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May 09, 2016:

More rehab and an unexpected visitor… ends with Babs and Tim catching up on oh, so much.

Hamiltons' Gym - Gotham


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Rehab. More of it. Now that she's mobile, Babs has to work on balance and coordination or she'll be a mass of tennis ball sized bruises if Kane has anything to do it. On top of that, she's also got to get used to fighting again from a standing position - given she's fought so long from her chair, and then only infrequently.

It's a good thing she lives in a gym.

Down in the workout area, dressed in loose yoga pants and a tank top, the redhead is going through her forms with her escrima sticks. More fluidly than last time, but there's still a stiffness to her movements.

It's easier to get into the gym when a person knows how. Tim Drake, rather than Red Robin, strolls into the workout area of the gym. His relaxed jeans, black flack leather jacket (which has definitely seen better days), and red t-shirt peeking out from beneath the coat all make him look like a college student rather than a vigilante crime fighter.

Tim leans against the wall upon entry, and his head cants to the side to watch for a few beats. "So when did you start," he's not exactly sure how to be polite about it and so he's just blunt, "standing again?" His cheeks puff out with exhalation of air.

And then, blazing past the question, he adds, "Your form is good. I know it's been awhile, but — looks good." He clucks his tongue, "'Course, your Batgirl days — " he shrugs. He'd always been a long-term fan, Babs knows that.

Of course, Tims entry was heralded by the state of the art security systems, her green eyes flicking to the large screens even as she moves. This type of distraction is paramount - until she knows who's going to handle overwatch, she's going to have to do it herself.

There probably really isn't anyway to be polite about that type of question and the redhead quirks a smile at the young man, still flowing through the forms. "About two months, give or take? It's sort of an experimental technology, nanotechnology in the base of my spine to repair the damage."

"My Batgirl days are starting again … I hope, I'm up to it, that's all." Turning, she looks over as he leans by the wall "What brings you by? Social visit or ?"

Tim's lips hitch up on one side into a lopsided grin. "Well it's good to see you more vertical. Definitely wasn't expecting that." A single dimple craters his cheek. The question, however, prompts his arms to fold over his chest and he hmms quietly. The question, while probably not meant to be a thinker, seems to trip him up.

"A bit of this and that," he answers somewhat cryptically. But then, with a small shake of his head he admits, "Been doing some digging into this whole druid, murder thing. Thought maybe I could do a bit of extra research." He shrugs. "Also, to catch up a bit." His eyebrows draw together, "Seems I missed… a bit."

"Neither was I, to be honest." Babs completes her routine and lowers her escrima sticks, taking in the young man she thinks of as a brother. "There were a number of things that prompted me to up Bruces offer, though."

"Tea? or would you rather work out a bit while we talk? There's a bit to catch up, most certainly. Most pressing is Steel City and what Kanes working on." Kane, not The Fox …

"Well it's good to see you're taking to new reality. Again," Tim's eyes flit to the side. He tilts his head, "Oh? What prompted you?" A glance is given to the gym, but for the first time, tea wins out. "Tea would be good, I think." He clucks his tongue, "But I could work out if you'd rather — " he shrugs.

He arches an eyebrow at the name. "So, you're good friends with this fellow, huh?" His lips press together tightly.

"Tea it is then. I can take a break." Babs stows the sticks in her chair, as Babs Gordon she'll use that for a long time yet. As Batgirl - not ever. Guiding them to the kitchen, the water goes on to boil and she sets out two mugs, turning to look back to Tim

"What prompted me? A number of things, really. The Joker shooting Pepper when we left lunch one day, The Birdwatcher, a gun to the head in the Clocktower, being targetted by a supernatural being, the team being spread so thin, we're just coping, Bruce asked and the technology used actually made sense…" she sighs softly "… I… was starting to feel helpless again."

"Good friends? With Kane? Yes. I think so. I'm not really sure how it happened, but he's been here … a lot … whilst I've been recovering." The tight lipped look gets a questioning one in return.

The questioning look is met with a small shrug. "Just checking." There's a pause. "Intuition is actually a thing for me, you know?" As if that explains all of Tim's questions and thoughts. "I know that all of you think of me as incredibly methodical, but intuition is just method with dexterity. It's not that I haven't done the method — it just gets faster. Deduction, investigation, intuition… I think they're actually more related than people give them credit." Which, in its own way attempts to side step questions.

