Oh, William

May 14, 2016:

Daredevil, Black Widow, and Fairchild fight against the forces of evil. In a church. Versus demons.

St. Patrick's Cathedral


NPCs: William Cannnavaro, Father John

Mentions: Claire Temple is hinted at


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"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned."

"What troubles you, Matthew? Is it something in your other life? You and I have been over this."

Father John always seems to know when the confession is about something in Matt's world, and something in Daredevil's. Like clockwork, Matt comes here each time the sacrament of Reconciliation is offered. He has a lot to atone for.

"I brought an innocent into this. I started trying to help, but I think I only made it worse." Matt reaches to his round, red glasses and straightens them on his face. One of the only nervous ticks in an otherwise stoic man.

But if Daredevil feels as though his life is a mess, things are only about to get worse. Because a hooded man in the back pews, in the main part of church is saying some prayers. That's normal. What's not normal is that they are prayers to a demon.

"Matthew you know—" Father John's words are cut off as he can hear the antique tilework in the main sanctuary breaking. "What's that?"

Matthew exhales and gets to his feet. He loosens his tie and his dress shirt revealing a streak of crimson underneath. "I'll go check it out." By the time Matt, now dressed as Daredevil, gets to the chapel, three hideous black demons, standing 8 feet tall a piece are glowering, while a shrouded man in robes stands behind them.

"Why are yo—" THWAP! As Daredevil begins to speak, a mighty hand knocks him to the side, and nearly through the stained glass. The glass breaks and showers the street corner, but the stone in between saves Matt from a nasty spill!

It's a -nice day- out. Which just makes the whole situation so much more surreal. Caitlin hadn't really noticed the ominous fellow sneaking into the front of the church, or the equally ominous choral music in gibbering Latin that went along with a sudden overcast, despite the lack of crowds.

But she -does- notice the fellow getting smashed through the stained glass window, and her eyes bug out. "Holy smokes!" she gawks. "Are you okay? What happened?" With a surprisingly quick dash and a short hop, she clears the hedges and reaches for Matt, leaving her bags full of takeout food behind on the sidewalk. "Can you— oh! Ack!" she squawks, spotting a looming monster fast behind him. She grabs Matt by the shoulders and with no more effort than lifting a baby, hauls him clear of those grasping fingers before he can protest.

Natasha has been in the area so to speak, clearly nothing at all to do with spying on Matt or anything like that, after all that would be rude. But when she sees a man getting thrown against the stained glass, shattering it into the street, she shoots a widow line down into the rooftop of the church, before swinging down, and rushing inside to check on who or what the man. The closer she gets, the more she realizes it is Daredevil who was tossed, and then she gets inside and sees the demons, "bozhe moi," she hisses, and though she has one hand resting on the pistol at her thigh, she's not entirely sure bullets will help. "Daredevil…care to explain?" She asks, finding herself just a bit outside her element.

As Daredevil is yanked out of the window and onto the street, he grimaces a bit. "Thanks," he says in a wince, and notices that his non-armored version of the outfit has taken a pretty bad scrape. And so has the area close to his ribs. A piece of red stained glass, ironically a piece of the 'wine' from the picture of the Last Supper is sticking in his side. He yanks it out unceremoniously and throws it as he gets to his feet. "Don't know who you are." Daredevil doesn't watch the news. "But I'm glad you're here."

"Is that the Devil of Hell's Kitchen?" one woman asks her husband from across the street. "Doesn't he usually come out at night?"

Matt can smell Black Widow even as she begins to approach. A sudden pang of humiliation hits him. He can hear what the people are saying, and then to have your ex see you flung through a stained glass window. He can imagine that all sorts of mental notes running through her head about silly Matthew and his religion. The irony is not lost on him.

"I wish I could tell you, Widow," Daredevil responds casually as he also bleeds casually from his side. "Three demons. Big ones. Not sure what they're doing here, but we'd better get inside." He "looks" Big Cait up and down and nods to her, "You're coming too, right?"

Back inside, now, Daredevil is running as fast as he can past those little pamphlets and notices that churches leave on the front tables trying to get people to volunteer to be greeters or CCD teachers. The vacuum kicks up a small stack of literature asking to help Father John in some family emergency. Which is also ironic, because as Matt arrives in the sanctuary with the others, Father John is being held up by one of the three demons and looking as though he is about to be lunch!

"Duh?" Caitlin asks, in answer to the question. She flashes a dimple-cheeked grin. "And miss a chance to hang out with the Daredevil? You're on my Instagram hitlist, yannow," she tells him.

She reaches to her wrist and slides open the silver-dollar sized bangle hanging there. Purple fabric lashes along her sturdy frame, sliding under her dress and becoming a form-fitting bodysuit. Standard issue for the JL:A. She peels her dress up over her head and tosses it somewhere it won't (hopefully) get destroyed.

