Wing Spell

May 13, 2016:

Someones' tracking Astryd's wings … and Fenris' countermeasures enact.

New York


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Fade In…

Not so long ago, Fenris had determined that it was likely that Astryd's wings were being used to track her, and had taken measures. Measures that included countermeasures that when, not if, her wings were used again, there would be some nasty surprises awaiting.

The first indications that she's being tracked comes as she soars through a wooded area just outside of New York. Astryd likes to do that - feel the wind beneath her wings once in a while - and lately, she's been feeling the need even more so.

Sympathetic connections are difficult to disrupt. One of the very few near universal tenets of magic is that like calls to like which gives rise to one of the very few near universal practices of magic - the act of taking a piece of something as a channel to affect the greater whole.

The Old Wolf doesn’t have the ability to break those connections except by changing Astryd so much that she is no longer herself, thus making the connection meaningless, and since altering her being or more prosaically cutting her wings off is not on the table, he must look to other methods. His chosen technique is that of a hunter laying traps. He’s sure that whomever is tracking her will try to do so again and since they only have one way to do so he was able to attach several spells to Astryd - specifically to her wings - that will go off the moment someone attempts to do so. Those connections work two ways, after all.

The two most important bits of that spell alert Fenris that something has happened and open a ‘Way’ beneath whomever is casting to drop them at Astryd’s feet, literally. If she happens to be flying when that happens… well, the Old Wolf considers the possibility of pancake mage acceptable.

Fenris gets the alert, loud and clear, as a Way opens beneath the Raven and a frost giant falls through, starting the plummet to the ground. Fortunately, or perhaps not, the winged Goddess hadn't been soaring too high, choosing that moment to dive for the trees and test her agility out.

Still, the impact will make a big sound and … hole in the ground.

God Wolf Astryd sends as she banks back towards to where the giant fell. I have a visitor it seems, will you join me? As she approaches the place, she transforms to a tall, lean, blonde, as her feet touch the ground and she removes her torque which transforms into a spear decorated with ravens.

"Who … are you…?"

Fenris is already stepping to her, coming through with a blade in his hand like he just looted the Game of Thrones prop room, except this blade is wickedly sharp and for all it’s heft he wields it in one fist like a willow switch. It glitters cruel, bright silver in the light.

“Well well…” The wolf god murmurs as he comes through and the Way shuts behind him. “I wasn’t expecting a giant. A crone perhaps. A hag. A troll. Not a giant. You have some explaining to do if you expect to survive the next few seconds.”

The giantess looks up at Fenris and Astryd from her prone position on the ground and groans. It might not have been a big a drop, but it hurt none the less. "Hilog…" she answers the spear wielding woman before glaring at Fenris a little bit more.

"Should have known that you would interfere, Destroyer." her cold pale eyes show … hate. Not fear, not yet. "What did you do, enspell her wings?" Seems the giantess has a degree of talent.

"Explain what … " She's not going to make this easy, it seems.

The God-Wolf twitches his coat aside and draws the heavy, precisely machined revolver that Eight gave him long ago. His thumb draws the hammer back with an ominous click and he levels it at the fallen giantess’ head. “Or we can do it your way. I kind of expected the fall to kill you so nothing really lost I suppose.” Beat. “Last chance. Still feel like playing games?”

Hilog stares balefully up from the ground, slowly drawing herself to her feet, mindful of the revolver that Fenris aims at her head, remaining crouching for the time being. "I thought that much would be clear … We need her, we track her, we find her … "

"We know that she put it on and somehow removed it. It didn't take too much to work out that you would have done that. Which means we needed to resort to other measures to obtain her … pain." That should at least ring true.

It's then that Fenris should feel the shimmer of magic heralding a portal opening somewhere behind them and a quarrel swooshes past Astryd's shoulder. Just one more inch and it would have caught her. Which wouldn't be a problem normally, but both the God and the Goddess know … this group use rune inscribed weapons.

Fenris reaches out to grab Astryd, his gun suddenly tracking toward where he feels the portal. A long range attack or someone foolish enough to come through. There's an opening here. Fenris is a god. He's fast, he's dangerous, but he's also not able to be everywhere at once. He has to focus his attention on one thing at a time. And right now his attention isn't on Hilog. There's a chance here if she's brave enough to take it and quick enough to make it work.

We be unto her if she's not though.

The attack is both, a long range one followed by two elves carrying crossbows stepping through, closely followed by a fire giant.

