The Trees Are Revolting

May 09, 2016:

Russ and Tai are out hunting when they come across a strange and overpowering scent from a nearby elementary school. It has been overrun by plant-life not of this world. There they meet Rahne Sinclair, who had been following the same scent…

Calvary's Tree Catholic Elementary School, The Bronx, New York


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Fade In…

The night's hunt has been… uneventful, for the most part. Jack Russell — A.K.A. the Werewolf By Night — crouches with his vampire-hunter friend, Tajana, atop an apartment complex in the Bronx. He is in wolfman form, his snout turn into the wind. The weather is quiet even if the city itself is not — New York never is — but thus far, his attempts to find other werewolves have proven…


Then another scent — something unlikely to be found in the heart of a city like this — catches the werewolf's attention. "This way, c'mon," he barks, and then bounds away toward a building, a school building, that… appears to have grown a forest or jungle around it overnight.

Plants with flowers that do not appear to be of this world — or at least this era — have taken over the playground, the basketball courts, and some of the structures. There is movement also in amongst the foliage: creatures seemingly made of wood, and others that move on two legs like children, along with certain 'forest animals'.

The scent coming from the flowers is… potent. The wind is going to carry it far. So where is everybody? In the car-park are two police vehicles completely overgrown with plant-matter, and the 'buzz' of magic hangs heavily in the air…

Tajana turns from surveying the area behind them and follows after Russ with ease. A few leaps, and a midair somersault and the lithesome Romani is landing silently in a crouch at the Wolfman's side. "I know I am new to this country, but this is.. strange, yes?" She watches a child-like wooden being moving about with interest.

"Mmmm.." Tai wanders closer to one of the flowers, large and red with petals that appear as if they would feel like the silk blouse she is wearing.

The dhampir reaches a finger towards the blossom but stops just short of touching it. She can feel the power about the area. It would not due to accidently drug or poison herself, even if the effects aren't likely to last for long. "It is a lovely bloom is it not?" Tai turns from the flower and heads towards the police cars. Are the lawmen still inside? She doesn't think it bodes well if they are. She can see no movement.

Though she's got no association with magic, no affinity or feel for it, the effects of whatever's taken place at the playground have drawn Wolfsbane to the area. Mainly, it was because of those strong aromas the breeze brought along to her, already in the area for some other reason. "Whit's this, I wonder?" she asks herself.

"Och..!" comes another reaction upon witnessing all of the growth, the foliage and flowers, but especially the apparent creatures or beings that are visible. Closer to the basketball courts, the wolfen woman in her costume treads carefully at first, something about this causing the hair at the back of her neck to stiffen and bristle.

"Shit, Tai — don' touch th' goddamned thing!"

Russ bats his friend's hand away from the blossom, although his discomfort might be coming more from the overpowering aroma — which is giving him a headache this close to it. "There's movement in there…" he mutters after a few seconds to paw at his snout in irritation. "Ugh, fer cryin' out loud…wait."

A new scent has the wolfman's nostrils flaring and he turns his amber gaze to the side, peering across the grounds at… a certain wolfen woman's heat signature. "I don' believe it…" he murmurs before going in that direction.

"…welcome to the Hotel California… such a lovely place…"

Meanwhile, a car radio comes on in the car-park right next to the playground where Rahne can be found. There is a body sitting in the driver's seat, unmoving, but vines like tendrils have found their way from the school into the parking lot, and into the cars themselves. Flowers growing on the vines (inside the car) suddenly unfurl and a vine causes a windscreen to shatter.

"…such a lovely place…"

"I wasn't going to touch it! I just.." Wanted to. Rather badly. That is actually kind of weird. Russ is right, she should be more careful and Tai pauses in her stride to the lawmen's cars and returns to the Wolfman's side. She'd rather stay close to her friend. The thought brings forth a mystified but happy grin. Despite her years, many for a mortal, few for one not, she's never had a friend before.

Tai watches Russ with concern as he paws at his nose. "Someone is singing?" The car window suddenly shattering startles the dhampir and she jumps to the side, hands going for the daggers hidden in her leather boots.

Oh how she misses being able to carry her sword. It is not so easy to hide here in the cities in the states. So many laws and regulations about the length of one's blade. Tajana grins. There's got to be a joke there somewhere and she's sure Russ knows it but now isn't the time. Her eyes scan the area searching for the owner of the voice. "These things are beautiful, a deadly kind of beauty but beauty all the same." She murmurs softly.

