutant town, it's not just guns and knives that one has to be wary of.

Hearing the call about trouble in Mutant Town, the Black Widow rushed to her motorcycle, and cut through traffic like a demon on her way to engage the threat. Only, as she closes in on Mutant Town, nothing seems to be happening, she comes to a rather sudden stop inches away from Colossus, and turns to look his way, "no sign of the apocalypse here, huh?" She remarks, more to herself than actually to the Russian mutant.



The Witch Woman thought they'd be arriving in droves or possibly in a gang like manner, flying in and ready to do battle to the first person that'd throw a burrito their way. But nothing. She doesn't even see X-Red, though the figure in all white does catch her attention for a quick moment, a wrinkle of her nose given and a slight shake of her head.

"Alright. So New York is a bust." She comments idly, leaning sideways to draw her bookbag from the side to slam it upon the table; the mirage cloaked woman snatching out a few books and papers as well as a tablet to attach her keyboard so that she could at least get something -worthwhile- done.

Being in college is a never-ending treat, after all. The loud blaze of the motorcycle also has her looking up, brow raising faintly, book slowly drawn up to allow only her eyes to be seen, her body sliding down the chair in a relaxed manner with one boot kicked up to place knee over knee to inconspicuously watch.

Fantomex pauses his dealings with a scale-faced mutant a few moments when E.V.A. communicates him there is a riot about to start just where he is. She heard in official channels she has hacked. Hmm. No riot and by reading the mood of the people Fantomex is pretty sure there won't be any riot.

Except the redhead in the motorcycle definitely came looking for trouble. And fond none. That is interesting, but there is still no a riot. Nevertheless Fantomex apologizes quickly to the fellow he was talking to and sneaks closer to the Widow and the large Russian man.

"Da," Colossus says, forgetting himself with his gorging and speaking in his native tongue. He does not even realize the mistake in all actuality, just assuming it by second nature with his attention more on his food than the world around him. This, on a scale, is harmless lack of vigilance. It comes with being relaxed and confident. It is far better than what follows.

A crew moved through the crowd, picking out targets with military efficiency. Some never even see the attack before it happens, but those with the training might have enough time to give a warning or perhaps stop it from happening. Fantomex see one man get pulled down from behind, something plunged into his neck while Widow locks eyes with a man who walks with a step too much determination. She doesn't get a chance to give a warning before a syringe is plunged into the side of Colossus's neck.

Elsewhere, a certain teenage-witch is another target of the mysterious operatives but she might be quick or lucky enough to fall under whatever spell seems to be effecting the mutants in question.

Colossus freezes for a second, pupils dilating rapidly, hamburger plopping wetly to the ground in a pile of grease, ketchup, and processed food as the big man rises to his feet with a sudden yell and his body turns to glistening steel and he gains an extra two heads in height and however many hundreds of pounds of mass.

One moment the Black Widow is looking at Fantoex who is headed her way, the next she catches a movement behind Colossus and calls out for him to be careful, "byt' ostorozhen!" Too late, however, he is struck by the needle in his neck. She doesn't linger to see what will happen, instead she leaps off her bike, over Colossus, and attemps to land on the person who stabbed him with the needle, straddling over his head. "What is your purpose?" She demands even as she brings the man down, assuming she'll succeed.

Well, it looks like someone called it. Jennifer really wasn't expecting anything to happen today, but it was happening. And she was right in the middle of it. Fingers clutch along her book as her eyes dart towards the left, the book soon lowered as her fingers lift to draw the curtain of blonde hair aside, revealing the horrid visage of muscle and sinew beneath.

"I'm going to highly advise against what you're planning to do right now."

As if on cue, Jennifer draws her fingers inward to flick outward, hoping that there was enough magic within the air to lift her 'could-be' attacker from his feet and sprawling within the air not too far from where she sits.

"Sorry bud.." She speaks into her wrist. "Going to need reinforcements in Mutant Town. Bring a couple of buses and wagons please? And leave Agent Asshole at home.."

Yeah, he probably won't stay there but, it is what it is. Drawing from her chair, she carefully rolls up her sleeves, her eyes apprised of those who jump into action, hands immediately shooting out to try to shield the civilians as they exit the park in screams and runs.

Fantomex sees the trouble coming and immediately shifts into stealth mode, likely misdirecting the senses of those trying to keep track of him. Looks like there is going to be a riot after all.

He sneaks on the attacker he saw first, trying to grab the man and pull him off the mutant victim, and then smash his head against a nearby brick wall. He notes also who is running and who is fighting. Seems the metal man was a target, so hoping he knows who these folks are, the thief-in-white moves closer to Colossus and the Widow.

