Smoovie King or Die!

May 10, 2016:

Things go bad when Wonder Woman stumbles on a nest of vampires - bad for them, at least.

Smoothie King


NPCs: Various vampires, and a couple in Distress!



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Smoothie King.

Never will you ever find a more wretched hive of hipsters and overpriced food. In life - Jubilee had a very strong fondness for smoothies, and in undeath, well… crimson eyes lurk upon the smoothie king as she lurks on the roof of the next building over, in her stealthy yellow raincoat, sunglasses on the top of her head.

She didn't really need the sunglasses. The sun had crept over the horizon like an hour ago, and she chews on her lower lip with a fang. What she was looking for, what she was waiting for? The Night Shift of this particular Smoothie King.

And there they were - dressed in those silly uniforms and others. But those who /knew/ could catch that crimson glint in their eyes, and the smell of death and magic around them. Vampires. Vampires ran the Smoothie King.

But /why/, that was the question.

Jubilee puts her chin in her hand, and stares down at the place with half-open eyes.

What misery can lurk behind the bright lights and fruity flavors of this place?

The thing about being a political diplomat -and- a costumed hero was…one kept weird hours. Sleep was a forgone conclusion but fortunately for Diana, getting tired was pretty much impossible. Amazons were generally tough and tireless, but being blessed by a pantheon of deities didn't exactly hurt either. Dressed in a knee-length skirt, a shirt and a jacket the dark-haired woman looks like any other official type out and about late at night. A pair of glasses on her face in a 'tip' given to her by a friend and Wonder Woman doesn't exactly look like herself. But that's sort of the point, isn't it?

Weird hours were basically the norm for one Jubilation Lee.

Helped when you were a vampire. As it was… there was… something about the woman walking by. Something that caught her eye - and the eyes of the creatures of the night working the Smoothie King stand. They purse their lips, and find an excuse to kinda slip into the back.

Jubilee… it was something about her heartbeat, the way her blood smelled. There was something different - something ~Wonder~ful about that woman.

Jubilee steps forward, and off of the side of the building - kipupping from a windowsill, backflipping perfectly, and landing in a squat on the street below. In spite of whatever difference she might sense, in the end, she just looked like an official type, uh…

"Just wandering around tonight?" offers Jubilee, lifting a hand in a wave to Diana as she approaches the other, smiling so wide her fangs showed.

Most people probably do one of two things when they see bared fangs. Run…or start talking about a certain dreadful book series. So the fact that Diana seems to do neither is probably a little suprising. She'd been in Man's world and with the league for nearly 6 years now…after a while she'd pretty much met her quota on 'strange stuff to see'.

"Walking home," the Princess says slowly, sniffing the air lightly and turning her gaze towards the smoothie joint. Her enhanced senses can pick up…something, with the crowd and with the woman in front of her. Those fangs the girl offers sight of lends a pretty big hint. "You're out awfully late yourself."

Well, and Jubilee wasn't baring the fangs in a 'rawr arr' sort of manner, more a… they were there, and she was smiling wide sort of thing. Of course it might be intimidating, but Jubilee was also short - and one imagines that Diana was kinda on the tall side of the force.

"I know it's kinda weird, dead of night, people coming up to you, you might be thinking - 'Am I being set up for being mugged?' Or… 'Is she crazy?'" A pause then, and she kinda glances left and right. "No to the first, and possibly yes to the second. I'm Jubilation Lee," she says, offering her hand. "And I kinda… have a condition. Night time is the best time for me."

"And basically, I guess why I was down here? Stay away from that Smoothie King after dark. It's… uh. They use bad fruit." A nod of her head then.

"I'm not worried about being mugged," Diana comments calmly, adjusting the stap of her handbag lightly. Six years, but Wonder Woman wasn't quite as good as some of the other masked heroes out there for that whole secret identity thing. "Condition?" she repeats, eyebrow raised and sniffing again as the scents from the smoothie joint hit her enhanced senses.

She's practically expecting the metallic sting of blood to catch her nose, but if it does and if it's human? Wonder Woman exhales and starts to walk the direction of the smoothie stand.

There was a bit of human scent on the wind. That metallic sting of blood drifting upon the breeze. Subtle - you would have to be looking for it - and it appears that Diana was. "Eh, yeah. I tan way too easily. I get a rash," says Jubilee, glancing over her shoulder.

"S'why the night shift, right?" Glancing over her shoulder down the way, Jubilee pauses as Diana turns back towards the smoothie stand. Holding out her gloved hands as if to stop her, she tries to kinda step forward in her way, backpedaling. "Look, really - there's better smoothie stands down the road, this one, I'm kinda…"

She pauses. "…watching, to see things, you know?" she says. "I mean, you look like you can take care of yourself a little, but this place? Seriously bad juju."