If that scent is bothering the werewolf, it's surely doing a number on Wolfsbane as well. Her nose wrinkles, a sniffle following, and she has enough wits about her to subtly adjust the level of her shifting back enough that the smell isn't quite as bad, but it's still troublesome for anyone going around with any sort of enhanced senses, and she hasn't 'turned hers off' all the way.

While Russ has taken notice of Rahne, the same isn't quite the case as the sound of the radio draws her attention toward it and the sight before her leads to eyes widening in apparent shock. "Saints preserve me," she whispers more to herself than anyone else, instinctively flinching and taking a half step back as the vine bursts forth. There's another second of hesitation that follows before she replaces that step with more of a full one forward, somewhat crouched and ready to move at a moment's notice.

That's when other voices draw the wolfen woman's attention toward the pair, and she simply stares.

"Well, I'll be a Transylvanian tavern wench!" Russ quickly glances aside at Tajana and adds: "Ya know, one o' the ones with th' big — ," and he gestures with both clawed hands to his imaginary breasts. For just an instant, he appears to have forgotten the danger of this aggressive forest coming from inside the school, and is more surprised to find another werewolf.

One that isn't feral.

"…livin' it up in the Hotel California…" the radio continues to croon amid static from the channel and being knocked by the vines growing in the car.

"Jesus, that /smell/…" Russell paws at his nose again, having been just about to ask Rahne a question, only to be thwarted by these flowers. "What'reya doin' here? Ugh, goddamnit!"

The writhing vines suddenly go still.

Very still.

A small group of Spriggans — diminutive humanoids about the same height as Rahne is, seemingly made of animated wood — emerge from the school building with the most foliage (the science lab) and stop at the playground. Watching. Their eyes glow green, and they stare at Rahne, Russ and Tai as if they were intruders.

"…what a nice surprise… bring your alibis…"

Tai grins at Russ and nods. She knows. "You know, this one time I-" The vampire hunter pauses and watches in concern as Russ rubs his nose. Her senses are enhanced as well but not quite to the level his are. The flowers smell spicy and sweet to her, intoxicating really. Not to the point of headache or danger, yet at least.

Before she can pick up the train of thought Tai notices Rahne and then the emerging spriggans. "What the hell is that? It looks like something from one of those video games we saw those kids playing in that last coffee shop. Damn, bet those little dorks would wet their pants over this." Tajana smirks in amusement at the thought and fishes her cellphone out of her back pocket to snap a picture of the creatures.

Despite the seemingly flippant nature her daggers are held ready in one hand the dhampir is prepared to move quickly. She's aware of the "get the hell out of my territory" aura about the little wood beings.

Wolfsbane's got her own hands full, at least one in position to partly cover her nose as she inhales before she shakes her head to see about clearing her thoughts. Eyes run from wide to narrowed as she continues staring at Russ and Tajana, then she sniffles and sneezes. Her body language is conflicted, a cross between curious and guarded, uncertain and wary, the situation around them being of higher importance.

"I..smelled this, an' I had tae see whit it was," she tells them, and in the moments afterward the motion of the vines cuts out and her attention travels swiftly toward the things she might see roughly eye to eye with, the things that look like they're made of more plant-life. This leads to further staring, surely in disbelief.

"Fair enough," Russ replies to the other werewolf, although with his hand over his nose it comes out like: "Fuh uh-nugh." Then he scowls, flattening his lupine ears against his shaggy head, and his upper lip quivers with a low growl.

The spriggans' intentions are clear — except that New York is already occupied. "Hope ya got some claws on ya," he comments to Rahne after lowering his hand. Motioning to himself and then his dhampir friend he adds: "Russ — Tai."

The spriggans approach the trio more purposefully, spreading out into something of a semi-circle across the playground. There are five of them. Further back, a sixth and larger one watches from the door to the science lab.

"…and in the master's chambers, they gathered for the feast…" the radio continues.

Russ snorts and stalks toward the spriggans. "Lemme guess," he tells them. "Yer vegans ain'tcha?" Then he frowns. "Howzat work? If yer made o' wood — oh, shit!"

