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May 09, 2016:

Cait and Cindy start their date off right by visiting the greasiest hole in the Wall.

Patelli's Pizzaria

One of those classic New York hole in the wall Pizzaerias.


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Mentions: Super Girl, Captain Marvel


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Fade In…

It's the day of the Big Date, and Caitlin and Cindy are at Patelli's Pizzaria. Caitlin had spent an inordinate amount of time picking out her outfit the day of— staring at her four or five shirts and pant combinations, and looking completely flummoxed.

Carol had solved it by taking Cait shopping for something new, leaving Cait the proud owner of a lime-gree dress. The halter top flows into a long, asymmetrical dress hem, almost on the gauzy side, with a pair of strappy green wedges. It's a cute summertime ensemble, if a bit on the breezy side.

"So um… how'd you find this place?" Caitlin asks, looking around. It's a greasy hole in the wall, with five tables and a view right into the pizza oven. So, naturally, the pizza is one of the great gifts to mankind, dripping with grease and cheese. Caitlin's opted for a calzone that's slightly larger than an NFL football and loaded with almost everything on the menu.

Cindy Moon smiles, absolutely beaming with pride! Normally, Cindy wouldn't dream of bringing Cait (especially dressed like that) to some dingy place like this, but Patelli's had a special place in her heart and she couldn't consider anywhere else for a special day like this! Even if, well, a small pang of regret had crossed her mind as they took their seats. You know, since this happened to be the same exact table she broke up with Albert at eight years ago. Awkward. "I grew up a couple blocks down, Patelli's has always been important you know?" She asks, an absolute ball of giddiness as she shakes an inordinate amount of crushed pepper flakes on to her pizza.

"It's terrible, I know, but welcome to New York." She adds with a grin, placing her hands on her knees and leaning forward as she scans Cait once more. Really, she can't get over how lucky she is right now, especially since Cait even made /her/ look a little under dressed.

Cindy is a bit more demure in comparison to Caitlin, wearing an airy red top with lace stitched to the bottom, the color nicely contrasting her pleated black skirt and black thigh highs. There's just the smallet bit of pale flesh exposed between skirt and thigh highs, mirroring the gap between her top and the skirt. She even has her hair done up today! A nice fanciful bun with braids holding it in place, and two decorative stick ornaments as well. Really, Cait should be impressed that she's the most 'feminine' of the two here.

"I like it. They don't skimp on the cheese." Caitlin takes a big bite of the calzone in a fashion that's wholly at odds with her ladylike garb, chewing hungrily and fighting a giant strand of mozarella that refuses to separate properly.

"Unf, and honestly I think pizza needs grease. More the better. Then again, I don't seem to gain weight anymore, so—" She shrugs at Cindy. Much like every other superhuman on earth, Cait's metabolism runs at 1000%. "So, uh… what do you wanna talk about?" Caitlin asks Cindy, setting her calzone down and giving the spiderling a slightly embarassed smile.

Cindy Moon is so lucky to be dating a woman with graces like Cait's. Look at her! The way she demolishes that calzone, the grease on her lips, that tiny strand of cheese clinging to the corner of her mouth? Rrrawr. "Right? Every day after practice we would swing by here." She remark, patting her stomach and thanking god for hockey practice and a strong metabolism. "For sure, I didn't expect a Non-New Yorker to /get/ it." There goes Cindy, playing the New York card.

And then there's that question, which Cait tosses right as Cindy took a massive bite of pizza, the smaller girl holding her slice aloft with several strands of cheese still connecting her mouth to the gargantuan grease boat. She'll give Red an odd look, her cheeks puffed out as she's put on her toes. Quick, come up with something Cindy! While… You look into her eyes and chew awkwardly.

"Mrmmpghhngh, Mmmrm?" She asks intelligibly.

Caitlin laughs gaily, covering her mouth at Cindy's antics— the spidergirl' big eyes and puffed out cheeks. Her shoulders fall back and forth, and she grins wide at the dark-haired woman.

"Sorry. Uh, okay, you're chewing, soooo… um, let's see. Uh… well, … um."

"Video games? You game, right?" Caitlin asks Cindy tentatively. "I still play Warcraft. I got into it a few years ago, I'm still totally hooked. I can't raid as much anymore 'cause heroing, but Friday nights— that's my jam, uh, yo."