One of the vampires inside of the store, for that matter, had stepped back to the front counter, crossed his arms, and leaned forward against the register - eyes flashing crimson as he watches the two outside. There was hate in his eyes for Jubilee.

If she wasn't a little stubborn, she wouldn't be the champion of the Amazons. Diana does hear Jubilee, but she's still walking towards the counter. A fan of the direct approach it seems. Pushing the door to the store open, the dark-haired woman clamly sets her handbag down by the door and walks forwards, straight past any of the customers that might be waiting and towards the man behind the counter. She already knows he's a vampire, the common scent on him and Jubes prety much announced it to her at this point.

"Your 'stock'," she says calmly, looking the creature dead in the eye without so much as a moments hesitation. "Where does it come from."

Jubilee had the sense - well, the height difference and the strength difference kinda added to that sense - that getting in Diana's way was a bad idea. But still… as far as she knew, she was a human walking to a nest of vampires.

Jubilee's cover was blown anyways, and the vampire behind the counter was giving her a long, wretched look. There weren't too many customers this time of night - no one in line, although a couple were sharing a smoothie in the corner table, near the window.

The creature ignores Diana at first, pressing a button on the counter. Only then does he turn his eyes towards Diana, narrowing them.

"Our fruits come from naturally sourced, free trade organic farms, or something like that. That's why they're so expensive," he says, jerking his thumb towards the menu.

"Try again Dracula," Diana says calmly, wielding that well-practiced 'having none of your shit' expression that only royalty can possess to such a degree. Folding her hands, Wonder woman tilts her head to one side and looks between the patrons. She's talking low enough that she wouldn't alert any potential mortal civillians that might be about to get caught in the mix, but it wouldn't take much for her to go louder.

It was probably a good sign that she hadn't attacked Jubilee the moment she'd learned what she was, suggesting her issue wasn't that a vampire existed but that the blood they were feeding on might belong to harmed innocents, taken unwillingly. "Where is it coming from?"

No doubt Wonder Woman's enhanced senses had picked up on the trap that was starting to go down. The button that he had pressed, well… there were now a gang of about five people outside, just… hanging out for the time being. Very casual as a general rule, they looked like they had absolutely every reason to hang out in the street. Two gang looking types talking to each other, a homeless looking type leaning against the door, and a pair of girls that looked straight from the club.

They were casually hanging right outside the door, and they smelled like blood.

"Alright, you know what? We get our blood from snoopy people who ask too many questions," he says, two more vampires appearing from the back room. Jubilee takes a step back - lifting her chin towards the couple at the table. "Uh, guys? Could you go by that wall, please? Like at the side over there?" she asks, gesturing towards a corner. They looked at her like she was crazy.

The cash register vampire pulls a machete from under the counter, and tilts his head to the side, giving Diana a look - a look of red eyes and obvious fangs that he probably felt was intimidating. "You can scream anytime." He informs her. "Fear makes it taste better."

Most people might actually scream, or at least look startled by a literal monster brandishing a machete at them. But Diana Prince was hardly most people… She smirks at the man before she raises her arms almost like she were about to surrender.

Then she slams her wrists together and all hell breaks loose.

The flare of lightning at that range simply shreads her disguise in a single burst, civillian clothing blown to ribbons in a dramatic reveal of her costume beneath while the glass of the store windows shatters and the vampire closest to her is almost certainly blown across the room.

Standing in the middle of the mess, Wonder Woman rolls her shoulders with a light pop and then gestures towards the vampires whose trap had probably just 'snared' something a lot bigger then they were expecting. "All I needed to hear."

There was something to be said for being /there/ when Wonder Woman changed.

Jubilee kinda felt that Diana could take care of herself - and no doubt her and the other vampires wondered, wondered if Wonder Woman was actually /real/, if she were a figment of legend by now. There was something to /being/ there when the lightning struck, and the legendary form of Wonder Woman was there.

Everyone, including Jubilee, stood agape.

Jubilee was the first to recover. "Oh. My. God." she says, with full on astonishment. "They're not just vampires, they're like death cultists, and…"

And nothing. After the shock of the reveal wore off, cashier vampire felt he had one chance - just one chance, to end this before he started. He swings for the neck of the Amazon princess with that machete, hoping to strike home - fast and sure, before Diana could get started. The other vampires? Four of them start clambering in through the door of the shop, keeping it more or less nice and neat in spite of the shattered glass. The fourth? One of the gangster types? Was running for his dear life.

Although the two club girls were chanting in something that sounded like ancient Egyptian. If Diana knew such a thing.