All fives spriggans suddenly converge on the 'intruders': Rahne, Tai and Russ. Two of them come at Rahne from the sides, while Russ's charges straight at him. Tai's spriggan attacks by flinging shards of wood at her in a veritable barrage of death-dealing stakes…

"…they stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast…"

Tai tucks her phone away and returns the second dagger to her other hand and with a wild laugh, leaps forward to land in front of Russ. She's fast, and dances about on her toes, whirling and dodging the spikes she doesn't knock out of the air with her blades. She sincerely hopes none of them hit Russ and ignores the two that score a gash along her left shoulder and right side, between two ribs.

Silver touched steel is not a good match for wood in this case and they need something else. Something like… fire. Honey colored eyes flick towards the nearest vine covered patrol car. The trunk should have supplies, yes? "Russ! Other Wolf! The lawmen's cars. Perhaps there are flares?" Or a spare tank of fuel. Something with which to damage these creatures. Tai's eyes narrow at the words in the song. They are not going to kill her friend! She'll tear them apart with her bare hands if necessary. Or shed much blood in the attempt.

For a moment the joyful light of battle flickers in the dhampirs eyes. She's likely to need a bigger drink than usual later. Well, no help for it now. Taking a chance Tai sends one of her daggers towards the eyes of the larger spriggan hanging back by the door to the school.

Wolfsbane's jaw sets, and she holds up a hand to show she does, in fact, possess claws of her own. "..Wolfsbane," is her simple reply. Her hackles are still up, so to speak, and the way she moves back a couple steps and begins to lower into a crouch ends up with the longer folds of her costume to touch the ground.

It's the blurted reaction from the more werewolf-looking one of the two that leads to her springing into action, along with the moment the things try to make a sandwich of her, so to speak. One second she's in their way. The next, she's leaping to flip herself off the head and shoulders of one while giving it a shove toward the other. In fact, she lands atop one of the police cars in question.

"I'll look," she says quickly. While the one who suggested the flares seems to be having fun with this, Rahne is most definitely not seeing it the same way. But, to deal with the car, she'll also likely have to deal with the vines and flowers…won't she?

There are two police cars, and they both indeed have flares in their emergency kits, full tanks of petrol and a spare can in the trunk. They also have bodies in them — crawling with vines.

Russell's form appear to change a little, growing much more bestial as fur and added muscle fiber bursts through the seams of his clothes — mainly his jeans. As light hits him, the image of a wolf howling at a metallic, golden moon, in the centre of his chest, can be seen just before it ends up covered in a thicker coat of fur.

He slashes at the spriggans with his claws, gouging into them and doing about as much damage as he would to a tree-trunk: a fair amount, with a couple of tons-worth of strength behind each strike, but still… he's attacking a tree.

Wolfsbane's spriggans converge on the cop-car, rocking it from side to side as one climbs up onto the hood and the other reaches for her feet. The vines start to grow again — smashing the windows out — reaching for the werewolf. Meanwhile, Tai's attacker backs away as it continues hurling wooden shards at her… it is not fleeing, however, as there is a sprite-like figure behind it — conjuring fire to throw at the dhampir.

Russell picks up one of his spriggans by the roots and hurls it toward the sprite. "Get ta th' fuel, then! Help th' Scottish pup!" he howls at Tajana as he tries to keep the magical foresty things occupied.

And the lead-spriggan merely watches.

Tai's eyes widen. "What the hell kind of tree sprite plays with fire!?" She does not want to leave Russ's side. At all. She also doesn't want to end up a dhampir pin cushion for these crazy little bastards. Wolfsbane's thought is right though, Tai is having fun. She lives for battle and if this one is stranger than usual well, it's not like she's waving the normalcy flag around herself.

Tai takes a chance before going to help Wolfsbane and waits until the fireball that's being conjured is thrown her way. As the ball makes its way towards her, she waits until the last possible second and then leaps behind a spriggan so it will take the blast instead. "Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!"

More wild laughter bubbles up and out of Tai and she spins and leaps to land on the hood of the police car and then executes a perfect pirouette and kick into a spriggans backside in an effort to knock it off the car and away from the woman going for the trunk.

Another pause leads to Wolfsbane watching the werewolf's change into more of one than before, something she isn't very used to seeing someone else do. In fact, it's enough of a distraction that a vine tickles at an ankle as it starts to wrap around it, then she's lashing out at it with a hand, the claws cutting in. About that time, she's also left to fight to keep her balance and kick at the thing that tries to grab her. "Back! Get back!" she demands.