Black Widow takedown is picture perfect, every motion a lesson for any that would want to study martial arts. The hooded man was reaching for a holstered pistol, but he never quite gets there as he is forced to the ground hard enough that all the air in his lungs are forced out. His answer, in result, is a sharp string of Portugese curses as he reaches for a second weapon of his knife. Meanwhile, those 'selected' individuals that happens to include Colossus seem to be going under a change. Whatever was used seems to invoke incredible emotions which for those who have incredible powers? Is incredibly dangerous. One young woman's tears have long washed away her mascara and in fact she is crying so hard that the area is quickly becoming increasingly wet. Almost literally crying a river. Another man stomps and pulls his hair, and when he yells, it's like an airhorn blasting off.

The big metal man's primary emotion seems to be anger, senseless violence that has him turning and suddenly grabbing at Widow to pick her up and toss her. In one isolated corner, though, at least the Witch did not suffer the effects of whatever toxin could so overwhelm a person. Her 'mark' is thrown into a newspaper rack which he slumps bonelessly to the ground after collusion.

"Oh, no you don't," the Black Widow snaps at the Portugese swearing man, actually hitting one of the few languages she doesn't speak. She does put a stop to his attempts to get a hold of a weapon by striking into his throat, cutting his breath once again, as she reasserts her position. A quick survey of the area, the cries, the water, it tells her something, "mutants were your taRRRGGH!" She doesn't get to complete her sentence, when Colossus is suddenly grabbing her from behind, lifting her from the man before she can react. She does try to quickly adjust by locking her legs around the arm trying to toss her. If she's lucky, she'll stick around the big metallic guy, if not, she'll be sent airborne for an unexpected fastball special.

There were a lot of the innocents running off, Jennifer tried her best to blast bubble shields around them as they fled as best she could. But she was caught, arm snagged around the chest and syringe plunged within her neck, a shrill breath taken as arms go limp instead of fighting off her attacker. It was a struggle, her pupils widening like saucers.. shading from the brightest of blues to the blackest of blacks.. so much that the veins that remain beneath the skin start to bulge around her good eye to shift it black.

The enviroment was changing as a near fanged smile draws upon her lips, her arms lifting, fingers at a crook as she draws her sleeve upright. The red dragon imprinted upon her arm begins to move, the liquid bursting out of her skin to form a mist once it hits contact with the air.

"CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWL!" She howls out, the misted dragon doubling in size as it heads straight towards the white clad hero.

Easy target.

(He's the only one wearing pure white. So he must be good, right?)

Right. Fantomex is very example of a holy (French) knight. Truly a dragon's breakfast. "Sacre bleu!" He exclaims in genuine surprise. Only in mutant town he gets attacked by pet-sized dragons made of mist. He attempts to bat the thing away and pulls on of his guns, shooting at the man that attacked Jennifer. Natasha's own problems lead him to slide close to help her stand if she was tossed against the newspaper's rack. "Any idea of what is going on, mademoiselle? You came expecting problems, oui?" The man has a pretty strong French accent.

Colossus isn't used to having women hanging on his arms. Especially literally. Black Widow clamps down with the absolute desperation that comes with blood running hot and fast with adrenaline, the big man's anger briefly tempered by his bewilderment… but it does not last long, for a young man who is running for his life bumps into him and sends him back into his frothing rage. Oh, then there is a Mist Dragon and Colossus flexes every muscle to iron tension in his body and finally throws off Natalia.

With that, splashing through the crying mutant tear puddles, he charges at the Mist Dragon and brings down his hands in a double-fisted axe handle slam.

"Calm down!" Natasha snaps at Colossus, and though she managed to hang on to his arms, avoiding being thrown. Her attempt to switch position so she can get some kind of neck lock on him costs her dearly, the second attempt is quite successful and she's launched into the newspaper's rack, crashing through it and landing quite harshly. Helped up by Fantomex, Black Widow takes a quick look around and hisses a Russian swear word, before offering to Fantomex in perfect French «I think someone wants to make it seems like the mutants are a menace to society…question is who is pulling the strings. Try to subdue without hurting,» and true to her own suggestion, she fires a widow's line into a building and swings to save time, aiming her widow's bite for two shots, one at the crying mutant and one at the loud mutant, meaning to simply knock them out. She assumes whatever is affecting them will run its course and the affect will end. At least that's her hope.

