A Complication of the Coaster Kind

May 13, 2016:

Barry and Kara have more fun than they bargained for at the theme park.

St. Martin's Island

St. Martin's Island bears the wealthiest real estate that can be afforded within the Uptown and Eastside neighborhoods. It is home to three theme parks, numerous public and private beaches, and the estates of many of the city's best known families.

Contemporary condominiums span along wide tree lined boulevards that radiate out from Swan Circle starting in Uptown only to spiderweb out. Several housing developments on the island have waiting lists stretching for 10 years or more.


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Fade In…

Fifteen minutes ago, there was a miniature, highly localised tsunami off the coast of Metropolis. To most of the world, it would be cause for alarm, if not in fact panic. But in the Big Apricot, it's just another Friday. Ten minutes ago, a group of criminals were delivered, wrapped in a fishing net, to the local authorities. And five minutes, well, five minutes ago, the Flash had a ride on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Coaster at one of Metropolis' three theme parks.

Barry wore a burgundy t-shirt with Darth Vader on the front. It said 'Empire' below and was done up in an art deco look. Unfortunately, he'd just stained the front of it with his slushie as some of it fell off the straw. With a sigh, he intoned, "Not fast enough there," he chided himself, and checked his pocket to see if he had one of those tide pens, "must've left them in my other pants."

It's a good thing no one could hear him talking to himself, or else he'd look pretty silly. But he was here, in Metropolis, and it was time to have a little fun.

Maybe it's a bit silly, but one of the few things that Kara spurges on are various Season Passes to the amusement parks in Metropolis. It's such an Earth thing, these theme parks, and the novelty of them appeals to Kara. So, she often pops in when there's a few quiet moments in her life. She was about to take care of the tsunami, but before she changed into Supergirl, it was already taken care off. More time at the park for her, she happily thought. Now, Kara's standing in line for the massive Titan, this particular park's biggest and most popular coaster. Kara's passed the 45 minute mark of an estimated 2 hour line time, but she's not worried.

Unfortunately, fate has a way of cutting in line.

From across the park, at the Superman ride (ironicly enough), there's a problem at the control panel. Lights are flashing, buzzers blaring, and the control panel is sparking as the ride operators are taling about 'cascade system failure'. More importantly, the brakes on the coaster cars aren't working, either. Screams of joy are turnign into screams of terror.

After excusing herself out of the line, Kara takes off for an isolated corner nearby to do a quick change. Because this sounds like a job for Supergirl. Or any Super family member, really, but at least she's going to be first on the spot.

Seeing that the Titan had a 2 hour wait time, Barry avoided it like the plague. He always had to get the Fastpass, Express Pass, or whatever each park called them. Waiting in line, he just couldn't do it, not without someone to talk to, to occupy the time with. It was torture for a speedster. So, if he wanted to ride things like that, he'd just arrange to arrive at park open, and then be the first one in line. But it was getting tougher and tougher to do that, with all the cameras around.

Across the park, something was going wrong with the Superman ride. But it didn't register. He had to hear the ever increasing screams, ones of terror as opposed to joy, before he reacted. And by the time he was aware of it, someone else had decided to intervene. Still, he might be able to lend a hand. Even as he saw Supergirl arriving, he changed and ran off to join her.

He put himself in front of the coaster, on the track, using both hands to try and keep himself in front, and down go his feet, rubbing against the tracks. Normally, that would shred his uniform, but the speedforce was a tricky thing. It protected him against such things, and he was able to harness some of the speed, drawing it into himself.

Siphoning off the speed of the coaster train is working, and Flash is managing to remove the inertia from the train. Unfortunately, it means the train isn't goign to have enough force to make it all the way through the upcoming corkscrew finale, possibly leaving everyone hanging upside down midway through. There's also the matter of the other coaster train sent off when the first one was halfway finished; before everything went haywire. Fortunately, the Girl of Steel has that problem solved. Flying down to the second runaway tram, Kara matches speed and starts to push against the train, using her strength as a breaking system. It much easier to stop than a runaway locomotive, and Kara has the second tram at a gentle stop with plenty of time to spare.

