Atlantis At A Distance

May 12, 2016:

Mera makes contact with Ulani to get an update

The Pacific Ocean


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Fade In…

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, near the Hawai'in Islands, the Wavebreaker sits disabled amidst the debris of at least one battle. The last one had seen four 'Kraken' class vessels bear down on the Wavebreaker and the little (well little in terms of Blue ships) ship had nearly not made it.

Not too long ago, days maybe a week, Ulani had sent an encoded communication to Atlantis, advising Queen Mera she had news. Of course, the message that Mera received was rather more mundane, using a predetermined signal the two women had worked out and knew to contact Ulani as soon as she could - no one trusted the standard communications network.

Ulani is standing on the auxiliary bridge speaking quietly with the comms and engineering officers.

It's been nearly a week. Mera HATES leaving message unanswered like that, but she's been busy enough of late to prevent her from stealing away to where she can 'speak' with Ulani via telepathic link. But finally, she has time. Taking a hydraport to a spot in the pacific well clear of most Blue settlements but well within range to contact the emissary, she finally does so.

Ulani. I received your message.

Mera will be accompanied by a squad of The Tide. The Atlanteans are aware that the conflict in the Pacific is escalating and whilst parts furthest from the front are stable, there's still danger of the Lords infiltration.

Feeling Mera's telepathic touch, Ulani looks to the officers she's speaking. "Very good. Continue with the repairs and work with the crew of the Viskars Edge to get us moving." Nodding, the Blue Envoy moves to a viewport, looking out into the murk as she responds.

Your Majesty. Thank you for contacting me. Are you well? I have news of the war that I would share.

Mera idly watches some fish passing by as she replies to Ulani. Well enough. I hope that the news is good. For her own part, the only real news she could relate would be easily summed up in four words: same shit, different day.

The touch on Ulani's mind reveals two things, a slight amount of amusement at the question and extreme weariness. Of everything though, Mera can detect that the Blue Envoy is open to her and should she wish to delve a little, she'll meet no resistance.

Depends on how you look at these things, Your Majesty. Comes the Ulani reply, the amusement colouring the tone and overriding the weariness for a moment. The Blue Fleets continue to engage the Lord of The Deep on these fronts and have been successful in mostly keeping it at bay. Which is saying something, really. When I sent my missive, I'd not long returned from a mission to seek out Attuma and garner his aid in this war.

Mera will know that Attuma is a force to be reckoned with and that Arthur may have, does, have concerns on the man.

Attuma. Things are truly that desperate, then. Did you locate him? What was his response? Whatever concerns Arthur has Mera would very easily understand, but she's also very much aware that they need every bit of help they can get. Even from a known wild card.

Images start to display to Mera. Ulani isn't doing it on purpose, but she's remembering the quest and what happened.

The Underwater city of Haverleigh and the massed wilding tribes that would number in the two to three hundred thousands. More a shanty town than anything else.

Fighting Attumas' guard to prove their worth and the fierce pride she felt in besting one of the best of them.

The hull of the ancient (like 1500 years or more) Atlantean cruiser renovated to be more like a great hall with chambers hanging off it.

The Wild King and his overwhelming charisma.

We did, Your Majesty and it took some talking and //personal guarantee from myself that I would mediate with the Lemurians, but he … has sent his wilding forces to aid us. And not a moment too late, I might add.//

That is reassuring to hear. Arthur might not think so, but truly it is. The ONLY way they're going to successfully push the Lord of the Deep back is by unifying their forces. And this new alliance was a crucial balance point. Of course, if Attuma dares to doublecross them or the Blue, Mera will take it upon herself to render him into plankton-feed.

As they talk, Mera will pick up how … concerned, Ulani is about giving her personal oath to the Wild King. Yet, Mera is correct and the next set of images show how Attuma's forces arriving at the scene of the battle absolutely turned the tide.

Rowan and I are still uneasy, Your Majesty. Attuma wanted concessions. I did my best to minimise them, but politics is as it ever was.

How goes the Atlantean front? Mera knows that Atlantis is hard pressed, yet. The Lords reachers and mutates harry their borders most days.

The same. There are almost no days where there is not an attack somewhere along our borders. I … am not sure how much longer our armies can maintain this level of vigilance. There are already the first signs of mental and physical exhaustion. In Arthur more so than anyone else.

If it's any concession, our Surfacer allies appear to have rooted the Psychic Nodes from the Tri-City area. They are now seeking further afield.

Ulani sounds tired through that psychic link - underscoring Mera's concern for the Atlantean troops. If Mera picks up anything, it's that Ulani is driving herself. The only rest the Blue Envoy has had is when she's healing from the last set of wounds.

There's a moments silence, sort of - Mera will detect vague things, as the Blue Envoy speaks to a crew member about repairing the comms system.

My apologies, Queen Mera, things are happening here. We are planning a consolidated push, involving our Surfacer allies. I hope that Atlantis can spare the troops when it happens. Really, it's going to be an 'all or nothing' pitch.

I will personally pledge as many troops as possible. And I will lead them myself if need be. And if it turns out that she's the only Atlantean that can rally to their aid, so be it. She'll work with that, too.

It will be appreciated, Your Majesty. Particularly now we have Attuma in the field. There's the faint inkling that the man laid down a challenge regarding Atlantis but Ulani is too well trained to say anything.

I will keep in touch as I can. Is there anyting else? The Blue Envoy sends to the Atlantean monarch.

Considering briefly, Mera then responds to the negative. Not at the present. But I will be sure to send word should that change. Currents favor you, Ulani. And good hunting.

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