"And I'm glad. About the recovery. It'd be good for you to be on the ground again. Although," he lifts his head and stares upwards as they shuffle to the kitchen. "I'm sorry things have been spread so thin here," he adds quietly. "But, it's nothing you folks can't handle." He manages another lopsided smile.

The water boils and for the moment, Babs attention is on preparing the tea. Once the mugs are filled and steeping, she turns back "Intuition. Yes. Some would call it gut feel. It's like I sometimes feel when I see patterns forming. Still, I often stop to check my reasoning."

Tim hasn't answered the questioning look but the redhead will leave that alone for the moment. She might not be quite prepared to answer some of the questions the young man has either.

"Not on the ground yet, but getting there. Going to have to practice ziplining again and work out my gadgets. I'll never be a Cass in terms of fighting, I never was - but I think quickly. Like someone else I know…"

"Us folks? I'm recruiting you, Tim. We could use the help and I, we, need assistance. Besides … you're family." Handing a mug over, the redhead takes her own and makes her way to the table. "You will help us, won't you?"

Tim chuckles at the comment about Cass and fighting, "Yeah, there's no question I'd ever be as Dick or Jason when it comes to fighting. I can get better though." For a moment it seems like he might say something else and instead observe, "I'm getting better. Slowly. Every day."

"Maybe someday I'll measure up there." Pause. "Probably not. Dick is basically a professional acrobat." He shrugs and stares at the steeping tea. "As long as you folks still want me back," he offers with a simple smirk. His jaw tightens a bit, and his eyebrows draw together, "Been thinking about enrolling at Metropolis U," a definite change from his schooling in Gotham, "but I'm always onboard."

"Don't measure yourself by others." Babs fixes Tim with a stern green look "I'll be using my own skills, things that others aren't as strong in. You do the same too. As a whole, we'll be stronger for it."

"Didn't I just say - I'm recruiting you?" the smirk is returned. "I've already given you access to the systems. We … need you."

Taking a sip of her tea, the college gets a cant of her head "Metropolis U? Why not. You've already broken the pattern, keep it up. Don't come back to school here. With the upgrades I've made to the OracleNet, apart from travel time, it doesn't matter where you are and I … monitor a lot of things these days."

Watching him, Babs is quite happy letting him drive the meandering conversation, enjoying the quiet catch up - even if there's a lot to impart.

"It's not about measuring up; just about being better. Every day." Tim stretches and then finally takes a sip of his tea. He nods slowly, "Metropolis isn't that far. So I don't think that'll be an issue. I'm just what transfers in. And I'm betting I can get in. Just find myself drawn to Metropolis these days." He clears his throat and then notes: "And I'm betting I can get in. Probably."

He rubs his eyes, "Anything new on the Steel City front? Seems like it warrants a lot of time and attention. And I won't be back to school until the fall at the earliest, anyways. I'm likely to live with the Titans in the short-term." His eyebrows draw together, "Sort of missed my old room." Pause. "Well, both of them, actually. Haven't been by the house yet. Want to make sure," he doesn't finish the thought. "Just things to think about."

"Drawn to Metropolis?" Babs hasn't missed that clearing of his throat. "Any particular reason?" The question is mild, but she's a suspicion "Of course you can get in. On your own merit, but … should you need it… " she gestures to her computers. It is her stock in trade after all.

"Crime is still rising in Steel City. Kane managed to interrogate Circe but we haven't analysed that yet - so I'm loath to say anything there. But… I've been following the police in SCPD, got some people for you to check in on."

"System: SCPD File 89alpha, display" the screens display three people. Another improvement to the OracleNet "These are three members of the SCPD who seem to be making a difference, they bear watching." beat "The first is Tony Wethers, the interim chief of police, the second is Phyllis Crowe a beat cop really and the third is Nathan Gates, second in command to the chief. They've all been making a difference over there."

"Curious," Tim's tongue rolls over his lips. "I'll dig a little deeper on all three. Good old fashioned surveillance almost always pays off." His eyes sparkle with unspoken mischief. "Maybe Tim Drake will just go for a visit to Steel City. Weirder things have happened. I think dad had some business he invested in there," and so does Tim by proxy. "Or maybe I'll stick to my night job." He chuckles.

It's almost an afterthought we he notes about Metropolis with a small smile, "There's… just good things. All around there." His smile grows and he chuckles lightly.

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