It wasn't all lassos and poses. When the blade comes slashing at her throat Diana's moving, moving at speed the vampire probably hadn't anticipated. Her bracelet catches the weapon not made to stand up to Zeus' steel and it shatters harmlessly, but the Amazon is already lashing out with a savage punch to the creature's chest that would probably snap a human being like a twig. Turning her head towards the couple even as the rest of the vampires come pouring in, she yells over the chaos. "Get out of here!" She can only hope they do just that, because she certainly seems to have the bloodsuckers' attention.

The two women chanting are heard, Diana might even understand them to a slight degree, but Jubilee's call of cultists probably means magic. Magic was an unknown she doesn't really wish to deal with. A sound of rope cracking like a whip and the glowing golden lasso on her hip is slung towards the two 'club girls', wrapping around them and pulling tight to try and slam them against each other.

When one becomes a creature of the night, they tend to give up a few things. Squeamishness at the sight of blood. Daylight. The need to breathe. And in some cases, morality.

But every vampire that Jubilee ever knew did need one thing still. They needed an intact ribcage. Diana's mighty punch slaps cashier vampire against the wall after his blade shatters, the man holding onto his hilt with a death grip. Now, things got serious.

One steps up unto the counter and leaps up towards Diana - leaps up towards her as the lasso wraps around the chanting 'sisters' and bashes them together, interrupting their spell. Fingers turned into claws, he hopes to leap unto the Diana. Which left the third uniformed one pulling a pistol from under the counter - Diana could no doubt hear the click of the safety as the creature flicks the thing off.

Which left two vampires unaccounted for. Gangster vampire and homeless one. Gangster vampire likewise had a pistol, and was aiming it at Diana. Homeless vampire was faster on the draw. His shotgun was out from under his coat in a moment, and with a squeeze of a trigger, sent two barrels of buckshot Diana's way.

Well, and a third vampire unaccounted for. J to da Lee. Grasping both civilians by their scruff as they started running /away/ from the windows towards the wall, Jubilee was hoping to kinda drag them down and against the wall, hoping to kinda duck and pull them away from the fight at hand. Of course, they were screaming.

Maybe Jubilee intended on eating them?! Oh noes!

Diana can only hope that Jubes wasn't going to eat the two, because she sort of had her hands full here. Even as fast as she is, Wonder Woman is hit by the first swiping leap of one vampire that tackles her, planting her feet just in time to stop herself from ending up knocked onto the ground. That'd be bad, there's too many of them to wrestle with on her back even for the Amazon Princess. The shotgun blast is something she heard, the world seeming to have slowed just enough for Diana to twist and throw the vampire trying to maul her into its path before she pivots on the spot when those first few pistol shots fly, each round pinging off her bracelets with such smoothness one might believe she'd done that trick a million times.

She probably had.

Usually this was the part where she'd tell them to surrender, where her time with the league would stop her from killing…but these were vampires. They were savage, they'd killed…and they were already dead.

Diana moves in a blur as her lasso is released from the pair only to lash and try to snare the shotgun-vamp, a vicious twist of her arms and wrist-movement tightening the lasso to neck-snapping levels in an instant.

+MEET: Death has arrived via +meet.

Jubilee actually wasn't planning on eating the two. Eating things was generally a struggle for her, and, like all good vampires, she had to try to figure how just who was appropriate to eat and who wasn't. Triad gangers were her typical feast. But.. uh… yeah.

Dragging those two people out of there, Jubilee was pretty sure that these guys would have totally taken her out, which was why she was watching, initially, and planning.

Of course, if Jubilee was ~Wonder Woman~… but she wasn't. Shooing the two guys away, Jubilee kinda turns back towards the smoovie shop, and ducks low, her boots crinkling against fallen glass as she nears.

No doubt such things were last on Diana's mind. The once-tackling vampire is tossed into the blast, the majority of pellets eaten by his form - he doesn't die, but his 'ow' is incredible as the blast propels him back Diana's way, missing a chunk of his side. The two pistols in the room do open up and fire - those golden bracelets do catch the light - sparks flaring in the dark as one of the bullets was deflected into the light in the ceiling, more sparks flying down as darkness descends.

"What the hell is she? What is this?" asks the homeless vampire with a hiss before the lasso makes him hiss no more. Seems vampires still needed necks, too. Although he would probably get better - so hard to kill these things. Biting back curses, the remaining two standing vampires were trying to flank her - one in front, and one behind, both pistols starting to fire. Although the weapon clicks for the one in front, and he glances down at it - he needed to reload.

A shotgun blast. A sound that always signals trouble of some kind, unless you are visiting your uncle on the farm anyway. He starts to run, his seven foot long scythe held securely in his hands. It only takes seconds for him to arrive, a sonic boom shattering windows and near deafening people as he slides to a stop. His enhanced sense of time allows him to process the situation in a split second and then he is moving again. Deaths demonic red eyes are seen over the shoulder of the reloading vampire for just an instant before a massive scythe blade cleaves in between the vampires shoulder blades jutting through his chest for a couple of moments, polished silver dripping blood slowly to the ground before Death rips his scythe sideways nearly cutting the vampire in half.