The Flash had been working on slowing the first train down, and he was doing a good job of it, but he wasn't slowing it down fast enough, so he ended up having to pull a trick that he hates to do, absolutely hates it. Those poor people. He stopped. He stopped trying to slow it down, he stopped trying to rob it of its inertia, he didn't do anything but vibrate himself, the way he would when he wanted to run through a wall, and let the train pass through him. It still had enough power for that, and once he was through, ghosting through so many terrified people, he began to push it, but carefully pushing it, giving it the bump it needed to get through the corkscrew, and once that was finished, he quickly got on the other side again.

The first time, time was of the essence. It was faster to let it move through him than for him to go around, but this time he could afford to take a brief detour, and not phase through everyone again. "Sorry about that folks, I'll have you out of this mess in a giffy." And true to his word, he managed to slow the train so that it arrived back at the station, as if it were a perfectly normal edition of the ride. Biting his tongue on making an air steward joke, he instead checks to make sure nobody needs urgent medical attention.

With her train stopped as well, Supergirl floats off from the train a bit, smiling and waving to the appreciative riders. "You're okay folks. I know you want to get out quickly, but please stay in your seats for your own safety and let the park personel assist you. I'm going to go check on the other train and make sure everyone there is okay too." With a final wave, she flies over to Flash and the train he had stopped. "Nice save, Flash. Everyone okay here?" Her question to the rideres is answered with applause, cheers, and the flashes of cameras. "Good thing you were out here too," she says to Flash with a smile. "Although aren't roller coasers a bit too slow for you?" she asks with a smirk.

Satisfied that no one's going to have a heart attack or anything like that, the Flash turns his attention to Supergirl, whom he has to look up to. Those fliers, always up in the sky. Naturally, if he were able to fly, besides by making a pair of cyclones with his hands, he'd probably be up there as often as he could too. "Always willing to lend a hand, or a foot, to Metropolis' finest." He gives her a salute and a bright smile to go along with it.

"As for the coasters," maybe he's saying this for the good will of the park, as he speaks louder so more people can hear it, "I'll be riding them as soon as the good people of this park have given it the all clear. Roller coasters are a reliable piece of technology and I fully support them."

With the park's emergency services, as well as Metropolis services, now arriving on scene, Supergirl looks at Flash and nods. "Well, let's get out of the way of the real professionals here and let them assists these folks. Meet you outside the park?" With a final wave, Kara zips off, heading for a secluded alleyway where she lands and gets back into her civilian clothing. She's easy eough for another speedster to follow, and it only takes her a second to being dressed as kara Kent again, adjusting her glasses and putting errant strands of hair back into place.

The Flash usually doesn't like people knowing his identity, he's awefully secretive about that, but this is Supergirl. There aren't many better pedigrees than hers. Plus, he read somewhere that Kryptonians have some kind of X-Ray vision, and if that's so, then she probably knows what he looks like anyway. Of course, he also heard that they can breath fire, and have a super sense of humour, but he hasn't heard anything funny on the news clips yet. All of this happens in a matter of microseconds, him weighing up his options, and deciding to join her in the alleyway. If she was a fast dresser, then his seemed almost instantaneous. Speedsters, what can you do with them? "I'm glad I could help. You have a nice town here, any idea what happened to it? Oh, and my name is Barry, by the way. Just in case." Yeah, playing it cool there Mr. Allen, really cool.

Supergirl is a bit more cautious with the secret identity, especially with a new hero she hasn't dealt with much. "Well, thanks for your help, Barry. You're definately a good man to have around. Have you ever thought about joining the Justice League? I'm sure Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel would be very interested in meeting with you." She's about to ask more questions, but then her phone beeps with a text message. "Hmmm…gotta go check on something." She sighs as she gets ready to change again. "Stop by the Hall of Justice sometime and say that I recommended you check in," she shoots back to Flash. "Great meeting you and hope to see you around…" Of course, Kara moves to another alleyway before changing, but in a second, there's a blue and red streak shooting across the sky.

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