As Tajana just keeps laughing while attacking, it leaves Rahne to shake her head at something. "Ye must be daft, ye know tha'?" she calls out, though as she continues to deal with vines and whatever else is coming for her, part of her attention darts toward the one that just keeps observing all of this. Hmm.

The sprite apparently lacks the presence-of-mind to choose a more effective attack — either that or this is the only attack of which it knows. Russell's thrown spriggan catches one ball of fire in the face, setting its leafy hair alight, while practically squishing the sprite. Tajana's attacker gets hit in the creature's woody posterior, which immediately ignites.

Both creatures made no sound — no voices, no whispers — but the creaking of wood and the rustling of leaves. Both of them flee madly, one toward the car-park where more vines have covered cars, and the other toward…

The lead spriggan by the science lab.

Said-leader raises a hand, and the burning creature falls down — to be consumed by the flames mere meters from doing far greater harm to its mistress' plans. Regardless, the fire from it is more than enough to illuminate the area and reveal the presence of the mistress of the forest…

And the fact that it/she is carrying a large seed of some kind — about the size of a human head — and it is glowing faintly…

With two of the attackers down, three remain and one of them makes splintering noises as a 7-foot beast of russet fur tears it in half. More vines grab at Rahne's legs, only to break as she tears through them. Tajana's arrival provides enough of a distraction that the werewolf can reach the flares. A car door opens (courtesy of more vines), knocking the dead body of a cop out into the street. The vines wrap around him like threads of material, and he starts to get up…

And the radio keeps playing. "…you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…"

Tai grins at Rahne. "Well what fun is there in sanity? It's way too boring." The dhampir whirls and then pumps a fist in victory as two of the spriggans are caught alight. She snickers. Friendly fire, isn't. She sighs with disappointment when the second goes down before getting close enough to set the leader alight.

Tai eyes the giant seed. That can't be a good thing. At least not for them. They need to burn it. What had those nerds been using as a battle cry, it seems appropriate for here… Ah yes. "Kill it with fire!" Tai yells at the top of her lungs.

Seeing Rahne going for the flares and the dead cop rising, "Ooookay!" That one is a bit weird even for her, the vampire hunter leaps down from the hood of the vine covered car and grabs a piece of flaming spriggan. Ignoring the burning tickle of the flames on her delicate bronzed skin, the dhampir raises the lit chunk of wood like a club and makes a mad dash towards the Mistress and her seed.

Wolfsbane's got a problem here, and it's the fact all of those vines are making it rather difficult to get into the car enough to fetch the flares. This is compounded by both calves getting wrapped up until she's gone slicing into the tendrils again, hopping away before looking on in horror at the way they surround and start to animate the body of the officer. That's..not good.

Now she's left to figure out what else she might do, having seen that glowing seed held by the one that's been watching them the entire time. Suddenly, she just shouts at the thing. "Stop it, all o' this! I dinna even know whit this is all about, but it's wrong!" She's not nearly as bold or gung-ho as the vampire hunter. No, she's just trying to keep herself from having too many vines latch on.

Russell looks up amid the severed halves of the last spriggan that had been attacking him. However this all began — whether a 'greenie' with a taste for magic had cast a spell-gone-awry, or someone had found a seed like that and brought it to the school during the day, or perhaps it is all tied to the mess being made of the leylines under the city — it is all likely to do with that seed…

The giant werewolf makes a dash to the police car, takes hold of a bunch of vines (those going INTO the car), and tears them in two. It is not enough to prevent the plant-zombie from rising (he who had once been a cop), but it takes the power out of the vines grabbing at Rahne and Tai.

"Shoot th' damned thing!" he snarls right before leaping at the zombie-cop.

The lead spriggan appears to have heard Wolfsbane's shouting, and raises the glowing seed high about its head. "The blight of metal upon this earth will soon end!" it shrieks, sounding like many voices speaking at once. "Your bodies shall return to dust, and the Forest shall feeeeed!"

Tajana takes advantages of the lead spriggans distraction and tears herself free of the vines, running forward, jumping onto one of those little springy animal kids rides and using it to leap off and forward in another acrobatic movement reminiscent of a ballet pirouette. This time her kick is aimed straight for the seed the Mistress is holding overhead and whether or not the dhampir manages to kick the seed aside and free she'll follow that up with a smack from the flaming branch and try to light the spriggan on fire. Her hand is suffering from second and perhaps third degree burns at this point and Tai needs to drop that piece of wood soon, just a moment or two longer and just maybe.. she'll be able to end this.