Astryd is pulled off balance for a moment and turns to look at the newcomers, watching those crossbows carefully.

The elves take aim and fire again, aiming for Astryds arms and legs … they want her alive. Which also puts her back to Hilog for the moment.

The fire giant hurls rocks at the pair … and Fenris can see they too are rune inscribed.

Hilog, takes the opening, it's like she was waiting for it. Magic stirs and it reaches out, trying to wrap around the beleagured Valkyrie and secure her.

Fenris is still holding on to her wrist. He fires twice at the Aelves and then brings a blade up, standing between Astryd and the giant. He doesn't feel the magic of the attack from Hilog until it's already happening and by then he's unfortunately quite busy.He's going to have to hope she can handle herself. Otherwise this is going to get ugly and very quickly.

One Aelve drops and the second is winged, letting the crossbow dip for a moment before coming back up and aiming at the pair. With Fenris between her and the giant, Astryd turns bringing her spear up to Hilog as the magic grabs. "No…. " the blonde snarls at the frost giant, putting her back to Fenris, slipping her wrist from his grasp. With another snarl, the Valkyrie leaps trying to plunge her spear through the giants heart, disrupting the magic for a moment.

The fire giant lumbers forward, though he seems to have exhausted his supply of ruinic rocks … now, he's throwing anything he can find.

Fenris has actually sliced through one of the rocks. It looks impressive but it's rather infuriating. That giant has a good aim. He snaps off another shot at the elf and then lunges toward the big guy, sword slicing through the air. He's not in a mood to play. Ambush is one thing, two ambushes is quite another. It's clear they'd meant to take Astryd… so he means to end them. Messily.

Messily is good as far as Astryd's concerned. Her spear gets stuck in Hilog's chest for a moment and she has to wrench it out and is backhanded by the frost giant for efforts, falling back towards Fenris for a moment. With a shake of her left hand, her shield appears on her hand as her wings appear on her back … leaping again, this time into the air, she plunges down, spear outstretched.

The aelve falls, quite dead from the bullet, crossbow hitting the ground with a crunch. Fenris' lunge towards the fire giant, scores a hit, as the flames surrounding the brute flames high.

Fenris strikes. He often strikes with power but right now he's going for speed. Over and over and over again. Chest, legs, throat. Death by a thousand papercuts. He finishes off with the last three rounds of his pistol and whirls to support Astryd. His eyes are yellow and she can feel his mantle coming to the- there it is. His illusion of humanity tears and he becomes a wolf man snarling and bounding toward the frost giant.

The fire giant falls to Fenris' attack, bellowing out in defiance. It is not clean, it is in fact, rather messy - just as the God-Wolf intended.

As Fenris whirls and bounds to the giantess, Astryds' dive takes her into the Hilog's reach … and a blast of magic catches the Valkyrie, holding her immobile as bands of power start to form around her wrists and neck.

Fenris blades flashes in the air. He's not aiming at Hilog though. No instead he slashes at the magic itself, interposing his form between the Giantess witch and the Valkyrie. If she wishes to bind something, let's see how she likes trying to bind him. "If you value your life…"

As Fenris' blade slashes the magic, Astryd is cut free, dropping for a moment before her wings catch her and raise her up. Panting, the Goddess wisely stays behind the wolfman… grey eyes looking at the giantess sharply.

Hilog growls as Fenris breaks the connection and her magic flashes out again, at the God-Wolf. Not trying to bind, but to hurt and to maim

Maybe she doesn't value her life.

Fenris growls in pain. It hurts. So much. The pain spikes through him. It rocks him back on his heels for a moment. His sword and gun fall from his hands…

Then he leaps. Claws. Fangs. His mind has gone feral, or rather he's reverted to type. Smash. Kell. Claw. He starts to bite and claw and gnaw. He breaks her arm, snapping it in two as he goes for her throat. This is conflict at it's most primal, and most harsh.

As Fenris leaps, Astryd watches, waiting for an opening so that she can assist. Not that the feral God-Wolf may require it.

Hilog screams out as Fenris' claws and fangs take their toll, tearing into flesh - maiming. As his jaws close round her throat, the giantess flails at him … no match for the angry God.

Fenris shoves her to the ground, hand on her throat, claws bloody. He stops just short of killing her, but only just.

"Astryd…" He half growls half rasps. "Her life… is yours." If she wishes to dispatch her, Fenris will hold her where she is. If she wishes to talk to her… Fenris will still hold her down. There will be holding down.

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