"Hey, you're— you know you're bleeding, right?" Caitlin calls after Daredevil. Speedy dude had zipped off while she was doing her Superman imitation. Cait steps back a pace, then with a *hup!* leaps into the window, then lands on the stone floor of the building.

She breaks into a run that turns into a mad sprint. If there was hope of diplomacy, Caitlin's got too much momentum to let THAT happen— she leaps into the air from a solid thirty feet away, aiming a crushing elbow drop on Unlucky Imp #1!

"So you don't know…?" No doubt Daredevil can hear the derision hiding in Black Widow's voice, even if she's rather nonchalant about it. "Good thing you're a faithful man, Daredevil, looks like we're in your world," the Black Widow remarks, her attention turned to the demon holding up Father John, "time to check if they bleed," Widow snaps as she leaves little room for doubt, and draws, firing her pistol at the arm holding up the priest.

Daredevil skids to a stop once he sees Father John in the grips of the imp at the front. The demon stands next to the robed man who looks as though he's trying to say some sort of incantation. "Put him down!" screams Daredevil, obviously not doing well with the idea that the man who has served this community since Matthew was a little boy might get to meet Jesus on this day.

Just then, Caitlin crashes through, landing on one of the imps and driving him downwards into the hard tiles. Amid the fallout are broken pews and pieces of tile. And the demon shifts awkwardly under Caitlin's boot like the ranco did under that metal thing in Return of the Jedi.


Black Widow's aim is, as always impeccable. The shots spray black blood all over the nice white altar as the demon's head explodes like a blood sausage, leaving a mess on the floor. Luckily, the beast loses his grip and Father John falls to the floor. Safely. He scoots under the lectern in an attempt to shield himself.

"It would seem that way," Daredevil says to Natasha. He's more worried about John, obviously, but he knows he's not going to live this one down.

Incredulous, Daredevil isn't quite sure what to do. Then, off to the right: a tankard of Holy Water that the nuns use to refill the entrance wells. Gritting his teeth, Daredevil grabs the tank, unscrews the top, and runs towards the other demon at full tilt. As Matt is almost there it looks as though the demon is trying to conjure up some fireball.


The demon lets out a mighty roar as his skin tears away with the Holy Water. Innards begin spilling onto the floor and the flame goes dim.

"Higram, nosham, geles pirum. Higram, nosham, geles, pirum." The hooded figure is trying to conjure up something new now that his first three demons have not gotten the revenge he so desired.

Caitlin rides the imp down to the ground, then for good measure, punches it in the face. And ends up with her knuckles four inches through the floor. It's a messy solution, and Caitlin goes 'eugh!' and tries to shake ichor off.

She hears more nonsense chanting behind her and surges to her feet, spotting the man offering fell chants up in the middle of the Church. She scrambles to her feet, watching the demon melting away when the holy water hits it, the roars pealing off the walls.

"Oooooohhh gosh I'm gonna be doing penances forever…." Caitlin groans under her breath. She grabs the altar and lifts. It's a proper old Irish-Catholic slab of granite, loving engraved with all manner of holy scenes and icons, and it must weigh at least a half a ton if it's an ounce. She hoists it overhead like it's a feather mattress and flexes her arms at the chanting villain.

"Hey! You keep chanting, I start squishing!" Caitlin bellows at the man, as menacingly as she can. With those superhuman lungs, she is -loud-, too. It's like four cops with bullhorns. Thankfully she's not directing that voice at Daredevil.

A brief look to survey the scene, demonic creatures all seem handled, Father John looks safe if a bit hurt, which leaves the chanter. "Oh please," Widow snaps as Caitlin threatens the man. Sure, she's loud as Mexican karaoke at a Hacienda in midnight, but for her part, she knows people of strong persuasion can overcome such pain. Much like she is, when she's already shotting at the chanter's knee while rushing at him, leaping with her legs aimed to scissor lock around his neck, she aims to bring him down and prevent any further chanting. She's seen enough evidence that letting the man have time to chant can be lethal.

"Higram, nosh—" Abruptly the man stops and looks to Caitlin. As the hood lifts a little bit, she'll notice that he's just a boy, no more than 19. "How dare you steal my revenge from me," he says to her, deflated.


He would have conjured some other demonic creature, but he takes a shot to the knee as the blow brings him into a crouch even as he's screaming. Widow's scissor kick takes him around the throat and throws him. The next thing the young man can see is Daredevil looking over his face.

'William?' Daredevil thinks to himself, careful not to give away who he truly is. He knew this kid from the Youth group. This kid was on the basketball team when he was an 8th grader. Matt even went to one of the games. And none of this made any sense.

Caitlin does hesitate there. She's clearly got some compunctions about crushing someone under a half-ton of stone, even if he's potentially going to summon hellfire itself down on her.

Widow takes him down fairly neatly, though, and then Daredevil himself is right in the man's face. Caitlin looks a bit awkwardly left and right, then shuffles back and very carefully puts the heavy stone slab back atop the altar. She glances over at Father John, who is giving her a stunned look, and then nudges it another inch towards center.