Cindy Moon is very good at looking like a hamster when she so chooses, not that she really knows that all that well. But none the less, mrphmrmrmrmrmchewchewchew. But none the less she'll tilt her head and cock a toothless smile to Cait as she looks for something to bring up. As Cait starts going on about warcraft Cindy *finally* swallows and takes a massive glug of her soda. See, you're not the ONLY one who can be a glutton miss sasquach. "Huh? Oh yeah! I got a wii recently." She starts, only to furrow her brow.

"That is *such* a stupid name." She adds as an aside before tkaing a deep breath.

"Pokemon was my thing, and I like uh… Smash?" She asks, rolling her eyes upwards as she leans back in her seat.

"… Did you just say 'that's my jam yo?"

"I've been in a bunker for eight years and *I* don't say stuff like that."

Caitlin pinks and kicks Cindy insincerely under the table. "Oh, like you're so cool," she mutters, taking a quick bite of meatball.

"I do love Pokemon. I'm so excited for Pokemon Go," she tells Cindy. "You watch, I'll be wandering around town with VR goggles strapped to my head trying to capture them. It's gonna be so awesooooome," she says, wiggling her hands and making a mini-squeal.

"Wiis are pretty sweet. There's some great games for them. I have a friend with one, not you, but another friend. I kinda want one, but I feel like I should save up for a new computer. I'm still using my tablet for everything."

Cindy Moon ows, twinging a little as she jumps in response to the kick. "Well, if you /say/ so, I guess I really am that cool." She shoots back with a sharp nod to herself. Cindy the Cool. "Wait- You do?!" Cindy asks, perking right the hell up as Cait professes her love for all things pocket monster, this is really a huge reveal to Cindy, because she carries some very hefty pokemon related baggage. "O-Oh! We'll have to talk about our teams and what our favorite pokemon are and you so- *so* would do that Red." She giggles, only to cock an even wider smile as Caitlin continues. "Hah. You said Wee."

"Charizard, duh," Caitlin says, spreading her fingers and shrugging eloquently. "He's a bit underpowered at the first gym, but y'know, once you get rocking and rolling he's just a -powerhouse- fighter. And then, um, I always end up with a Geodude for some reason. Oh, and a Haunter. 'cause Haunter and then, like, Psybeam? Scary good," she remarks with a knowing nod.

She digs at her calzone, but the structural integrity is about over, so she reaches for a fork and knife. "But, I don't have much time for it anymore. Too busy with stuff. And I'd really like to go back to school, but… I just don't know if I have enough time."

Cindy Moon grins, only to snort once more. "You *would* like Charizard Red." She teases, as if there were anything wrong with liking Charizard! "I like Glaceon, and staryu." Cindy remarks, not mentioning the Staryu pillow currently sitting on her bed. Though, that would be a great way to invite Caitlin up the- Cindy! Shutup! "I can't belive you're into Pokemon, you're like- the only person I've met in the last year who knows anything about them." She gushes a little, pushing away that idea a she places her hands on the table.

But then Cait mentions school and time, and she gets the smallest nod from Cindy as she leans back once more and sighs. "I… Really feel you there Red. Between the avengers and the Fact Channel and looking for my family, there's… There's no time in the day you know?" She asks, thinking back to the all the bar and dance nights she missed with her friends so she could go kick butt. "I… I can't imagine going to college like this."

"I'm on -two- teams," Caitlin says sourly. "The Avengers and the Justice League. And I've got like… Instagram responsibility, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm helping Diana with her plane, and Carol's rebuilding this old WWII fighter, and I'm just… and that's not even counting -work-. Dr. Richards is at least pretty cool about me taking time off for hero stuff," says, stabbing some meatballs with a fork. "And I'm salaried. Downside there, though, is that we do pull thirty-hour days some weeks when we're in the middle of a lab cycle we can't walk away from."

Cindy Moon frowns and puts a hand out on the table towards Cait, giving her a sympathetic smile. "Yeah, Jonah would /not/ be ok with me taking work off." JJJ was a great guy and had really helped her out up to this point! But, well, she didn't even want to think about what his bad side would look like. "But… Hey, bright side… People depend on you." She smiles, closing her eyes. "And don't let yourself ever forget how important that is." She adds, as if it was directly quoted from memory. "And hey, as long as you make time for me and bad pizza, *I* don't have any room to complain."

"I'll do my best," Cait assures Cindy. "Carol says this is the worst line of work to be in for dating, though. I mean, I don't know how people even date, let alone get married or somethin'," she says, with a wrinkled nose. "Between stupid stuff like work and then superheroin' and mind controlled and god knows what else, it's easy to screw things up."

