Breaking Wavebreaker

May 09, 2016:

The Wavebreaker comes under attack from 4 'Kraken' class constructs. Is this the last stand of the Wavebreaker?

Pacific Ocean


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Fade In…

Boom. Crack.

Alarms are going off. The light in the med bay dims. Rowan has never been in water form. He can't, it's a genetic… failing of his. He hopes greatly that the Blue diplomat can hear him. "Ulani! Ulani wake up!"

Boom. Crack. One of the bulkheads gives slightly. An engineering team rushes in to try to keep the entire bay from collapsing or flooding.


"Ulani! Wake up!"

Ulani can hear in her water form and this time she wasn't so badly injured that she was comatose, but still she was sleeping deeply, letting her body heal from the last ordeal.

There had been so many recently.

At Rowans' call though, the Blue Female, comes awake and tries to work out what's going on, still in her water form. "What…."

Boom. The ship shakes again. One of the thankfully empty recovery tubes shatters.

"We're under attack. The bridge is smashed. I need you out of there if you can move." Rowan says again. Smoke pours out of something behind him as the engineers struggle to contain a fire. "Come on Ulani!"

Ulani was already 'reforming', as her senses finally caught up with her. Stepping out of the tank, she looks to Rowan and starts moving, shifting the water from her healing tank onto the fire … hopefully that will help contain it.

It's only then she looks at the shattered recovery tank "Thank you. Are the others out?"

"I don't know. We're not leaving yet. We were ambushed on patrol. Comms are down and the waters outside are swarming with sea creatures. Marines are just barely holding them off. You're the highest ranking officer on board." Rowan looks out the door. "Auxiliary bridge is that way, Elite."

Better get moving.

It's the Elite that really hits her and Ulani nearly glares at Rowan before letting out a deep breath and moving quickly, but not rushing, towards the auxiliary bridge. "Status reports." she all but snaps at the others there as takes up position. "I understand the comms are down. What's the status of the vessel and personnel."

A glance to Rowan "Tell me, the medbay was cleared of patients before you woke me."

"Hull breaches on three decks. Waterbenders are keeping the ship stable." Blue Ships don't have to worry about their crew drowning in the ocean but the intake of water makes them unwieldy and compromises internal systems. The crewman at the helm is struggling to keep her on course. "We're under attack by four 'kraken' class seabeasts. Primary battery is at fifty percent capacity. Secondary battery is off-"

"Secondary battery back online." One of the weapons officers reports. That would be 'battery' in the naval sense and not the electrical one.

Rowan looks over at the view out. "They came out of nowhere. The escorts got zoned away from us. Don't know where they are now. Sensors are pretty limited."

The ship rocks again.

"Orders, acting captain?"

Orders? She's a damn diplomat and a soldier, a commando at that, not a Naval Captain. Commanding a ship is very different to commanding a group of six other elites. "Well I don't suppose we can talk them to death." That's her preferred approach.

Looking at the viewport, the Blue Female shakes her head. She's so not ready for this. "Where's my comms officer or their replacement?" beat "Target the secondary battery on the beasts and follow up fire with the primary."

"Rowan … you'll be needed in the water after this barrage." If the primary is so low, that's a concern.

Rowan nods and leaves the bridge. The ship shakes as the batteries open up. Coruscating energy blazes out from nodes along the ship, ripping into the swarms of sea beasts around them. The primary battery then fires. Two of the ship's four main projectors are down but the two that are up slice gouges into one of the Kraken and lop several tentacles off.

"Communications here Ma'am. I'm still getting nothing but static."

"Gunnery, ma'am. One of the Kraken is peeling off. Two more are bearing dead ahead. They're readying weapons."

"This is Rowan." The speakers crackle to life. "I'm in the water."

"Follow the one that's peeling off, Rowan." Ulani has a bad feeling about that one. "Fire again, and keep firing on those two. Update on the marines in the water?" Regardless of how nervous or flustered she feels, the Blue Envoy folds her arms behind her back and stands straight.

"Comms, try different frequencies. Are we being jammed? Or is there really nothing else out there?" Now, that's an interesting point "Where are we?" Did the escorts get zoned, or did they?

There's a thrum in the water that Ulani can hear in the bridge as Rowan darts off after the cracken that's peeling off. Soon he's lost in the comm and sensor scatter.

"Hard to say ma'am we're pretty damaged. Let me try…"

The speakers crackle to life. "Wavebreaker. Wave-" Static "This is the destroyer Viskar's Edge. Respond please Respond."