The dhampir can no longer see Russ or Rahne behind her but she hopes the two are having some success and that the rest of the vines and spriggans are alight soon. As well as that.. what do you call a vine animated corpse? Not the usual kind of zombie that's for sure.

Wolfsbane has found it difficult to fully decide on a clear course of action throughout all of this. It's left her not quite as useful as she could have been, but the whole thing has been confusing enough to keep her indecisive. With Russell closer now, his actions help ensure the vines won't be as active as before, if at all, and it gives her the chance to get a clearer look at how much bigger he is compared to her.

Ducking away from some of the fire that flares up, Rahne avoids the body of the cop, something she just can't make herself get close to at all, and the best she can do is call out, "Be careful!" toward Tajana, as if that's even a consideration right now. Something in what they're told causes her to bristle, then, and not in a timid way.

"I love th' forests an' nature, but whit ye're doing is a travesty!" Finally, this is what pushes her to do something more. Following up on what Tajana's doing, Wolfsbane runs on ahead and, if there's a place for her to make a move without getting burned, she'll leap to tackle the creature that seems to be causing all of this. It might work in tandem with the other attack, to separate seed from spriggan.

The seed goes flying.

Knocked free by Tajana it sails over the pavement away from the lead spriggan, who raises an over-large hand — fingers like wooden stakes — to stab the dhampir in the back, despite the burning branch.

It might have skewered her, were it not for Wolfsbane's surprise attack from a different angle. The spriggan goes down with a wail of many voices, its head landing on top of the branch after Tajana is forced to let it go (or 'burn at the stake' along with it).

Fortunately for Rahne, she is able to roll away with little more than singed fur — and more than a few tiny twigs and leaves caught in it. And while the spriggan turns into a mini-pyre — with arms and, well, roots — back at the police car, Russell gets his hands on a flare-gun. "Stop the seed!" he howls. "Pup! Tai! One o' ya! Before it hits th' — !" He is forced to stop shouting as the vine-monster tries to stick its fist in his mouth.

Russ fires the flare at point-blank into the thing's torso… which of course means he will likely join Wolfsbane in the 'singed-fur' club for the evening.

Tai groans. More at the thought of another night full of burned dog hair scent than from the pain of her wounds. Pain and she are old friends. "This time you are getting into the damned hot tub!" The dhampir snarls, her small fangs extending and flashing with the surge of emotion.

She's actually very worried for Russ and Rahne is slightly closer to the seed now and has the advantage of not having a burned and useless hand. It will heal rather quickly but not fast enough to be useful at the moment. So she leaves the seed for Rahne to handle runs and jumps over the second police car to reach Russ and check on him. If the flare gun hasn't knocked the .. Vombie? far enough away she'll kick the wood out of the damned thing. "I am so carrying my sword from now on. Screw this! these little knives are useless!" The vampire hunter rages.

There's a hiss of breath from the Scotswolf as everything happens at once when it comes to dealing with the leader of this strangeness. Oh, she's moving quickly as soon as the heat is felt. Thankfully she has the ability to simply shift to fix that up right quick, but that will come later.

First things first, that large seed is on a rise and fall arc and called out for by the other werewolf. She continues the roll and leaps with an outstretched hand, her reach just enough for it to settle into her grip, drawn in close and tucked in against her as she finishes her momentum. "I've got' I'm no' a pup!" But what of the seed now? She's looking down at it in wonder. Staring once more, really.

As the flare sets the 'vombie' on fire, the conflicting scents of burning greenery, dead flesh, and dog hair fill the car-park by the playground. It might not be enough to compete with the strange blossoms around the little school — Calvary's Tree Catholic Elementary — but where Russ is… it reeks to hell and back.

The spriggan's screams die as the flames consume it, followed by the shrivelling up of the flowers. The aroma is still thick and heavy in the air, only now it takes on a sickly-sweet 'flavour' as things begin to die. From the cop-car comes the sound of swearing — both in English and Romani, actually — and then the head of the 'vombie' sails through the air to land in the spiralling slippery-dip.

Russ stalks across to Tajana and Wolfsbane, his scorched fur already healing… but his clothes are all but — well, they're gone. "Nice work," he grunts, still angry at the whole 'tree thing'. "Soon as I'm healed I'm takin' a piss on th' lotta ya!" he shouts at the dying vines.