She frowns suddenly. "…wow, I don't even know if -Kara's- had a date lately."

Cindy Moon cocks a half grin in regards to Carol and dating. "Yeah, *that* sounds like something she would say." Only because it was pretty much what she told Cindy yesterday. Just much, much scarier. "And right? I look at all those people in real, actual commited relationships? And it's just mind boggling! I could barely hold that down in high school and now I have to do /adult/ stuff and /undercover/ work and it's like- who even has time?" She asks, scooching some in her seat. "Kara?" And there's the question, honestly, she knows too many people that run around in tights and underwear to remember all of the names.

"M'bestie," Cait explains, piling some pepperoni onto a load of cheese and rolling it into a bite of food. "She's the best. Super pretty. Blonde, because God mocks me, and she's like… tiny, but not super skinny. Figures I'd get a bestie I can't even share clothes with," she grumps. She brightens immediately though, pointing at her head. "But! She did give me this hairband," Caitlin says, gesturing at the plain back band holding back the bulk of her head and letting her bangs flare over her brow.

Cindy Moon sounds like the opposite of Kara really, except for the tiny thing, Cindy is /very/ tiny after all. Fairchild is only, oh god, a foot taller than her after all. "I thought /I/ was the best, I guess that' what I get for not being blonde." Cindy remarks, making a motion as if she were tossing her hair, but you know- bun stops that! Though, Caitlin gets a grin and a nod a she continues. Though, Cindy will suddenly screw up her nose and tilt her head to the right. "W-Wait a second… You have /friends?/"

"I'unno. Kara can fly. That's pretty awesome," Caitlin sighs, with dreamy jealousy.

She blinks and looks at Cindy, shrugging fitfully. "Well, yeah. Kara, Carol, I text Johnny Storm sometimes, um… Kate's taken me shopping a few times."

She blinks. "Wow. I -do- have friends. That's kinda crazy," she giggles. "A year ago, I barely knew anyone."

Cindy Moon flinches! He-Hey! She was teasing you! DOn't make her feel bad for teasing you! And to say nothing of the fact that that's about the same number of friends she has at the moment too, and she seems hardly as bad off as Caitlin in the 'crazy' department. "Well, a year ago I was still locked away, so things change for the better right?" he asks with a gentle smile, reaching her hand out to Cait. "And flying's overrated, webslinging is where it's at."

"I can't even do that," Cait complains, wryly. "I have to, like… jump. Which is fine in the countryside, I guess, but it really annoys people if I land on their roofs or stuff. You just can't get a good running jump here without messing up the roads, too," she oberves, twirling mozzarella on a fork and spearing several pieces of meat and breading. "I landed on a roof of a research lab, and I missed a girder, and fell through two stories before I caught myself."

Cindy Moon blinks, and then purses her lips. "I- Yeah, when I hit roofs I kinda just… Go splat." She remarks, clapping her hands together for emphasis. "Same for walls." She remarks, nodding a little bit to herself. "And I haven't been yelled at for jumping from building to building yet, though, I did run into a couple once…" She remarks, cringing and shuddering as she makes a face. "Friendly neighborhood silk just dropping on by and killing the mood…"

"Well, they shouldn'ta been snogging on the roof," Caitlin mutters, in helpful protest supporting Cindy's position. "Rude. It's public space. And with everyone either planting a garden up there or flying a drone, that's kinda selifsh, isn't it?" She finishes her calzones and sets the plate aside, reaching for a milkshake and neerminding the near pound of food she just ate.

"Is- is shop talk okay?" she asks Cindy a bit nervously. "I know it's not all we do, but sometimes it feels like it's all we do. I just don't wanna bore you."

Cindy Moon plays with her finger a bit, chuckling somewhat about the drone joke. "Yeah! I agree, I should have been mad at them." She remarks, only to blink a bit and peer down. "I- Yeah, we do talk about work a lot huh?" She asks, bitting her lip and furrowing her brow as she glances away. "I mean… I guess, I guess it has to do with you being the only one I can vent to about this stuff." She mumbles, rolling her eyes upward as she works through the thought. "Like, you're the only one who gets it and that I'm comfortable being… A little exposed with." She would /never/ talk to Captain Hunk about this kind of stuff, or Boo Radley.

"I'm… yeah," Cait agrees, softly. "It's not like it's easy. And we can't just talk about it with anyone." She hesitates, then squeezes Cindy's hand across the table, a dimple appearing as she smiles at the smaller girl. "But it… means a lot you'll talk to me about it. And I'm okay with it if you are."

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