"Sorry," she mumbles, looking embarassed. "I figured I needed a holy weapon."

Black Widow shifts position to roll up to her knees, with one knee pressing down on the chanter's throat, just in case he'll feel like chanting again, giving her the option to immediately cut out his air intake. She doesn't know William, and certainly doesn't care for him summoning anymore dmeons. She does look up with an arched brow at Daredevil, "he tried to summon demons, you really want to take it easy on him, Daredevil?" In the meantime, she holsters her pistol, the situation is under control.

"Gives a new meaning to God's word as a weapon against evil, Fairchild," Father John says with a raised eyebrow and a shrug before muttering under his breath, "Come to the House of the Father to do the Devil's work. Mess with the bull, get the horns, I suppose."

Daredevill tilts his head towards Black Widow, "Not particularly. I'm sure there's someone at your place of business you can call who takes care of people like this." Natasha will notice that Matt's doing something different with his voice. He's throwing it just a tad, making it sound even more un-Matt like. She may or may not pick up on the fact that Matt might know this kid. After all, Nat's a perceptive gal.

"Hey, I've never run into Demon demons before," the towering redhead says, a bit defensively. "Just parademons. …and ghosts once. And frost giants. And insane robots pretending to be demons," Caitlin says, rolling her eyes skywards and counting on her fingers. "And ninjas. Giant insects this one time… but never demons. But, y'know, I've seen all the TV shows and stuff, and they all say you need a holy weapon," she says, moving to offer John a helping hand up.

"Hey, so how accurate is The Exorcist? Do they really speak in tongues and throw up?" she inquires, with a completely sincere tone of voice.

Black Widow keeps William trapped under the pressure of her knee into his throat, as she nods at Daredevil, "there are places to hold him," she agrees with Daredevil, "the question is do you want it for him?" She has picked on something, even if she doesn't states it outright, her gaze shifting to Caitlin, "nothing holy about my pistols, they sure did the job well enough."

Father John gives his head a half shake to Caitlin as his eyes go a bit wider. "I've actually never been on one, but if I need to, I'm going to bring you with me." He gives her a bit of a wry smile and gets up to his feet with a bit of effort. He's old now, 82 to be in fact, though in remarkably good shape all things considered. He shuffles over towards Widow where she holds William at gun point.

"William Cannavaro," he says sadly. "I cannot believe what might possess you to do something like this."

Daredevil shakes his head slightly towards Widow. "I'm not sure, only that I'll want to talk to him more. If you've got a place we can borrow, I'd like to speak to him once he's had the chance to calm himself."

"Sure…but if I bring him in, chances are he won't get back out any time soon, if you want to give him a chance, now's your best bet," Black Widow offers, as she looks down into the boy's eyes, "I'm going to let you have a chat with Daredevil here, you try something, I may decide to end you." Sounds more like a promise then a threat, clearly, she's not bothered by Father John being right there, as she gets up and gives William some space.

"I trust he'll need a lawyer," Daredevil says absently. Unsure if SHIELD provides it's captives such an opportunity. He tilts his head towards Widow, but speaks to William. "I'd trust her. I've seen her do worse for less."

Father John sighs, "William? Why would you do such a thing?"

The young Cannavaro's eyes turn towards John and bely a terrible stare of hatred. William spits upwards, only just a bit of it gets on Father John.

"I'm afraid this boy had a very troubled time at school here. Family problems. Chemical imbalance issues," John says sadly as he straightens. "We tried to help him, but after he graduated from the high school we'd not heard from him." He looks to Widow, "He needs professional help."

Black Widow looks coldly at Father John, offering a very simple take, "with SHIELD he'll become a lab rat at worst, won't see the light of day at best. Not good prospects, you got a program that can assure he turns it around?" She asks, glowering at the boy, "you better snap out of it, this isn't a movie, and you're hurting your chances by being stupid."

William seems resigned now, to the fact that he's lost. "You just don't get it, Father John. You never got it. Sister Margaret…"

"Sister Margaret loved you like you were her own son, William. You know that."

"Sister Margaret…just…she. You wouldn't understand."

From his words it's not clear that William understands. And, in truth, he probably doesn't.

"I have somewhere I can take him," Daredevil says, not wanting the kid to turn into a labrat. Through his mind, Matt replays all the weird, nervous ticks, outbursts, and bitter talk he witnessed as this child was growing up. They'd tried to get him help, but it never seemed to work out. This is how that ends, it seems.

"I'll let you take him then, Daredevil, because I know you will do all you can to save him…" Black Widow offers as she turns for the doorway, "but if I run into him again, my promise to him stands…" and just like that she starts to head out of the Church, not even a goodbye offered.

"Nice girl," Father John says with a tilted head.

"Something like that," Daredevil says as he drags William to his feet.

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