As the vines die off, the creatures formerly hiding in them, just… fade into the night. Where to? Who knows. Russ glances over at his two comrades and lifts his lupine snout. "Okay. Who's dead 'n who ain't? 'N who's got the stupid, goddamned seed-thing?"

Tajana covers a grin but can't keep back the distinctly unladylike snigger of amusement in response to Russ's angry promise. Oh those flowers do not smell good and Russ.. usually she finds her companions scent very pleasing. Burned dog hair is incredibly less so but Tai ignores the stench and wraps an arm loosely around Russ's back.

She's relieved he's alright. "I'm alive. Little burned and sliced and diced but I'll heal fast enough. The other lady has the seed. She was closer and had two working hands so I left it for her." Tai says softly, keeping her burned skin out of Russ's sight so as not to alarm him. She doesn't really want to see it herself. It's a bit worrying that she doesn't even feel any pain there now. Once the healing process reaches a certain point though she's probably going to be screaming and since that is likely to be in a few minutes time, Tai is a bit eager to get away from this area for another reason aside from the smell of the place.

Wolfsbane's nose wrinkles at the foul smells that build up stronger, in addition to everything else that's already had her struggling to maintain her focus. Now, at least, it looks like the worst may be over, but she's eyeing Russell with what can only be interpreted as a disapproving expression.

"If I had a bar o' soap, I'd use it tae clean oot yuir mouth right noo," she tells the bigger wolf, no matter how much that might be a poor decision just this moment. But, after getting back to her feet she holds up the seed..thing..and it doesn't look like it's causing any ill effects for her. "If it's all th' same tae both o' ye, I just want tae be away from here. Ye can do whit ye want wi' this." Apparently, whatever curiosity she has in the werewolf and his friend, who she at least flashes a hint of a concerned look, is outweighed by the desire to go.

And Rahne is not looking at Russell any more than she has to, with him now in just the fur.

Russell merely grins, all teeth.

"'Preciate th' help, Wolfsbane," he tells the Scotswolf — at least this time he isn't saying 'pup'. "Least ya ain' some feral beastie gnawin' on humans — that 'white meat' ain' healthy fer anyone."

He holds out a clawed hand to take the seed. "I got me contacts know what ta do with this… how th' hell did it end up in a school fer Christ's sake?" He shakes his shaggy head, seemingly ignorant — or uncaring — as to his lack of clothing. The fur's pretty thick, for whatever that's worth.

Or at least it /will/ be, once he is done healing. Few minutes. "Someone gotta phone? Call th' cops. I reckon those bodies back there never got th' chance, poor whelps. I need a beer…"

With the seed, he takes some steps away from Rahne and motions with a hand to Tajana. "C'mon. None of us wanna be here when govt-types show up. Again. Keep th' moon at yer back, 'Bane," he adds to Rahne. "Tai? How 'bout my place?"

"Yes. Wait-no. Later we'll go to yours. I've got a fridge full of that fancy beer waiting on you." And a Jacuzzi and soap. She also needs to find a drink soon and she doesn't want to do that in his neighborhood, it's bad form. The dhampir is breaking out with a faint sheen of sweat, her bronze skin almost glowing as the pain starts to return.

"Gypsy lads and ladies, I hate burns!" The vampire hunter growls before giving Wolfsbane a nod of thanks and turning to move with Russ. "Maybe someone found that thing and thought the school could tell them what it is." She shrugs with one shoulder. However it go there they have it now and it'll be safe enough until they get it to Russ's contact. The dhampir is sending an anonymous call out to police as the three head out of the area. "I want a drink too. And then a Beer.. or ten." She grins at Russ as the sirens sound in the distance.

It doesn't take long for the disapproving look to make a return. "I'd never..!" she blurts to the mere idea of eating people. Whatever Rahne might find curious about the werewolf, his overall demeanor isn't winning him many points from her. First impressions are quite the mixed bag, though. "I'll be sure tae say a prayer for th' officers," she decides, glancing toward the aftermath of all this with a more saddened display in her features.

Much as she might want to know more about what brought this about, she's already making her way out of here with little more than a nod back toward the pair now that they have the seed. Chances are this won't be the only time they cross paths, especially after all this. They might just catch sight of a wolf exiting the area with haste, for she's just shifted to leave in that way. No beer, no hot tub, no nothing for her. Just troubled, conflicted thoughts.

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