The laugh that begins to broil up within her belly explodes into an echoing cadence, maddening by the sound but lacking the effect, Jennifer was all too ready to turn the town into a sea of blood. Her hand draws out, fingers snapping and pointing as those who try to flee were now zapped with bolts of magic, the loud little blasts knocking each person down with a varying amount of injuries; some being shocked to comatose and others burned and near crippled. She begins to walk, chairs and tables flipping as she blows them by, directing debris at every direction.

The Mist Dragon that surrounds Fantomex seemingly grows, attempting to encompass him whole until a majority of the mist was separated by the large, hulking metal man. The charge was enough to send the mist rolling, separating in all directions, growing even further and solidifying just enough to roll it's way back towards Colossus with breakneck speed to clash against him in a fight to the death.

"A menace to whom? This is Mutant Town," points out Fantomex. French accent sounds bogus to someone that knows French well enough. His shooting is top-notch, though. He took down the man that drugged Jennifer despite having to dodge a growing fog-dragon and the rampaging Colossus.

"Subdue how…" he glances Colossus. Nope. Then to Jennifer, that is being a mean witch and fortunately seems less invulnerable than the Russian giant. Besides, she sent the dragon after him. He runs after the blonde, trying to avoid the energy blasts to tackle her down.

A few of the operatives have been taken down, but the rest have made an escape into the chaos. Such is the nature of shadowy organizations with unclear motives and means. What is clear is that they did instill some chaos, and that Jennifer is an accidental genius who is probably due for a promotion if the whole burning people thing doesn't blow back up onto her career.

Bzzt, bzzzzt! The two affected mutants crumple to the ground just as Colossus and the Dragon collide, their impact a thing right out of a storybook. The large Russian is well known for his destructive capabilities. He's a bloody walking tank. He's never fought a dragon before, though, so his inexperience shines through as they exchange blows and completely forgets about the tail that whallops him across the chest and throws through the front wall of a nearby furniture store.

A second later, and a lazy-boy comes soaring out in retaliation!

Having taken down the two affected mutants, the Black Widow doesn't need more than a glance to tell the wild mutants at hand are using powers that are just a bit beyond her ability. What's more, they seem to be getting at it well enough on their own, so she takes the time to do damage control. Ensure innocents are out of harm's way, and get in touch with SHIELD to establish safety perimeter.

The Mist Dragon and Colossus were locked in an epic battle. Both of the beings were close to the same size and dealt an epic amount of damage to each other, though it appears the metal man was making good ways against the dragon. It's movements were slower, it wasn't as fluid, its visage seemingly flickers into a more solid state than not. It was losing it's magical capabilities and was promptly ignored by Jennifer as she sets her sighs upon the Knight in White.


Grass and debris were kicked up with each magical blast thrown in Fantomex's direction, taking a few steps back and nearly tripping over bodies until he leaps. Just when her lips were about to open to bespeak a spell upon him, he tackles her to the ground, knocking the wind out of her which has her coughing harshly and openly flailing.

That cruel interruption of magic actually causes the dragon to fall away, possibly in midstrike, into a trail of ink that splatters against the ground and attempts to slither away.

"Excusez-moi," offers Fantomex, dragging Jennifer down. "I am rather sure you will thank me later." Subdue without hurting, right? Well, he didn't shoot the woman. Good enough? Fantomex stands and drags Jennifer up, not giving her a second to concentrate, and tries to pin her against a wall, locking her neck with his arm, half-chocking her. But what he is blocking is the flood of blood to the brain, not the air. If he can held her for a minute, chances are she will faint.

Colossus slumps forward as the dragon fades, slinking away as an inky mess. He plants hands on knees, though he does not seem to breath, which might indeed be a matter of that his body in his metal form does not need oxygen. The silvery compound reflects the emergency crew lights that are swarming the area now and his pupils slowly return to normal as the sane mind struggles to comprehend the insanity that he was in the middle of.

Three officers, all armed with heavy weapons, bark commands that sound like nonsense to the Russian's sluggish mind but somehow intuition strikes and he slowly kneels and places hands behind his head in a sign of surrender.

Jennifer continues to struggle, it was clear that she lacked the strength to even go toe to toe with Fantomex, but as he begins to choke the life out of her, that simpering rage slowly fades from her eyes and she immediately goes limp within his arms.

Despite her being unconscious, the inky Dragon crawls up her leg, making it's way stealthily upon her arm so that it could return to it's rest, almost as if nothing ever happened.

DEO, SHIELD, and NYPD were on the scene for clean up. People were taken into ambulances and some of the culprits (at least two) were pronounced dead on scene. At least for once, DEO and SHIELD are sharing the crime scene, and exchanging notes thanks to everyone's 'Good Work'. (We're going to trademark that, because it's completely subjective.)

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