"Incoming!" Helm shouts as the Kraken ahead open up with some kind of torpedo like spike.

"Evasive manoeuvres, Helm. Brace for impact. And for the sake of Apollymi, fire again, get that thing away from us." She hopes that whatever shields the little vessel has, they'll hold. "Weapons status." The primary must be nearly depleted, the secondary following closely.

As the comm crackles to life, the Blue Envoy glances to the comms operator "Get a signal out to them, now."

Rowans departure gets scant attention, he's seasoned enough to know what he's doing. Isn't he?

"Primary battery is-" The ship lurches to the left as Helm wretches the controls trying to steer them out of the way, but with the damage already sustained it's impossible. One spike just misses but the other impacts dead amidships just aft of the auxilairy bridge. Bulkheads slide shut to keep the water out until waterbenders can turn the flow back.

"Firing!" One of the attacking beasts is caught by the primary and secondary batteries and simpyl breaks apart, torn asunder by energy.

"Primary batteries are dead. Work crews are on it. Secondary batteries… I don't think we have enough to kill that thing. Your orders?"

Ulani is thrown forward, getting her arms out to brace herself just in time as the vessle is hit. "We don't have to kill it. We just have to disable it." the Blue Female pushes her hair back from her face. "Comms have you made contact with Viskars Edge yet?"

If this was her squad, they'd just charge.

"I'd say retreat, but that's not an option so we're going to sacrifice this vessle. Rig the engines and get everyone out, I'll stay, keep it on track. The explosion should finish the beast." She … hopes.

Viska's Edge do you read. Repeat do you read.

Recieving Wavebreaker. Be advised we are closing in behind you. Standby for support. As Ulani's crew scrambles to carry out her orders a pair of large energy beams lance into the beast and cause it to tilt and drift. It's hurt. Not dead but hurt.

"Ma'am… secondaries still have one good volley left…" Or they can ram the thing and blow the ship.

As the Viskars' Edge responds, Ulani gives a sigh of relief. "Belay that order and fire everything we have at it." If need be, they can still sacrifice the Wavebreaker if needed.

"Relay my regards to the Viskars Edge, Ensign and advise them there is still another creature in the vicinity." Her eyes are still fixed on the view port. Where is Rowan and the other creature he was pursuing. Right now, if this was her, it would be a rather lovely time for an ambush.

There's a series of audible thrums off to the right something is slamming something else hard. Rowan's work perhaps?

The secondaries on the Wavebreaker open up, punching holes in the Kraken's armor. Something within it explodes and rips it apart like the others. Fuel? Something? Hard to say.

The tension goes out of the bridge crew palpably when they report no further contacts.

"Locate Rowan." Ulani had felt that ultrasonic thrumming and hopes the Blue Warrior is well. Relaxing only a little she looks around the makeshift Bridge. "Status. How fare our marines? Comm open a line to the Viskars Edge."

She's resisting the urge to get out there and go find the Dragon Blue herself. There's mop up, to some degree to be done here … and whilst she might not be a naval officer, she knows her duty.

Dragon Blue. Rowan please come in, Rowan. Comms and sensors both report back. "Still nothing. We're sailing blind here with out the Viskars' Edge, though."

Another thrum echoes out and the speakers cracle to life again. Rowan here. I'm alright. Scratch one monster. The crew breathes another sigh of relief.

"Thank Appolymi." Ulani breathes as Rowan reports in "Return to the … vessel, Rowan. We're three down here. Keep a weather eye for the Viskars' Edge." Turning her attention back to the Comms "Have you got me a line to that ship yet?" and then she remembers "Well done, everyone. You have my regards." Praise. Goes a long way.

"The Viskar's edge is closing in behind you, about a quarter of a mile aft. She'll be along side you in a few minutes." Rowan responds. "She'll probably beat me there. I'll be inside shortly."

"I assume comms are still down?" Ulani idly wonders about that. Had the vessel taken damage or was there something more to that. She'll find out in due course, she supposes. "Get engineering working on shoring the Wavebreaker up. Engines first. Have the waterbenders stabilised the rest of the ship?"

She can't help herself though, look back towards the airlock that Rowan should be entering by.

"Ship is stable, yes Ma'am." The engineer calls back. "Comms should be online in a few minutes. We'll work on the rest soon, including seeing about extricating any trapped crew." The Wavebreaker is going to be immobile for a while yet, but at least she's not gone.

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