Wonder Woman is fast. In flight she can break the sound barrier at a push, her hands can move fast enough to deflect automatic fire with her bracers…and yet Death's entry suprises even her as she turns towards the vampire in time to see the scythe rip the undead thing apart. For a moment the Princess is startled, mind stuck somewhere between trying to work out if she's looking at another monster…or if Hades himself was paying her a visit in some new duds. Both thoughts pass quickly however as the vampire behind her fires again and Diana swats the bullets away with a loud ping before she steps forwards.

Having some woman in an outfit that others had occasionally pointed out looked less like battlewear and more like the costume of a patriotic stripper advancing on the undead doesn't generally sound like a recipe for intimidation, but the mess around them speaks for itself. Then again, Wonder Woman doesn't actually NEED to rely on intimidation.

A snap of her wrist and the lasso comes spooling once more to snare the vampire survior before it glows bright once more. "Speak creature. Where are your bretheren hiding? Where are your victims?"

The vampire didn't need to breathe. But he still gasps when his chest erupts with the blade of a scythe. The silver is probably what does it, though. The vampire starts to dissolve before their very eyes, starting from the heart that the blade severs, heat and ash melting from the wound as the vampire's eyes roll up into his head.

And with a truely final gasp, he expires.

At this point, there were two vampires disabled in some way - machete-vampire from the start, who had the broken ribcage and was gasping against the wall as his body knits itself together, and the one wrapped up in the lasso. The two chanting 'club girls'? They were scrabbling towards the exits - away from Diana and the new arrival.

The vampire gives Diana a triumphant smirk, before he speaks. "We live in the sewers beneath the city, it's a… large operation. Our victims are in the back, in a locked room hidden in one of the supply closets. The key is in Frank's pocket," he says, his features twisting to something akin to shock that he revealed so much.

Who was Frank? The burnt, ashy Vampire who was scythed to death had a nametag 'Frank', at least.

Not one of them can be allowed to escape if it can be helped. Death seems to vanish to most normal senses as he starts to move again going after the club girls. They will not be allowed to prey on innocents again. His scythe lashes out the blade coat hangering one of the women as she tries to escape, her head parting from her shoulders as Death yanks the scythe blade back towards himself with all of his impressive strength. Well impressive to those that are not amazon princesses anyway. The other vampire does not get much further as the blade slams into her chest with all the force of someone moving at just subsonic speeds, lifting her from her feet before crushing her back into the ground again. Withdrawing his weapon from the body Death shakes it to clear the majority of the blood before slowly walking back towards the amazon.

"The key…" Diana begins to speak, turning in time to see Death moving and taking down the two cultist women with brutal efficiency. There's shock, plain on her face before makes a quick flick with her wrist and the lasso tangles to bind the 'snitching' vampire in full.

"That was…unnecessary," Wonder Woman says slowly to the masked man with the bloody scythe while she bends a knee to fish around in the ashes for the key. She's an Amazon, a warrior trained from birth in battle and death itself is a fact of life in their ways, but her time with the league and the apparent youth of the pair had given her pause. They -had- fed people to monsters and were death-cultists, but there was still a niggling difference between killing the undead and killing humans.

"Was it? They are undead monsters who prey on innocent people." He looks back towards the humans as he pulls a black cloth out from his pocket and runs it over the blade of his scythe mopping up the blood coating the shining weapon "And those two were not much better, some people out there just need some killing. And people who worship things like this and go out of their way to help them…well i count them amongst them." Death shakes his head slightly "So they live in the sewer huh, good to know. Guess i will have to regear before heading down into their den. If you are going down there Princess and you are vulnerable at all to phosphorus i would be careful. I will probably be slinging a fair bit of it."

"There may be more of them down there then you can handle, no mater how fast you are or how many you reap." Wonder Woman says as she retrieves her lasso from the downed vampires and moves to rescue the civillian trapped within. "They may have more captives down there, cattle or food. You risk burning them too if you simply throw fire down a hole." The Justice League founder wrenches the door handle, probably snapping the door open and completely negating the need for a key. "You will need help if you intend to rescue them."

A pause, Diana turns in full to face Death. "You -do- intend to rescue them?"

"Of course. But i have no idea how many are down there. And in close confines there is only so effective my speed and weapons can be. I will need something to create space. And little does that like Phosphorous grenades…" Deaths sentence trails off. "If they really do have missing people, or cattle as they call it. Of course i intend to rescue them. I may feel no mercy for monsters, but that does not leave me completely devoid of compassion. Not that many get to see it." Death places the head of his scythe on his shoulder as he looks the amazon woman over. "However with your strength giving me room, we may be able to do this cleaner."

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